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The origin and historical pear-shaped legend

Legend pear-shaped originated in A.D. 1703, the Dutch Amsterdam has <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> several children playing with Dutch navigator back to the stone, and discovered that these stones except in the rays of the sun appears the wonderful colors outside, more surprised these <a href=""><strong>pandora braelet</strong></a> stones have a can attract or exclude light object as dust or heads of power, so, the Dutch called him suction grey stone. Until A.D. 1768, famous Swedish scientists discovered monitoring.throughfall, pear-shaped also has the piezoelectric properties and <a href=""><strong>pandora us</strong></a> thermoelectricity, this is electrical stone name origin. Until now, pear-shaped also often in science as light intensity and pressure changes the determination of the war at the beginning, is the <a href=""><strong>pandora rings</strong></a> only can judge 232th pressure substance, now, it has been widely used YuGuangXue industry.
In China the word, pear-shaped first appeared in qing dynasty classics "stone jas" in: "ubisoft's and yao's name, China carried out from <a href=""><strong>pandora bead</strong></a> which, at the same time George Allen &unwin. Qing took figure cloud: concubines and yao. Yunnan GHT be YuHengZhi says: XiaBi sea GHT one A.I. chardonnay, a Pin yue yue Bess had <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery sale</strong></a> washed; and do XiaXi Bess jade sayako. Today the world but says Bess and, or, but has no debir Bess asked the names of the future, but for exotic by ear, then undoubtedly dialect." And in the history of literature after also can find called "Pi selenium", "pear-shaped", "ubisoft's XiaXi", "gold" broken evil called. Now the pear-shaped is our jewelry industry <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery wholesale</strong></a> idiomatic name. Legend pear-shaped is empress dowager cixi favourite, according to historical records, the qing dynasty empress dowager cixi here were funeral objects for emperors, a with pear-shaped polished and lotus flower, weight of 36 two 8 money (about 5092g) and watermelon pear-shaped made of the value of pillow, when for 75 100002 silver.