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In a bad mood, really

In a bad mood, really. Don't know where to go? Don't know what <a href="">diesel</a> to do? Don't know... Always listen to the friend say, the mood is not long time go out for a walk, somewhere else let oneself to forget to adapt, I believe, but he also did so. Ha ha, but not quite happy. Love cannot have the <a href="">diesel shoes</a> perfect answer, more cannot guarantee can give a forever. Sometimes, even if is short now, is not necessarily able to grasp. Are all the wounded <a href="">Diesel Sunglasses Sale</a> man will soothe yourself? Actually has not to think about him, but I was always sinister, just like the water boil float as, churning that let a person feel dizzy. Why is the static does not <a href="">Diesel Jacket Sale</a> rise? Me? Morning, my friend sent information, asked me where, rice, have on time to eat, have add clothes. Such as simple greetings, but let me in meditation: what good would someone care for me? Why will care about me? Yes, we are friends, he said not wrong, but friends can <a href="">Diesel Jackets Sale</a> do this, he... No, he didn't want to say good, I don't. When love turns the corner when the torrent, whether also can catch love? Think more more pain. Get hurt of heart can again for love beating? I don't know, don't really know. Perhaps, a long time will fade, when <a href="">diesel messenger bag</a> wounded hearts will not so pain, Maybe, occasionally tears, but this is only my a habit is just. I should be able to defend ourselves. At night, the heart as back all the tide beaches, except the wet sand outside nothing. On the brink of panic looking for dream, but everything has become a shadow, then discovered memories have become my most major life. These <a href="">diesel shoes outlet</a> days, I am used to put our emotional buried in the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I have found that it is very painful, for then love ah, it is my intention to run. The wind blew the blink of tears, the tear doping <a href="">diesel clothes for men</a> in my many regrets. The wind, the longer the heavier sentimental, the pain was deeper. In the end, I think he had been sad knocked down. Really want to ask, the world exactly have a love can make love the people don't hurt? Is there...