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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.


Okay okay lol.


Ima set it off.

Lol Sneak.

And once again Dany... I like your ideas lol.

Bree and Zay do the most.
But all bestfriends be like that.
Talking all that s*** about back on the farm.
Farm my ass.
Bree crazy thats what it is.

You know Zaria was like tf kinda family was I born into.
They all so cute tho.
Bree was over reacting just a tad bit tho.
I mean zamir has all the time in the world to hang out with Zaria, so Bree should just let her live with him.
Aw, look at Zaria all sad to see her daddy leave her for the night.

Keria and Zamir together is still weird to me because theyre both opposites but im getting used to it.
They cute together so it dont matter.
Aw, he broke down in front of her.
That right there is love.
Especially if shes the first person hes done it infront of.
They gon get married and have lots of babies for sure.

Dang, Nani's mom was bad even tho she was sick.
Talking bout hide them cookies, shalala shalala.
Its sad tho how she lost her momma

Jasmine aint slick.
Triflin ass b****.
I feel like instead of f***ing with BP
Danyell should go and f*** with all those b****es Zamir cheated on me with.
Jas want that d*** tho and Nani sees it too.

I feel bad for Ana and Josh and Sofia.
I really do.
I mean Ana is never gonna hear again
Josh got a busted ass voice.
And i just scarred sofia more than anything.
I mean as f***.

Bree got another sister she dont know about.
That must be awkward.
Especially if you dont even know her.
Not only that but she showed up at a time where she gone have surgery for a tumor.

This getting cray.


lmao bree and zay some goddamn fools. love zay and zee relationship

MMMM HM! jasmine just wanna see how that d*** doing she aint slick askin bout zay ho self!

...still getting used to zameria being together nsht but they lil date was nice though

zamn i hope ana's ear get better man and josh's throat

aughhh they are not keeping me at that damn hospital so they can put me up for evaluation

what bree's daddy sad brought tears to my eyes. ugh... *wipes tears away* bree got a sister? hm... hope that goes well but bree don't need no mo problems already dealing wit enough sht as it is

dany and her evil seed can lick mah muhfckin boots

Run It

Lmao @ Ana though....

Y'all everybody not scheming and plotting.

Zay a hoe



one thing that really stood out in this chapter was the memory lane on how nani lost her mom
I honestly had to start skipping it because it was touchy and sad. I don't like to see or read when people loose battles due to cancer. I cry every time I watch "My sisters keeper"
Man... I am glad that she's touching bases with her dad though. Even though he wasn't there for the birth of her son or daughter I'm glad he called her to at least invite her to dinner.

im glad that josh has his voice back and damn.. that's f***ed up that Ana cant hear and have to wear a hearing aid.
Zay just balling huh? got relaxation places and throwing 1500 to people n s*** lol.
that was sweet of him though.

Damn... Where was X in this chapter?
and where the hell Maylasia come from lol
but dang... bree got a sister now
I feel bad for soso now. not only was she getting questioned down in the last chapter but these mofos in the hospital just kept asking her questions. I honestly would have went ham on her ass lol I know the nurse doing her job but damn lol.
Hunter was about to go off as well.

That was nice of Zay to take keria there.
Hope they don't get bit by any bugs sleeping in those beds in that big ass tent.
I know i'm missing on commenting on something...
OHHH... lol i know
Jasmine can have the whole staples center of seats trynna see Zay again
but they did call that boy a hoe lol smh
im not surprised.

run it

i think thats it....oopsie if i missed something

ch 15

just everybody was getting f***ed up by Dany I see
she's so damn evil smh I just can't lol
this story is definitely not what I though it'll be (not in a bad way) but I just thought that Zay would be the evil person backstabbing the crew and sacrificing everyone after that first night and more on a horror type story lol.

anyway.. I'm glad soso is doing good and I don't really blame her for telling the police because nobody would believe her but damn look what dany did smh made her f*** up her hand and s*** by punching the mirror. Her boyfriend is just so concerned and I can see how that can be very annoying.
But i'm glad he's there for her.

Oh lmao off at Ana saying "not getting me today b****" or something to that effect when Dany dropped on her window shield lol
I was like ouch for her ear.
Vanessa was asking a lot of ass questions too
but I hope that Zay learns how to manage is money right.
I was happy to see that Josh was talking to his grandma again its always nice to read the dialouge between them and look what dany did to him

Smh I felt sooo bad that his grandma couldn't do anything
like really Dany? that's so sad.
I loved the bonding between Zee and Zay it was super cute
especially when he was running for her and paying her money for hugs and laughs.
I would have gotten rich off his ass.
Oh and Josh momma acting like momma dee aint it? lol

Damn... I feel super bad for X because he been working his ass off trying to get money the right way and stuff to provide for him and bree and this happens?
Dany is really getting revenge on everybody smh it's so sad.
I had to laugh when he said "and the piece of s*** broke" lol like that's how you refer to your arm nigga? lol
but damn... then niggas came and broke into his house like wow..
and took the wedding money.
smh I just happy that Bree was able to talk some sense into him for him to calm down
I hope her surgery goes well and I loved that Zay taught Zaria how to pray and loved the encouraging words Bree gave to X

bree zay and bree are something else
they all deserve to be in the nut house
at first i thought bree was serious when
she said zee couldnt
stay with zay i was going to punch bree but luckly it was
all just for fun with they crazy
dysfunctional selves

tumor what the f*** you men tumor hell no
why the hell isnt bp together right now
we got dany acting an ass and we all living are lives
like it aint s***
can somebody say SLUMBER PARTY
i need to keep an eye on all of my babies
especially bree at this moment
alright who house we staying over
and who giving me they bed cause yall know i
dont do flors , unless im getting....

is jasper dead idk why i feel like he is up to
something i mean he is never around and i understand
you being upset with nani and yall having yall problems
but damn homie what the f*** happened to you
puff he gone

the flashback had me all chocked up even though her
mom was slightly ratchet but i love it you
know i love a good rat moment or too

wait i need a hearing aid why do i feel like a old ass
lady know oh hell naw i want dany's head on a platter
and allow me to be the b**** to cut it off
yall can fight her all you want but when she fall
down put her ass in a headlock adn i will cut that
b**** off... f*** you mena i cant even enjoy sex now
josh gon be like
"whats my name"
"whats my NAME"
"Turn your mother f***ing hearing aid.up oh s*** damn i already came"
"speak up" looking goofy

and she hurt my baby voice you know i dont play that s***
girl run and you better hope i dont catch your soon on
the slip either i will light his little ass up
just because... yall see im fired up now

malaysia and her little pop up nope
aint going i got my eye on you too


Daamn AnaBanana needs a hearing aid.
Dany aint playing no damn games.
Like everybody else got s*** that will and has gotten better but she's not.
That's like sad af.
Poor Aner.

Somebody still aint open they damn mouth and tell me s h I t
about a damn tumor nor surgery and that s*** the next day
Guess that make sense though right?
Hmm...maybe I'll find out when I go see Autumn...that would be disgusting though
Pure disgust.

Swear, it's like Breana, Zamir and Zee are brother and sister
And not what they actually are.
They really don't treat her like their child most of the time.
Hope her surgery go fine && she got all the support she need from Zamir, Keria, Zee && X!

Glad Josh got his voice back!
That would've been like .... Hell for ana lol

Where is Jasper's ass anyway?
He didn't come up there with me?
Or is he working?
All I know is..Zamir ass is a freaking HOE!
I'm so so so so so so so so so so so freaking glad Autumn is NOT his
And belongs to Jasper.
I cannot have no damn hoe for no bd.
He just f***ing everybody. I see why Dany ass as evil as she is.
Hell, I would've been f***ing him and his damn friends up as well.
Fck that *Kendrick Lamar voice*
Jasmine better not be trying to cheat on my daddy.
I will kick her mutt ass.
Don't play.

The flashback.....that was a bit much for me to handle.
It was beautifully written.
Provoked a lot of memories from Christmas....outside of the cancer and her being tired well tired from Cancer.
I cried a little. To be quiet honest.
That s*** was sad as f***. I couldn't .... Had to skip then go back and read that.



Daamn AnaBanana needs a hearing aid.
Dany aint playing no damn games.
Like everybody else got s*** that will and has gotten better but she's not.
That's like sad af.
Poor Aner.

Somebody still aint open they damn mouth and tell me s h I t
about a damn tumor nor surgery and that s*** the next day
Guess that make sense though right?
Hmm...maybe I'll find out when I go see Autumn...that would be disgusting though
Pure disgust.

Swear, it's like Breana, Zamir and Zee are brother and sister
And not what they actually are.
They really don't treat her like their child most of the time.
Hope her surgery go fine && she got all the support she need from Zamir, Keria, Zee && X!

Glad Josh got his voice back!
That would've been like .... Hell for ana lol

Where is Jasper's ass anyway?
He didn't come up there with me?
Or is he working?
All I know is..Zamir ass is a freaking HOE!
I'm so so so so so so so so so so so freaking glad Autumn is NOT his
And belongs to Jasper.
I cannot have no damn hoe for no bd.
He just f***ing everybody. I see why Dany ass as evil as she is.
Hell, I would've been f***ing him and his damn friends up as well.
Fck that *Kendrick Lamar voice*
Jasmine better not be trying to cheat on my daddy.
I will kick her mutt ass.
Don't play.

The flashback.....that was a bit much for me to handle.
It was beautifully written.
Provoked a lot of memories from Christmas....outside of the cancer and her being tired well tired from Cancer.
I cried a little. To be quiet honest.
That s*** was sad as f***. I couldn't .... Had to skip then go back and read that.



<strong>Chapter Sixteen:</strong>
<em>Trip Down Memory Lane...</em>

Breana stood there shaking her head. She couldn’t believe Xavier could be so careless like that with money. Who leaves $10,000 sitting around like that? She just didn’t understand him sometimes. She wanted to wring his neck badly for being so stupid. She stared at the phone for a few more minutes until she saw the door being unlocked. She looked up and it was Zaria and Zamir walking through it. Bree noticed the paint stains on their clothes and arms, “Y’all just finished painting huh?” Zee stepped towards her, “Yup, we just finished painting a building for this charity Big Buddies I believe. It’s for special needs children and people.” “Oh really? That’s what’s up,” Bree nodded her head with admiration. Zamir skated to her, “Yeah, but Keria told me you guys had just left the doctor. Everything fine?” Breana smiled, “Yes, everything is fine. I just gotta get surgery tomorrow. I’ll be fine though.”

Zaria glared at her, “Surgery for what?!” Zamir stood there eyeing her as well, awaiting her answer. “Lower your tone, but they found a tumor and it’s very small. And guess what? It’s not cancerous, so I have a lot to be thankful for! So, don’t do all that feeling bad s*** and pity s***. I don’t want you getting all worked up. I’m going to be fine,” Breana informed, while fixing her curtains. “Usually, when people have brain tumors, they wait at least a few weeks until having surgery to prepare the body and make sure things go fine. This isn’t some small surgery. There’s more to this that you’re not saying,” Zee challenged, staring at her. Zay massaged Bree’s shoulders, “You’re going to be fine and whatever happens, I’m sure it can be fixed.” “It’s on the part of the brain that I need. If I don’t get this tumor out, I might not be able to walk, talk, eat, or do anything on my own again. Okay Zee? Alright, I’m done talking about this. What y’all doing here?” Breana ranted and then changed the subject. “Okay then, but we came to get all my stuff,” Zaria informed.

“Get all your stuff for what?” Bree questioned confusedly. “Well, she’s moving in with me....” Zamir retorted, sitting down on the couch. Breana stood there in silence for a few minutes. Moments later, she knocked the coffee table over. “You’re not taking my baby away from me... You only been in her life for a couple months now and you think I’mma let you take her from me? I--” “Mama! Come on now--” “Shut up Zaria. SHUT UP. I’m your mother. I birthed you, I feed you, I clothed you and I shelter you. I raise your ass basically with little to no help. I almost died giving birth to you and you think I’mma let you live with him? You’d be spoiled rotten like last month’s milk. What’s the use of having a cow iffin’ you can’t milk it? I’m out here working all these hours and slaving to raise you and take care of you? I don’t care what you say to me. Or how you say it. You not taking my child away from her own home! I won’t allow it!” Breana shouted, stomping her feet.

Zamir screwed his face, “Did you just say ‘iffin’? And Breana, she’s my daughter too. She says she’s lonely here. She the only child so I understand how and why.” Breana shot him a death glare, “Lonely? She need to get up and help me pay some of these bills if she lonely. Go make friends at a job. That’s what she can do for me. You didn’t do half the things I’ve done for this girl. You ha father? So in the hell what! The way I see it, I’m her father too. That girl not leaving this house and it’s final!” “That’s not fair and you know it! You said I should give him a chance and I am. I--” Breana interrupted Zaria, “I didn’t mean turn your f***ing back on me!” Zay shook his head, “Breana....” “I ‘memba back at the farm. Poppa told me--” “What are you talking about? You didn’t grow up on no damn farm,” Zamir screwed his face, staring at her.

Breana glared at him and then continued, “He said ‘Gal, you got something that all these ‘udda womens don’t got.’ And I said, ‘What poppa?’ He said, ‘You’s got strength and smarts. You real smart guhl. Don’t let not one person or man tell you no different. You understand me? Fight all ya battles with God. Don’t let no man come in yo barn and steal what’s yours girl. Remember.’ And I’s take his words with me ‘til the day I gets buried six feet deep. I ‘memba that time the rain poured all over my little face. I’s never forget it. It was the day they took my poppa from me. One bullet to his head and three to his chest. They killed my poppa and I ‘memba falling out. They had came and ravished my soul until I’s had nothing left but the soiled panties on my boxy bottom....”

Breana now laughed hysterically as she fell back onto the couch, “I’m just playing y’all. I don’t care if yo ass stay with Zay. I just wanted to have a dramatic moment.” Zee shook her head laughing, “Something is wrong with you. Like, really wrong. You need to go see if you can go get a check for that.” Zamir went into a laughing uproar as he fell back onto the couch. He clutched his sides as laughter filled his entire body. His face turned red as tears came out of his eyes, “Oh my God. I.... I... C-can’t breathe...” Breana hollered in laughter as her head started to hurt from laughing so hard. Zaria couldn’t do anything, but shake her head at her parents. “Oh my God.. You crazy as hell man. She said, ‘I’s ‘memba they took my poppa from me. They killed him and I’s ‘memba falling out.’ You are so damn stupid. Why you gotta be so dumb? You got my damn sides hurting. You a fool,” Zamir caught his breath, recapping the moment.

Bree giggled, “Ooh child, I don’t even know.” He chuckled, while shaking his head, “You crazy. I should have known you were playing when you started talking like a slave.” “Zee, go pack your things. I need to talk to Zay about something,” Breana ordered. Zee soon jetted upstairs, leaving them alone. “What’s up?” Zamir gave her his full attention. “If something bad happens to me tomorrow, don’t fix it. Don’t let any of the BP members fix it. God probably has a plan for me and I don’t want anyone interfering with his work. You understand? If I die, let me,” Bree replied seriously. “Are you being dramatic again or serious?” Zay asked with a chuckle. “I’m serious Zamir.... You never know. Just don’t mess with his plan. If anything bad happens tomorrow, then it is supposed to happen. Do you understand?” She eyed him.

“I’m not gonna let you die. I--” “I said... Do you understand? You better understand. There is no argument. If I find out you or anyone else other than the doctor fix any of this, there will be consequences. Now, do I make myself clear?” Zamir sighed loudly and then spoke softly, “Yes...” Bree nodded, “Good.” “Well, can you AT LEAST let me help you? What can I do?” “All I need is your support. That’s all Zay.” “Okay... What time do I need to be there?” He questioned calmly. “6 a.m.,” She answered, fixing the couch pillows. “I will be there!” “Thank you!” It became silent for a few more minutes until Zaria came downstairs with her things. “You got everything?” Zay got up and grabbed some of them. “Yup, I did. Bree, you sure you gon’ be fine?” “Yes, I will be okay. Now, do me a huge favor...” “Okay,” Zee replied. “Get on Zay nerves as much as you can. Whatever you gotta do, do it,” Breana laughed.

“She doing a good job with that already,” Zamir chuckled. “He just mad ‘cuz I made so much money off him today,” Zee giggled. “I had a little game going. I paid her every time she hugged me, made me laugh, and smile. We played the game for a couple hours,” Zay informed. “And I made $300! He laughs A LOT so that part was easy. I couldn’t make him smile that much though. Well, not show his teeth,” Zaria retorted. “Damn... I need to make some extra money around here... Let me play,” Bree chuckled. “How much you need?” Zamir inquired. “Just a few hundred. So, let’s play.” “Let me see what I got on me. If you need more, I’ll run to the ATM and get you some more,” Zay emptied his pockets. “Zay! No,” Breana declined his offer. “Stop being stubborn and take that money. It’s okay to ask for help,” Zee butted in. “Exactly,” Zamir remarked, handing her a stack of money. “Whoa, how much is this?” Bree stared at the money.

“$1500. Just pay me back when you can. No rushing. I don’t need the money anyway,” He confirmed. “Take the money! We will see you in the morning,” Zaria commented to Bree. Breana nodded, “Okay.” “Anna Mae, you better take this money. I ain’t gon’ tell you no mo’,” Zay retorted playfully. “Alright, Ike,” Bree rolled her eyes playfully. “Crazy,” Zaria grabbed her things and loaded them into Zamir’s car. Zamir chuckled and said bye before grabbing the rest of Zaria’s things and leaving. Breana watched them leave and then grabbed the money and placed it into her purse. Bree sighed, while plopping down onto the couch, “God, please help me.” Breana sat there for about ten minutes just thinking about everything and how her life was changing.

So many things were happening right now. She didn’t know what to do or how to do it. She couldn’t do anything, but roll with the punches. As Breana was thinking, she heard her doorbell rang. She soon took small steps to the door, now opening it to see <a href=“”>her</a> standing on the other side of it. “Hi, does Breana Smith live here?” The mysterious girl questioned. “Ummm... Yeah, this is she. What’s going on?” “Well, I’m sorry to just show up out of the blue like this, but.... I’m Malaysia Smith... Your sister,” She revealed.

While Breana was getting yet ANOTHER surprise of the day, Nallely was thinking about her baby girl Autumn. She couldn’t take her home just yet due to the fact that she was a premature baby. The doctor told her that it would be another four months until Autumn could finally come home. And even then, she would be on so many different medications and will need extra care. All she could think about was how her daughter will be in the future. Nani didn’t want her to ever hurt. Her baby girl was so special to her and she didn’t even know it. There was just so much going on right now. She didn’t even know if she could trust Jasper at the moment. He had been gone for two weeks before coming back. No telling what he was doing while he was out. She couldn’t trust everyone so of course she felt some type of way. Nallely didn’t know what to do about their relationship.

She just knew that it would take one day at a time to make it at least a fraction of how it used to be. There she was sitting in her bedroom, feeling the cool breeze from the window invade her room. Her eyes adjusted to the neutral colored walls of her bedroom. “It’s time for a change,” She spoke to herself. “Hmmm, maybe a nice green will do,” She continued elaborating her thoughts. Nani played with her lips for a moment trying to decide what she could possibly do today to make the time go by. Suddenly, she received a phone call from her dad. She slightly rolled her eyes because she was not in the mood for him right now. She still had a little animosity with him. He didn’t even show up to Cervantes birth. He had claimed it was work related but deep down in her heart, Nallely knew he didn’t show up because he was so against her pregnancy.

He had been vocal about it throughout the entire pregnancy and she was quite tired of his attitude. Yes, she had a baby while she was still a teen! However, Nani was eighteen when she had Cervantes and according to the law, she was very well legal. So, she’d wish her father wouldn’t act the way he did. She somehow forgave him for that but only a fool would think she’d ever forget. Nallely soon answered the phone in a dry tone, “Hello?” “How is the baby?” Her father questioned with concern. “She’s fine. I just want be able to bring her home until four months from now,” Nani informed him quickly. “Oh, well you just let me know when you visit her so I can go too,” He stated. “Okay, I will,” She reassured. “That’s not all that I wanted. I was calling you because Jasmine and Noelani wanted to see you. And to have you and Cervantes over for dinner,” He extended an invitation.

“Well, Cervantes is with Jasper’s brother right now. So, I’ll just come for a little while....” “Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes so you can come over now if you’d like...” “Alright, on my way,” Nani retorted before hanging up. She grabbed her purse and a small, red jacket before heading out of the door and into her car. Nani drove off instantly. About 15 minutes later, she was pulling up to her father’s comfortable home. She got out and for some reason, she didn’t know how to feel. Her eyes skated towards the multicolored leaves that fell from the tree. She stared at them for a moment before the door soon opened. Did they time her? How in the world could they know when she was arriving. Out walked her father. He was wearing a welcoming smile.

Oh and a gray cashmere sweater, while opening the door wider, “Come in Nallely.” Nani took a silent breather before stepping inside. She noticed the Christmas tree and decorations. They had decorated a month early. It brought back so many memories as she scanned the tree. It reminded her of her mother. They used to decorate the trees and make cookies. They did that up until Nallely was 16. She loved her mother very much and missed her so much. She coughed to stop the tears from falling as went down memory lane...

<em> Nallely had just finished baking a fresh batch of sugar cookies as her mother walked into the living room with her gown, while sipping her hot chocolate. She drowned in this fruity perfume that Nani still couldn’t figure out the name. She just know that it smelled like candy, yet like a woman was supposed to smell. Her mother stared at her, “You made me some chocolate chip right?” “No. That would mean I would have to walk to the store and go get some and I’m not so... Nah, I didn’t,” Nani sassed. Her mother rolled her eyes playfully, “You a lazy ass b****. Did you at least make enough for Sonia and the rest of the family?” Nallely screwed her face, while fixing her Hello Kitty pajamas, “No. Why they gotta come to our house? They eat up everything man.”</em>

<em>“Nani, I didn’t raise you like that. Don’t be petty. They don’t say that when you go over they house so don’t do that.” “They probably do behind my back, but I ain’t worried,” Nani hissed as she cooled the cookies off. “What you COULD do since you so petty is hide our good s***. Mama invited Cookie ole stealing ass over here. You know that b**** steal and will send her bad ass kids to do it for her. I told her I’m ready to catch a charge whenever if my s*** come up missing,” Her mother roared, gulping her hot chocolate. “See! Mane.... They gon’ eat up everything. We ain’t gon’ having nothing left!” “I made enough. We’ll have something left. s***, you could afford to skip a few meals. Your booty getting too big. Got more ass then I do. Putting me to shame and s***. Niggas look right at you instead of me!” Her mother playfully ranted.</em>

<em>Nani laughed, “Yeah right.” “You know they think we sisters anyway. You know I’m sexy,” She danced in her seat. Nallely smacked her lips, “That’s your problem right there. You let that go to your head.” “Who you think you get it from? Sure not yo daddy ass. He aight, but he ain’t me,” Her mother continuously danced. “What music are you dancing to though? Ain’t none on,” Nani shook her head. “The music in my head. Girl, don’t make me get up and shake this ass.” “Please don’t,” Nani laughed, while biting into a cookie. “Anyway, hand me my purse. I gotta take this nasty ass medicine. I’m so tired of taking all these pills,” She complained. That’s when it hit Nallely. Her mother was sick. Very sick. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer a year ago when Nani was fifteen. And the doctor stated that she wasn’t expected to live over three years. Her mother was fighting and seemed to be winning the battle but she could still see the exhaustion in her mother’s face. She looked tired and empty...</em>

<em>She quickly handed her the purse and gazed into her eyes, “How are you feeling?” “Tired girl. Like real tired. I hope you been getting prepared,” She rummaged through her purse. “Prepared for what?” Nani asked confusedly. “For me to leave this earth Nani. I taught you everything you needed to know. You smart so you will be fine. I don’t want you feeling sad or any of that s***. I don’t want nobody’s pity. I’m gonna be good. s***, I’m ready to see God. Y’all should be jealous. We gon’ be in that junt partying and drinking. And you know I’mma be dancing. God gon’ have to kick me out ‘cuz I’mma be too drunk in that b****. You know yo mama bad, and ain’t no telling what I’mma do when I’m off that Patron,” She laughed as she bounced her butt playfully. Nani sighed because she didn’t want to think like that but she knew her time was coming and she did have to mentally prepare for it. Instead of feeling down and sad, she laughed at her mother. “You so ratchet,” She laughed even more. “Girl, don’t be hating,” Her mother spat.</em>

The doctor was right. A few months after Christmas, her mother passed away. It was the most difficult time for Nallely. It took quite a time to get past it, but she did and she realized her mother was in better hands than she could ever be on earth. She was no longer suffering. She was free and at peace. She couldn’t ask for anything better for her. Her path to memory lane ended abruptly as her baby sister, <a href=“”>Noelani</a> came running down the stairs. “I told you about running Lani. You’re going to fall,” Jasmine yelled to her from the kitchen. “NANI!” Noelani shouted as she smothered Nani with a big hug. “Get off me,” Nani playfully replied. “Nope,” Noelani hugged her tightly. “Alright white girl. You ain’t called me or nothing. You acting like you missed me but I can’t tell. I would have brought Tes but he over his other family house.” “I’m sorry. I did miss you...”

“You’re all she talked about. She wants to see the baby, but we told her she couldn’t right now.” “You’re an aunt again. How you feel about that?” Nani questioned her. “Happy. Very happy!” Noelani exclaimed excitedly. “Uh huh. Where white girl number one at?” “In the kitchen. Here I come,” Jasmine now came out of the kitchen. It took a while for Nallely to warm up to Jasmine. Jasmine was only a few years older than Nani and she used to feel like her dad was wrong for that. Jasmine could be her sister. That’s how close they were in age. Fortunately, her and Jasmine resolved their issues and they’re closer now. “You still need some eggs?” Her dad chimed in. “Yep and some cheese. Oh and get some brownie mix,” Jasmine broadcasted. “Okay, I’ll be right back,” He soon left out of the door. “Did you pick up those toys like I told you to?” Jasmine now directed her attention towards Noelani. “Ummm,” Noelani murmured.

“Go do that while I talk to Nani right quick,” She directed. Noelani soon ran upstairs. Jasmine shook her head, “I just told that girl to walk before she hurt herself. Know how clumsy she is.” Nani replied, “What you want heffa?” “Girl, I just found this old picture in my suitcase. Child, I didn’t even know I still had it. I’m about to rip it,” Jasmine informed. “Of who or what?” Nallely inquired, staring at her. Jasmine giggled a little before handing her the <a href=“”>photo.</a> Nallely looked at the picture, “I can’t do s*** but shake my damn head.” “I know right. You don’t understand. We were only together for like 2 months. Then I met your dad and fell in love with him. I couldn’t deal with Zay. He was fun and interesting... At first. Then he started getting on my nerves. The sex was amazing though! I think we had sex like everyday and that is no exaggeration. He was my little spring fling. I should have known better anyway. He was 18 and still immature,” Jasmine reminisced. “Seriously, who hasn’t this nigga f***ed? Well, he haven’t f***ed me but it seem like he f***ed everybody in LA,” Nallely spat.

“You not lying. You know Zay a ho. I showed my friend his pic and she was like ‘I know him!’ and I sure wasn’t surprised. I would have been more surprised if she didn’t know him,” Jasmine chuckled. “Wait... Eighteen? He was with Dany ass at the time. So, he cheated on her. No surprise.” “He didn’t even tell me he had a girlfriend until AFTER I broke up with him. He called me all kinds of mutt b****es and white hoes. I laughed. That little boy had problems. He still up to no good?” Jasmine questioned. “I don’t even know. I don’t keep tabs on his ass,” Nani responded truthfully. “I would love to see him though. It’s been a while,” Jasmine smiled. “You about to cheat on my dad or some s***? The f*** you wanna see him for?” “Girl no! I just wanna see what he’s been up to... That’s all...” Nani side-eyed her, “Mmmhm.”

While Nani was giving Jasmine the meanest side eye ever, Zamir was now dropping Zaria off at his parents house. “Behave yourself,” He said to Zee. “I ain’t a lil’ girl. I will be on my best behavior Zay,” Zee hopped out the car. “You better. See you tomorrow morning. Did you bring your charger?” “Yeah...” “Why you sound so dead?” He stared into her eyes.“I didn’t think I was spending the night,” Zaria answered. “Well, yeah. I know you don’t want to be at home by yourself. I’m not coming back home tonight.” “Alright. Have fun. Not too much fun though.” “I’ll bring you back a little sister,” Zay joked. “You a lie,” Zee laughed. “Duh! But bye. Close my damn door,” Zamir chuckled. “See you around zaddy. I love youuuuu,” Zaria cooed. “You so damn silly. I love you toooooo. Now close my doe!” He cooed playfully. “I love you more,” Zee cooed again.

“Nuh uh. I love you way more!” “Nope! I love you more than the stars love the sky!” Zaria challenged. “NAH! I love you more than a fat ho love a buffet. I love you more than all the money in the world!” Zay hollered. “You doing the most,” Zaria laughed. She then continued, “But you won. Let me close this door.” “Bye!” He waved. Zee waved one last time before Zamir took off into the night. Zay soon pulled up to Shakeria’s mother house. He rung the doorbell and waited for Keria to come out. Suddenly, she did. He smiled as he inhaled her scent. She smelled so delicious to him right now. He couldn’t help but wanting to bury his face into her neck. However, he was going to chill at the moment. “Wow, you look so beautiful and smelling good too,” He complimented her. She smiled, “Thanks.” He then opened her door as she got inside the car. “Thank you,” She replied. “You’re welcome,” He closed the door and got in the driver’s seat.

“So, where are we heading?” She questioned. “To a special place... Let me show you a different side of me....” He drove off. Keria wondered where he possibly could be taking her. Twenty four minutes later, he was pulling up to this abandoned house. “We’re in Compton right now... This is the house I grew up in until I was about 3,” He explained. He then drove further down the street and stopped, “This is the place my dad dropped us off at. All I can remember is that it was colder than usual. All I was in was a diaper. No jacket. No coat. Nothing. Just my body. I don’t know how I remember all of this but somehow I do. I remember my mom crying. She said, ‘Dennis I’m sorry!’ I cried loudly and you could hear my cries from all the way down the street as he drove off, not looking back. It was crazy how my dad treated us.” Keria became quiet because she didn’t know what to say.

She then placed her hand on his, “I’m sorry Zay... You are so much stronger now.” He nodded as he thought about his biological mother. He was 12 when she passed and he missed her so much sometimes. Just the fact that no one helped her... Left a bitter taste in his mouth. He felt his throat clog up with tears, “I miss her... No one would help her...” Shakeria soon hugged him tightly as he laid his head on her shoulder. He never had a moment to just vent. He kept it inside for so long. Even at her funeral he couldn’t really just let go as he would have hoped. Keria rubbed his back and he soon broke away and wiped away his tears, “I’m good now. I just had to get that out.” “I’m glad you did. It’s not good to keep it all in... And just know that your mom is looking down on you,” Keria comforted him. He nodded, “Thanks... I know that now. Well, that is all. I have one more place to take you. It’s very relaxing.”

He now took off, “We’re going to be on the road for an hour so you might wanna get comfortable.” Shakeria let her seat back and laid back as she did just that. An hour later and he arrived at his home away from home. It was something he simply labeled his relaxation spot. He had a beautiful ocean and mountain view. It was huge and a place he came to clear his head. It made everything so much better for him. He parked his car and leaned over to see Shakeria asleep. He smiled softly and traced his fingers over her lips. He held her close to him for a while and kissed her face over and over. Everything just felt so right with her. He really liked her and was slowly, but surely falling for her. It was just something about her that kept him interested. It wasn’t just her outer beauty, but just everything about her. She had this incredible aura about her.

He felt lucky being with her and around her. He hadn’t felt this way about a girl in a while. He held her longer and then got out and opened her door. He kissed her neck, “Keria, wake up. We’re here.” Her eyes popped open as she looked around, “Wow, it’s so beautiful. Where are we?” “It’s my relaxation spot. I paint here and waste a lot of time here. You really like it?” He questioned. “Yeah, Zay!” She got out of the car. He closed her door and then took her by her hand and sat her on this blanket. “You brought a night bag right?” He asked. “Yeah.” “Okay, good. I have a kitchen and everything out here as you can see. I built the kitchen myself,” He showcased the <a href=“”>kitchen</a>. Shakeria smiled as she looked around amazed, “This is amazing Zay...” Zamir smiled as well as he pointed to <a href=“”>this</a>.

“This is the entertainment center aka the living room I guess.” “I like it... You really took your time doing this. I’m just so amazed... I am speechless,” Shakeria responded. Zay now pointed to a <a href=“”>bedroom</a>, “This is where we’ll be sleeping...” “Everything just is so beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here...” “That’s not all. I have a shed over there where I paint, but I’ll show you all that later. I know you’re hungry now,” He guided her over to the kitchen area. He let out her chair and waited until she sat down. He then pushed her chair up. Shakeria couldn’t help, but blush. She never had any of this type of treatment. She almost didn’t know how to react. “I made Parmesan Chicken with a light salad and garlic bread. Is that okay with you?” He brought the food out of the oven and fixed both of them plates. “It’s perfect Zay. Thank you,” Shakeria sniffed the air as her stomach appreciated the smell.

“Oh and can’t forget the wine,” He smirked, while pouring them both glasses of wine. “I can’t say thank you enough... Everything is just so perfect,” Keria felt tears pour down her face. Zay immediately wiped tears from her eyes, “What’s wrong babe?” “No one ever done anything like this for me. I’m not used to this. Sorry if I ruined the night,” Shakeria sniffed. “No... You didn’t ruin anything. I am really smitten by you... Just being here with you right now... Is everything to me.. I really like you Keria. I’m not perfect, but I know that I could be that man for you,” He stared into her eyes, while kissing her face. Shakeria stared back into his eyes and then pecked his lips. He pecked hers back. They then broke away from the kiss and dug into their food before it got cold.

As Zamir and Shakeria were enjoying each other’s company, Anastasia was sitting in the doctor’s office. He had just did an X-Ray on the inside of her ear. “Well, your ear drum is definitely damaged and so are your inner nerves in the ear. Sorry, but you’ll never hear again... Well at least not without a hearing aid.” Anastasia couldn’t believe it. She was completely upset. She couldn’t see herself forgiving Dany after this little stunt she pulled. “When can I get the hearing aid?” She questioned, while holding her ear. “Today if you have the time. We’ll just test it and make sure it fits perfectly,” He answered. “Okay. Fine.” Ana wasn’t the only suffering Danyell’s after math. Joshua sat on the couch of his grandmother’s home as she rushed to the kitchen, offering him water. He gulped the water until there was none left. After a few seconds, he tested his voice out to see if it was still there.

He cleared his throat, “Man... I don’t know what the hell that was.” “You’re a little hoarse right now. I’ll make you some tea baby. And pray for you. I almost had a heart attack,” Hazel rushed into the kitchen. Josh sighed and hoped everything would be fine. He wondered if this happened to any of the other BP members. He could only imagine. Sofia laid in the hospital bed as the nurse eyes widened. She bombarded her with questions, “How did this happen? Are you in serious pain? What happened to your forehead? Do you think you could explain everything step by step?” “Whoa Nurse Davis, can you at least give her a chance to answer?” The doctor chuckled a little. “Sorry... I just am confused right now,” The nurse apologized.

“Well... I don’t really know how it happened, but I can tell you that she said that she saw her kidnapper in the mirror. You see, she was kidnapped two months ago and she still haven’t gotten over it... She’s still shaken up a bit,” Hunter quickly explained. Sofia sighed because she was so ready to go home and didn’t want to explain any damn thing to anyone. Nurse Davis eyes widened even more, “We will give you a full mental evaluation and more. Don’t worry. You’re gonna have to stay the night...” “What? I’m fine. I been going to therapy,” Soso declined. “I’m sorry, but it’s kinda hospital policy,” The nurse replied.

Sofia may have been surprised, but no one was more surprised than Breana was at the moment. Bree always knew that she had another sister on her daddy side, but she didn’t remember what she looked like or cared to know for that matter. What could she possibly say to this girl? This wasn’t really a pleasant surprise. And how did she even find her? “Ummm....” Breana responded with an unwelcoming greeting. Malaysia immediately could sense that she really wasn’t wanted in her home. Hell, maybe life but she ignored it and just decided to not rub her the wrong way. “I know it’s so out of the blue but I found a picture of you in an old photo album in my room. I asked my dad, well our dad who you were and he told me. I just wanted to meet you. I know you really ain’t tryna hear s*** I got to say right now. I can see it in your face. I wouldn’t either if I was you to be honest... It’s just... You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting a sister... And to know I have one that actually lives close to me... I’m trying to so hard not to get emotional,” Malaysia explained. Breana sighed and opened her door wider, allowing Malaysia entry into her home.

“I’m sorry... I’m just going through a LOT right now. And I wasn’t really in the mood for this. I don’t mean to be rude so I apologize. I definitely didn’t expect to see you.... Come in...” “Okay....” Malaysia didn’t really know what to say. Malaysia came inside and sat down next to Breana, “So, how are you?” “I’m fine and you?” “I’m good. I won’t be long. I’ll make this little visit quick... Do you know what happened with your mom and dad? Like, whatever you could tell me. I’m like really in the dark about everything. He won’t tell me NOTHING. Nothing at all,” Malaysia giggled slightly. “All I know is that I remember when I was 5 years old that he told my mama these exact words, ‘I’m tired of this muthaf***in’ responsibility. I’m tired of raising our daughter and YOUR damn daughter. I’m tired of putting up a got damn front. I’m moving to DC with my other family. I ain’t the man for you. Sorry but I’m unhappy with this s***! I’m leaving this b**** and going with my real family. I’m miserable here.’ I saw and heard him with my own eyes and ears. I was standing in the hall when he said it. He was so quiet when he walked past me. He packed his s*** and left and moved to DC to be with your mama. You were 6 at the time. I knew of you, but he never told me that much about you. He will never be s*** in my eyes,” Breana roared, going down memory lane.

Malaysia was speechless, “I don’t even know what to say. The man I know isn’t exactly that way. This is another side that I haven’t seen before.” “Yeah, well I’m sure he made sure you didn’t see it.” Malaysia phone soon went off. She looked at the number, “I was only supposed to stop by briefly. I got a client right now. Wanna have breakfast tomorrow and talk?” “I will be in the hospital tomorrow for four days so that’s kinda impossible...” “Oh, for what if you don’t mind me asking?” “A brain tumor. It’s very small and they have to remove it...” “What time?” “Six,” Bree replied “Okay, well it was very nice meeting you... I’m sorry for just showing up.” “It’s okay,” Breana reassured. “Okay.... See you soon,” Malaysia headed out of the door. Breana let out a loud sigh as she closed the door. She was so not ready for tomorrow.


Bree’s surgery is next chapter and more appearances from Dany and her evil seed lol.

Oh and I went back and reread the comments.

What part of evil don't y'all understand? lol Mainly, you Dany.

Evil has NO morals. It doesn't matter if the person did anything to you or not. Evil is evil and has no mercy. Evil is manipulative and schemes to attack when the time is right.

And Dany, you're not getting it... Zeke is FULLY evil. Zamir has better control over his evil ways. Zechariah does not. All he know is hatred. And he HATES Zay. When someone hates you, it is very hard to change their mind. That is why Zay hasn't reached out to Zeke yet. Zeke is difficult. Zay DOES love his son, but it's hard being in someone's life when they don't want you there.

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A movie huh?
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Run it

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<strong>CH. 9</strong
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<strong>CH 10</strong>
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<strong>CH 12</strong>
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<strong>CH 13 & 14</strong>
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