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Chris on Dancing With The Stars

In case you missed it, check out Chris' performance of Forever/Beautiful People and Yeah 3X on Dancing With The Stars last night!

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  • good job bby
    by xoxobrezzy14 on Abr 28, 2011 pm30 8:08pm
  • AMAZING,,,as usual :)
    by PrincessCrown on Abr 7, 2011 pm30 6:06pm
  • I loved it! both performances were amazin', no one can do it like Chris Brown :-)
    by Kristinasmith on Abr 6, 2011 am30 5:05am
  • Chris Brown know he can dance his A** off . That's a good look from Dancing from the Stars.
    by dorable22 on Abr 5, 2011 pm30 12:12pm
  • I so loved his performanced cant wait till he starts touring and apperaing on shows like the music awards and what not, cuz he gives the best performnaces ever and all awards have been missing that :D
    by OMG_CarlaJT4 on Abr 4, 2011 pm30 10:10pm
  • Awesome... I love him!!! Chris please, come to Colombia... I wanna see you tonight!!!
    by MilyPaz on Abr 4, 2011 pm30 6:06pm
  • HURRY!HURRY! AN GET YOUR F.A.M.E. ALBUM NOW!!! Victory feels great indeed! the greatest entertainer alive right now! no contesting! spotless & flawless performances. 1# album in the nation packed with hits. Despite all the haters, media bully, bad press, negative predictions from “experts”, lack of promo, lack of colleague support, isolation, award robbery, manipulations & lies he still emerged a “CHAMPION”—> Haters so what's next now?
    by MSCANDYWALMART on Abr 4, 2011 pm30 2:02pm
  • Chris Brown, you are an Awesome Young Man!!! Your performance was Excellent and Outstanding!!!!!!! I am proud of you so don't let the negative comments of the Stars, Press, Media or Anyone cause you to lose focus. Years from now, they will be apologizing to you. I am praying for you and will continue to pray for you. You have much to live for and to look forward to. I know you are still in pain but God will work out that situation to His Glory and will Bless both of you. Remember it must and will be in His time! So continue to hold your head up, continue to pray and trust God! Now unto...
    by Tranquility on Abr 4, 2011 pm30 1:01pm
  • chris come to isreal ! you have a lot of fans hear :))))))))))) love you oxox
    by EsterCB on Abr 4, 2011 am30 5:05am
  • He's awesome!!!
    by bubblesbluey on Abr 3, 2011 pm30 6:06pm