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loving 2 at once

is it possible? yes. sometimes if you open one book while still being mid chapter of another, things that are not suppose to happen can happen. i believe that when it does, its ok to take time out to sort through things aka life. i believe in the case with rihanna you guys genuinely loved each but instead of time giving you two the option to part, a sudden situation forced what seemed to be the right change at the right time. the only problem is.. the chapter nor book was never complete. i get that most separations are brought on by lies, cheating, change etc... and all the while decisions are being made in those moments while you forget about the very moments that introduced you to vulnerability. the moments like first kisses, happiness, saying "i love you" etc. . . moments that you fell for in the beginning .you see, anger only last for a few moments while happiness is never forgotten. regardless of what you do and who you meet, there WILL come a time you will long for those moments where you genuinely felt happy. questions is what will you do with those "longings". Gods gift to you is "life" and your gift to him is what you do with it. first you must understand that you CANNOT make everyone happy and happiness starts at home first. people will talk whether your a celebrity, rich, poor, beautiful or ugly THEY WILL TALK. its when there not, then you should worry. secondly, dont play God. dont allow anyone to make you feel like without you they are incomplete. thats what the absence of God is, not chris. 3rdly, fall in love with yourself again. figure out what you want, dont want, like, dont like... you never know you may find out later that what you thought was far you is not. im simply speaking from experience. is it tough? absolutely but if you dont find yourself now, you allow your molding to become soft and before you know it, you have become what everyone else wants you to be forgetting who God says YOU ARE. good luck you kid 8)

-from a familiar view