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Identify gold of six skills

Identify gold need a certain experience.
(1) see color: gold jewelry purity higher, colour and <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> lustre is deeper. None of the gold medal in the following situations can be determined by color roughly color-forming (green gold as the criterion. So-called green gold is the gold silver within contains only components) : deep red yellow color-forming in 95%, shallow red <a href=""><strong>pandora charms</strong></a> yellow 90% ~ 95%, flaxen for 80% ~ 85%, green yellow 65% ~ 70%, the color green with white light only 50% ~ 60%, light yellow and a white is less than 50%. Usually said seven green, eight yellow, nine red can be for reference.
(2) weigh in hand weight: the proportion of gold for 19:32, heavier than silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and other metals. As the volume of gold silver <a href=""><strong>pandora sterling silver</strong></a> weighing more than 40%, and 1.2 times heavier than copper, aluminum heavier than 6.1 times. Gold jewellery in hand torre sank feeling, due to heavy gold jewellery is sleep ethereal false. This method does not apply to gems of gold jewellery.
(3) watch hardness: pure gold soft, hardness is low, with his nails to carve out shallow marks, teeth can leave the dental, couplers high gold jewellery than color-forming low <a href=""><strong>pandora charm</strong></a> softness, contain copper more and more hard, bending method also can test hardness, pure bending, soft, easy to the lower purity, the more easily bend.
(4) hear voice: color-forming in 99% of gold to hard court casting, will be issued without life seems dalai sound, rhyme nor elasticity. False or deceptive low <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery</strong></a> voice is crisp and golden without depressing feeling, generally issued "dangdang" sound, and voices has lingering, after landing beating acuteness.
(5) with fire: fire is going to identify with the jewelry red-hot (don't make jewelry melting deformation), after cooling observation color changes, such as surface <a href=""><strong>pandora bracelet discount</strong></a> are still uniformly originally gold colour and lustre is pure gold; Such as color darken or different degree black, is not gold. General cornelians are lower, and the color is more strong, all black, explain is fake gold jewellery.
(6) see sign: domestic gold ornaments are according to international standard, purification, and the mixture of the play stamp, such as "24K" marked "ZuChi" or "pure"; 18K gold, marked "18K" the words, Below the color-forming 10K according to <a href=""><strong>pandora necklace</strong></a> regulations cannot play K JinYin number. In society at present outlaws used create false nameplate, generic stamp, with rare gold, and gold, and even brass impersonating gold, so gold adorn article should identify comprehensive judgement according to the sample to determine the true and false and deceptive discretion.