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Unnatural Love *Updated 09/26*

"so Trey the world wants to know, who is this mystery girl.?" Reporter <a href="">Julie Chang</a> asked.
"honesty Julie I dont know." <a href="">Trey</a> responded.
"come on,Trey, you two were seen on all throughout Columbus, Ohio together."
"naw I was there promoting my new album."
"so your saying you nevef met her.?"
"I might have signed a autograph and took a pic with her but other than that naw I dont know her."
"damn <a href="">Renee</a> I can nit believe he just played you like that.! Brah man better be glad he back in LA because if I ever see.him again thats his ass." My bestfriend <a href="">Lania</a> yelled while turning off the TV.
"I aint even Trippin nia." I responding walking towards the window.
"hell you should be.! you are being trashed and portrayed as some crazed fan who followed him around all week and not to mention how their treating you at school."
"yet your mentioning it. your really not helping how I feel right now lania."
"and your not helping yourself either Renee. you've been in this house for days with paparazzi on your lawn replaying this dumb ass interview Trey did over two weeks ago. I care about you Renee and this is not healthy."
"I know its just that I cant fully believd this is thw same guy I got to know all those days. he was so sweet and real I just cant believe he would do this to me." I curled up on the couch and began crying and thinking about Trey and how we first met.
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*Renee's POV*
I waited forever for Trey to come back to the room. After all this time why would he just leavr me like this. Midthought Trey appeared with Chris right on his heels.
"whats going on.?" I asked.
"Trey came and cut my booty call short because he wanted me to hear something."
"well Trey can you tell me what the hell is going on.?" I ask.
"look I know you dont want to but I want Chris to hear you sing and maybe we can do a track or something." I walked over to Trey and straddled him.
"babe is that what you wanna do on our first night back together. I began to slowly kiss hom all over his face, from his lips to his forehead and even his cheeks and nose.
"you know what, Chris get the fuxk out.! I have to be making love to my girl now." He told him.
"well thank you.! now your speaking my lanuage. my hot and ready for me." Chris said bouncing out the room and down the hall.
That night Trey spent the entire time pleasuring me in any and every way he knew how. I could honestly say by the end of the night I was worn out. Trey on the other hand seemed to be just getting started cuz as I laid there trying to catch my breath he was up in the mini bar drinking a bottle of orange juice and calling his driver telling him to go down to the nearest store for another box of condoms.
"babe are you serious.? its five in the morning and we've been at this since ten last night." I said.going to use the rest room.
"I told you Renee this is gonna be a night you will never forget." He said smiling.
"but its morning now."
"fine babe you can rest for now I wont wake you up I promise." And true to his word he disnt wake me up but he did still get himself some more of me. Its weird though but like Lania always says, 'i dont have to be wake for my puccy to work' and that was so true.

*three months later*
Lately Trey and I have been inseparable. He's been taking these last couple months off since his new album Chapter 5 has been released and doing quite well I might add. Im falling in love.with him more and more everyday. But today was all about me and Lania finally having a girl's day. She decided we're getting our hair and nails done then headed for a check up then a mini shopping trip and wrapping up the day with a full body massage. This should be fun.!

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*Renee's POV*
Hearing that voice made me turn around too quick only to find Trey standing right there in an all white suit.
"oh my God.!" was all I could say before passing out.
"Renee baby wake up." I heard Trey say as my eyes fluttered open seeing everyone at the prom surrounding us. Trey helped me to my feet all j could do was hug him.
"I cant believe your here."
"believe it Renee. I couldnt go another day without you. After our last conversation I knew I hurt you deep and I was broken up about doing you that way. So now im here ready to tell the world that I love you and I need you in my life forever." Trey took my hand and lead me to the stage where Chris had just sung to Lania and sat me down.
"this song has yet to be released yet because I wanted you to be the first to hear it because its all about you." He walked towards me, stood me up and began singing to me.
<em>Her head is on my chest, sun comes rolling in
we're lost in these covers and all I feel is skin
I slowly kiss your face, beautiful in every way, you are
See I'm a man that dont believe in much
but I be damned if I dont believe in us
And how we play fight up in the bathroom
Next thing you know im making love to you
Girl, promise me you'll never change
She aint perfect but she worth it
every breath I breathe for the life of me
and I know I might not deserve it
but she love me and its SIMPLY AMAZING (you are)
and she love me, and its simply amazing
The girls a work of art, and i cant help but stare
with a smile like the sunset, and the ocean is her hair
oooohh what she do to me aint fair oooh
she know me better than I know myself hmmm
See I'm a man that dont believe in much
but I be damned if I dont believe in us
Like when I said I love you for the first time
and the tears dropped from your eyes
Girl, dont you ever change
She aint perfect but she worth it
every breath I breathe for the life of me
and I know I might not deserve it
but she love me and its SIMPLY AMAZING (you are)
and she love me
There is nothing in this world that could keep me away from you
and there is nobody who could ever compare to you
She aint perfect but she worth it
every breath I breathe for the life of me
and I know I might not deserve it
but she love me and its SIMPLY AMAZING (you are)
and she love me, and its simply amazing</em>
After ending the song I just stood there. it was a lovely song but he wasnt getting off the hook that easily.
"so what you came in here and thought that by singing a song to me was gonna make everything all better." I said crossing my arms and backing up.
"uhhh yes. I mean no." Trey said obviously confused.
"well just so you know it doesnt. look around Trey all these people in the room tonight tormented me because of you. because you didnt want anyone go know you grew feelings fir me in that short period of time."
"but Renee in here tryna make things right. that should count forsomething."
"well it doesn't." With that I walked off the stage only to be face to face with Abby and the clons."
"what the fuxk are you doing." Abby said.
"walking away.""
"no your not.! get your ass back on that stage and get your man." Shainna said
"it took him coming all the way here for you guys to believe me.?"
"girl I never didnt believe you." Abby confessed.
"what.?" Nichole looked at her saying.
"why did you put me through all this.?"
"because it wasnt me that got him." After she said that I c**ked my fist back and socked her in the nose. just then Trey came up behind me and turned me to him.
"look Renee I knoe I was a jerk but im bout to truly prove ti you that I dont want us to be a secret anymore."
"follow me."
He took my hand and lead me outside side only to be face-to-face with thousands of paparazzi.
"listen here yall. I Trey Songz am a filthy liar. a few monyhs ago j did an interview with Julie Chang saying I dont know this girl right here but the truth is I do. and im falling jn love with her every day. you see I only lied to keep the press out of her face but apparently I made her life a living hell and Renee im so sorry for that. Im officially announcing to all of you guys that his is my woman and I love her." With that he kissed me so softly my knees got weak.
"hey and just so yall know too ya boy brezzy is taken too by this lovely work of art right here." Chris said swirling Lania around in front of the cameras.
"babe your crazy." Lania said slapping his arm playfully.
"yea about you girl." Chris said slobbing her down.
Trey and I started walking down the street to his limo and I was still in disbelief. My man really came back for me and he's not going anywhere.
That night back in his hotel room we just talked about our lives and how everything is and the changes that will be made. He's flying me to Miami to his condo he has there and in exactly four days he'll be there with me and we'll be starting our lives together.
"oh yea babe I got a surprise for you too." I said to him
"what is it.?" he asked.getting excited.
"close your eyes." I was about to do something I had never done before in publc, SING.
<em>said me and you been through so much together
and I want you to know that im with you cause
no one can do me like you do baby
and I'll never bail out on you baby
so you'll never got to question this lady
so whenever you need me I'll be there in a hurry cause
you got what I need</em>
"why'd you stop." Trey asked as I looked towards the ceiling.
"because I cant sing when you stare at me."
"but Renee your a great singer."
"I dont know about all that."
"im telling you baby. that was amazing."
"I just got an idea.!" Trey said hopping up and running to im guessing Chris's room. This man is a character right now.
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Treys an ahole fa real smh

Ahhhhh... You sure I didnt jump on him yo. ? Thats,my husband!

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AAAWWWW!!!!! That was so sweet!! Ironically enough 'In Ya Phone' came on while I was reading this chapter.
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*Trey's POV*
I have been trying for days to get Renee to at least talk ti me but anytime she picks up the phone she gives it to Lania. I just want her to know I am so sorry for all of this. She is gonna be one tough nut to crack but imma do it because I need her in my life.
Before leaving the studio I decided to try calling her one last time. surprisingly she stayed on the phone.
"hey beautiful." I said greeting her.
"hey." she responded kinda sad.
"how you been mamma.?"
"you dont really care so why are you calling.?"
"Renee I do care and I care about you a great deal."
"then why lie Trey.? you have completely ruined my life telling the world I was some stalker that followed you around here when we both know its not true."
"I never said you were a stalker babe."
"I thought it was gonna help you."
"how Trey really.? telling the world all you did was sign an autograph and take a picture with me was in no way helping me. you shoulda been man enough to claim me Trey. are you ashamed.of me.?"
"do you regret meeting me.?"
"No Renee.!"
"then why Trey.? I am so alone here now. all my friends besides Lania hate me and tease me over this shyt. my own mother laughs at me when she's on the phone with her friends talking about me. I have no one."
"you have me Renee."
"no I dont remember you dont even know me."
"im sorry Renee. please tell me what I have to do to fix this because im willing to do whatever it takes to make this right."
"fix this Trey." and with that she hung up the phone.
I made a mistake I realize that now but im so lost I just dont know what I can do to make this right. I need to go see my momma.

*Renee's POV*
hanging up the phone with Trey I felt worst about myself. I love him with all my heart and even though he played me the way he did I would forgive him if he just make everything right. this all could have been avoided if he didnt lie to the world so now he better do everything in his power to bring the truth out.

the whole me and Trey thing has finally started to die down a little at school. ofcourse Abby and her little clons are still at it but I've moved on. Trey still hasnt made and effort to contact me after our last conversation but im cool. I still love him but maybe this is for the best.
Its prom night and I decided to bring Lania as my date. we decided to wear halter form fitting dresses. mine was pink and hers was powder blue and her mom rented us a stretch limo. it actually felt wierd going into the dance but im glad im going.
"well well well look who decided to show her face." Abby said walking towards us with Nicholle and Shainna right behind her.
"dont start with me Abby."
"what are you gonna do stalker.? run out crying again."
"no this time imma break your face." Lania said walking up on her but I put my arm up to stop her.
"look Abby you can call me all the names you want but at the end of the day I know the truth so thats all that matters." and one that note me and nia walked away to take our pictures. Just then the DJ called every one to the front of the stage.
"aye yall we got a very special guest in the building tonight with a treat for a very special lady in the audience." the DJ said and I immediately thought it was Trey. would he really be here for me.?
"yall give it up for my homie Chris Breezy.!" thd crowd erupted in cheers buf me personally I really was let down.
"aye where my baby girl Lania at.?" Chris said causing nia to squill then look at me for confirmation to go up there.
"go ahead." was all I could say before she took off running.
"hey baby.!" she yelled jumping in his arms.
"yea yall heard it first your boy breezy is off the market. this song is for you baby." they brought nia ul a chair and Chris began singing 'With You' to her. everybody ran to the stage as he sung bumping and pushing me to the back.
"welp at least one of us got our prince back." I said out loud but to myself.
"is that what you think.?"
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Abby need to go somewhere with her clones!
I forgot what Teyanna Taylor's characters name was but I like her she just needs to woman up and tell Abby and her parents about herself!
Trey needs to man up and stop bein a vajayjay!
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*Lania's POV*
As soon as Renee busted in my class I knew something was really wrong and I knew it was about Trey. This whole situation is all fuxked up and I hate seeing my girl so vulnerable like this.
"whats going on.?" I asked once we got out in the hall.
"I cant take this anymore nia. these girls are ruining my life at school.!" she said through tears.
"nae you need to call Trey and get him to sst the record straight."
"he's not gonna do that."
"you'll never know if you dont ask. im sure if you explain how his lies are affecting you he'll make the right choice."
"I can not believe your here in my school." this girl <a href=""> Cherelle</a> said walking towards us.
"can I help you." Renee said stepping to her.
"naw it aint even like that girl."
"so whats it like.?"
"thats what I wanna know." me and Renee looked at each other clearly confused.
"what are you talking about.?" I spoke up and asked.
"when you were with Trey Songz. what was it like.?" I could tell that question made Renee light up.! There there was a stranger who believed her about Trey. I just couldnt believe it myself. just then I received a text from Chris.
"cherelle we gotta go. can you cover for me.?"
"thanks." I grabbed Renee's arm and we ran all the way back to her school and to her car.
"can you explain to me whats going on.?"
"lets get to my house first then after a make I quick call imma let you know." without any backtalk Renee drove straight my crib and I ran upstairs to call Chris.

*Chris's POV*
"whats up babygirl." I answered the phone saying.
"whats you plan Chris because Renee has been going through hell over this shyt."
"what do you mean.? I thought the media stopped bugging her after Trey did the interview."
"they did for about two days now they've been on her lawn for the past five days its ridiculous."
"damn shawty."
"Trey really fuxked her life up with that lying ass interview."
"he thought it would help."
"how is making her seem like a crazed fan helping her.?
"thats something only he can answer. oh and heres the smart guy now." I said giving Trey the phone and putting it on speaker.
"Yuuuup.!" Trey said getting on the phone.
"what the hell is wrong with you Trey.?"
"damn who is this.?" Trey said chuckling.
"its Lania you remember me dont you.? my friend is the girl whose heart you broke on national television."
"it was not that bad."
"maybe not for you but it was to her. she is being tormented day after day because you weren't man enough to claim her."
"now wait a minute."
"NO YOU HAD YOUR TURN TO SPEAK NOW ITS MY TURN.! You just dont get it do you.? you really hurt her to the core. you need to fix this shyt and fast."
"I cant do anything about this."
"the same way you brought the problem about you can fix it." with that she hung up.
"what the fuxk Chris this is ridiculous.!"
"you did it nigga."
"I know but damn this is getting out of hand."
"yea and the paparazzi still be messing with Renee."
"stop lying."
"nigga im not lania just told me. which means the interview was for nothing so now what.?"
"I dont know man." Trey said flopping down in the chair.

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*Renee's POV*
"here comes the little stalker." I heard Abby say,as I walked in the class.
"you better stop Abby before you make the little freak cry." Nichole chimed in saying.
"you know what shut the fuxk up.! you dont know shyt about me and Trey."
"from what Trey says there is no you and him stalker." Abby said standing up in my face.
"that was just to get all those cameras and paparazzi off my back. he cares about me so fuxk off." I replied and everybody started to laugh at me. Trey has completely ruined my life.! looking around at all the people laughing all I could do was run out crying.
"Renee wait.!" I heard shainna call out.
"WHAT.! do you want a go at me too."
"actually I dont. I believe you about Trey."
"yea girl. the way he looked in that interview just proved to me that he was lying."
"so why when your with Abby you act like im a liar.?"
"because abby's parents are paying my way in this school. if I dont do what she says then im outta here."
"shainna what are you doing with the creep.!" Abby yelled out.
"uhh she stopped me and just started talking to me." she said walking away from me.
Not even wanting to here what was about to be said I ran on out and all the way to lania's school. I found her in gym class.
"Lania I need you." I yelled running to her and pulling her out of class.
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dmn thats fcked up trey is so wrong i wish he would realize it n try to fix it the rte way

*Renee's POV*
i can not believe trey did me the way he did.! i thought we were really feeling each other but aparently i was the only one who put feelings in this thing. as soon as i got home i went to my room and just curled up on my bed and cried. it was really hard for me to except that trey didnt want me like i thought he did and i dont know when imma ever get over that. just then <a href="http://,_Angela/gallery/SGS-008447/">my mom</a> shouted my name and i ran downstairs.
"what is it.?" i asked finding her in the livingroom in front of the tv.
"you are on tv.!" she said pointing.
i walked around only to find on TMZ a HUGE picture of me happily leaving trey's hotel room a couple of days ago with the words 'TREY'S NEW LOVE.?' along side the picture.
"oh no this is bad.! how did they even find out.?" i said plopping down next to my mom.
"they said you and this trey songz person."
"mom you KNOW who trey songz is." i said cutting her off.
"are you sure.?"
"look at the screen again mom."
"ohh yea that sexy piece of meat. why didnt you tell me you met him.?"
"cuz mom i met him by accident and i really cant say much else."
"its cool i'll just keep watching this to find out."
"mommy no please cut this off." i asked snatching the remote from her.
"have you just lost all of your mind.?"
"im sorry. please mom i dont want you watching these lies."

*Trey's POV*
*three days later*
"CUT THAT SHYT OFF FOR A MINUTE.!" i heard chris yell walking in ti the studio.
"what the fuxk is your problem man.?"
"nigga where the fuxk have you been these past two days.?"
"where else nigga, in the studio. i got this mixtapes i been working on and its dope."
"fuxk that.! watch this shyt." chris said handing me his laptop.
"nigga you know i dont fuxk with TMZ."
"would you shut up and watch the damn video." he said playing it.
once it showed Renee's face my eyes popped open ten times wider. i couldnt believe this shyt.
"aw damn see this is what i was tryna avoid.!"
"this shyt crazy. what you gonna do.?"
"the only thing i can do."
"tell the truth and admit your feelings for Renee."
"naw imma do a littlle damage control."
"aw man." chris said as i pulled out my phone and had my agent schedule a interview with julie chang.


*Trey's POV*
after doing that interview people have stopped asking about Renee completely and im glad. it wasnt anybody's business what happened between us in Ohio and imma keep it like that for both our interest. i cant even lie though, i miss that girl fareal. i tried calling her a couple times but she keeps ignoring. i know she might be mad about the interview but i just want to be able to explain myself. i seen how much those reportes kept hounding her in the days prior to my interview and a few days after the interview aired. i just want her life to go back to the way it was before she knew me. i hope i'll get the chance to tell her.

*Renee's POV*
school has been extra hard for me since trey did that interview.! i was already a outsider and once he did that i was known by all but as a crazy fan looking for attention.
there was especially this girl named <a href="">abby</a> that stayed bugging me about the situation. she was at one point a friend of mine but shyt happens and things change now she got two little side kicks named <a href="">nichole</a> and <a href="">shainna</a> who have made it a mission of theres to make my life a living hell. sooner or later they're all regret the shyt they do to me.
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hes so wrong he shouldnt have let her go he doesnt have to b like that run it

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*Renee's POV*
Waking up I felt like I was floating on clouds. I could not believe we just shared such a wonderful night together. Me being just an ordinary girl from Columbus and him being who he is it was just amazing.
I looked up at him staring out the window and all I could do was smile. I got up and walked over and wrapped my arms around his waist hugging his back.
"morning sleepy head." he said stroking my arm.
"hey handsome. how was your sleep.?"
"it was great thanks to you."
"so what do you wanna do today.?"
"actually I gotta start packing." he said walking away from me.
"what do you me.?"
"I have to get back to LA by tomorrow night."
"but what about us.?"
"Renee come here please." he grabbed my hand and lead me back over to the bed and sat me on his lap.
"look sweetheart this was the best week of my life believe me but now we have to go back to the way we use to be."
"how can yoi say that.? our lives will never be the same."
"but they can be if we both just agree to never talk about this again."
"so you expect me to leave this room and go on like none of this between us ever took place.?"
"pretty much. look Renee the world I leave in can be brutal. I know for a fact your not ready for all the comes with being with me."
"cant I be the judge of that Trey.?"
"no you cant. im looking out for you and your wellbeing. please just do what im asking you."
I sat there for a moment stund by what he just asked me. I knew I could handle it but maybe I really was just another groupie he can add to his list all I wasnt about to let him see me crack so I got up and without another word gathered my stuff and walked out only to be stopped half way down the hall by Chris.
"yo Renee where you going.?" he asked.
"excuse me Chris but I have to pretend not to know you because my wellbeing could be at risk."
"what are you talking about.?"
"ask Trey." with that I ran out to the valet to get my car. once inside I drove up the street a little and just broke down. I was really feeling Trey and I couldn't believe he did this to me. Just then my phone rung and it was Lania. I knew I should have answered it but I couldn't so I spent the whole day just driving around in silence.

*Trey's POV*
I dont know why but I thought Renee was going to take that so much better. I was hurt how she left and I just didn't know how to make her feel better. Just then there was a knock at my door, I opened the door to find Chris standingthere.
"dude what the fuxk did you do to that girl.?" Chris said walking in.
"what goy talking bout Chris.?"
"im talking about Renee she left here talking reckless. what you say to her.?"
"I told her the truth. she had to forget what happened this week between us because im going back to LA."
"why would you do that.?"
"its the truth."
"that don't mean shyt you suppose to at least try to keep ib contact with her."
"do you plan to stay in contact with lania.?"
"hell yeah. we exchanged numbers lastnight."
"well thats yall I think I did the right thing for her."
"whatever you say its your heart that's gonns suffer." With that he walked out the door. I didnt care I made the right choice by letting Renee go....I think
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omg so sad n beautiful i love it run it

No runs.?

*Chapter 2*
*Trey's POV*
I have looked everywhere for the past two days tryna find Renee and i still cant find her. she swore that if i wanted her i could find her but i aint been having no luck. i gave up and decided to go back to the hotel. i knew seeing her again was too good to be true.
"aye yo Trey were you been.?" i heard Chris yell to me as i walked in.
"what's up man." i said walking through the door and unexpectedly hitting someone on the other side.
"aw damn.!" i heard the person yell.
"i am so sorry. oh my gooodness, i cant believe it." i said looking down at her.
"can you try to watch----oh Trey its you." Renee said looking up at me her eyes lighting up.
"hey you."
"hey yourself. i cant believe you just hit me with that door." she said trying to get up.
"i didnt mean to lil mamma. come here let me help you up."
"i can get up on my own thank you." she said getting up and dusting herself off."
"so what are you doing here.?" Chris asked her as he got to us.
"i uhh, i came to see you Chris."
"yeah. Lania told me what happened and i just had to hear it from you too."
"what is she talking about.?" i said looking at him.
"aw brah i had shawty screaming.!" Chri said cheesing.
"Chris you mashed that.?"
"naw man we just gave each other head and it was wonderful."
"i guess. well imma catch yall later." Renee said turning to walk the other way.
"Renee wait." i said grabbing her arm.
"what is it Trey.?" she said trying to sound sweet but yet still annoyed.
"let me take you to lunch."
"stop playing."
"im serious."
"Trey if we go out together we wont have any privacy."
"i understand that." i said kinda disappointed she's turning me down so i begin walking to my room.
"how about tonight.?" she yelled to me.
"are you serious.?"
"yea a know a place perfect for us."
And she was right. we went to this nice quiet jazz resturant and it was so low key nobody knew who i was. it was perfect and we got to know each other even more and i was even more intrigued about her.
the next day we went out on the town together. she took me everywhere and it was actually fun. by the end of the night it hit me that it was gonna be our last night together and i wanted it to be a night she would never forget. we got back to my hotel room to find the floor trailed with rose petals leading to the bed and a heart formed with the rose petals. the room had nice red candles around the jacuzzi tub and i even had a bottle of moet on ice waiting for us.
"Trey this is so nice." Renee said as she stepped in the room.
"only the best for you sweetheart." i walked her in and we undressed and got in the jacuzzi.
"Trey can i ask you something.?" she said as i poured her glass.
"sure what on your mind.?"
"why me.?"
"what you mean.?"
"that night in the club you could of had any girl in there, so why me.?"
"i dont know. it was just something about you that drew me to you and i couldnt resist it."
"how cute." she said taking a sip.
"im serious. you see how close chris and lania got but i wanna be closer with you. we knew yall were different than them other girls in there so we had to come get yall."
"i guess Trey." with that she slowly moved towards me and begin kissing me and rubbing up against me. it was no turning back from there and we spent the whole night making love to each other enjoying every last moment of it. Renee was unlike any other girl. she had no tricks yet she was the best i ever had.
Waking up the next morning with her in my arms i felt like shyt.! even though it should have been a moment of happiness it really just hit me that it was the day i was leaving and now i have to break it to Renee that what he had this week has to be just a distance memory and we have to forget it but looking down at her i knew this was not going to be easy.
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*Trey's POV*
Waking up the next morning with Renee in my arms felt kinda wierd but at the same time it felt right. I know I barely know her but something tells me that's about to change. Its something abouy her thay im digging and even though we just met last night I wanna get to know her better.
"Renee, wake up honey." I said tapping her arm.
"awwww im not ready yet Walter." She said turning over.
"whose Walter.?"
"haha very funny Walt I told you about yo fake impressions of Trey. There never funny."
"Renee sit up and look at me." I said back to her and got up moving her off me.
"uhhh fine.!" She said sitting up. "oh my goodness this wasn't a dream. Trey im so.sorry." She said getting up and fixing her clothes and pushing around her hair.
"you still haven't answered my question. who is this Walter person.?"
"its Lania's older brother."
"is he your manor something.?"
"ew no.! he like a big brother to me too."
"I promise you Trey I dont have a man. if I did I wouldn't be here with you right now."
"are you sure because I've had.plenty of girls and some have even been married."
"Trey I dont know if you've noticed but im not like other girls. I think its time I go." With that she began collecting her shoes and purse walking towards the door.
"what room is Chris in.?"
"the one next door on the left."
"thanks. it was nice to have met you. good luck on the album and everything."
"Renee I really wish you wouldn't leave like this."
"I have to."
"no you choose to."
"if you really wanna see me again you'll find me." And with that she was gone. I have no clue what she meant by that but imma figure it out. she keeps tryna play this 'hard to get' role but imma crack her before the week is up. Believe That.!
*Renee's POV*
"I can not believe we just spent the night with Trey and Chris.!" Lania said as we got in the car.
"I know I cant believe it either. Trey was a true gentleman last night. all we did was talk the whole night."
"stop playing."
"nia im dead ass. we just talked."
"damn I feel kinda naughty then." Lanis said giggling.
"you gave up the goodies nia.?"
"technically no."
"what's that mean.?"
"we gave each other head."
"oh wow. how was it.?"
"I know I was good but he kinda sucked." She said causing me to bust out laughing.
"your joking right.?"
"I wish I was girl. Chris does not know shyt about giving no head. This nigga was biting and chewing on me and every thing. I had to fake it the whole time and you know I hate having to fake anything."
"damn nia that's crazy. I never would have thought Chris couldn't handle giving head. hell he got a song 'you would think I invented head." I said singing his song.
"thats what I thought but apparently not."
"maybe he was too tipsy to do it right.
"Renee do you really think that's a good excuse.?"
"hey im tryna make you feel better."
"its not working so stop." Lania said with an attitude.
we drove the rest of the way to her house in silence. I couldn't believe she got an attitude with me because Chris couldn't make her cum with his tongue. That is not my problem so whatever.
We pulled up to her house and were met at the door by Walter.
"where the hell did yall go last night.?" he asked as we got out the car.
"I dont wanna talk about it." Lania said rushing past him.
"Renee whay happened.?" he said stopping me.
"we spent the night with Chris Brown and Trey Songz."
"no man fareal what happened."
"that is what happened Walt."
" yea ok." with that he left. I yelled in the house and told Lania I was leaving and I got in the car and drove on home reminiscing over the time I spent with Trey. Although we only taked I really had a good time with him. I miss him already.!
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Its sad because he only wants one thing while shes living a dream. Like guys are a**holes seriously. I hope he actually starts to like her for her mind and not her body! Run it tho!