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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


This party is gonna be quite interesting. I don't think Tae likes Eli, but he damn sure gotta thing for her. Mo and Tae need to get back together already ughhh its killing me!! I wish they would talk about it more. Run it!!

It was the end of the week and Ayanna and Tae were cleaning up their stations at the camp while the kids boarded the buses.

"Hey" some guy with Eli called out

Ay and Tae gave them their attention "I'm having a party tomorrow. Y'all should stop by" the guy gave a flyer to Ayanna while Eli gave one to Tae.

"We'll see" Ayanna smiled and put the flyer in her back pocket

"Iight" the guy walked away

"By Shaunte'" Eli waved and walked off

"By Shaunte'" Ayanna imitated "that boy is all over you like white on rice"

Tae chuckled "no he's not"

"That's because you like him to."

"No I don't. Like I said on Monday, I just met the boy but he's cool people"

"Well your boo won't be seeing you this weekend. The guys said they already got a party to go to. Suppose to be hot and everyone's been talking about it for weeks"

"I didn't plan on going to this weak s*** anyway" They both laughed

<em>Y'all ready?</em>

Ju texted

<em> no. Just give me the address and we'll meet y'all there</em>

Tae and Ayanna continued getting dressed while Julius sent the address of the party

"Hurry up you look fine" Ayanna said as Tae placed her head piece on her head.

"Thanks" <a href="">Tae</a> smiled through the mirror

"Come on" Ayanna grabbed her keys and pulled Tae out the door.

Ayanna got in the drivers seat and put on her seat belt. "Put the address in my gps"

Tae put on her seat belt and did as she was told. Soon enough they were on the road driving to the party.

"Is Mo coming tonight?"

"I don't know. I think so. Why? You miss him"

"No" Tae rolled her eyes "I was just asking. And we're still friends so stop that"

Thirty minutes later

"Is that it right there?" Ayanna said referring to a long line of girls and guys dressed up looking extra.

"Yup, lemme call Ju" Tae put her phone to her ear and waited for him to pick up.

"Where y'all at?" Ju answered

"We're getting ready to park. Are y'all still in line?"

"Yeah. Hurry up because we're almost to the front"

"Okay" Tae hung up and they quickly found a parking spot and made their way to the line.

"There go Mo high yella ass" Ay pointed <a href="">him</a>out

They quickly made their way over to them. "Hey" they said in unison

"Took y'all long enough" Tyler said putting his arm around Ay

The line started to move up a bit

"The party look likes its gonna be live as f***" Ju said

"Yup and there's bait everywhere" Mo said eyeing some girls

"Nigga shut up. You know you still stuck up Tae's ass" Ju said as everyone else laughed

The line moved a little more "will y'all stop its been like 4 months"

Everyone got quiet and moved up to the door. When Tae looked up her eyes met Eli's. he was standing next to some big guy who was working as security.

Eli smiled "Hey Shaunte' I'm glad you could make it"

Ayanna giggled in the background and the guys just looked at each other.

"Hi Eli" Tae smiled awkwardly and looked back at Ayanna

"Oh hey, Ayanna right?"

"Yeah. Guys this is Eli. He works with me and Tae"

"Wassup" they said in unison

"Hey" Eli gave a head nod " y'all can go ahead on in" the big guy opened the door and they all went in.

"I thought you would never come to this weak s***" Ay whispered

"f*** you" Tae said laughing

"This night is going to be very interesting"

"You ain't never lied" Tae said rolling her eyes.

Eli is a bit of a creep ... But I guess he is cute!!!
tae and mo be faking on each other hardcore, smh

I just want everybody to get along maannn!!!!

Runnn it

hmmmmm Eli.... let's see what he's like...
if he hurts Tae I'm gonna set his ass on fire!
Run it hun

i like where this is going... cant wait to see what next

Tae was standing by the pool watching her group enjoy the cool refreshing water. The camp day was gonna end in about an hour. She had to get them out the pool and dried off before the buses came.

Tae looked at her watch. They had about twenty minutes left.

"hey" a voice behind her said

Tae turned around to see <a href="">him</a> again.

"uh hey" she gave a small smile.

"I'm Eli. Your names Shaunte' right?"

Tae nodded her head "yeah, nice to meet you"

"the pleasures all mine. You play ball right"

Tae turned her head to him finally "yeah, why are you asking if you already now?"

"just making sure your the right girl I saw"

"saw where?" she furrowed her eyebrows

"at a couple of games but mainly the state championship"

Tae nodded her head "you play?"

He shook his head "naw I use to run track back in high school. I got hurt my senior year."

"oh. Where do you go now?"

"UCLA. I'm gonna be a sophomore this year. Where you going?"


Eli raised his eyebrows "foreal. That's wassup"

Tae blew her whistle to notify her kids that it was time to get out the pool. "yeah, well it was nice talking to you"

"yeah, it was. Bye Shaunte'" Eli waved as he went back to his group

All the kids had left so it was now okay for the camp counselors to leave. Ayanna hopped into the passenger side of Tae's Audi since she didn't drive today. Tae climbed in, started her up and drove off.

"I talked to that guy today. His name is Eli"

"bout time he finally found the courage to talk to you. What y'all talk about."

"nothing much. Just sports and school I guess. He's gonna be a sophomore at UCLA in the fall"

"Ooo college boys!!" Ay said excitedly

"he was kinda weird at first though because he already knew my name and that I play ball. Said he's seen me play a few time too"

"he sounds like a creep now" Ay scrunched up her face

"he was cool tho"

"so you like him"

"child please. I just met the boy. I don't even know his last name"

"oh so you gonna make him you boo for when we get to school" Ay laughed

"uhh no. That is not my intention"

"not yet it isn't" Ay smirked at Tae

"where is Tyler because he needs to get your crazy ass" they both laughed.

"dang girl I ain't seem you in like three weeks" Ju hugged Tae tightly

"don't be dramatic" Tae sat down at the group table at Fridays

At the table sat Ayanna, Tyler, Lola and Ju

"where's Mo?" Ayanna asked Shaunte's very thought

"he works at a basketball camp and his team has a game tonight" everyone nodded

"so what has everyone been up to?" Tae asked taking a sip of her peach Tea

"Not a damn thing except partying" Tyler said "we're all about to turn up this weekend though"

"man I've been to tired after dealing with them kids to do anything" Ay said

"but we're getting turnt this weekend"

Ay took a sip of her drink "don't mind if I do" she giggled

"do y'all know when you leave for school yet" Lo asked with a sad expression on her face

"I leave next month since I play football"

Ayanna gasped "and when we're you gonna tell me" she rolled her neck

"today. I found out this morning"

"oh" she said softly as Tyler kissed her check

"don't get all sad like we not going to the same school" Ty said

"a month without my baby is gonna feel like an eternity"

"no, a month without d*** is gonna feel like an eternity" Ju said as everyone laughed

<em> In New York concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do now your in New York these streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you Now you're in New York</em>

Maliyah rapped and sang along to the New York City I made for her.

<em> I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips, cus I'm from New York</em>

Maliyah rapped I'm her best Ja Rule voice

"uh huh next song" Linda said as Tae laughed

<em> don't be fooled by the rocks that I got I'm still I'm still Jenny from the block, came from a little now I have a lot, now matter where I go I know where I came from</em>

"from the Bronx" Liyah and Tae yelled in sync

"are we at the airport yet?" Maliyah pressed her face on the car window

"almost, are you excited"

"are you kidding!? Yesss, a ballet school for an entire summer in New York. Just me and mommy" she smiled to herself

"dang, are y'all gonna miss me and dad?"

"of course" she said as we pulled up to the airport

We all opened our doors and I popped the trunk to get out the suitcases.

"okay Shaunte' this is it" Linda said hugging her

"don't be dramatic" she laughed "just make sure my sister comes back a star" Tae kneeled down to hug Maliyah "I'm gonna miss you runt"

"just don't leave for college until I come back"

Tae kissed her forehead "I won't"

"have a safe flight" Tae hugged her mom one last time before getting back in the car. She watched them walk into the airport and then drove off to work.


It was lunch time at the camp and all of the counselors were taking their kids to the mess hall. The kids sat at their designated tables and and Tae went to sit down at her and Ayanna's table.

"girl I swear some of these little girls are asking for a mean ass whooping" Ay said biting into her burger

"calm down girl" I chuckled

"naw these girls got some smart ass mouths"

Tae just laughed and continued eating.

While eating I began to feel eyes watching me.

"omg that guy is staring at you again" Ay announced

"again? And who?" I began to look around slowly not trying to make it obvious.

"that Big Sean looking ass nigga" she said referring to <a href="">him</a>

Tae looked over to her side and noticed him "girl he don't even look like Big Sean"

"yeah he do. And he must like you cus he stay looking at you"

"he is not checking for me. If he was he would have said something by now" I took another bite out of my burger

Ay took a sip of her juice "maybe he's shy"

"hmm maybe. He ain't my type anyway"

"what's your type then? Maurice"

Tae straight faced her "no, shut up"

"I'm just saying, have a little fun this summer. Get to know some guys, have a summer fling or something like in the movies"

"we'll see about that" We continued eating until it was time to go back to our stations.

<em>summer, summer, summertime! Time to sit back and unwind</em>

The radio station was playing their summertime playlist. Family and friends of Tae, Ju, Ayanna, Tyler and Mo had traveled to big recreational park for their combined graduation party.

"aye yo Tae" <a href="">he</a> called out "come play with us" Tae put up one finger signaling one minute

Tae covered some of the foods with foil and then went over towards the guys

"yes Brendan" Tae gave a fake smile

"cut the fake s***" he lightly tapped her face" Come play ball with us. Old heads against us 5-on-5"

Shaun coughed in the background "I am not old, look at this body" <a href="">he</a> lifted up his shirt

"and I'm not dressed to play ball" she pointed at her <a href="">outfit</a>

"Tae you know good and well you keep a gym bag in your car at all times" Ju announced as she glared at him

"fine" she walked off towards her car "Ayannaaaaa" Ay ran over towards her

"what's up?"

"come on we're playing ball"


"did you forget who taught you everything" Shaun taunted

"did you forget who taught you your new tricks and got a full scholarship to UCLA" Tae broke fast and passed the ball to Ay who made a lay up

"y'all still down by ten do don't get hype now" one of mo's uncles said

"Go Tae! Go Mo! Go JuJu!! Brendan and Ayanna too" Maliyah cheered on the side line

"what about me?" Shaun said

"you old!!" she mad a sour face

"forget you" he stuck his tongue out "Lindaaa!"

"and bring Ava with you" Tracy added in

The women as well as some others gathered around to watch the game. The game was close the entire time. The adults were a but old and tired out quickly but had some tricks that the kids couldn't keep up with. The game never actually ended they just kept going back and forth.

"okay, games over. If you don't stop now y'all will be at it for hours" Linda announced

"mom they were just about to pass out" Tae said catching her breath

Linda just shook her head "all of you play ball entirely too much. You need to find something else to do this summer"

"I'll be doing gymnastics"

Shaun walked up behind her "no you won't. And risk getting hurt falling of those beams and bars" he shook his head "nope, out of the question"

Tae rolled her eyes and walked off towards her friends.

"man I'm tired as s***" Brendan fell to the grand wiping the sweat off his forehead

"man what! I need a hot dog" Mo walked off to the picnic tables

"aye wait for me" Ju followed behind

"Ay, what are we gonna do this summer"

"s*** I don't know, I probably just gonna go with the flow" Ay and Tae laid in the grass looking at the clouds

"part of me wants to get a job but then I don't want to"

"oh I heard about this camp, My mom told me to apply. You should do it with me it'll be fun"

"okay, sounds cool" Tae closed her eyes and tried to imagine how her summer would be.

I wish Mo and Tae just get back together. Ughh Lol But I'm happy their graduating and moving on to big things. I hope Mo stays in touch and maybe they should try the long distance thing. Run it!!

urgh that second to last ad...
Tae's mood right there explains my situation for a while now
I honestly feel for her!
Girl I understand yo pain!
Laying together isn't a bad thing though :)
Friends do lay together...
Only, not like Tae and Mo lol

What's gonna happen with college?!

urgh that second to last ad...
Tae's mood right there explains my situation for a while now
I honestly feel for her!
Girl I understand yo pain!
Laying together isn't a bad thing though :)
Friends do lay together...
Only, not like Tae and Mo lol

What's gonna happen with college?!

mo should've tried to stay , tae did nothing wrong . he'll regret it . they all looked nice (:

Runnnn It !!!!!!
Mo and Tae should have tried to stay together smh


All the students were in the cafeteria socializing waiting for the graduation to start.

"you never told me what happened after we left your room" Ayanna narrowed her eyes 

"don't look at me like that. Nothing happened so there's nothing to tell"

"mhmm, so y'all slept in seperate beds" Ayanna moved closer to Tae's face 

Tae stepped back "not the entire night"

"Ohhh I new it!!" Tae covered her mouth

"must you be so loud. Always causing attention"

"EVERYONE GET IN YOUR LINES PLEASE" one of the teachers  on the mic said 

"we'll talk later" Ayanna made her way to her line 

The graduating class of 2013 made there way to the football field where their family, friends, and peers were waiting for their arrival. They came in and lined up in front of their seats ready for the program to start. 

An hour in the class president, valedictorian, choir, and guest speaker had already gone and now they were about to announce the name of the graduates as they walked across the stage. With every name called the crowd showed love and were immensely proud. 

After the program all the graduates met their families in the parking lot snapping pictures.

"I'm so proud of you Shaunte'" Shaun kissed his daughters forehead. 

"congrats to you all" Ava said putting her arm around Julius 

"get together now let's take a picture" the crew got together and smiled from ear to ear to take the photo.

"next step college" Mel said excitedly 

Mo rolled his eyes "yeah" he mumbled 

"Ju and Tae get together. I need a picture to go next to your kindergarten graduation photo" Ava said 

Everyone laughed as they took the picture.

They ended their day by going out to dinner as a group to celebrate the four graduates.

Blah boring adds 
Run it 


Just as Mo, Tae, Ay and Tyler were about to get in their limo Julius had came out his house dressed in his classic black tux to pic up Lola in the Lamborghini his mom rented for him for the special occasion. They took a few more pictures and Ju went on his way. 

When Ju pulled up to Lola's house she was already outside taking pictures with her grandparents and friends that came to see her off. 

"oh look it's the man of the hour" Ju came up and hugged Lola's grandmother and shook her grandfathers hand before hugging and kissing Lola on the cheek. 

"you look Beautiful" <a href="">Lola</a> blushed 

"thank you, you look amazing too" 

Ju put on her corsage and Lo pinned his flower to his jacket. They took a few more pictures and then prepared to leave. Ju walked around to the passenger side and helped Lola in then closed her door and got in on his side. They waved goodbye and drove to the hotel where the prom was being held.

"it's about time you got here" Tae yelled at Ju and ran up to Lo with Ay right by her side

"oh my gosh you two look gorgeous" Lo spun them around

"you do too! And I'm loving these pearls" Ay pointed out

"I'm loving your hair" Lo twirled one of her curls as they took their seats at the table. "hey guys" Lo waved 

"hey Lo, you look beautiful tonight" Mo said 

"thank you, you looking sharp yourself with your all black. And Tyler with you white on black, mhmm I see you" they all laughed

The night went by smoothly with a lot of laughs, dancing and just a great time with their graduating class. The night soon ended and the crew went up to their hotel rooms for the night. The guys relaxed in the room while the girls went to get ice.

"are you gonna let mo hit tonight" Ay asked curiously

"for the one hundredth time no. If I can't have all of him he's not gonna have any of me. He'll be fine just kicking it with all of us all"

"eventually Lo and I will be getting busy and you two will be on your own, so good luck" Lo laughed

"y'all are just nasty"

"please don't act like Mo didn't turn you saint Mary ass out" Ay laughed

Tae pushed her playfully "shut up"

They got the ice and then headed back to the room.

The guys had their shirts unbuttoned shirts, turned on the tv, and popped a bottle of peach ciroc

"turn uppp" Ju yelled

"turn upppp" the girls said in unison walking back into the room. 

They filled their glasses with ice and ciroc and toasted to the rest of the night.


Julius whispers in Lola's ear and she starts squirming and giggling. 

"whaaat y'all talking boutttt" Mo slurred 

"nothing nosey, we're about to go to our room" Ju pulled Lola into him "Iight we out" he threw up his deuces and Lola waved.

"yeah, we're gonna head to our room to" Tyler got up and stumbled a bit. Ayanna held him up steady and pecked his lips before they left the room.

"and then there were two" Mo chuckled before taking another shot

"don't you think you should stop?" Mo nearly drank an entire bottle himself 

"no I'm good" he plopped down on the bed next to Tae.

Tae got up and went to the bathroom to change into her pajamas. When she came back out Mo watched her walk over to the other bed and lay down.

"why are you starring at me?" Tae fluffed her pillow 

"why you all the way over there" Mo turned on his side.


Mo got up and moved to the other bed and spooned behind her "because what?"

"because...I don't want to have sex with you" Tae said a little above a whisper

Mo moved from behind her "no one said you had to" he sighed deeply "foreal foreal I just wanted to lay with you"

"friends don't do that" she stated dryly

Mo got up and removed his dress pants and walked over to the empty bed and got in. "friends with history do" and he turned off the light letting his words linger. 

Mo immediately fell asleep while Tae just laid there not able to sleep. She rolled over and looked at him snoring softly.

"ughh" she let out a frustrated sigh and then got out her bed and over to Mo's. she climbed in slowly and laid next to him. Almost immediately Mo rolled over and wrapped his arms around her. Tae soon drifted off sleep feeling safe.

i wonder whats gonna happen with mo and tae!?
run it

"good morning IG!! Rise and Shine Prom is Today" Tae posted this <a href="">picture</a> 

Tae headed downstairs with her hair still pinned up to eat breakfast. "good morning. Are you excited for today" Linda smiled wide

"yeah, I never thought I would go to prom" she took a bite of her oatmeal and fruit


"because in Wyoming I didn't have any friends foreal and I was such a tomboy"

"you still are but you have blossomed gracefully into a beautiful young lady" Linda kissed her cheek

"thanks" Tae smiled to herself and continued eating

"okay I'm about to leave but I'll be back in time to do your finishing touches and to ball like a big baby" she laughed "and don't forget your hair appointment is for 11" Tae nodded her head and waved goodbye as she continued eating 

Tae finished up and then went to get showered and dressed for her appointment. Tae arrived and sat down in her stylists chair. After about two hours Tae's hair was <a href="">finished</a> and she paid and left and went to meet Ayanna to get their nails done.

"oh b**** your hair look tf good" Ay said about to touch it until Tae swatted her away

"no touching"

"oh okay Diva" they laughed

They said down to get their feet done "why you got on that bonet?"

"because I don't want my hair to mess up and I want my hair to be a surprise"

"not much of a surprise if your getting dressed at my house"

"whatever, you still can't see it until then" Ay stuck out her tongue

They continued getting pampered until about 2 and then headed home to relax and then get dressed. Around five the makeup artist had arrived to do Tae and Ayanna's makeup. After another hour <a href="">Tyler</a> and <a href="">Maurice</a> arrived looking dapper.

"Oooo look at you two" Linda started snapping pictures 

"yeah, we know" Tyler dusted himself off

Mel and Tyler's parents walked in behind them smiling just as hard as Linda.

"where are the girls?" Mel asked excitedly 

"they're upstairs talking to Shaun and Ayanna's father"

A few seconds later Maliyah came running down "Shaunte' and Ayanna are ready to make their grand entrance" she curtsied and Shaun and Tae came walking down hand in hand as well as Ayanna and her father.

"awww I'm gonna cry" Linda said snapping more pictures

<a href="">Shaunte'</a> and <a href="">Ayanna</a> let go over their fathers hand and stood next to Maurice and Tyler. 

"y'all look gorgeous" Mo and Ty said the same time

"thank you" Ay and Tae blushed

"come on more picture outside" Linda led the way to go outside. 

run it!

loooool Mo is crazy bout if he look at another cupcake he might throw up
I know the feeling though

I want cuppy cakes now
Red Velvet is sounding so good
I need to bake at the end of this semester

Ruuunnn ITTT... I want a cup cake... Red velvet plz

The bakery was jumpin lol goodie !!!

Runnnn It :)

I might skip ahead a little bit. I have little writers block. it's the last two weeks of the semester and i'm really busy with papers, and projects so bare with me. but i'll hopefully have an add by friday.

*A few weeks later*

"<a href="">I</a> would like to thank everyone here for coming to my grand opening. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I would like to thank my daughters for reminding me that no matter how old, dreams can still come true. Enjoy, have fun and most importantly BUY"

All of Linda's friends and family were at her grand opening supporting her. Maliyah was passing out sample cookies and cupcakes. Tae was passing out flyers outside with Ju. Shaun was mingling with the customers while Linda was in the kitchen or at the register.

"welcome to Sweet Dreams Bakery" <a href="">Tae</a> said as the customers walked inside.

"so how you been post break up?"

"I'm good. Just been coolin it, helping my mom, preparing for prom"

"you gonna let Mo hit after prom?" Ju asked curiously

Tae froze and looked at Ju with a disgusted look "hell no. I might go to a few after parties but he ain't touching me." she handed out more flyers "what made you ask that?"

"because me and Lo getting a room. And you know most guys wanna smash something after prom" he shrugged

"well he won't be smashing nothing" she wagged her finger in his face.

"I just bought a dozen cookies and cupcakes" Mo said walking out with his mouth full.

"knew you would. Fat ass" Mo stuck his tongue out

"alot of people are buying. The line is getting pretty long" Tae turned around and watched the line get longer and longer.

Maliyah came running out "Mommy said she needs everyone's help in the kitchen" Tae, Ju and Mo followed behind her into the backery.

"I need y'all to make 3 dozen strawberry, red velvet, and black bottom cupcakes each. The recipes are over the counters. Tae, you and Maliyah have helped me make these hundreds of times. Get hot!!" 

"she wants us to bake?" Mo said holding up some flour

"I guess so, so put on an apron" 

Maliyah helped Julius and Maurice make the red velvet while Shaunte' breezed through strawberry and put them into the oven.

"how you do that do fast?" Ju said astonished

"do you see who my mother is" Tae said getting started on the chocolate and yellow cake batter for the black bottom cupcakes. "Maliyah go get the cream cheese and butter cream frosting please" 

Maliyah skipped over to the fridge and pulled out the buckets of premade icing "it's heavy! Maurice help me please" Mo came over and carried the icing over to the counter.

Twenty minutes later the red velvet went into the oven as well as the black bottom cupcakes. Tae took out the strawberry cupcakes and Maliyah put the cream cheese icing into the icing pumps. Everyone began icing the strawberry cupcakes the best way the could to resemble the picture. Tray by tray they took them out to the display case.

"Tae, Mo and Ju are out here filling orders. When you finish those come out front to help." Tae did as she was told.

After about an hour the crowd was gone. "I never thought it would be this crazy on the first day. Hmm I might need some new employees"

"we'll put in a good word for you at school" Ju said taking off his apron

"I was talking about you three"

"isn't there some law against hiring family. Besides I'm sure there are some aspiring bakers and what not at school that would love to" Tae said 

"yeah, and if I look at another cupcake I might just throw up" Mo said covering his mouth

"fine. But let me pay you for today" she handed them each a hundred dollar bill.

"thanks mom" Tae kissed her cheek "can we go home now so I can wash this flour out my hair" 

Ay is just a crazy person luv her!


What's up with Mali, she needs to make an appearance

run it

Run It

Run it

"omg my babies aren't together anymore" Lola pouted as she painted Tae's toenails 

"omg stop. It's not that serious anymore" Tae said plainly

"so you gonna go out and find a new boo" Ay said eating a bowl of Carmel corn

"no, I'm just coolin"

Ay sucked her teeth "girl please you and Mo friends with benefits like s***" Lo laughed at her comment

"no, I'm not doing anything with him unless I can have all of him"

"that's what I'm talking about Tae" Lo high fived her

"so what about prom?"

"oh yeah, are y'all gonna go to prom together ?" Lo added

"I guess so. Let me text him"

<em> so are we still going to prom together?</em>

Mo texted back immediately

<em> I don't see why not. Unless you don't want to</em>

<em>no, I do.</em>  

"what he say?" 

"nosey! He said yes"

"Ohhh what color are y'all wearing. Me and Tyler wearing black so it doesn't off set my hair"

"idk yet. I was thinking blue or white" 

"ohhhh "I can't wait" Ay shook Tae excitedly

"this is gonna be so stressful since I have two proms to go too"

"you better s*** on em at your school. But don't s*** on us at ours"

Lola held her hand to her chest "never" 

"I'm bored. Let's go to a party" Ay suggested

"but ain't no parties happening tonight"

"not out here. I got people everywhere and word is there's a party in Santa Monica"

"Santa Monica!?" Lo and Tae said at the same time

"it's not even that far. Like a half hour drive. Come on let's get dressed"

"okay, should we tell the guys?" Lo asked while blowing on Tae's wet toes 

"no, this is a girls night out" Ay struck a pose 

*two hours later*

The girls were dressed and ready to party. They finished off their looks with some lip gloss and grabbed their purses and went to get in Lola's car.

"put the address in my GPS" Lo handed the system to Ay and she put in the address and they were on their way. 

When they got to the party it was live and poppin. There were people everywhere; outside in the front yard and back yard swimming in the pool. The girls went inside and were immediately approached by a bunch of drunk and high dudes. They brushed past them and went to get some drinks. They stood around the kitchen observing and talking until some familiar faces approached them. 

"I thought y'all was having a slumber party" Ju said putting his arm around Lo.

Lo pushed it off "we're having a girls night out"

"so act like you don't know us" Ay said as the girls walked off

"what just happened?" Ty said standing back watching them walk off. 

"I don't know?" Ju walked slowly following the girls.

The girls went into the main room feeling themselves a little bit and began to dance. Some guys eased their way behind them and began dancing with them. 

"what the actual f***" Ju said c**king his head back

"I guess they single for the night. But s*** that means we are too" and just then some girls had began dancing with them and Ju, Ty and Mo just went with it.

Mo wasn't even paying attention to the girl that was dancing with him. He was focused on Tae and how she was dancing on ole dude. Tae looked up slightly and noticed Mo and decided to give him a show. Tae moved her hair to one side and bent over and began twerk like a pro to pour it up by Rihanna. She whipped her hair in a circular motion.

"Tae you better workkk" Ay yelled directing attention towards her.

Mo felt like it was a challenge and began to do his own thing, free styling to the beat. He then grabbed the girl he was dancing with and started grinding against her.

"is he tryna make you jealous or something" Lo asked laughing

"I guess so" Tae shrugged it off and continued partying.

The girls continued partying and minding their own business away from the guys. Had a few more shots and smoked a couple of blunts. They decided to leave the party before they were completely done.

"where y'all going" the guys followed behind

"we're going back to my house" Lo kissed Ju's lips and then climbed into the car. "call me so I know you made it back safely" she said turning the engine on and then driving off.

"they looked so dumb founded" Ay laughed hysterically 

"oh well" Lo shrugged and then blasted her radio

"did you see how Mo was dancing with that girl all night?"

"yeah, he was tryna compete with you I guess because you were clapping down"

"if he wanted to dance all he had to do was ask" Tae shrugged

I was getting ready to whoop your ass thinking u didn't add
but I was mistaken
and Ayanna is so me :)
Well... that is how I was when I was younger
and I mean like 4-6yrs ago
I am nothing like that again

I just wanna hug Mo right now
wittle buba
Good that him and Tae on speaking terms again

See... love causes no pain
love is care :)

man i wished they had gotten back together at least until it was time to go to college.... but that also be painful too
i just hope the friendship isn't weird or awkward
but only time will tell on their relationship
run :)