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Going to the Concert By Myself

I bought my Platinum VIP tickets from livenation about a month ago at an awesome price. I paid no where near $500 for two tickets but that also became the problem. none of my friend are fans and they only allow you to buy tickets two at a time so i couldn't just purchase one ticket. So i've been trying to sell this extra ticket that gives access to soundcheck and a meet and greet where you get to take a picture with him but since it's only one ticket nobody has wanted it. i thought there would be a fan who would be willing to go to the concert solo like I am just for the chance to meet a future legend but I guess not.

People in Albuquerque trip me out. Guess I'll be watching CB's souncheck by myself with 2 VIP passes around my neck. It just sucks that i'll be sitting next to an empty VIP golden circle seat.

Now I'm considering just giving the ticket to a friend that doesn't even like his music...but bringing him might ruin my night.

I can't wait to see him live. Nobody ever comes through Albuquerque so I'm glad that Burque's on the tour. I'm looking forward to having a blast.


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Albuquerque, New Mexico

where is the concert?