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I Should've Kissed You Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

“SHUT UP HOES!” I yelled at my best friends Jonelle, Alexandria and Nae. They was gettin’ on me about how I am “in love” with Chris Brown. He was that guy that everyone knew, wanted to be, or get with.

“b**** you are and there’s no denying it” said Nelle to me with that ‘don’t lie to me’ look on her face.

I wouldn’t say it was “love” though. It was more like “lust”, that I’ve had since like the 6th f***ing grade. But I rarely talk to him, and when I get the chance it’s like words seem to come out my mouth the wrong way.

“Truthfully, I don’t know what the f*** you see in his obnoxious ass anyway Ash” Alexa said. She never liked him, and it was funny when she started baggin on him. “He’s a f***in douche too.” she continued.

“UGH! I ain’t finna listen to y’all b****es lecture me again. I’m so f***in done.” I said to them while I walked out my room and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. But of course I wasn’t done and they wasn’t gonna give two s***s bout what I had to say.

Since my parents were out for their monthly date night, it was just me and my girls. Until my brother and his homies got home. I love my bro,but at times he can be a f***in pain in the ass. The worst part about having Aaron Daniels as your older brother, by two minutes, was the guys always over the house, and the girls who would try to make me put in a good word for them. I swear, it was pathetic and hella funny to watch a whole bunch of females throw themselves at him and his crew. Pure comedy.

“Whatchu finna cook for us girl?” Nae asked as her and the others walked in the kitchen.

“Haha! You funny, you know that?” I asked her.

“Trick you know you bout to cook for us. Like always.” Alexa chimed in.

“Who said I felt like cookin anyways?” I asked them.

We all looked at each other and we all just laughed. We do this every time and it never gets old.

** 1 hour later **

“Aw shiznit my nigga, it smells good up in here!” Nelle said comin in the kitchen yellin over the music.

“Graci, graci chica.” I said.

“Um, the guys just pulled up and there’s not enough for eight.” Nae yelled while running into the kitchen.

“Its okay. I ordered for pizza and it should be here within the next 10 minutes.” I yelled back at her.


But before she could reply, the guys walked in, with him trailing in last.

“I see you lil sis.” Aaron said while leaning over the island trynna grab at some of the food. He think he slick though.

“I’ma really need for you to back the f*** up thoo Aaron.” I said to him while holding this big ass knife in my hand. He looked at me with the knife and made the right decision by backing the f*** up.

My girls and I laughed while his boys started getting at him.

“Ash you wasn’t bout to do nothin.” Aaron finally said.

I laughed some more and was finally able to get a “Mmkay” out.

“Where’s our food at, ma?” he asked. It was the first time he spoke since they had got there.

“Uh, it should be here soon, but y’all gotta pay for it yourselves.” I managed to say without hesitation.


Saved by the f***ing bell I thought as I went to go get the door.

“Hi beautiful, are you the one who ordered 3 boxes of pizza, 3 boxes of wings, 2 bags of breadsticks and 2 2-liter sodas?” the delivery guy asked.

“Yes, that would be me. How much?” I asked while still blushing.

“$27.75, not including the tip.” he said smiling.

“I got it, ma.” Chris said walking up behind me.

“Um, okay.” I said while taking the pizza and breadsticks.

“$27.75, not including the tip.” Chris said to him. They were eyeballing each other a little to long, so I had to intervine.

“Well, thanks.” I said getting the rest of the food since Chris wasn’t moving.

“No problem beautiful,” he said while handing me the receipt and his number. “See you around.” and with that, he walked away.

“You okay?” I asked Chris. He just looked at me, grabbed the food, and walked away.

What the f*** was that?


She know she was wrong for acting that way towards him. Especially when he was being nice and trying to tell her how he felt about her. RunIt!!

yay run it i thought u forgt about us

Hey guys!

I know it's been too long since I updated. But if you're still interested, chapter 18 has been posted. Don't forget to leaqve feedback, and enjoy:)


I woke up and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My arm wrapped around Ash’s waist. Don’t get me wrong, I like the setting, but I was just in shock. I had no idea how we ended up like that, although it was her bed. The last thing I remember was grabbing some paper and a pencil from Ash’s scattered materials. Then I know I began to draw. I guess between then and now I dozed off. But why didn’t Ash kick me out?

Before I could think of an answer to my own question, Ash started moving. She went from me looking at her back to me looking at her face. Then within seconds, her eyes were open and we were looking dead at one another. Ash immediately pulled the covers over her head and began talking.

“Why are you still here? In my rooom? In my bed?”

“Why are you up under the covers?”

“That’s not important Christopher.”

“Yes it is Ashleigh.” Ash wiped the covers back, got out of my grip and out of bed and head straight to the bathroom. So that’s why she went under the covers? After a few minutes of hearing the bathroom sink running, it stopped and Ash opened the door. She looked the same since I’m assuming the only thing she did was brush her teeth and redo her hair. “Better?” I smiled at her as she walked out.

“Much.” Her voice was full of sarcasm. “But um, tell me again why you’re still in my room? And still in my bed?”

“Because I just woke up. And your bed is comfortable.” Without replying, Ash just rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. I didn’t want her to leave so soon because I wanted to talk to her. Before she could even reach for the doorknob, I grabbed her arm. She quickly snatched it away from me.

“Did you need something?”

“Damn Ash, chill. I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Then talk Chris.” I looked at her.

“Why you got a f***in’ attitude? It’s too early in the morning for that s***.”

“I don’t have an attitude for your information. I’m just not a morning person.”


“Chris, what the f*** did you want, damn?” She must’ve lost her mind talking to me like that.

“You know what, that s*** don’t even matter anymore. You actin’ like a b**** for no f***in’ reason.”

“b****?! SO NOW I’M A b****?! Wow. I damn sure wasn’t a b**** when you had my ass on the kitchen counter a couple of days ago!” I was caught off guard with what Ash said. That was the first time since the whole thing happened that she actually said it out loud.

“First off, you need to lower your damn voice! Second off, I didn’t call you a b****. I said you were acting like one! And third off, what I did to you in the kitchen was a mistake. And I’ll make sure it’ll never happen again.” Once I said those last two sentences, Ash had tears running down her cheeks and she was out the door in a split second.

“f***! What did I just do?!”


I don’t know what came over me, but the tears just started rolling in. I quickly ran out my room and downstairs. I grabbed a set of car keys off the counter. Once I got outside, I hit the alarm and my mom’s Range went off. I pulled my phone out and began searching through my contacts for someone to call. I hadn’t realized I was still crying and in a rush when I ran into a body. Then I heard barking.

“Oh, sorry.” I wiped my face and looked up at the person. I had to catch my breath for a quick second. “Damn, he was more than just cute.”

“It’s cool.” He was tall, chocolate, and breath taking. I think he noticed my tears because he began talking again. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeahp, just perfect.” I gave him a smile.

“I may not know you, but I can tell you’re lying.” I looked down at the ground because he was right. I looked back up at him before speaking.

“I have to go.” I started for the car stopped me.

“Wait.” I turned to look at him. “If you need someone to talk to, I’m a good listener.”

“I don’t know you.”

“But you can get to know me.” He stuck his hand out. “I’m Andre, but you can call me Dre.” He smiled. I couldn’t help but smile too.

“I’m Ashleigh, but you can call me Ash.” We shook hands and kind of let them linger for a few seconds longer before he spoke again.

“Would you like to go for a walk?”

“Sure.” We started walking at a slow pace. “What’s your dog’s name?” His dog was so cute and pretty. It looked like it could be a wolf.

“Roxie.” I smiled.

“I like it. What kind of dog is she?”

“A Siberian Husky.”

“Well she’s adorable. Is she going to grow more?”

“Yeah. She’s actually going to get pretty big.”

“How big?”

“Wolf like big.”

“See, I knew she looked like she could be a wolf.” He just laughed.

“How old are you?”

“How old are you?” He smiled.

“I’m seventeen.”

“Oh, you’re old.” He laughed again.

“Naw, I’m not that old.”

“Yes you are. But it’s okay because you don’t look that old.”

“Well if I’m old, then so are you.”

“I’m only seventeen. That is not old.”

“We’re the same age. How am I old and you’re not?” I laughed.

“Because I’m a girl.” He just looked at me and shook his head. “Do you have any siblings?”

“Yeah, younger sister and brother and an older brother. You?”

“An older brother.”

“Damn, that’s not good.” I looked at him.

“Why not?”

“Because he’s an older brother, which means he’s protective over you. And that means he’s not going to like the idea of me talking to you.” I just smiled.

“My brother isn’t even like that.”

“Are you sure? Because if my sister looks like you when she gets seventeen, I would be exactly like that.” I thought about what he said.

“Okay, he might be a little overprotective.”

“Exactly. But I bet he’s nothing compared to your dad.” I laughed.

“Yeah, you’re right, but how do you think us girls feel. We have to go through your mother and sisters.” He laughed with me.

“True, but it’s not that bad.”

“Are you crazy? It is. Mothers look at us girls now-a-days and think we’re all hoes and not good for their sons. Sisters look at us and think the same thing.”

“Okay, I guess you’re right too.”

“Of course I am.” I smiled.

“Oh, you’re c**ky.”

“What? No, never that.”

“You are, but it’s all good.” He smiled at me. It was quiet for a few minutes Dre’s voice interrupted my thoughts. “Do you think we can make a quick stop before I walk you back home?” I started thinking about it.

“Sure.” We walked for about five minutes before we for to our destination. “Uh Dre, I’ll just stay out here.” He turned around.

“It’s not like that Ash. I just have to check on my brother and sister because my mom broke her ankle and is on bed rest.”

“Okay.” I followed behind Dre as we walked up the driveway and to the front door. We entered the house and there were just a few boxes here and there. “Did you guys just move in?”

“Yeah, like 3 to 4 days ago.” Dre kneeled down and unhooked Roxie from her leash.

“Oh, okay. Where’d you guys move from?”

“Miami.” Before I could respond, a girl was coming down the stairs.

“Uncle Dre!” The girl ran to him. He picked her up and hugged her.

“Hey booger.” He she giggled and he smiled.

“Is this your niece?”

“Naw. This is my god-daughter Noah.”

“She’s so adorable.” I gave her a smile and she smiled back.

“Say ‘Hi’ to Ash, Noah.”

“Hi.” She gave me a shy wave.

“Hi Noah.” I waved back. Dre put her down back on the floor. “Where’s Ariel and Amir?”


“Okay. Can you stay with Ash in the living room while I go check on them?” Noah looked between me and Dre and then nodded her head ‘yes’. Within a few seconds, he disappeared, leaving Noah and I alone. She guided me to the living room and then we sat down on the couch.

“How old are you Noah?” I asked as she just sat there.

“Four.” She answer while holding up 4 of her fingers.

“Wow, four. You’re a big girl now huh?”

“Yeah.” She smiled at me. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, so I pulled it out and looked at the screen. I had a text message from Chris.

Chris: Where are you Ash?

I deleted the text and put my phone back in my pocket. I heard footsteps and I turned around thinking it was Dre, but instead it was a boy and a girl who looked exactly alike.

“Uh, hi. I’m Ashleigh, a friend of Dre’s.” I said looking at them.

“Hi. I’m Ariel and this is Amir.” Ariel replied while coming over to the couch and sitting next to Noah.

“Are you guys Dre’s sister and brother?”

“Yeah. Um, where is Dre actually?” Amir asked.

“Upstairs checking on your mother. He went up there to check on you guys too.”

“Oh, okay. I’ma go up there then. Nice to meet you Ashleigh.”

“You too.” Amir left and then Ariel started talking.

“Do you live around here Ashleigh?”

“You can call me Ash, and yeah. I live in the beige house towards the end of the street.”

“Oh okay. How long have you lived here, or there?”

“Since I could remember. How long did ya’ll live in Miami?”

“All my life.” Ariel sounded sad when she said that.

“You miss your friends, huh?”

“Yeah. I miss my life out there. Here, I have to start all over.”

“Well in time, it’ll get better. How old are you?”

“I’m about to turn 12. I’ll be 13 in June. Amir and I both of course.”

“So ya’ll are in the 7th grade?”

“Yeah. We’re going to King Middle School.”



“My best friends boyfriend’s little sister goes there. And my brother’s best friend little brother goes there.” Ariel looked at my and laughed. I laughed too because it sounded weird.

“You could’ve said you know someone who goes there.” I smiled.

“I guess so. But I’m serious. She’s in the 7th grade too. Her name’s Giavanna. We call her Gia for short. You should meet her though. I think ya’ll would get along.”

“You think so?”

“Of ocurse. Then you’ll at least know one person at the school. Amir could meet Micah, he’s in the 7th grade as well.”

“That sounds cool Ash. When do you think we’ll meet them?”

“Uhm, I think it could happen later on today. I’ll just call and see if they have anything planned, if not then I’ll have them come to my house and I’ll come over here and get you and Amir.” Ariel got up and gave me a hug. I hugged her back.

“Thank you.” Ariel voice cracked and then I felt a few drops on my shoulder. I let her go and saw she had some tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Are you okay Ariel?” She nodded her head ‘yes’.

“I’m just crying because the move has been really tough and I miss my friends. Moving out here I thought I wouldn’t meet any friends because I’m not like Amir. He’s good with people. I, on the other hand, get shy and don’t normally talk to people.”

“But you’re talking to me.”

“I know. It’s different though. You remind me of my mom in a way. You make it easy for me to talk to you.”

“Well I’m always here if you want someone to talk to. Do you have a phone?”

“Yeah.” She pulled out her phone and handed it to me. I added my number and gave it back to her.

“I’m up under ‘Big Sister’ since I know you’re the only girl in the house. If you need me, just text or call me.” She smiled and gave me another hug.

“What’s going on here?” We let one another go and directed our attention towards the voice. It was Dre, with Amir by his side.

“We were bonding.” I smiled at Dre as I stood up.

“So soon?” Amir asked.

“Yeah. How’s your mom?”

“Good. She decided to take a nap. You ready to go?” I nodded.

“Yeah.” I turned to look at Ariel. “I’ll talk to him.”

“Okay.” We all headed for the door.

“It was nice meeting you both.

“You too Ash.” They said at the same time. We walked out the house and started towards the end of the block.

“So, what did you need to talk to me about?”

“Um, if it’s okay with your parents, I’d like to invite you guys over later for lunch.”

“Uh, yeah. I’ll ask and let you know.”

“Okay, well let me give you my number.”

“Kay.” Dre pulled out his phone. He unlocked it and then handed it to me. I added my number and gave it back to him. We continued walking. “Who else is going to be at this lunch?”

“Uhm…. me you, your brother and sister, two other kids their age from the school they’re going to and then friends from school who I hang out with. I figured you could meet them since we’re going to be seeing one another.” He nodded his head. After about five more minutes of walking, we were back in front of my house.

“Well, this is you.” Dre was looking down at me.

“Yeahp, this is me.” I just smiled.

“I guess I’ll see you later then.”

“Yeah. Just let me know if you guys are coming. It’ll probably start at about 1.”

“Fasho. I’ll ask my mom when I get home.”

“Kay. Thanks for walking me home. And helping me out earlier.”

“No problem.” I started walking up the driveway, but then I stopped and turned back around to look at Dre.

“Ya’ll could bring something to swim in too, just in case ya’ll wanna get in the pool.”

“Will do.”

“Kay. Bye Dre.” I smiled at him.

“Bye Ash.” He smiled back. I finished my walk to the door and entered within seconds.




***** 4 hours later *****

My mom said it was cool for Ariel, Amir and I to go over to Ash’s place. I was kind of nervous. But me being nervous had to do with seeing Ash. I liked her, but I have a feeling this lunch is going to turn out completely unexpected. When I met her she was crying, which means it more than likely had something to do with a boy. She never said she had a boyfriend. If she did, I would probably see him there. I don’t go after girls who have a dude, but if this nigga is f***ing up, I’ma make a move on Ash. She deserves a guy who would treat her right and make her happy. Not a guy who makes her cry. She deserved better.

And I’m willing to give her the world.

As we got closer to her house, I couldnt help but think of the worst things that could happen. Once we hit the door, I took a deep breath and rang the door bell. Within a few seconds, the door flew open and there was Ash.

“Hey, you guys made it.” She smiled and then stepped aside to let us through.

Here goes nothing.

she need to stop it she know she llike him run it

lol thanks for the feedback guys. ill try to start writing tonight maybe:)

awwwh chris and ash are gonna make a cute couple once they realize they are meant to be *^_^*

awww run it

Awwww, they are so meant for eachother. Soon she's gonna be Mrs. Brown specially after her brotha approved it X. Most brothas wouldn't.

Awwww, they are so meant for eachother. Soon she's gonna be Mrs. Brown specially after her brotha approved it X. Most brothas wouldn't.



Chapter 17

******* THE NEXT DAY ******


I couldn’t believe Ty had brung me to King’s Dominion. This was the second half to our first date. Last night was the nice and quiet part. Today was the young, wild, and free part. I hadn’t been expecting this, especially from Ty himself since he was more like a one girl type of guy. I wouldn’t get caught up too fast, but I was really starting to like him. Maybe this could go further than us just being friends.


My date with Chanel was going good. I really liked her. She was definitely different from the other girls I messed around with. We were here at King’s Dominion just having a ball. It felt like everything else in the world didn’t matter. She was easy to talk to and I liked that. I didn’t fell judge when I was around her. If anything, she was very understanding and just listened to what I had to say. In the future, I see being more than just friend with her.

******* THE NIGHT BEFORE *******


With Gui, Mijo and Ty out on our dates, it just left Aaron, Nae, Ash and I at the Daniels’ house. Mrs. Daniels was out at the hospital again. I only stayed because Aaron needed someone to chill with since Nae and Ash were in Ash’s room talking and laughing about who knows what.

“Ay yo Chris, lemme ask you a question man.” Aaron and I had been playing Call of Duty for like the last 30 minutes.


“Aight. So what’s up with you and my sister?”

“What?” That question definitely caught me off guard. But I knew it was bound to be asked by someone.

“You heard me nigga? Do you like her or not?”

“Uh, well, yeah. I guess I like her.”

“You guess?”

“Okay. I like her, alright.”

“Does she know this?”

“Man, I don’t know. I think so.”

“Look, you should let her know. I’m not big on her dating and what not, but I know she already is. But I’d definitely rather her date you than some of the niggas at the school. At least I’ll feel comfortable and know that she’ll be safe.” I couldn’t believe what Aaron was saying.

“Am I hearing you right dawg?” I laughed and so did he.

“Shut up. And whatever you do, just don’t make me have to hurt you.”

“Nigga, you ain’t gone do s***.”

“If I don’t get to you, Gui and Ty will. You know how they are with Ash.” f***. He was right. “And if they don’t get to you, then the girls surely will.”

“What the hell the girls gone do?” He just laughed.

“Nigga, you’ll be surprised as to what four teenage girls would do to defend their best friend.”

“The girls don’t faze me bro.”

“We should though.” I turned looked up and turned around to follow the voice. It came straight from Nae.

“I ain’t scurred of ya’ll Nae.” She just laughed.

“Maybe not now, but you will be if you were to hurt Ash in any kind of way.” By the look on Nae’s face, I knew she was dead ass serious.

“Speaking of Ash, where is she?”

“Still in her room trying to get her Spring Break work done and out the way. I started most of mine, I just didn’t feel like finishing it yet.”

“Aight then.” I hopped up off the floor as I headed towards the door. “I’ma go holla at Ash.”

“Remember what I told you Chris.” I turned around and made full eye contact with both Nae and Aaron.

“I will remember. Damn, ya’ll tripping for nothing. I ain’t that
kind of guy.”

“Mmmhmmm.” They said at the same time as I was walking out the door down the hall towards Ash’s room. As I came closer to her door, I heard humming. It was cracked open, so I slowly glided in. I spotted Ash on the floor with a few textbooks opened and papers and folders all around her. She looked beautiful just sitting there Indian style with her glasses on and hair pulled up into a high messy bun. She had been so into her work that she probably didn’t even notice me walk in.

“Hey.” I spoke softly. She jumped at the sound of my voice though.

“Dammit Chris. Why are you always sneaking up on me?” I just laughed.

“Because it’s easy to scare you.” She just looked at me and shook her head.

“Why are you even here?”

“I came to see if you wanted some company.”

“Well I don’t, so you can leave.”

“Damn Ash, why so hostile?”

“Damn Chris, why so annoying?”

“Just for that, I’m really not going anywhere.” I hopped onto her bed and made myself comfortable.

“Nigga, is you stupid?” Once she had said that, I knew she was mad. But I didn’t care. It was fun messing with Ash. Maybe because she was easy to irritate or maybe it was the fact that I was getting turned on by her getting mad. Either way it went, it was a win, win for me.

“Naw, I ain’t stupid Ash.”

“Then your ass me be dumb as f*** if you think you can just come up in here and lay in my bed like you somebody important.” I just smiled at her.

“I ain’t dumb as f*** either Ash. And I can come up in here and lay in your bed because I am somebody important.” I think if looks could kill, I would’ve been dead with the way Ash was mean mugging me. She didn’t say anything after that. She put her headphones in her ears with the music turned all the way up and got back to work.

“Damn, I can’t believe she really about to sit here and ignore a nigga.” I thought to myself as I stole a few pieces of paper and a pencil from Ash’s pile of chaos and then settled myself back onto the bed.


The only reason as to why I didn’t want Chris in the room was because he was going to make me start thinking about what had happened a couple of days ago in the kitchen. And then on top of that, I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened between us in this room prior to that.

By the time I decided to finally go to bed to get some sleep, it was around midnight. I stood up from my spot on the floor and noticed Chris knocked out on my bed. He looked so cute that I didn’t want to wake him. I packed up all my school work and put it on my desk as quietly as possible. After about 5 minutes, I grabbed some pajamas and went into the bathroom to change. I looked in the mirror and that’s when I noticed I still had my glasses on.

“s***.” I had forgot that once me and Nae started doing homework, I took out my contacts and put them on. Chris saw me like this and didn’t even make a joke about it. Maybe he was waiting for another time. I finally changed and got the idea of Chris mocking me out of my head.

I walked out the bathroom and looked at the time on the clock on my night stand. It read “12:37am.” I then looked at Chris as he was faced towards the door lightly snoring. I hadn’t even noticed that he was just in his basketball shorts until he started moving a bit. For him to be only 17, he sure was tatted. And fine as hell.

I quickly shook that thought out of my head as I headed to the other side of my bed. I put my phone on the charger and slowly got in, being sure not to wake Chris. After a few minutes, I was completely in the bed. I took my glasses off and laid them on the night stand right next to my phone. Chris started to move once again. But within in seconds, his hand was wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him. I didn’t know whether to wake him or just deal with it. I knew I’d be pissed if someone were to wake me out of my sleep though, so I just left it there. I started to relax and soon, I was drifting off to sleep thinking about how I felt safe and protected in Chris’ arms.

about to start writing chapter 17. sorry for the wait guys. hopefully within the next few days it'll be up. we shall see though.

Fasho run it when you can

just to let ya'll know.......

I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to post another chapter because I don’t know if I’m going to be writing while out there. If I do decide to update, it will be mini chapters and not the usual long ass ones, lmaoo. Anyways, I’ll let ya’ll know. In the meantime, I’m about to start writing chapter 16 of ‘Lord Knows’. If you haven’t already, go and read that story. It’s my Drake Fan Fic :)

Lots of love,

-Nelsha <3

they went innnnnnnnnnnnn

aw s*** he den made her ass in to a freak smh lol run it

Chapter 16
Nelle obviously didn’t know how sexy she looked. And I was being completely honest about what I said to her. I seriously would’ve taken her down right then and there. She just looked at me and started blushing, which was a good thing. I leaned down and kissed her. Then I lifted her up and placed her on the counter. Her hands went around my neck and mine went around her waist. I wanted to do so much more to her at that moment, but I knew that now wasn’t the right time. So, I stopped myself before things got carried away.
“We should get going.” She looked at me, smiled, and then nodded. I helped her down from the counter. Once her feet touched the floor, she straightened out her dress. I just kissed her on her cheek as I grabbed her hand and led us back to the living room.
“What were ya‘ll doing in there?” Aaron was looking dead at as once when we walked in. I looked around and noticed that Nae, Aaron, Chris and Ash were the only ones left. I guess Ty and Chanel left when we were in the kitchen.
“Talking.” Nelle and I answered at the same time.
“Mmmhmm.” They just gave us that ya’ll-niggas-lying look.
“We bout to be out though.” I dapped Chris and Aaron.
“Bye guys.” Nelle bent over and hugged Ash and Nae. Her ass, bending over the way she was, in that dress, s***. She stood up and turned around to look at me.
“Ready?” She smiled and nodded. We waved goodbye and walked out the door. Within five minutes, we were pulling away from the house and headed to our destination.
“So where are we headed?” From the corner of my eye I could see her looking at me.
“It’s a surprise babe.” I looked over at her and smiled. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and giggled a little.
“Well how long until we get there?”
“About 20 minutes.” She nodded. Then, she leaned forward and started playing with the radio. “Uh Nelle, who said you could touch my s***?”
“Uh, I did Gui.” She turned towards me just a little and crossed her legs, causing her dress to go up slightly and exposing some of her thigh. “Is that a problem?” I completely went weak. s***.
“Naw, it’s all good.” She smiled and then leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.
“Good. I wasn’t going to change it back no way. Whether you liked it or not.”
“Damn. You just gone play me like that Nelle?” I heard her giggle.
“Yeahp. Just like that.”
“Don’t start something you can’t finish Nelle.” She just looked at me, but didn’t say anything. I’m assuming she knew exactly what I was talking about. After that, she was quiet for the rest of the ride.
***** 20 minutes later *****
After 20 minutes of driving, we were finally pulling up to the restaurant. I made us reservations at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. My parents owned this place, but my mom ran it since my dad was always busy at the firm. I wasn’t going to ask my mom to shut down the whole restaurant, but she insisted. When we were getting out, you could see that Nelle was surprised. We walked in hand in hand, and right in the middle was a table set for two with a candle in the center of the table.
“You had this place closed down?” She was smiling at me.
“Yeah. My mom even cooked the food. She wanted to be the one to do it for our first official date. But she’s not here, so you’ll have to thank her another time.” Nelle continued to look at me. She then leaned forward and kissed me. It only lasted a couple of seconds before she pulled away.
“This is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you Gui.”
“You’re welcome.” I pulled out her chair and she sat down. I went around and sat down right across from her. She was still smiling.
“I can already tell that this is going to be a good night.”
***** 2 hours later ******
By the time we were leaving the restaurant, it was around 10:15ish. We hopped in the car, and drove away to the second part of our date.
“Another surprise?” I just smiled and nodded. About 15 minutes later, we were at the next surprise. “Uh, Gui, what are we doing here?”
I had brung us to the park. But this wasn’t any ole park. I ignored Nelle’s question and led us to the swings. Once we got there, she took her shoes off and got on. I started to push her slowly. “Do you remember coming here when we were younger Nelle?”
“Yeah. We used to come for all types of occasions. But we came here the most during the summers. Those were some good times.” She laughed to herself and I laughed with her because she was right.
“They were, weren’t they?”
“Of course. I had the best memories here.”
“Really, like what?”
“I’ll have to show you. Certain places are where the really great moments occurred.”
“Then why don’t we play a game.”
“What kind of game?”
“We’ll go to the places that mean the most, or that we feel made a good memory happen. Then our last spot has to be something that we know we’ll never forget.”
“Okay then.” She got up of the swings and grabbed her shoes. Our first stop was the slides. “This is where I first met Lex. I was her first friend when her and her family moved out here. We were probably 6 or 7 then.”
“Aw, that’s cute.” I smiled and she laughed.
“Shut up.” I walked us over to the monkey bars.
“This was where I met Chris and Mijo. They were the first friends I met when I moved out here. I was like 5.”
“Aw, that’s cute.” I just looked at her and we both laughed. She led us near a tree.
“This was where Nae, Ash, Lex and I carved are initials with the letters ‘B’, ‘F’, ‘F’, ‘L’. We were like 8 by then.”
“That’s girly Nelle.” She cut me a look and then flipped me off.
“f*** you.”
“Any time, just let me know when you’re free.” She didn’t say anything and I just laughed. I then led us over to the mini pond. “This was where I had my first kiss. I was in like the 7th grade.”
“So this is where it all started for you, huh?” I laughed and nodded. “Okay then.” She led us back over to the swings. “This is where I had my first kiss. I was in the 6th grade.”
“Oh, so you were a little fast one, weren’t you?” Nelle just looked at me and giggled.
“I was not fast Gui.”
“Your dress says otherwise.”
“So now you don’t like my dress?”
“I love your dress. It looks good on you. But I would love it even better if it were off of you.” Nelle immediately started blushing. I pulled her close to me and leaned in to kiss her, but she stopped me before I could continue.
“We aren’t done yet. I haven revealed the best place.” Before I could respond, she was leading us towards the bridge over the pond. “This is my favorite place throughout this entire park.” She looked up at me before continuing. “Do you want to know why?”
“Yeah.” She smiled.
“Because this was where I met you.” I laughed, remembering that this was the spot where we met.
“Damn, we’re getting old Nelle.” She laughed.
“I know. That was like 10, maybe 11 years ago. But come on and show me your final spot.” I smiled at her and stepped a little closer.
“Well, in this spot, 10, maybe 11 years ago, I met this amazing girl. She was beautiful, nice, and had the cutest laugh.” Nelle just looked at me and started blushing. “But this isn’t just the spot where I met this amazing girl.”
“It’s not.” I shook my head.
“This is where I realized that I wanted to spend forever with that girl I met 10, maybe 11 years ago. She’s not only my best friend, she’s also the love of my life.” As I looked at Nelle, I saw her eyes getting watery.
“What are you trying to say Gui?” She had a few tears falling, but she was smiling, so I knew those were tears of joy.
“What I’m trying to say is that I love you Nelle Washington. And I hope that someday I’ll be able to make you the next Mrs. Dasilva. We may have just started going out, but my love for you has been there since the day I met you. And on that day, I knew I wanted you in my life. But it was tonight that I realized I wanted you in my life as my wife. I’ve never liked any other girl because the love I have for you is that real.” Nelle looked at me as I wiped away her tears. “Say something Nelle, please?” But she didn’t. Instead, she kissed me. I kissed her back. We kissed for a while before coming up for air. Once we were caught our breath, Nelle smiled, and then began talking.
“I love you too Gui. And I can’t wait for the day where I become wife.”
The drive to my house was nice and quiet. Gui’s hand rested on my thigh the whole way back. Occasionally it would slowly make its way up, but I always stopped it before it went any further. After about 45 minutes in the car, we were finally pulling into my driveway. It was now around 11:30ish.
“Where are your parents?”
“They’re on a cruise for their anniversary. My grandmother is here with me. Do you want to come in?”
“Yeah, sure.” He turned off the engine and we got out. I dug in my clutch for my keys. Within minutes, we were walking through the front door. Once he closed it behind him and locked it, we made our way up the stairs to my room. We made it to my room within seconds. I closed the door behind Gui and locked it.
I turned around and as soon as I was about to speak, Gui was kissing me. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He lifted my legs so that they were wrapped around his waist and he led us to my bed. Our lips never disconnected. He gently laid me on the bed and was soon hovering over me, still not leaving my lips. His hands, which were at my waist, were now traveling down to the hem of my dress. Slowly, he started to pull it up. I grabbed his wrists to stop him before he could go any further.
“Damn. I’m sorry Nelle. I don’t know what got into me.” I smiled at him.
“It’s okay Gui. I didn’t stop you because of that though.” He looked surprised when I said that.
“Really? Then why?”
“Because you have to be home soon. And I don’t want my first time to be rushed.” He didn’t say anything. He just got up and went into the bathroom. About 5 minutes later, he was coming out.
“Now we don’t have to rush.” He smiled at me as he walked back over to the bed. “So where were we?” He looked at me, but answered the question himself. “Wait, I remember.” He leaned in and kissed me as we fell back onto the bed. He picked up from where he left off, which was at the hem of my dress. Just like before, he slowly rose it up. Within a matter of seconds, my dress was off and all I had on was my bra and boy shorts.
“I knew I’d love that dress better off of you.” He smiled and I just giggled. I reached for the hem of his shirt and with his help pulled it off. Damn. He leaned in and kissed me as his hands found my waist. He then stopped and looked at me as he pulled off my boy shorts. Once they were completely off, he tossed them to the side. Gui just looked at me up and down and then lick his lips. He started kissing, sucking, nibbling and biting as he worked his way down from my neck. I got chills when he got down to my lips. His breathing was calm. Before I knew it, his tongue was in.
“s***.” He had caught me off guard. He then began to push his tongue as deep as it possibly could. It was hard to keep quiet. It felt good too, but as I tried to move away, he held on to me even tighter. “f***.” A moan had slipped out. I gripped the sheets and l let out a few more moans. As he continued, I started to feel like I’ve reached my climax. In a matter of seconds something was running down my leg, but his tongue was cleaning it up. He was hovering over me while licking his lips and looking into my eyes.
“Your moans are beautiful, but they’re not quite there yet.” He slipped to fingers in me.
“f*** Gui.” He went deeper and added one more finger. “I-I-I-I…” I began stuttering as we continued to lock eyes.
“Cat got your tongue?” I didn’t respond. He pulled out his fingers and licked them clean. Then he smiled at me. “Nice.” I still hadn’t responded. He got off the bed and pulled out a condom in a golden wrapper. He dropped his pants and boxers, and there it was. I just looked at it, taking it all in. “This is all yours Nelle.” He was smirking at me, which caused me to smile and laugh. Slowly, he climbed back into the bed and positioned himself so that he was hovering me once again. We locked eyes for a minute. “Any request?”
“As long as you go slowly, I’ll be fine.”
“I got you.” In a matter of seconds, he was slowly sliding himself in me.
“Oh, f***.” I dug my nails into his back and gasped as I tried to take him all in.
“s*** Nelle.” He groaned. I felt pain and almost told him to stop, but then soon, that pain disappeared. He started to pick up pace, and I started to get a little crazy.
“Deeper Gui.” He pushed himself in me some more. “AAAHHHH! FUUCK! FASTER!” He did just that. He went faster, harder and as deep as he could go. “SHIIIIT!” I dug my nails in his back once again.
“Damn Nelle.” I just couldn’t help it. Then Gui started taking charge. “Do you love me Nelle?” He was pumping in and out.
“Y-Y-E-E…” I couldn’t get it out because of the way he was making me feel.
“f***. Answer me Nelle.” He thrust himself even further.
“Yes Gui! Yes! Yes! Yes! I LOVE YOU GUI!” I don’t even know what came over me.
“Who’s pussy is this?!”
“Yours!” He went harder.
“I. Can’t. Hear. You.”
“IT’S YOURS! IT’S YOURS! s***! FASTER!” Gui flipped us so that I was now on top riding him. I had forgotten my bra was on, but within seconds, it was flying across the room.
“Ride my s*** Nelle.” His voice was rough and demanding, but yet still sexy. As I started to ride Gui, his hands became placed on my waist so that I couldn’t move. He was so deep I swear I felt him in my stomach. I placed my hands on his chest and he placed his hand on my breast to keep them from bouncing. I picked up the pace.
“GUI! GUI! GUI!” I tilted my head back as I pushed myself onto him.
“Aahh! f*** Nelle. You’re so tight.”
“I-I-I c-c-an’t help iiiiit!” We moved around, and soon he was getting it from the back. He slapped my ass and I promise you my craziness went from a 10 to 100 in that split second. “s***! GUI! f*** ME HARDER!” He went harder, then deeper, and then faster. “I’M CUMING! I’M CUMING!”
“Damn. Not yet Nelle.”
“I can’t take no more!” I was losing it.
“You give up babe?”
“Naw, you gotta say ‘Yes Daddy Gui, I give up.’” I couldn’t get the words out. Gui slapped my ass again. “I don’t hear you Nelle.”
“SHIIIT! YES DADDY GUI I GIVE UP! f***!” He didn’t stop. “GUI! I-I-” We flipped one last time and were back to where we started.
“Damn Nelle. I’m about to bust.” He put his hands on my breast and started squeezing and rubbing them.
“AAHH! f***! GUI!” He pulled out once I screamed his name. He then came right on my leg. He collapsed next to me and our breathing was heavy. Slowly, it started to get back to normal. I rolled over to look at him and instantly started smiling. “I love you Gui.” He just smiled.
“I know you do. You kept screaming it.” He was now smirking. I lightly pushed him away, but didn’t succeed. “Someone’s a little weak.”
“Can you carry me to the bathroom please?” He nodded.
“Let me get the shower for you though.” I smiled. Within minutes Gui was carrying me to the bathroom and gently putting me down in the shower. He stepped in with me. “I don’t need you falling or anything.” We laughed. I felt myself getting hot, but it didn’t have anything to do with temperature of the water. Gui’s breathing down my back was causing chills to form throughout my whole body. I turned around, looked up and kissed him. I let our lips disconnect and he spoke right against them.
“f***. Don’t start nothing you can’t finish Nelle.”
“Who said I can’t finish it Gui?”

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Chapter 15

After Lex left, the girls and I headed to Ash’s house since that’s where the rest of the guys were. Within 20 minutes, we were walking up the pathway and entering her house. I heard everyone getting loud in the living room, but I decided to go to the kitchen first to get some water to calm my nerves. Tonight was the first time Gui and I were going out as a couple. But tonight wasn’t what I was really nervous about. It was when we got back to school. The things people were going to be saying weren’t going to sit well with me. I was probably gonna get death stares and what not from some of these females. People were probably even going to call me a ‘hoe’. It was the kiss that changed everything.


Gui’s kiss took me off guard. I wasn’t even expecting his answer. Once his lips touched mine and he put his hands on my waist, pulling me close to him, I felt safe, something I never felt when I was with Richard. Then it hit me, I just broke up with him and now I’m here kissing Gui. We’ve got a problem.

“This is wrong.” I pulled away from Gui trying to process what had just happened within the last 5 minutes. I started walking out the kitchen when Gui pulled me back to him.

“It felt right to me.” We were so close that at any moment, our lips could be touching. “And don’t pretend you didn’t like it, because I know I definitely did.” He smiled that smile of his and I felt my legs go weak for a split second. He was right though.

“Now just isn’t a good time Gui.” I barely spoke, so I wasn’t quite sure if he heard me. And I quickly looked down at my feet. He lifted my head up so that we were making eye contact.

“I understand.” I just stood there and didn’t say anything. He went upstairs to get his things, and came back down within some minutes. “I’ll be here waiting when the right time comes.” He kissed me on the cheek and then left.

*** 1 week later ***

It’s been a week since the whole incident with Gui and I. I’ve still been helping him with his Statistics and all, but now when I look at him, I get this feeling that just doesn’t go away. And I start to think about him a lot more than usual. When I finally see him, those feelings I had start to go away immediately.

The day we became official was probably one of the happiest day of my life. We were at Gui’s house for a session and because he had to watch his little sister.

“Hey, you never told me if you passed your test that you had yesterday.” I was next to Gui at the island.

“Naw, I didn’t pass it.” He seemed upset.

“Why not?! We’d been reviewing the day before so I just thought you would’ve.”

“I don’t know. Here, look at the test for yourself.” He slid me the test. I looked at it and was in complete shock. At the top of the page, there was a red 97% circled.

“Oh my gosh Gui! You passed! Scratch that, you got an A-! Why would you make me think you failed?!”

“Because I wanted to see your face when you saw that.” He pointed to the paper. I just smiled and hugged him.

“I’m so proud of you Gui.”

“Thanks Nelle, that means a lot coming from you.” We let go of one another.

“You’re welcome. And it looks like you won’t be needing me anymore.”

“JoJo,” Gui’s little sister Giovanna walked in.

“Yeah?” I turned to look at her and she had her school books in her hand.

“Looks like Vanna will need you though.” Gui laughed as he got up and went to the fridge. Giovanna or GiGi is what I call her, came over and sat next to me in Gui’s seat.

“What are we looking at?”

“A little of this and a little of that.” I laughed as I started to help her out. Within 15 minutes, she understood what she was doing. “You make it so much easier than my teacher.” I smiled.

“Well I try. It isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it though.”

“Well thanks. I see why Gui likes you so much. And you really are a triple threat. Pretty, smart and funny.” I immediately became speechless.

“I think you should go and finish the rest of your homework Vanna.” Gui intervened.

“Ugh. Okay. I’ll see you later JoJo.” GiGi got up, but stopped and whispered in my ear, “Between me and you, you’re the only girl we’ve ever heard him talk about and bring home. You should give him a chance.” I smiled and nodded at her. She walked out the kitchen. And I turned to look at Gui.

“So I’m a triple threat?” I smiled. He nodded.

“But if you must, I never said you were pretty.” Gui walked over and stood in front of me. “I said you were beautiful.” I began to smile and blush. Those feelings start to resurface in the pit of my stomach. But then I started to think about what GiGi just said.

“Gui, am I really the first girl you’ve brought home?”

“I’m not gonna lie to you Nelle, so yeah. Besides Ash and Lex, you’re the only girl who I’ve brought home. They’re just friends, like family, but with you, it’s different. And I want us to be more than just friends. I want to be able to make you happy.” I just smiled and blushed. I was now speechless again. “And to make sure to put that beautiful smile on your face when we’re together.”

“Gui, I-“. He soon cut me off.

“I know, you aren’t ready and it isn’t the right time.”

“No, it’s not that Gui.” He looked confused.

“Then what is it?” I was quiet for a while before answering his question.

“I’m afraid I’ll get hurt again.” A few tears had fell from my eyes before I even realized it. Gui wiped them away.

“Nelle, I would never hurt you. I want you to be able to feel safe when you’re with me, not scared.”

“I do feel safe Gui, I just don’t want to go through that heartbreak.”

“I promise Nelle, I won’t ever put you through something like that again. I’m not that nigga Richard. I definitely know how to treat a girl.” I didn’t know how to respond. Then, before I could stop myself, I was talking.

“Okay.” Gui looked at me for a minute before realizing what I was saying.

“Are you saying that you’ll be my girl?” He looked nervous, which was making me smile.

“Are you asking me?”

“Hell yeah I’m asking you.” I just laughed.

“Then my answer is yes.” He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Well are you going to kiss her or what?” I turned to see GiGi standing in the doorway. I just laughed. That girl was something else.

“Depends on if Nelle wants me to.” Gui looked at me.

“Why wouldn’t I?” With that, he leaned down and placed his lips soft lips on mine. I put my arms around his neck and his tongue slowly slipped into my mouth. After what seemed like forever, we pulled away and just looked at each other.

“I’ve wanted to do that again for the past week.” I laughed.

“Me too.”

“Just remember that I won’t hurt you Nelle, okay.”

“I promise I will. I trust you Gui.”


“Damn.” I looked up to see Gui standing in the doorway of the kitchen. I must have been so into my thoughts because I didn’t even hear him come in, let alone notice him.

“What?” I turned to put my glass in the sink and when I turned back around, Gui was standing right in front of me, blocking me in the corner.

“Do you know how sexy you look right now?” His voice was rough, soft and low, completely turning me on. But his comment is what was making me blush.

“No.” I smiled.

“Well, you look so damn sexy, that if we were along right now, you would’ve been out of that the moment I walked into this kitchen.”

Lord have mercy. He was doing it once again.

[Author's note: sorry it's a little short. I didn't know how to finish it, so I just stopped there. Anyways, leave me feedback:)]

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Chapter 14
******* The next day *******


Today was the day I had my date with Alexia. I was glad it was finally happening. I wanted to be more than just friends with her, and I hoped she felt the same. Last night Chris and I left Aaron’s and finally came home. Gui, Nelle, Alexia, Ty, Chanel, and Nae left as well. We were all over there for a while, so we thought it was best we go home for a few days. As I lay in bed thinking about tonight, there was a knock on the door, and soon walked in Chris.

“Yo.” I sat up and dapped him.

“Wass good?” he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me.

“Uh, nothin much really. Wassup witchu?”

“Well I’m trynna see if you and the boys wanna chill tonight. Just us though. We’ve been around the girls for too many days now.”

“I wish I could, but I can’t tonight.” He looked at me and smirked.

“You got a date tonight, huh?”

“Yeah.” I smiled at the thought.

“Well she must be important if you ditchin’ ya boys for her.”

“I guess you can say that.”

“Who is she man? Do I know?” I thought about whether or not I should tell Chris. He was gonna find out anyways, so why not tell him now.

“Yeah you know her. It’s Alexia.”

“Alexia?” From the look on his face, I knew he was surprised.

“Yeah. Alexia.”

“Well then.” I laughed because I knew what that meant.

“She’s different yo. And definitely not like any other girl I have met.”

“Then, I’m happy for you bro.”

“Thanks.” We dapped and he got up and headed for the door.

“Just be sure to treat her right.”

“Always.” My room door closed and I slowly got up out of bed. I grabbed some basketball shorts and a shirt and headed to the bathroom to get ready. About 20 minutes later, I was downstairs finding something to eat. Since it was just around noon, I decided to make a sandwich with some chips and a can of Sprite. As I was grabbing the chips out the cabinet, my phone started going off. I looked at the screen and saw it was Nae.


“So you’re taking Alexia out tonight.” Nae said it more like a statement, but I think it was supposed to be a question. I just laughed.

“Uh yeah. Is that a problem?” She just laughed.

“Of course not! I’m so happy for ya’ll. Where are you taking her?”

“That’s the thing, um, I don’t know yet. What does she like to do? Or what might she like to do?”

“Well Alexia likes a lot of things. The beach is one of her favorite places though. So if your date involves that, she’ll really love it.”

“Thanks so much Nae. This’ll really help me out a whole lot. I think I have something in mind.”

“No problem. Just take care of my girl.”

“You and Chris keep saying that as if I would hurt her. Is there something I need to know?”

“Not from me. Alexia will have to tell you that on her own, when she’s ready. In the meantime, just be there for her.”

“I got you Nae. And to let you know, I would never hurt Alexia. I want to be able to make her happy.”

“And she’ll let you. Time is all she needs.”

“Fasho. And thanks. Just don’t tell her about what I have planned.” Nelle laughed.

“I won’t. Just have fun and be safe.”

“We will, trust.”

“Alright. I gotta go. The girls and I are taking Lex out shopping, although she didn’t want to go.” I just laughed.

“Okay. Don’t be too long. I’ll be picking her up at 7:30.”

“Fasho. I’ll see you tomorrow then because we won’t be anywhere in sight when you come and get her.”

“Aight then. Peace.”


I got off the phone with Nae and finished up making my food. I sat down at the island and began to eat. Chris soon walked into the kitchen.

“So what you got planned tonight for you and Alexia?” He grabbed some chips out the cabinet and sat down at the island.

“Uh, I got something in mind, just gotta finish planning it out.”

“Fasho. You know everyone talking about this, right?”

“Yeah I figured that after I got a call from Nae. Who did you tell nigga?” He just laughed.

“You know, just the usual.” I laughed at him.

“I ain’t even mad at you thoo, so it’s all good. Ya’ll was gonna find out eventually.”

“You already know this man. Secrets around here don’t stay secrets for long.”

“Of course not. But where you headed to?”

“I going over to Aaron’s to chill til the girls get back. I found out that Ty and Gui got dates tonight as well. Wanna roll over there?”

“Uh, naw. I’m about to plan out this date. I want it to be perfect so I’ma make a few calls. When Momma getting home thoo?”

“Fasho. And I don’t know. She didn’t say. When I talk to her again though, I’ll let you know.”


“I’m out though bro. I’ll hit you up later.”

“Kay. Tell them niggas I said wassup.”

“Sho.” Chris walked out and soon, I was home alone. I finished eating, washed my dishes, and headed back upstairs to my room. I laid on my bed and thought about how I was going to plan this night with only a few hours left.

“This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.” I said to myself as I pulled out my phone and began making phone calls.


“It looks too….”


“Yes.” Me and the girls were at the mall shopping. Nelle, Chanel and I all had dates tonight so Ash and Naw took us out to find something ‘sexy’ to wear for our ‘men’. We had been walking around the mall for a while. We’ve gone from store to store and picked up little things here and there. We were now at this store called Bloom and everything in here was really cute. Some of the stuff the girls were pulling out for me though were not my taste. Everyone seemed to have their outfits. Even Nae and Ash had outfits, and they weren’t even going out tonight. I was the last and only one who needed to find something within the next 25 minutes. I don’t know why it was taking so long.

“Lexi, are you okay?” Nae had asked as she was looking through a rack of maxi dresses.

“Uh, yeah. I’m good. Why?”

“You seem a little…..distant, that’s all.”

“Oh, sorry. I guess I’m just nervous really.”

“No need to apologize hun. I just want to make sure that you’re okay and are up for tonight.”

“Thanks. This trying to find an outfit ordeal is making me scared. What if he doesn’t like the outfit? Or what if he just wants to be friends? Or what if he just wants to f***?”

“Alexia! Breathe!” Nae yelled to me as she started to wave her hand back and forth to cause some wind. “Everything is going to be okay. Mijo is nothing like that douche so you need to stop overthinking everything. He will treat you right. You just have to let him in.”

I took a deep breath as I collected everything Nae was saying. She was right though. I needed to let Mijo in and give him a chance. He was nothing like my ex, so I seriously had to stop comparing Mijo to him. After a few more breathers, I was good to go.

“Everything okay over here?” I turned around to see Ash, Chanel, and Nelle behind us with a few pieces of clothing in their hands.

“Yeah. Everything’s okay. Those for me or y’all?”

“You.” They handed me the clothes and I went to the dressing room to try them on. One after one I walked out and showed the girls. Majority rules, so if they liked it, I bought, if not, I put back. By the time we were leaving the store, I had about 3 new outfits to choose from for tonight’s date. We decided to stop and get something to eat before heading to my house where we were getting ready.

******* 5 hours later *******

“OMG! You look amazing!” Everyone was in my room staring at me. They all were already dressed. I was last to get dressed because I was the first one getting picked up. It was crazy how we were all excited for one another. It may seem like just a date, but to us, it was way more than that. The girls really put in work on me the most. I know why and all, but I didn’t think it was necessary. They insisted though. I’m not going to lie either, my outfit was banging.

“You don’t even look like yourself either Lex.” I smiled at them all.

“Thanks guys. This means so much. And you’re right Ash, this really doesn’t look like me.” I stood in the mirror and examined myself. My hair was straight and I had on light make up. I wore this dark blue strapless dress that stopped a little above my knees with a black short blazer. It showed off all my curves too. And I had on black heels to make my legs look longer. I normally never dressed like this, but they said tonight was a special night. I guess we were going to have to wait and see. I looked over at Nelle and Chanel who looked just as beautiful.

Nelle had on these dark blue jeans with a tan shear shirt and tan heels. She was light on the make-up as well and curled her hair. Chanel had on this black crop top with a red pencil skirt and black flats. Her shirt was cute because it covered her stomach and was somewhat long, but yet it was still considered a ‘crop top’. As we finished up our finishing touches, the doorbell rang and I knew it was Mijo. I instantly got butterflies.

“s***.” I started to get extremely nervous.

“Just breathe.” Nae said to me as she handed me a pair of flats. I just looked at her. “You’re going to need them. Trust me.” I nodded. I heard my mom’s voice and then I heard Mijo’s voice. “I told Mijo that we wouldn’t be in sight so we’re just going to say goodbye here. I hope you have a great night hun. And if or when you get nervous, just breathe.” Nae was always there for me.

“Mijo’s a good guy, so you’re in good hands.”

“I know. And thanks. I love you guys.” We all group hugged before I made my way down stairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw my mom standing right next to Mijo.

“You look beautiful baby girl.”

“Thanks mom.” I turned to look at Mijo who looked speechless. “Hey.”


“We should get going now.”

“Yeah, uh, of course.”

“Bye mom.” I gave my mom a kiss on the cheeks before we stepped outside.

“Bye sweetie. Be sure to be home by 12:30 now.”

“Okay.” We got to Mijo’s car, and he had opened the door for me.


“No problem.” I waited as he walked around, got in, put his seatbelt on, and started the engine. “By the way, you look amazing tonight.” He smiled at me as he put the car in reverse and backed out the drive way. I soon started blushing.

“Thanks. You look good too.” He smiled at me and we made our way on the road.

Just breathe.


I watched as Lexi got into the car with some nigga. She was dead ass serious when she broke up with me, but we all know that what Lance wants, Lance gets. Although she don’t know it yet, she will soon realize that that nigga she with ain’t nothin’ but a b**** ass pussy. She’ll be running back to me in no time and I’ll finally be able to f*** her s*** up since I ain’t never hit it once when we was together. I know I also f***ed up and hurt her a lot, so it was going to be hard to get her back. Lexi was definitely something I want, and I don’t care who I have to hurt to get to her. She will be mine again.


“Mijo you did all of this for me?” I nodded at Lex who had a smile on her face.

For our date, I called in a favor to this Italian restaurant that I know and got them to serve us at the beach. They sent out a cook, a waiter, and a whole lot of food. I knew Lex would like it because she loved the beach and she definitely loved Italian food. So I put two and two together and came up with this brilliant idea.

“Do you like it?” We continued to walk towards the table which wasn’t too far from the water. She stopped walking and I turned to look at her.

“I love it. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

“Just like you.” She started to blush and turned away to hide it. “Look at me.” She turned and faced me. I lifted her chin up a bit and leaned down to kiss her. I then stopped when I realized she looked scared. I backed away a little. “I’m not going to hurt you Lex.”

“I know you aren’t going to hurt me Mijo. I’m just scared, that’s all.” I stepped closer to her and grabbed her waist.

“No need to be scared babe. I’m right here and I’m not leaving anytime soon.” I leaned in again to kiss her, but stopped when our lips were almost touching. “If you don’t want me to kiss you, just say so and I’ll stop.”

She whispered, “I don’t want you to stop.” And with that, I kissed her. Her lips were soft. After months of waiting, our lips were finally touching. It damn sure was worth the wait. I pulled away and just looked at her. She smiled up at me.

“Let’s get to our food before it gets cold.”

“Okay.” We walked to our table and were finally seated. For the rest of the night, we laughed and talked about anything that came up. Lex was very open with me. She even said that one of these days she was going to tell me about her ex. I told her that there was no need to rush with that story. I wanted to see her laughing and smiling all the time. Hopefully I will be the one to do that in the end. We’re just going to have to wait and see about that.

Chapter 13

“I can’t believe I just did that.” I thought as I walked out of the kitchen and towards the living room. I knew I had left Ash speechless. But I also knew that she liked it. What happened wasn’t even planned. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone that far with her. After all, she was still a virgin.


“What the f*** was that?” I thought to myself as I finished making me something to eat. “You really just let him do that to you Ash? Ya’ll aren’t even a damn couple.” I was beating myself up over what went down between Chris and me no less than 5 minutes ago. I liked it and all, I think, but we weren’t in a relationship. Hell, we barely talked unless we were arguing. And lately, we just seemed to be doing a lot more kissing and making out than talking at all. Maybe it was time we sat down to work some things out.

I finished my food and went to join Chris in the living room. I sat on the other side of the couch, far away from him as possible. I felt awkward knowing what we just did. As I was focusing on the TV, trying to get my thoughts together, I felt eyes burning a hole through my body. I turned and saw Chris looking at me with a smirk on his face. “Can I help you?” I tried to sound irritated, but I don’t think it was working. He was always had that damn smirk on his face. It was still cute though.

“You already did.” I turned my head to hide my blushing. I looked back at him and he licked his lips He got up off the couch and came to sit next to me on the side I was on, throwing his arm around my shoulder and pulling me close. “You seem tensed. Do you want me to help you relax?”

“No, I’m perfectly fine.” I got nervous and shy, the way I’ve always felt when around a boy alone. I scooted over some to give us some space, but Chris just wasn’t having it.

“You can’t run from me.” He scooted closer to me, not leaving any space. He kissed the back of my ear before continuing. “You tried earlier, but somehow you couldn’t get away.” My body melted as he trailed kisses all down my neck along my collarbone.

“Chris.” It came out barely above a whisper. We needed to get through something before we went any further.

“Yeah?” He continued to kiss along my neck and collarbone. I immediately got up and stood in front of him, causing him to stop mid-air and look up at me.

“I can’t do this.” I folded my arms across my chest as I tried to stand my ground.

“Do what?” Chris looked at me as if he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.

“This! Whatever we have going on here, I can’t do it. We aren’t a real couple, hell we haven’t even been on a date, and you’ve gone way further than any guy who’s been my boyfriend.”

“Are you saying that if I was your boyfriend, you would let me continue what I started?”

“Ugh! No. I’m saying that I’m not about to be some chick on the side who you think you can play with whenever the hell you want too. It may have been fun while it lasted, but it has to stop. I have feelings too you know.” I was on the verge of tears.

“I don’t think of you as “some chick” Ashleigh.” Chris’ tone of voice went from playful and sarcastic to serious within seconds.

“Well that’s what it seems like. And I’m not about to let myself catch feelings for you if you think I’m just some booty call.” I couldn’t help my emotions. Tears were now escaping my eyes.

“You’re not a booty call.” Chris got up, came to stand in front of me and put his hands on my waist, pulling me close to him. “And I have a lot of respect for you to even consider you that.” Although those were the words I wanted to hear, I couldn’t let myself get attached so fast.

“It’s not that easy Chris.” I pushed him away so that I was looking up at him. “I see how you treat the girls you go out with, and I’m nothing like them. I’m not going to be the next girl who you cheat on and then think you can get away with it.”

“I know you aren’t like those other girls and I like that about you. But you gotta know something, aight, and that’s that I would never cheat or even hurt you Ash.”

“Actions speak louder than words Chris.” I left Chris standing there in the living room and went back upstairs to my room. I needed another nap.


Damn. What Ash said really got to me. And the fact that she thinks I would cheat on her made me question if I was even ready for a real relationship. After she left me in the living room, I went outside to the back to shoot some hoops. It helped me clear my mind about things. It was quiet because everyone had gone out for lunch. I had decided to stay here to watch over Ash since she had been sleeping around the time they left. As I was still shooting hoops, I heard the car pull up. A few minutes later, the crew was walking through the back door.

“Wassup nigga!” Ty was the first one through the door.

“Nothin much but hoopin’ nigga. Wassup witchu?”

“Sheeeeeit. Not a damn thing.”

“Chris is Ash still sleep? I heard Nae ask me as I was getting ready to shoot a three. Swish! I turned around and looked at her.

“Uhm, I don’t know.”

“Let’s play twenty-one yo.” Mijo was now walking over to the court, along with Aaron and Gui.

“It’s uneven though.” Aaron was looking around at us.

“How about boys against girls?” We all turned around and saw that the girls were looking at us with these grins on their faces.

“It’s still uneven though. There’s three of ya’ll and five of us.” We laughed as they continued to stand there.

“Now there are five of us now.” Ashleigh was standing by the door with a friend in some sweats and a tank. Damn, she looked good. Her friend was cute, but my eyes kept going back to Ashleigh.

“Who’s your friend Ash?” Mijo asked walking up to them and giving Ash a small hug.

“This is my friend Chanel from when I used to play softball. Chanel, this is Mijo.” Mijo and Chanel shook hands. Ash introduced her to everyone else as well.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” We split into the two teams and began the game. I don’t know if I was going to get as many points in because Ash was a real distraction.

******* 2 hours later *******

“That’s game point!” Nae had just shot a three, making the girls win. We had decided to play 7 games of 21, and who ever won the most out of those 7 games, won the whole game. I don’t know how they did it.

“Ya’ll some cheaters man.” Ty was mad, and I didn’t blame him, but it was funny to know that we just lost to some girls.

“Naw, ya’ll just some haters’ man.” Ash shoved Ty out the way as she walked towards door.

“Oh you bout to pay for that.” He picked her up and walked towards the pool. With Ash still screaming for him to put her down, he threw her in. We all just laughed.

“Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, I’ma beat the s*** outta you! Just wait and see!” Ash got out the pool and headed towards the house.

“I love you too best friend!” He was laughing so hard that he was turning red.

“Aye that was wrong.” Aaron said once we all regained control of ourselves.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have done that. You know Ash hates pools.” Nelle was giving him a dirty look.

“Ugh! Why ya’ll gotta ruin the mood, damn. I’ll go talk to her.” Ty laughed a little as he walked towards the door and disappeared inside.


I had hoped that Ash wasn’t mad at me. I needed her to help me out with this plan I got. She was the only one who knew about my feelings for this girl. Once I got to her room door, I knocked before entering. I listened for Ash’s voice.

“Come in.” I walked in slowly and I saw Ash sitting on her bed putting on some socks. Once she looked up and saw me, her whole demeanor changed. “What are you doing in here?”

“I came to make sure that you’re okay Chelle.”

“I’m fine.” She took the towel off her head and put it in her basket.

“You mad at me?” She looked at me before answering.

“You know I can’t be mad at you Michael.” I smiled and went to hug her.

“Yeah, I know. I just had to ask.” She pushed me lightly. “See this is what got us in this mess.”

“Boy please.” Ash went to sit back down on her bed.

“On some real s*** though Ash, I need your help.”

“Lemme guess, it has to do with Chanel.”

“How’d you know?”

“I just do. What’s the plan though?”

“Aight, I wanna take her out on a date.” Ash soon started smiling.

“Aaaawww. I’m so proud of you. She’s gonna say ‘yes’, I already know. Where do you want to take her?”

“I have a few places, but I just don’t know how to ask her.”

“And is that where I come in?”

“Yes. I need you to try to get her alone so I can ask.”


“Yes Chelle, tonight.”

“Okay, so here’s what you’re gonna do. I’ma call her up here and tell her to come by herself. Then since she’s gonna be walking up, you’re gonna leave my room and head downstairs. Ya’ll gone run into each other in the hall, and bam, you’re gonna ask her out.” I looked at her and laughed.

“That’s your big plan?” I hope she wasn’t serious.

“Yes, it’s all I can come up with on short notice.” She laughed too.

“Aight then. I hope this works.”

“Yeah, me too. I’ma call her right now.” I watched as Ash called Chanel. “Yeah, can you come up here right quick please? … Okay, thanks. Bye.” Ash ended the call and looked at me. “She’s on her way up.”

“Okay, thanks Chelle. I appreciate it.”

“No problem Michael. Good luck and lemme know what she say.”

“Aight then.” I walked out of Ash’s room and headed towards the stairs. Just like she expected, I ran into Chanel. Damn, she looked good. “Sup Chanel?”

“Hey Michael.” She gave me a small smile.

“Where you headed to?”

“Ash’s room. She needs me for something I guess.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you around.”

“Chanel, wait.” I turned around and grabbed her arm gently, causing her to stop and turn around.

“Yeah?” She looked at me. I took a deep breath and let it out before saying anything.

“Uh, do you think you would like to go out with me sometime?” A smile appeared on her face before she answered.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” I let out the breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding.

“Cool. I’ll call you then.” I smiled at her.

“Okay.” She smiled back at me and I let her arm go. I watched as she headed to Ash’s room.


“Ohmgee! Ash, you aren’t gonna believe what just happened.” I had just walked into Ash’s room and I saw her standing in front of her mirror.

“What happened?” She was fixing her hair.

“Michael just asked me out!” I was extremely happy.

“No way?!” She turned around and looked at me with a smirk.

“You knew didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You did?! I bet you set this whole thing up, huh?” She laughed.

“Well I just helped. He set it up. Don’t act mad now though because just a few seconds ago you were happy.” I laughed.

“Whatever. I am happy though. I really like Michael, he’s nice.”

“Yeah, he is. And I’m happy for you guys too.”

“Thanks Ash. And thanks for helping Michael. You’re the best.”

“I know.” We laughed as she finished up her hair. “Now let’s get back outside.”

“Mmkay.” We headed downstairs and outside. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had a date with Michael.


“You played a good game babe.” Nelle was standing in front of me while I was sitting down on a poolside chair. We decided to get away from everyone so we could have a few minutes to ourselves. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her close as she leaned down and kissed me. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she slid hers in mine. After a few minutes, we finally stopped and just looked at each other.

“I want to take you out.” She flashed that beautiful smile of hers and began to blush.


“Yeah. We haven’t had an official first date, so I think it’s about time.”

“Well okay. What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know yet, but you’re going to love it.”

She laughed a little. “If you say so.”

“Oh, I know so.”

“Aren’t we a little c**ky?”

“Naw, just sure.”

“Like how you we sure you and your boys was going to win that basketball game?”

“Damn Nelle, it’s like that?”

“Yeah, it’s like that. Ya’ll sucked major ass out there.” Her laugh was making me laugh, but I had to be serious for a minute.

“Aye, I don’t suck ass.”

“You sure about that, ‘cause it looked like you did out there.”

“I’m positive I don’t suck ass.”

“Then maybe you eat ass.”

“Naw, I eat pussy.”

“GUI!” She playful pushed me back after I said that.

“You practicing?”

“Practicing what?”

“Screaming my name.” Nelle started blushing, but instantly looked away. “You can hide your face now, but I won’t allow it when I’m putting in work.” She quickly turned to look at me.

“Putting in work?” I stood up and put my hands back on her waist. I pulled her close enough for her to hear me.

“Yes, putting in work. I’ll have you screaming and moaning my name while we’re making sweet passionate love.”


“s***.” I thought as Gui was still standing in front of me with his hands on my waist. I never knew he could be so descriptive. His words were making me weak. I didn’t even know what to say to that. As I continued to stand there, I began to think about when the time would come for Gui and I have to have sex. After all, I was still a virgin and he wasn’t.

“Nelle?” I heard my name, bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked up at Gui and saw that he was looking down at me.


“Is everything okay? You look kind of lost.”

“Um, yeah, I think.”

“You think? Come on Nelle, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’m nervous.” I blurted it out before I could even stop myself.

“Nervous about what?”

“My first time with you.”

“Aw, babe, there’s no need to be nervous.”

“I know. I just am.”

“Would you still be nervous if I told you I was nervous also?”

“Well why would you be nervous? It wouldn’t be your first time.” Gui was quiet for a while before answering me.

“Actually, it would.” He had looked down at the ground when he said that, as if he was embarrassed. I was in complete shock.

“It would?” I lifted his head up so that he was looking at me again.

“Yes.” He looked at me in my eyes, and I immediately smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back, and after a while I started smiling again in between our kisses, causing us to stop. “What was that for?” He just smiled at me.

“I just thought you deserved a kiss.” I was still smiling at him.

“Wait, so you aren’t mad at me?”

“No silly.” I laughed. “I mean, I’m upset you lied, but now, it’s okay.”


“Yes really. You being a virgin will make this whole experience a lot better. I just have to ask two things, okay?”


“Why did you have me believe you weren’t a virgin, and do the guys know?”

“I honestly thought you wouldn’t want to be with me anymore if you found out. And yeah, the guys know. They’ve been trying to get me laid for a while, but the girls never seemed to interest me.” I smiled after I heard his answer. I like the fact that he was waiting.

“Well I’m glad they’ve never interested you. But I’m sad that you thought I wouldn’t want to be with you. Whether or not you were a virgin never stopped me from wanting to be with you. I’m a virgin and it didn’t stop you from wanting to be with me, now did it?” He laughed a little.

“Naw, it never stopped me. It made me want you even more actually.”

“Oh really?” I slowly put my arms around his neck as I stepped closer to him.

“Yeah.” He smiled that smile of his that always made me weak. I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him deeply. It seemed like we were the only ones in the world. We soon stopped kissing and just looked at one another.

“How bad do you want me now?” I was smirking at him as my arms were still around his neck. I couldn’t help but notice how Gui wasn’t like my few exes, and that was what I liked that about him. I was able to be open with him about things that I never thought I could ever talk about. He was differently, and that was slowly making me fall in love with him. My future was going to include Gui, whether or not we would be together. I just needed him in my life.

“More than you’ll ever know.” He smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss.

Chapter 12

As we were driving to the hospital, I got a text from Mijo. We didn’t really associate when we were around everyone. And we never really hung out alone together. The only time we talked was when we were texting or talking on the phone. We did flirt at times, and I liked it, which was how my feelings came about. I didn’t know if he felt the same way I felt about him. I was going to have to find out some way though. I wasn’t like my friends. I couldn’t just be straight forward. I liked Mijo, more than I have ever liked any guy. He wasn’t like these other ones. Although he was crazy and loud at times, I liked those imperfections of his. He was really something else.


While we all were on or way to the hospital, I couldn’t stop thinking about Alexia. She was so distant in person, but on the phone, we talked about almost everything. My feelings for her are getting stronger. She wasn’t like these other girls I talked to. And she definitely wasn’t as loud as they were. She was always so shy and quiet, but I liked it. And I even liked when we flirted at times. She always knows how to cheer me up. I really want to ask her out, but I don’t know if she’ll say ‘yes’. I decided to text her because that was the only one way to find out.

Me: Hey

Lex: Hi :)

Me: How are you?

Lex: Good. You?

Me: I’m better now. I want to ask you something thoo.

Lex: Okay….

Me: Would you maybe want to go out tomorrow night?

Once I sent that message. I soon got nervous. Maybe she didn’t like me like that. It seemed like forever before she finally replied.

Lex: I’d love too :)

That made me the happiest nigga on the planet. I couldn’t believe it.

Me: Really?!

Lex: Yes Mijo! Is that so hard to believe?

Me: Yeah. I never thought you’d say ‘yes’.

Lex: Well you definitely thought wrong.

Me: I guess I did.

Lex: What do you have planned thoo?

Me: It’s a surprise.

Lex: Lol. Okay then.

Me: I’ll pick you up at around 7:30, okay?

Lex: Okay, that’s cool. I can’t wait :)

Me: Me neither ;)

Damn, I was really going out with Lex tomorrow. I don’t know what we were going to do, but I need to find something a.s.a.p. I wanted it to be a night she would never forget.


“Why are you so beautiful?” Gui whispered in my ear as we were headed towards the hospital. We were in the back row and his hands were around my waist. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me softly on my neck behind my ear.

“I’m not.” I was smiling and blushing now.

“Yes you are.” His hands went from my waist to the back of my neck and he instantly pulled me into a kiss, catching me off guard. As we were making out, Mijo started talking.

“Ya’ll really doing that while I’m back here?” I started laughing in the middle of our kiss. And everyone else in the car started laughing. He was something else.

“Sorry bro.” Gui and I stopped our make out session. Within some minutes we were pulling into the hospital parking lot. We all got out and headed towards the entrance. About 10 minutes later, we were in the waiting room on the 7th floor of the hospital. Mrs. Daniels came out and had Aaron and Nae go in to see Mr. Daniels first. After about 25 minutes, they came out and said that Ashleigh could go in.


Once Aaron and Nae came out, they said it was Ashleigh’s turn. She got up and started heading towards the room, but turned around and looked at me.

“Hey Chris, do you think you can come with me, please?”

“Sure.” I got up and walked over to her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think. I’ll just be better with you there.” She gave me a half smile and we head towards the room hand in hand. We got to the door, and Ashleigh’s grip on my hand tightened.

“It’s going to be okay Ash. I’m here for you.”

“Okay. Thanks.” We walked into the room and Ashleigh’s grip loosened. From the corner of my eye, I could see Ashleigh wiping away tears from her cheeks.

“Hi baby girl.” Mr. Daniels’ voice was low. Ashleigh stood there for a minute before responding.

“Hi daddy.” Her voice cracked, but she was soon smiling. She then let go of my hand, went to hug her dad, and then sat next to him at the side of the bed.

“How you doing Chris?” He was now looking dead at me.

“I’m good Mr. Daniels. How are you feeling?”

“I’m better now. Have you been taking care of my baby girl?” I looked between Mr. Daniels and Ash, who was giving me a small smile, before answering.

“Yes I have.” I don’t know why, but he was making me nervous. It’s not like Ash and I were dating, yet.

“Well I’m glad to hear that.” He looked back at Ash and started talking to her. “And how’s my baby girl?”

“I’m good.” She gave him a small smile and he gave her a look, she immediately changed her answer. “I’m okay, I guess.” He didn’t seem too pleased with that answer.

“You guess?”


“Ash, can you let me have a word with Chris for a few minutes?” He was now looking at me. I got nervous once again.

“Sure.” Ashleigh got up slowly and walked out the room, closing the door behind us.

“Chris, how is Ash, really?” He sounded very worried.

“Truthfully Mr. Daniels, she isn’t good or okay.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Yes. But she’s gotten a little better within the last 24 hours.”

“Chris, I need you to watch out for her. Aaron is looking out for his mother and you need to look out for my daughter. I see the way you look at her when you think no one is looking. I know you have feelings for her.” I didn’t know how to respond to that.

“Ash and I are just friends Mr. Daniels.”

“Oh, I know. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you have feelings for that girl out there.” I honestly didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there. Mr. Daniels continued. “You may not see it now, but you will. For now though, just promise me you will watch over her until I get back on my feet.”

“I can do that.”

“Thank you. I trust you too Chris. I don’t just let anyone come into my family like this, so please don’t let me down.”

“I promise I won’t. I’ll look after her with my life.”

“I hope so. She’s been through a lot these past hours, so I want to make sure she’s in good hands.”

“I can assure you that she is.”

“Good. I appreciate you Chris. And I honestly mean that.”

“No problem Mr. Daniels.”

“While I’m in here, I want you to take Ash to and from school. I’ll have money for you by the time I get out.”


“You can tell Ash to come back in now.” I went to the door to let Ash back in.

“Is everything okay?” She was looking between me and her father when she spoke.

“Yeah. Everything’s good.” Mr. Daniels was looking at her now. “Now listen to me baby girl, okay. Chris is going to be taking you to school and back home. I know sometimes he may have practice, so you’ll just have to wait for him.”

“But I can drive myself.” She was getting a bit upset.

“I know you can baby girl. But it’s just until I get out. And don’t worry, you’re in good hands.” She was looking at me now, and she seemed very uncomfortable. That made two of us.

“Alright then.”

“Now you two get going. I want to see my beautiful wife.” Ash giggled. She then kissed her dad on his forehead and gave him a hug.

“Bye daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too baby girl.” Ash and I said our last goodbyes before leaving the room. We walked back into the waiting room. Ash went over to her mother while I went over to Aaron.

“Did my dad talk to you?” He was sitting down in a chair with Nae in his lap.

“Yeah.” Soon, Ashleigh was telling everyone that we could get going. We all headed back to the parking lot towards the car. We loaded up and headed back to the house.

“This should be interesting.” I thought as I was thinking about what could happen between Ash and I during these next few weeks.


I didn’t want to sit next to Chris on the car ride back home, so I switched places with Mijo. After what my dad told me, I just wanted to scream. Out of all people, he chose Chris. Like seriously? These few weeks aren’t going to be easy, especially since I have this massive crush on Chris that I cannot seem to get over. And with us making out at times in my room, it doesn’t seem like I’m going to get over him anytime soon. I had been so caught up in my thoughts that hadn’t even noticed the fact that we were back at home.

“Ash, we’re here.” Nelle had been looking at me.

“Oh, sorry.” I got out the car and headed towards the house. Once inside, I yelled out to everyone that I was going to head upstairs to my room for a nap. I didn’t want to think about this for a while.

******* An hour in a half later*******

When I woke up from my nap, it was around 1:30. I headed downstairs and into the kitchen because I was now extremely hungry. I walked over to the fridge and opened it, trying to find something to at least snack on. I leaned in a got the pack of hotlinks that were there. “Aaaahhh!” I screamed when I closed the fridge door. He was just standing there laughing. “Chris, you scared the hell out of me. That wasn’t funny.”

“Yes it was. “ He was still laughing. I just grilled his yellow ass. Once he calmed down, he started talking again. “I didn’t mean to scare you though ma. I was just coming in here to get something to eat.”

I quickly mumbled, “Whatever,” before continuing with making myself something to eat.

“You wanna make me like two of those?” I turned around and looked at Chris who was sitting at the island looking down at his phone.

“The f*** I look like nigga.” I know I probably didn’t need to be that harsh, but the meaner I was to him, the less I would probably feel about him. He looked up from his phone and just looked at me. I turned back around and put one hotlink in the pot for myself. When I turned around to grab the packet from the counter to put it in back in the fridge, Chris had been standing right there. “s***.” I hadn’t even heard him move.

“You wanna say what you just said again, to my face?” He looked pissed, but I honestly didn’t care.

I stepped up to him on my tippy-toes and repeated myself. “The f*** I look like nigga.” He continued to stare at me, not saying a word. And then, out of nowhere, he kissed me. I tried fighting him off, but he didn’t budge. He continued to kiss me, and soon, I was kissing back. Then, he lifted me up and turned me around, so that I was now sitting on the counter in front of him. As we continued to kiss, I felt Chris’s hands go up my dress. Before I could stop him, he was pulling off my shorts and underwear, all the way down until they reached my ankles. I pulled away instantly before he could go any further. “Chris stop.” He looked at me and smiled.

“You sure you want me to stop?” He had a smirk on his face when he spoke.

“Mmmhmm.” I watched him slowly pull up my shorts. Before they were fully on, Chris slid in two fingers into my clit, taking me by surprise and causing me to gasp and my bottoms to fall back down to my ankles. “Chris!” I yelled. I grabbed onto the edge of the counter in order to maintain my balance. I then looked at Chris as he looked at me. “You… need to stop before… someone comes in….here.” I gasped.

“Who said anyone was home.” He smiled at me. He then put his free hand on my waist trying to keep me still and kept at it.

“Chris,” I moaned. He finally did stop, but only to put his fingers in his mouth to taste me. And then within seconds, he was getting down in between my legs.

“I’m gonna make you beg for it.” I looked down at him as he was looking up at me. Not waiting for my answer, he put my legs on his shoulders as his tongue entered my clit. I began biting down on my lip trying not to make a sound. Chris soon went a little deeper, causing me to let out some screams.

“Aaaahhh, f***! Please stop!” I tried scooting away from him, but all that did was make him pull me closer and hold me tighter. I was going crazy as he licked, sucked and nibbled in between my legs. I gripped the edge of the counter with all my might and arched my back as Chris kept going. “Aaaahhh Chris! Please!” Within seconds, I came, and Chris slurped it all up. He then took my legs off his shoulders and stood up in front of me. We were now face to face again.

“You’re tight, but also sweet, just how I like it.” I started blushing. He smirked at me as he helped me down from on top of the counter. He then helped me pull up my underwear and shorts. This time I made sure they made it to the top. Before leaving the kitchen, Chris leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I told you those moans would become screams.”