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Unnatural Love *Updated 09/26*

"so Trey the world wants to know, who is this mystery girl.?" Reporter <a href="">Julie Chang</a> asked.
"honesty Julie I dont know." <a href="">Trey</a> responded.
"come on,Trey, you two were seen on all throughout Columbus, Ohio together."
"naw I was there promoting my new album."
"so your saying you nevef met her.?"
"I might have signed a autograph and took a pic with her but other than that naw I dont know her."
"damn <a href="">Renee</a> I can nit believe he just played you like that.! Brah man better be glad he back in LA because if I ever see.him again thats his ass." My bestfriend <a href="">Lania</a> yelled while turning off the TV.
"I aint even Trippin nia." I responding walking towards the window.
"hell you should be.! you are being trashed and portrayed as some crazed fan who followed him around all week and not to mention how their treating you at school."
"yet your mentioning it. your really not helping how I feel right now lania."
"and your not helping yourself either Renee. you've been in this house for days with paparazzi on your lawn replaying this dumb ass interview Trey did over two weeks ago. I care about you Renee and this is not healthy."
"I know its just that I cant fully believd this is thw same guy I got to know all those days. he was so sweet and real I just cant believe he would do this to me." I curled up on the couch and began crying and thinking about Trey and how we first met.
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trey gave me a slight grin and he and his crew along with <a href="">chris</a> and his peoples started walking towards us.
"oh my goodness lania he's coming what do I do.?" i asked shaking a little.
"play it cool Renee. Act like you not even really pressed that he's here." she responded.
"but you and i both know i am."
"yea but he doesnt.! just be you and chill. we can have any nigga up in here so keep that in mind."
"what ever you say."
just as i said that i took a sip of my drink and trey was right in my face.
'game time,' i thought to myself.
"hello ladies." he said to us.
"hi." we said in unison.
"yall are looking very lovely tonight. did you wear these outfits for me.?"
"actually we didnt." i replied with a slight but fake attitude not looking up at him.
"damn you a little fiesty one. whats your name." chris asked stepping up.
"its Renee."
"and your lil ma.?"
"its Lania."
"that cute." chris replied eyeing lania down and biting his lip.
"well would you ladies like to party with us tonight.?" trey asked.
"uhh no thinks." i said standing up and grabbing lania's hand. "we were just about to hit the dance floor. excuse us." we parted his group and walked down stairs to the middle of the floor perfectly where they could see us.
"i can not believe i did that." i said to lania.
"i know i was about to jump on chris's sexy ass when he bit his lip at me."
"do you think i fuxkd up our chances with them.?" i asked kinda nervous.
"only way to find out is to see what happens when we go back up there.

*Trey's POV*
i really did not feel like being in the club tonight but i was promiting my album so i just sucked it up and went. walking in that VIP area and seeing lil mamma made me glad i went. she was the first cute girl i had seen in this place all day and trust me when i say there were some smacked ass females in the club tryna push up but this girl really caught my eye. she had a little attitude on her but i know it was a front so she didnt seem like a major groupie but i bet with a little more work on her tonight imma be getting dem cheeks before i leave next weekend.
"aye trey.!" i heard chris yell taking me from my thoughts.
"whats up man.?" i replied.
"you thinking bout lil shawty down there aint you.?" he asked smiling.
"what makes you say that.?"
"because you aint took yo eyes off her yet and you got that look in yo eyes."
"man it aint even like that."
"well let me in on what its like because i cant even lie her and her lil friend is bad as fuxk."
"yea she cute but her lil attitude is fuxking with me."
"boy please.! you know you want her. so what if she got a lil tude. she bad and im sure you can knock that shyt out of her while you beating it up."
"i dont know chris. i might have to work hard for her to give it up. seems like the same for you and her friend."
"naw imma have that real soon."
"whatever you say but all i know is this may be a little struggle and i aint even gonna lie... im up for a challenge."

*Renee's POV*
after about two more songs me and lania decide to go back up to VIP and just as i thought trey and dem were chillin at our tables poppin bottles.
"remember nae. play it cool but ot as rough as you did earlier."
"i got you nia."
just as we out closer trey was popping the cork on a champagne bottle and it ended up hitting me in the forehead and causing me to fall. immediately he rushed over to me.
"oh wow did i do that.?"
"nooo corks are flying arounf all over the place hitting people." i said sarcasticly.
"im so sorry Rina let me help you up."
"no thank you." i said getting up on my own. "oh and its Renee jerk-off."
"my bad. can i get you a drink.?"
"sure why not." he grabbed my hand and lead me to a chair and poured me a glass of champagne then poured one for himself and sat next to me.
"how does your head feel.?" he asked rubbing the bump that seemed to be formimg on the right side of my head.
"its been better."
"so what do you do around here Renee.?"
"you remebered my name." i said fake smiling.
"dont take it personal shawty i fuxk up a lot of peoples names when im sipping."
"im sure but anyways im currently in school and i work part time at <a href="">Nationwide Children's Hospital</a> as a Human Milk Technician."
"what is that.?"
"basically im responsible for the preparation, distribution, inventory, and management of both Human Milk and Donor Human Milk."
"thats whats up."
"yea its pretty cool. i love being around kids so i knew this was gonna be a great job for me."
"do you have any.?"
"naw. that hasnt been one of my goals yet."
"that s cool."
we sat and talked the whole night about everything. i didnt know trey could be so deep but he showed me a side of him i never knew existed. lania and i ended up going back to their hotel and just chillen. they were the perfect gentlemen and i couldnt have asked for a better night than this one. especially since i ended up falling asleep in his arms.
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*Chapter 1*

I left school hella early so that I could pick lania up and we can get ready for the Trey Songz album release party downtown at Club Fire. we didnt care that the club had an age limit if 21 and older because in our eyes we are 18 which means we are LEGAL to do whatever the fuxk we want. it helps even more in our favor that lania's big brother is the bouncer for the club so we fet in all the time with no problems. tonight was my night be meet Trey. I been loving him forever and it was fate that brought him to Columbus a day after my 19 birthday and nothing was gonna mess my night up.
Lania and I got to her house after a three hour trip to the mall and got ready for the night. it was about 6:30 now and the club opens at 10 which gives us just the right about of time to get everything just right. after my shower I just flat ironed my hair bone straight which showed off my light brown highlights I got done for my birthday. brought a <a href=""> little black dress</a> ans silver shoes. Looking at myself in the mirror I knew there was no way Trey wad not gonna notice me. lania did not disappoint walking into the room with a black dress acsented with green sequins on <a href="">it</a> and some black heels. she also flat ironed her hair but had a little fluff to it on the ends and also put a part down the side.
"damn girl you look great." I said as she turned around to show off her outfit.
"same to you girl."
"thanks. so are you sure <a href="">Walter</a> gonna be able to get us in VIP.?"
"no doubt its as good as done."
"great.! you know I heard Chris brown suppose to be here with him too."
"dont play with me Renee." lania said giving me.the death stare.
"no im serious Trey announcrd it on the radio last night."
"Oh my goodness my baby is here I cam believe it."
"nia I told you this was gonna be the best night of our lives."
"yea but that was cuz YOUR boo thang was here now that I know MINES is here too I dont it to be just a one night thing, I want it to last forever."
"I cant front, so do i."
we put the fishing touched on our makeup then headed out to the club. we got ther at exactly 11:45, when her brother's shift started and he walked us right on up to VIP.
"iight yall be safe and no drinking or elss imma carry yall out my damn self." Walter said shaking his finger at us.
"ok Walt we got it." I said tryna hold in my excitement.
"cool. have fun yall."
"oh we will." lania whispered to me. aftet we saw Walter walk back to the front door we started noticing guys wanting to buy us drinks left and right and not wanting to be rude we accepted them. we both only drank sips outta each one cuz we didnt want to be faded when Trey and dem got there.
At about 11:00 the DJ announced.his arrival and my stomach instantly knotted up. He walked right up to VIP and our eyes locked on to one another it was like magic.
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