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Consumer is a bit "ungrateful"

Anyway, luxury brand price down-regulated or let their target audience unexpectedly. "Use luxury except they make me increased self-confidence outside, unabated prices of makes me feel not cheated. Now suddenly reduction, let me feel <a href="">gucci</a> uncomfortable." In a Beijing fesco work miss xu, said.
To the Chinese market "shows good"
Tsinghua university of economics and management and Marketing Department professor LiFei thinks, the financial crisis that luxury in euramerican day sales repeatedly downturn, sales shrunk dramatically, meanwhile, Chinese luxury goods <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> market are a good, the luxury brands have increased in the Chinese market, to popularize strength does not affect its brand value, while the opportunity to exchange rate changes worke lowering their prices also become sensible thing.
The 2009 China luxuries report shows, in the financial <a href="">gucci clothing wholesale</a> crisis that euramerican day luxury brand demand universal slipped, our country still is going well, luxury market survey, even if global economic downturn make domestic consumer price sensitivity of luxury, but to increase its market prospects are still full of confidence. In this case, the luxury brands are increased for the Chinese market and attention to development dynamics, and lowering their prices are most directly to the Chinese <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> market "shows good" means.
LiFei points out, as long as it is commodity price fluctuation, but unavoidably have the characteristics of luxury decided it is impossible to frequent weeklong even cut, also be fine-tuning. The luxury cut the price <a href="">gucci handbags</a> just market caused by coincidence, won't become the norm, the more unlikely "price war".Luxury hotel will fight to Gucci into Tokyo
In April this year, Gucci in London, Britain launched GucciIcon - Temporary exhibitions, suddenly two months, this Gucci mobile store more <a href="">gucci handbag sale</a> about moving in Tokyo, Japan in the opening day held a grand Party.
This opening Party really it is a strong lineup made by well-known collector Ronson as DJMark shoes DJ, place oneself in the dreamy light, coo <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> l sound of, I believe that no one will not invest in it. During this store would stay open to July 4.
Otherwise news says, Gucci will also foray into hotels, is poised to dubai in the Middle East to open first hotel. By Gucci founder Elisabetta Gucci Paolo Gucci daughter named, she also have participated in the hotel design. At present the hotel has largely completed, just wait interior decoration, finish. Gucci hotel company's managing director, said they were hotel for positioning boutique hotel (boutiquehotel), only seven <a href="">gucci jewelry sale</a> rooms, a night price about hk $32 rises, the presidential suite one night room charge about 53000 hk dollar.
They are more set ambitious plans to open the next fifteen years, its forty hotel chain hotels across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America, etc, China as the world's second-largest luxury goods market, also in key consideration list. Perhaps this mobile store about moving in Tokyo, Japan is for its hotels into Asia market ahead of preheating.