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Vigor and Vitality

Vigor and Vitality
In countless morning after, I met the boy. He was dressed in white sportswear, in practice regress to walk, black hair flying, full of vigor and vitality. I was holding the book, he smiled with I nodded, he went on with his running. I only feel that there are sunshine to fly. That smile, henceforth stuck in my mind, lingering <a href="">oakleys</a> aftertaste.
After this, I read in the early morning, start something to look forward to, every day listening to his running sound approaches, and listen to his voice far away, the heart have run in head fawn jump. Later in the school, the crowd, apparently he recognized me, separated by some people, he handed me a smile, familiar, long, there are certain tacit edifice. In addition to laugh outside, we didn't say a word. The <a href="">oakley glasses</a> dream began to sway a shadow, a lot of time, and I could not see, like far open a tree flower, or a ball of white. I began to disrelish oneself are beautiful enough, to the mirror, the clear soup fine hair samples, and fiddled and enticed. Mother's shoes, mother seams soil cloth, how let me sad! I became very sad. Those who catch continually <a href="">oakley sunglasses sale</a> sorrow, she likes, lightly wave in my day. He fall do, I want to go back to my hometown schools to participate in the college entrance examination. Walk that day morning, I still in school door on the way, the boy, morning reading will still come running in the morning, dressed in a white sportswear. He ran my <a href="">oakley goggles</a> side, slow down, give me a smile, and gradually add speed run far. Looking at his back, my pain, by the instantaneous hit, I at that morning, tears. I really want to say to him a goodbye, but finally said nothing. Blooming season, I naturally remembered he. I'll send one long, then stupid smile. I saw my soft youth, don't regret it, don't regret, because I had been so pure land open flowers and years, I am filled with gratitude. Small grain writes in <a href="">oakley ski goggles</a> not good-looking, little also not good-looking. Small grain when reading is inferior, all will only in the corner of the classroom in thick novels to chew. Except for a single shattered fees fell to her desk outside, no one to care about her. There are many strange peers from afar send small mining. She once, diligently wrote a pen strokes, afraid to each other can't see clearly. Can almost see it, never write a second <a href="">Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> letter to her. He in grain from small distances town read it, less like a good boy. He wrote the first letter to small grain said, your articles such as breeze blowing. Small grain listening and such a flatter, don't feel strange. He write, small <a href="">Cheap Oakley Polarized Goggles</a> grain, your words although not beautiful, but how to look, like a clever girl attentively on paper embroidery, a word, a punctuation, all see your heart above walk. He letter comes very frequent. His hand than small grain hand also dexterity, every time you want to put the letter folded into different shapes, just a letter, spend little grain for a long time. He tell little grain, because there are so many <a href="">Cheap Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles</a> girls fold all kinds of letters to him, and he doesn't like them, but he has to learn to accept, just one fold stationery shape, and then sent to her.
Small grain some touched, even perplexed. But turned will tell you, probably somebody else is optional about. Sometimes small grain will sight from the letter-paper secretly metastasize to the class in the excellent boys body, that boy was also many girls like, even at the beginning of the first, she would also quietly with a lonely <a href="">Cheap Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses</a> moonlight to the boy to write love letter, but the next morning, although his dream last night still taking morning dew of faint scent, but in the morning sunshine faint under the irradiation of namely will shatter.