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When is he coming to New Zealand?

WHEN is he coming BACK to NZ.. he came once but i think he only performed at local High Schools.. When is he going to do a full on concert here?!?!>. ive checked all the tour dats and the closest is Australia but still too far.. if anyone can let me know.


Chris maan!! You have to come to NZ! your music is the sh*t man! Do a tour of New Zealand for all us kiwis! Be a sell out everywhere you go! COME TO NZ BREEZY!!!

chiris please come to auckland... im begging.!!..i just moved here from zambia whch is in africa bwt a week ago and im your biggest african fan!!!!!! i came here and im being forced to listen 2 lady gaga...dont torture me chris!!!!! i hate lady gaga...but i love your music soo much n especially i love you... ma boo sang that song for ma bday bt he didnt do it as good as u sooooo ppppllleeeeaaasssseeeeeee.....just wanna see for once... ppplllleeeaassseeeeeeee

PlZ KuM 2 RoToRuA.... RoToRuA GiRlZ HiGh pLzZzZ

..."ChRiS BrOwNz wIfEeY RyT HuRr mAyT"...

fUlY HaZ 2 CuM BaK 2 Nz i mIsSd hYm wEn hE CaMe b4 I WaZ iN HoSpiTAl kNw jOaX... I GoT Ma aPeNdIx tAkEn oWt yUkKi..
BuT PlZ ChRiS KuM BaK 2 N.Z

..."ChRiS BrOwNz wIfEeY RyT HuRr mAyT"...

OmG. yeSs. !!. cHris you Have To comE bacK To NZ. !!!!!!!!!.
Pretty pretty Plleeeaaaassssseeeeee. !!!!

Do you Know how many Fanz you have over Here. !!.
Everyone LOVEz you. !!.
So many People look uP to you and your Music. !!.
youR just so Great and Really Talented. !!!!!!!!!!!!.
Your Music is so iiNspirationaL
and your Voice is Lyk 'wow'
and you got the Moves too. !!!!!!.
Please Can you comE bacK to nz
and do a Concert in Auckland. !!. and maybe
a few showz at some local schools lyk SELWYN COLLEGE. !!. =D
PleaassE. !!!!.

My Name is eMelina im 16 and im Tgan/Maori/Spanish
and im Lyk your NUMBER ONE BIGEST FAN. !!!.

i really do hope you read this and consider Come'Ng
to NZ Auckland. !!. It wouLd be my Biggest Dream comE True.

Well Thanks.

Chris Come To ChristChurch New Zealand Man!!! Yur Loved By Heaps Of Ppl!!

Yay! a fellow Kiwi!

Yeah HARDS Chris you need to come back to New Zealand! You have soooo many fans down here!!