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Leaf choice

Leave leaf, exactly is pursuit of wind, still, the tree didn't ask her to stay? Or, trees and leaves are love each other, however, the leaves had to leave, because she wants to see much of the world, not just in the tree gave her space. There was just the wind to, hence, together we'll stay, it must be separately. Whether does not exist to retain, because this is the leaves and tree decision. Although, pursuit of wind fierce, twisting two hearts, however, leaves <a href="">gucci wholesale</a> or in the wind blows hard pursue, coming from the trees, with the wind in the more extensive world swim! Leaves the exhaustion of the wind to leaf is limitless freedom and eternal bondage. Leaf in the wind, led her to appreciate the boundless good, however, this is also leaves for wind get rid of the dependent.
Finally leaves tired. Because, get better world at the same time, leaves old, she no longer youth lovely, no greenness delicate, she withered and yellow face, tight knit skin, she need water moist, this is the wind cannot give. This perhaps is to leave the <a href="">gucci</a> price of...
Leaves for the return of the Hence, the leaf, put down I tell the wind! I'm tired! The wind with exhaustion leaves returned to her first place, gently, slowly, put down her and left. Leaves saw, the branches of the tree there again and he dependency <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> phase of new leaves, wind deep-rooted got new lover at pursue, but its wither day by day, the body begins to curly, skin started to fall off, however, she always at the tree around...
Finally, the leaf saw his dead, leaning on trees, she knew she would eventually return to tree side, will eventually forever with tree together, but have never thought is this way. Leaves a tearful looked at wind said: "when I with you far away, the naive <a href="">gucci discount</a> to think that you will carry me to the ends of the earth, lifetime in your arms romantic dance, why you but in the middle will I abandon?!"
The wind in the air and said quietly, "I itself personality is unruly, the original passion had into the concealed memory, in behind you at the same time at the beginning of I also have ceased to exist."
Leaves and injustice of looking at the tree said: "why did you not keep so simple-hearted, a bit?"
"I have what way, when autumn comes I will <a href="">gucci handbags</a> find themselves already unable to provide you with food, like to communicate between us, I can no longer endure the pain of heart goes with the term you." The sky at quiet say: "all the year round since to be able to enjoy the spring and summer of the joy of sweet will be prepared to meet autumn and winter cold light." Autumn, when leaves are found to be again from tree draw nourishment, life becomes insipid boring. Some chose with breeze but go to, while others straight fell to <a href="">gucci sale</a> earth, into their food, and tree eternal life together. Each choice has its reason, but everyone must for his original choice accept the consequences. I have been thinking about why now society will make so many problems, why some people always out "wrong"? Fundamental reason is that some people keep their money too much importance. "Wrong" isn't <a href="">gucci clothing</a> because of those who put the money in the primacy (write "wrong" word must write gold-lettered beside)? If so, the loss of the person's fundamental. Based on this understanding, for his business partner, I insist on "three-no accompany" : not to accompany eat, not accompany drinking, not <a href="">gucci shoes</a> to accompany playing, but I. Per contact with a new business partners, I should with each other "easy", chat outlook on life, the values, wealth view. If less than chat together, "no different phase to make". Facts prove that only has eyes money people work is no bottom line, affirmation long not.