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President bush made a surprise visit to Iraq. And behold at the press session, an angry Iraqi reporters suddenly hit the bush, remove their <a href="">shoes</a>, the scene throughout all this picture media embarrassment. But President bush but with his own humor and wisdom ably resolved the embarrassing scenes.
1. The reporter asked: "when <a href="">shoes</a> when fly to you, your first thought is what?"
Bush said: "as if they were to I throw to <a href="">baseball</a>! But no cue, otherwise will certainly is a large target homers! : it sure no problem!"
2. The reporter asked: "next what you think of is ?"
Bush replied: "I noticed that it is a pair of 10 yards <a href="">shoes</a>, if for my <a href="">Christmas gift</a>, and they're still small a little."
3. "you then you have other ideas?"
Bush answer yue: "I would have to world warned of <a href="">Chinese products </a>influence everywhere, wish it is not <a href=""> made in China</a>."
4. "do you want to the rude reporters say what?"
"You'd better go to see a doctor, beriberi full secco flavor quite big!"
5. "do you want to present Iraq's prime minister, any advice?"
"Maliki old man, changed you sure will be hit!!"
6. "the security for this event you have any comment?"
"We should draw lessons, and the next press conference should be in the nude beach, so that the reporters there is nothing to throw!"
7. "this event on America's financial crisis has affected?"
"Let those financial fools are to see what's the real investment, these<a href="">shoes</a> in<a href="">online shop </a> has auction to $500,000!"
8. "your tenure will come, you in what will work after leaving office in?"
"I am ready to open a <a href="">shoe factory</a>, affirmation <a href="">best-selling</a> , <a href="">shoes</a> brand called <a href="">TowardBush</a>!"