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Happy switch

The happiness of life lies not in the original of environment, people's social status, people can enjoy the matter, but in people
Mind how to life and the corresponding. HK] my childhood to soda have a kind of special wonderful yearning, reason is not soda
What is nice, but because cannot drink soda. Our house is dozens of mouth people family, children ordinal ranking
Is there are 18, memory things like never enough to eat, not to mention the drink soda.

Drink soda timing has 3 kinds, one kind is festival party, one kind is Chinese New Year's eve, one kind is the temple fair day
Igawa. Even with soda, was never enough to drink soda drink, like a grand ceremony, the 18 cup
The son on the table in a row, sequence <a href="">links</a> each pour 1/2 cup, almost sip is light, then everyone to lick his lips, feel
Soda taste is really delicious.

Once, I walk on the street when I saw a child full soda, under the eaves, ou ou gas
- long 1, I stand beside almost invisible stayed, envy must die, cannotted help but sadly since asked:
When I can drink soda drink to full? When can drink soda drink to ou gas? Because to read elementary school
Sometimes, I haven't tasted drink soda to ou gas taste, thought, can drink soda drink to the gas spewing out, don't know
How happy is the thing.

When home still point of lamp is lamp, kerosene, Taiwanese called "smelly oil" or "zavan taipa oil". once
My mother put the smelly oil contained in empty soda bottle, placed in the table feet, I took advantage of adult don't notice, an arrows step
Pick up the soda bottle filling in your mouth, eyes turned white spot, vomit a mouth, and with the doctor's emergency just live turned.
In order to drink soda and almost killed, and later became a byword to home, but did not stop to soda yearning.

In the third grade of time, have a cousin going to get married, I at his wedding night before a unexpectedly tossing and turning
The land insomnia, I lie on the bed secretly <a href="">links of london</a> vow: tomorrow must drink soda drink to the full, drink at least to ou gas.

The next day I always in the front yard to spy out, see soda brought no, to 9 a.m., see the grocery store
People sent several big box of soda stacked in one place. I fly also like run past, lifted two large bottle of matsushima soda,
Went to toilet ran, bishi rural the toilet all <a href="">friendship bracelets</a> covered in far from housing tens of meters away, there was a big cesspit, a few
Weeks to clean up, we children usually hate into the toilet, the health problems in situ solution, because usually
Inside too smelly. But that day I had planned to inside drink soda, that is the only secret. Home

I put the toilet door locks, then open two bottles of soda, and then with a devout mood, the soda GuDu
GuDu into his mouth filling and a bottle <a href="">links of london charms</a> f soda for a while and then drank. Almost moment, I also kept the second soda bottle
Dunk belly.

My stomach whole bilge up, I sat quietly toilet floor, waiting for the ou gas, slowly, belly
Movement, a share of the Augustan copious <a href="">two hearts charm-red</a> upernatural mo can come out, ou - gas surge, soda blowing from the muzzle bubbled up,
Take my eyeful is tears, I long sigh: "in this world nothing better than soda to drink
Ou gas more happy matter! "And then open toilet of cork general pilgrimage, goes out, discovers sunshine is so
Warm bright, as if from heaven returned to earth.
In toilet drink soda, I forgot the toilet of odours, forget the world's troubles, feel oneself is
In the world the most happy person, until today I still remember that year sigh scene, when I repeatedly to say: "this world
World's no better drink soda drink to ou gas happier pavilion! "A lot of emotion no need, tears unbearable
Will fall down.

Poverty years, the person also can feel some <a href="">links of london friendship bracelet</a> rofound happiness, like I always remember to add a bowl of steaming white
Rice, pour a spoonful of lard, a spoonful of soy sauce, sit "family decided" (hall door stone stairs.savor lard mix before dinner
Aromatic, that every grain of rice were filled with the fragrance of happiness.

Sometimes this happiness is <a href="">london of links</a> ot from food, and from freely roam in rural in an afternoon.

Sometimes happiness comes from within see turnip seed turnip field to stay open a sapphire blue flowers.

Sometimes happiness from home large <a href="">links of london charm bracelets</a> og suddenly produce a litter of color is not the same, fluffy puppy.

The happiness of life lies not in the original <a href="">Links London Sweetie Bracelets</a> environment, people's social status, people can enjoy the matter, but in people
Mind how to life and the corresponding. Therefore, happiness is not determined by external things, poor have poor happiness,
Wealthy have their happiness, WeiZun dignitaries as their agents who have their happiness, identity humble person also have its own happiness. In life,
People are laugh youlei; In life, everyone has happiness and sorrow angered, this is human world true appearance.