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Smallish and Liuchow

In the gloaming, the crows flew in to <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> gather for the night in a stand of bare oaks. Bird by bird, they soared to the rookery, black shadows against the fading light. My kidnapping, still fresh in my mind, left me timid and battered, not trusting a soul in the woods. I missed my family, yet days and weeks passed, marked by the routine appearance of the birds. Their arrival and departure provided reas¬suring continuity. By the time the trees lost their leaves and their naked limbs stretched to the sky, the crows no <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Speed Shoes</a> longer frightened me. I came to look for¬ward to their graceful arrival, silhouetted against the wintry sky, a natural part of my new life. The faeries welcomed me as their own son and taught me the ways of the woods, and I grew fond of them all. In addition to Speck, Nigel, Beak and On¬ions, there were seven others. The three girls were inseparable—Kiwi and Glomma, blonde and freckled, quiet and assured, and their tagalong, Chemistry, a chatterbox who looked no more <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Sprint Shoes</a> than five years old. When she grinned, her baby teeth shone like a string of pearls, and when she laughed, her thin shoulders shook and twitched. If she found something truly funny or exciting, she took off like a skittering bat, dancing in circles and figure eights across the clearing. Apart from the leader Nigel and the loner Beak, the boys formed two pairs. Range and Zanzibar, as I remember them, reminded <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Women Shoes</a> me of the two sons of the Italian grocers in town. Thin and olive-skinned boys each had a thatch of dark curls on his head and were quick to anger and quicker to forgive. The other set, Smallish and Liuchow, behaved as brothers, though they could not be more dissimilar. Towering over everyone but Beak, Smallish <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> concentrated on the task at hand, as oblivious and earnest as a robin tugging up an earth¬worm. His good friend Liuchow, smallest of us all, was forever pushing back an untamable lock of night-black hair that curled across his forehead like the tail of a mouse. His eyes, blue as the summer sky, gave away his fierce devotion <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers</a> to his friends, even when he tried to feign nonchalance. Nigel, the eldest and leader of the band, took pains to explain the ways of the forest. He showed me how to gig for frogs and fish, how to find water collected overnight in the hollow <a href="">vibram KSO</a> of fallen leaves, to distinguish edible mush¬rooms from deadly toadstools, and dozens of other survival tricks. But even the best guide is no match for experience, and for most of my early time, I was coddled. They kept me under constant watch by at least two others, and I was forced to stay around camp, with dire warnings to hide away at any hint of other people. As the nights lengthened and grew <a href="">vibram running shoes</a> colder, we exchanged our grass mats and solitary beds for a heap of animal skins and stolen blankets. The twelve of us slept together in a tangled clump. I rather enjoyed the comfort of the situ¬ation, although most of my friends had foul breath or fetid odors about them. Part of the reason must be the change in diet, from the bounty of summer to the decay of late fall and the deprivation of <a href="">five fingers shoes</a> winter. Several of the poor crea¬tures had been in the woods for so long that they had given up all hope of human society. Indeed, a handful had no such desire at all, so they lived like animals, rarely taking a bath or cleaning their teeth with a twig. Even a fox will lick its hindquarters, but some of the faeries were the dirtiest beasts.