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“I was very pleased to learn,” the abbot continued, “that in numerous cases you decided the accused was innocent. I believe, and never <a href="">links london</a> more than during these sad days, in the constant presence of the Evil One in human affairs”—and he looked around, imperceptibly, as if the enemy were lurking within those walls—“but I believe also that often the Evil One works through second causes. And I know that he can impel his victims to do evil in such a way that the blame falls on a righteous man, and the Evil One rejoices then as the righteous man is burned in the place of his succubus. Inquisitors often, to demonstrate their zeal, wrest a <a href="">links</a> confession from the accused at all costs, thinking that the only good inquisitor is one who concludes the trial by finding a scapegoat. …” “An inquisitor, too, can be impelled by the Devil,” William said. “That is possible,” the abbot admitted with great circumspection, “because the designs of the Almighty are <a href="">links of london bangles</a> inscrutable, and far be it from me to cast any shadow of suspicion on such worthy men. Indeed, it is as one of them that I need you today. In this abbey something has happened that requires the attention and counsel of an acute and prudent man such as you are. If a shepherd errs, he must be isolated from other shepherds, but <a href="">links of london friendship bracelet</a> woe unto us if the sheep begin to distrust shepherds.” “Because reasoning about causes and effects is a very difficult thing and I believe the only judge of that can be God. We are already hard put to establish a relationship between such an obvious effect as a charred tree and the lightning bolt that set fire to it, so to <a href="">links london charms sweetie bracelet</a> trace sometimes endless chains of causes and effects seems to me as foolish as trying to build a tower that will touch the sky.“Let us suppose a man has been killed by poisoning. This is a given fact. It is possible for me to imagine, in the face of certain undeniable signs, that the poisoned is a second man. On such simple chains of causes my mind can act with a certain confidence in its power. But how can I complicate <a href="">links london sweetie necklace</a> the chain, imagining that, to cause the evil deed, there was yet another intervention, not human this time, but diabolical? I do not say it is impossible: the Devil, like your horse Brunel’s, also indicates his passage through clear signs. But why must I hunt for these proofs? Is it not already enough for me to know that the guilty party is that man and for me to turn him over to the secular arm? In any case his punishment will be death, God forgive him.” “But I have heard that in a trial held at Killen three years ago, in which certain persons were accused of having committed loathsome <a href="">Lovestruck necklace,pave diamond</a> crimes, you did not deny diabolical intervention, once the guilty parties had been identified.” “Nor did I affirm it openly, in so many words. I did not deny it, true. Who am I to express judgments on the plots of the Evil One, especially,” he added, and seemed to want to insist on this reason, “in cases where those who had initiated the inquisition, the bishop, the city magistrates, and the whole populace, perhaps the. Accused them, truly wanted to feel the presence of the Devil? There, perhaps the only real proof of the presence of the Devil was the intensity with which everyone at that moment desired to know he was at work. …”Reprinted from:


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