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Waving chubby little face, laughter to look at the sky kite, I stared at a pure children from the bottom of his heart laughter, can't <a href="">oakleys</a> help some trance: childhood, million households flying story made me to sky longing. Although million households flying a failure, but because he wanted to flying sit chair was hanging over the kite, kite is our humanity's earliest flying kites can fly like a bird in the sky, I'm deeply in love with a kite, often looked up at the sky in a daze, also jerky <a href="">oakley glasses</a> in a diary so asked it: you're eager to fly, think happiness in heaven?
Childhood and can't afford kite, had used workbooks fold into the wastepaper torn off, small plane, toward the sky launch, Also had to be, wreath store up site with bamboo, coax PALS out five cents for paper, do-it-yourself pierced kite: pricked frame, paste paper, drawing, with firm soling cotton-thread holding, incredibly <a href="">Oakley Snow Goggles</a> successfully fly up... The memory of childhood is poor drab, however because it brings plain fun, recall as if such as yesterday.
Time marches on, time retention, absentminded flap, beauty is gone, although since the childhood, for a variety of reasons, believe in yourself and kite there is a mysterious repose. Nowadays, middle-aged, live in square edge, kite became my happiness, at this moment, I first hand over the butterfly kite exalted up, then wind, rotary pay-off, not much trotted gong, it suddenly and leisurely ts16949, his eyes to float up <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses</a> followed it toward the sky looks, through light sunshine, enjoying the it most beautiful wings, how it could achieve such realistic degree, its beauty lies not only in its wings flowery and colorful, but also in dance with wind free elegant. Kite appearance is like the life of appearance, kite floating feminine charm, as if is life throbbing, see it in the air felt carefree appearance, physical and mental relaxation, feel the world of mortals infinite many are how insignificant, is in with so many blundering today, we lack <a href="">Oakley Water Goggles</a> is the kind of things.
Suddenly, it backward one Yang, shaking like a few, though, what fetters break to distant fall away, kite when suddenly disconnection frustrated depressed suddenly clutched at heart, can not help but think to run after them, shout it back, but I'm afraid to scare it, silent stood there motionless, just using the eye affectionately chasing it. At the moment, the air swaying though not kite, but a lamp, can illuminate the life lamps, all <a href="">oakleys sunglasses</a> blatant blundering only dim it glory! I think maybe his whole life was promised never write not over of paper, but this is to my own life holdings of the pious and persistent, at this moment, I want his underside winged, along with it in the blue sky between some of the dust carefree, inner unknowingly such by kite little away... Kite soared, distant place, so leave me but go to, it doesn't know I had moved because <a href="">cheap oakleys</a> of it, don't know how much I love it. At this moment, beside the innocent little girl looked at disconnection kite and sang songs about the kite, "... see you across the sea, fly high, you will have a good, good, bring dreams find..." I try to listen, eyes an uncontrollable urge to damp rise, teary have bring in I seem to see a ride in the 5 ships flying in space of Yang wrote that sentence: "for peace and progress of humanity, Chinese arrived in space." This moment, buried in the bottom of my heart kite complex finally release open! Early in the <a href="">oakley jackets</a> morning at 7 o 'clock rose up to get lakeside clap a sunrise. Half an hour later, the car into scrambling in reeds zigzagged seek to the lake of road.
The wind is very big, very cold, has put all the warm clothes, still feel bone-chilling cold. I tried to stand a-tiptoe chickadee hand lake, soft breeze washing salinity-alkalinity have between scrape ringing of the ice, heart fear. Sunshine is exuding, lit up the lake, the snow-capped in frozen lake mirrors dress up. I found that the lake has birds and beasts of the body, the little didn't also metamorphism, like I just dead as well. Because of the water quality or drink the hunter bullets, or missing death?


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