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Chris Brown: Fortune (Explicit)

Fortune (Explicit) (2012)


  • 1
    Turn Up The Music - Produced by The Underdogs & Fuego
  • 2
    Bassline – Produced by @PopWansel, co-produced by @DayviJae
  • 3
    Till I Die feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa – Produced by Danja
  • 4
    Mirage feat. Nas – Produced by Harmony, co-produced by Chris Brown
  • 5
    Don’t Judge Me - Produced by The Messingers
  • 6
    2012 – Produced by Adonis, co-produced by Kevin “K-Mac” McCall
  • 7
    Biggest Fan – Produced by The Runners, co-produced by The Monarch
  • 8
    Sweet Love - Produced by Polow da Don & Jason “JP” Perry
  • 9
    Strip feat. Kevin McCall – Produced by Tha Bizness
  • 10
    Stuck On Stupid – Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy, co-produced by Dante Jones
  • 11
    4 Years Old – Produced by Polow da Don & Tommy Hittz
  • 12
    Party Hard/Cadillac (Interlude) feat. Sevyn - Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy & Boi-1da
  • 13
    Don’t Wake Me Up – Produced by Benny & Alle Benassi, Free School & William Orbit, co-produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy
  • 14
    Trumpet Lights feat. Sabrina Antoinette - Produced by Polow Da Don, co-produced by Jerome “J Roc” Harmon


i effin love chris browns new ALBUM!! its amazing...<3<3<3<3=))=))=))

I love this album so much it's reminds me of Graffiti and personal I think it's the best album he made so far besides Exclusive! The only problem is the sales TEAMBREEZY ! Need to step it up ASAP because the more TEAMBREEZY don't buy the album the more things haters going to have to say !

the best album <3

I love u and your music, u a man that knows how to put a girl to bed!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love u n your beautiful music. It's a blessing to have an angle like u do what u do.


Fortune is awesome Chris!!!! I love every frickin song on dat album! You're just amazing! Now i just gotta get an album and that's gonna be pretty soon!

i love all the songs on fourtune it turned out awesome keep up the great work!!!!! ily <3

BEST CD ever!! i bought two one for at home the other one for at work, i listen to it every morning before i go to work and i listen to it while i work!! GREATEST CD ever!! it's soooooooo many songs on there i love it's wild!!! you did it to this album and did it good!!!hope everyone loves it like i do!!! keep up the GREAT WORK CB!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Chris.It is me. LaQuida. I miss and love you very much. please call me boy... I just changed my phone number correctly.

Love , Laquida.