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just a devestated girl..

hi im a 17 year old girl from norway, I was so thrilled when I first heard that chris brown was finally coming to Oslo. i feel like i've waited 50 years for that day to come even though im only 17. everyone has a dream concert they wouldn't miss anything else in the world for. and yes mine is a chris brown concert,since i am that big of a fan. i've been a fan basically since run it played for the first times on mtv and radio stations. the hardest part was yet to come i had to get tickets. and the best ones were obviously golden circle tickets. The devestating part was not being able to get one. they all sold out within seconds. and ofcourse there are people selling them on the black market but how in the world would i afford that im only a student. i guess i wont be able to watch my idol perform in norway.
but if there is anyone in this forum who's selling some tickets for a reasonable price contact me please, it would mean the world to me, because i know that cb wont see this and be like hey here you have a ticket.

if someone is selling contact me on
thank you in advance :)