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'Loud. (Oct. 31)

WARNING: I haven't posted a story on here since AbNormal soo... I will try to come back with this story. I really miss the way the board used to be when "Seven Things" and a lot of other good stories where on here. I will try to become more active with this board and I hope that i can receive some active readers. If not then that's okay too :)


<cite> 2 years ago..</cite>

“Hey…..Excuse me? Can you hurry up? Damn… Leave some for the fish” She said looking at him drink from the school’s water fountain.

<a href=",r:11,s:0,i:110&biw=1366&bih=667">Elan</a>[(pronunciation: (ee LAHN)] sighed and watched the boy continue to drink from the water fountain. She was sure there wasn’t any left for her.

“Ugh! I wish you would take yo thirsty ass somewhere to a different water fountain. Can’t you see that you’re holding up the
line” Elan spoke to the boy again.

“Ma calm down” the boy behind her laughed “He might be thirsty”

Elan looked at the boy behind her and rolled her eyes.

“Apparently I can see that jackass.”

Elan looked at the boy at the water fountain and shook her head and then tapped his shoulder. “HEY! AM I SPEAKING Loud ENOUGH FOR YOU? MOVE AWAY FROM THE f***ING WATER FOUNTAIN AND GET YOUR ASS ON.” She retorted.

Elan pushed the boy out the way and heard him walk off. The chilling ice cold water ran down her throat as she finally relaxed. She was a senior at Hicksville High School in Long Island, NY. Elan was a teenager with a lifestyle every teenager wants. She had her own car, expensive clothes and much more to name. She took everything for granted but of course didn’t want to admit it. She was so stuck in her ways that whateva anyone would tell her would go one ear out the other. She never appreciated what she had and always wanted more.

“You’re late Miss. Cosby “ Elan’s teacher spoke.
Elan sighed and sat in the first seat she saw available.

“I would have been early if it wasn’t for f*** face drinking so f***ing long at the water fountain.” She said pointing at the boy from the water fountain.

“Miss. Cosby don’t talk to me like that or in my class. Now you apologize to Jessie and the rest of the classmates.” The teacher strictly enforced.

Elan rolled her eyes “Why should I? I mean this nigga literally had a line full of people waiting for some water I don't give a f***” She laughed.

The teacher shook her head. “See me after class Elan” She stated.

Elan continued to laugh and focused on her work. She was someone who didn’t like to do her work, even though she was very smart. Yet again she was a spoiled teenager who didn’t like to do anything, but gossip and act a fool with friends. Jessie looked up at the teacher and tried to pay attention. The only thing that played in his mind was the girl pushing him earlier. He didn’t like the fact that she did that and felt it was rude. But, Jessie was someone who knew what he wanted in life. He knew how to appreciate the things that were considered blessings. He knew things weren’t given to you on a silver platter and if you wanted something you had to go and get it. Elan was the opposite. Mrs.Johnson taught for the remaining of the class period and told Elan to stay. Once she saw Jessie headed out the door she got his attention to stop.

“Now Elan , apologize to Jessie” She signaled for him to stay put.
Elan rolled her eyes “For what and why the f*** can’t he speak he has his own mouth!”

“Elan you couldn'tt even speak Loud enough if you wanted to. He hasn’t spoken up for himself is because he’s deaf. But, he can read lips NOW APOLOGIZE!”

Elan stared at Jessie feeling stupid and felt bad for pushing him earlier when all along he couldn’t hear her. But, as stubborn and immature Elan was she didn’t want to.

“Nope… f*** that. His stupid ass should be in a disabled school of something. I’m out of here” Elan said walking out leaving the teacher there sighing.


this story is on a different board now. if interested in reading please click the link in a few post below

Run it

Elan working my last nerves

I found it ! I really like this one just cuz I'm hard of hearing and that relates ! Run it !

Damn right i want the link!!!

Damn right i want the link!!!

brought this back on a different board. will give the link if interested in reading it

Omg I couldnt find this story after I read chptr 3. Glad I found it.


oh and this is a short story by the way so it'll probably have 20 chapters


4. contd...

Élan missed the life she used to have. 2 years ago, she was able to get her mom's credit card, go to downtown Manhattan, and shop her ass off. Élan’s life went downhill once her father divorced her mom. He cleaned out her bank account from what was majority his. Élan hated him for that. She wanted him to leave her with something especially after he learned that she was pregnant, but unfortunately, he didn't care. Élan thought her and her dad had a better relationship then that, but it turns out he chose his new love over her. Élan was now in and out of her mom's house due to their vicious relationship. Some days her mom wanted to help her get her life on track, but other days she would kick Élan out.

Élan continued to pat Julian's back and shake her head. She couldn't stand hearing him cry. She just wishes she wouldn't have gotten pregnant especially by Mark. He wasn't good for anything and Élan knew it, but there was something that always pulled her back to him. Cheyenne looked at Dre' who was sound asleep. She hopped out the bed and then heard her phone ring “Hello?" she asked. "b**** where you been at? haven't heard from you in a long time." She said. Cheyenne rolled her eyes a little at the sound on Élan’s voice. “I’ve been working and taking these online classes.” Cheyenne spoke. “Girl…you know what I’ve been doing.” Élan laughed. “No… I don’t know what you’ve been doing what HAVE you been doing anyway?” She wondered. “Taking care of Julian difficult ass.” She reported. Cheyenne shook her head and looked at the time. “Well Élan I don’t have time to hear you complain about life this morning instead I’m trying to get ready so that I can live it. “ She said. Elan looked at the phone and hung up. Élan dialed her dad’s number because she was sure that he’d listen to her. “Hello?” He answered. “Dad I need you to please send me some money.” She pleaded. “For what Elan? Don’t you have a mother?” He questioned. Élan screwed her face because she didn’t know what the f*** was up with everyone today. “I do but you’re my damn dad now send me some money.” She demanded. “Now you know not to talk to me like that you talk to b****es like that and I’m not one to play with Élan you know I’ll come molly wop yo ass in a heartbeat.” He warned her. Élan sighed deeply and rolled her eyes. “I just need 20 thousand.” She retorted. “You must be out yo damn mind.” He spat. “I’M TIRED OF LIVING OFF OF PEOPLE EVERYTIME MARK OR MOM GET MAD AT ME THEY KICK ME OUT AND I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF JULIAN LIKE HE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF NOW HELP ME IF YOU’RE GONNA HELP ME.” Élan demanded. Her father looked at the phone and hung up. Élan bit her lip trying not to explode. She dropped Julian on the bed and walked downstairs where Mark and his boys were having a “set”. “Mark we need to talk…” Élan stated trying to get his attention.

Jessie played with his sister Jordan and decided to take her to the park. Once Jessie pulled up to the park he told Jordan that she had to stay with him for a while because he wanted to paint. “I want to play.” Jordan signed to him. She knew how to sign that very well because that’s all she ever wanted to do. Jessie told her to just hold on and then he’d teach her how to ride her back. Jordan sighed and sat on the ground while Jessie got his spray cans out. He was familiar with the people who own the park and always wanted to do a mural, so he chose today as the day. Jessie dug in his pocket, grabbed a lollipop out, and gave it to Jordan. Jordan sat there and opened her lollipop her brother gave her and spoke to her imaginary friends and made weird noises. “Hey come back here” she spoke. Jordan looked up and saw a little boy trying to steal her bike. “Heyyy that’s mine.” She whined. “Sorry cutie this is mom little brother he didn’t mean to.” The girl spoke. Jordan tapped Jessie, got his attention, and said. “He’s trying to take my bike!” She pouted. Jessie read her lips and looked at the girl. “No No.. We’re sorry he’s bad and I’m trying to tame him.” The girl said. “He deaf so he can’t hear you.” Jordan confessed. The little boy pointed at Jessie and started while his sister hit his hand down. The girl looked at Jessie and signed “sorry.” Jessie smiled and nodded his head. “You wanna play?” Jordan asked the boy. The little boy nodded and looked at his sister. “Can I play with her?” He asked. “You have to be nice and if it’s ok with him.” She looked at Jessie. “Be nice and when I’m done I better be able to find you. Don’t talk to no strangers just play with the kids you know better okay?” He signed to Jordan. Jordan understood majority of the things Jessie said and then left her bike to go play with the little boy. The girl looked back at Jessie continue to paint and smiled to herself.

“For what?” Mark asked Élan. “I was thinking we should get our own place…” She said. “No you need to get your own place and you need to start looking for a job tomorrow.” He told her. “I am..” She stated looking his guest eat their food. “Umm.. babe? Didn’t we just buy that stuff for us?” She questioned. “Elan so what! I got your food stamps anyway.” He reminded her. Elan straddled him and pecked him on the lips while he pushed her off. “Quit doing all that s*** in front of company.” Mark roared. Elan looked at him and then began to hear Julian cry from upstairs where she left him. “Go get that crying motherf***a.” He looked at him. Elan got up and sighed then headed to the room upstairs. “Why the f*** you wit her?” One of Marks friends asked him. “Because of her pussy that was a dumb ass question nigga.” Mark chuckled. “Hell nawl.. can’t believe you got that hoe knocked up though.” Another one of his friends chimed in. “Yea well he probably ain’t mine anyway.” He laughed again. “You’re it.” Jordan laughed loudly as she hit the little boy and ran. She laughed louder and louder as the boy got closer and closer to her. “Hey girl what’s your name?” He asked her. “Jordan Elizabeth Daniels” She smiled showing her front teeth missing. “My name Elijah Malik Jones.” He smiled back. “I’m in the first grade are you in school?” Jordan asked him. “Yes I’m in the first grade and my teacher gives me greens for being good.” He told her. “But I thought your mom said you were bad.” She screwed her face in confusion. “That’s not my mommy that’s my older sister. Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked her. “No you’re not cute.” Jordan spat. Elijah pushed Jordan and stuck his tongue out at her. “Heyyyy” Jordan whined and got up. “I’m TELLING on YOU!” She grew mad. “SO!” Elijah spat. “I’m not your friend anymore. I’m going to play with my real friends.” Jordan said walking off. “ELIJAHHH!!!” His sister called.

Elan tried her best to calm Julian down, but he kept crying. She packed his stuff up and then headed out the door. “Where the f*** you going?” Mark asked. “Can you take me to Cheyenne’s house?” She asked. Mark and Cheyenne couldn’t stand each other, nor did Dre’. “Hell nawl for what?” He wondered. “Because I have some baby bottles over there and I don’t want to go back home and get them.” She told him. “Well I’m not taking you, so you best you get the walking.” He stated. Élan nodded her head and then walked out while his friends laughed at her. Élan walked down the street with all eyes on in Brooklyn Projects. She passed someone trying to sell dope to her and wondered did he not see the baby in her head. She looked at an old man on the curb with a homeless sign and hoped that one day that wouldn’t be her. Élan walked all the way to the subway and got on to head to the Manhattan then take a cab to the suburbs where Cheyenne lived. Elijah walked up to his sister “Yessss?” He asked. “What did you do?” She asked. “Nothing” He lied quickly. “Come’s time to go.” She ordered. Jessie finished his painting and then took his belongings along with Jordan’s bike, and went to look for her. “Where’s the girl?” Elijah’s sister asked. “She left..” He told her. “Do you know her name?” She asked Elijah. “Jordan.” He sighed. “JORDANNNN!!” His sister yelled. Jordan played with the other kids and heard her name being called, but ignored it. “Jhene I want some ice cream.” Elijah begged. Jhene walked up to the playground and then saw Jordan. “Hey Jordan… it’s time to go to your dad” Jhene informed her. “My dad? My dad’s not here.” Jordan said coming down the slide.

“What you doing here?” Cheyenne opened the door for Elan. Elan brushed pasted her and saw Dre’ on the couch. “I didn’t think I needed a reason to visit my “best friend.” Elan retorted. “Well it’s not like your around anyway.” Dre’ chimed in. “Who the f*** asked you?” Elan retorted. “Hey we’re not gonna have that.” Cheyenne intervened. “Did I leave any bottles over here?” Elan asked. “No…why would you?” Cheyenne wondered. “I thought maybe do you mind taking me to my mom’s house?” She asked again. “Did you not just come from there?” Cheyenne questioned. “You know… you sure do ask a lot of f***ing questions. But, don’t worry about it best friend” Elan snapped and walked out slamming her door. “DON’T RETURN!” Dre’ shouted. “Stop it Dre’ foreal….she’s not the same.” Cheyenne shook her head and sat on the couch. Jessie saw Jordan talking to that girl and walked up to them. “Thank you.” He signed to Jhene. “He said thank you.” Jordan spoke up. Jhene nodded her head “oh ok.. tell hi- “He can read lips so you can speak just look at him: Jordan informed her. Jhene looked at Jessie and smiled “You’re welcome and I’m Jhene nice to meet you are you her brother?” She asked. Jessie nodded his head. “Oh ok.. well maybe we should text sometimes?” She asked. Jessie took his phone out and smiled while passing it to her. Jhene put her number in his phone and then called her phone from his phone so she’d have his. “I’ll text you..” She smiled. Jessie smiled and nodded his head while the kids mean mugged each other.

Jhene is being played by keke palmer im being lazyy again

At least Jessie is doing pretty good!! Elan has her head screwed backwards!! Why did she have a child, she didn't want or can't even be bothered to love?? I hope she gets her life together for the sake of her son. Its too bad that Jessie hasn't found the right one. I hate that people treat him so badly, because he is a great guy. He'll find the right one soon. Run it!!

this is depressing...elan is foolish af...but at least jessies doing good now...


I really dont like elan how you goin to talk to a baby like that if i was her mom i wouldve kicked her out a long time ago. Jessie you will meet that special girl


2 years later...

Elan patted her son on the back as he cried loudly. Elan couldn't keep a job because of her attitude that no one wanted to deal with. Elan and Cheyanne's relationship was on thin ice. Cheyanne wanted the best for Elan, but it seemed that she had her own out look on life. "Omggg...I wish you would just shut up already." She said to her son as she continued to pat her on the back. Her mom looked at her and shook her head as she smoked a blunt on the couch. "You need to get that baby WIC while you wasting time." Her mom mentioned. Elan rolled her eyes and wanted to go over there and knock the f*** out of her mom, but she held herself together.

Her mom couldn't do much, but let Elan live the way she wanted to live. She didn't know where she went wrong with her. She tried to move Elan in the right direction after she graduated high school to go to college. Instead Elan wanted to do what she wanted to do and not go to school. "Are you filling out any applications Elan?" Her mom asked her. "Applications for what?" She continued to pat her son on the back. "School...a Job it's been two years and your about to turn 21 soon. You gotta get out of my house. You wanna act grown then be grown and get the hell out. You can't keep stressing me out while you run the streets." Her mom preached. "Look I don't have time for this bulls*** ass conversation that you preach to me every f***ing day okay?" Elan spat. "You know what..." Her mom said while getting up. Elan watched her go upstairs and walk into the room. "DON'T TOUCH NONE OF MY s***!" She demanded. Elan's mom started taking Elan's s*** and throwing it down the steps while Elan's baby continued to cry. "STOP IT YOU DUMB b****!" Elan yelled while watching half of her s*** fall into pieces. "I love you.." Dre' whispered in Cheyenne's ear. "I love you too..." She look into his eyes and smiled. Dre' and Cheyenne continued going on strong with their relationship. The two of them really loved each other and would do whateva they had to do to make each other happy. "GET OUT NOW!" Elan's mom yelled.

Elan put Julian in his car seat and took his pacifier and placed it in his mouth. She walked upstairs and grabbed the rest of her stuff and started packing it. "Don't bring your drama BACK in my house." Her mom sternly spoke. "Yeah that's what you should of told dad a long time ago when he kept slipping on you." Elan rolled her eyes. Her mom folded her arms and shook her head. "You know...I'm not even going to react off of what you just said because I need to learn how to be the bigger person. I blame myself for the way you treat me because if I would of raised you right then you wouldn't be this way." Her mom held her tears back. "Yea well it's too f***ing late to play "Mom" MOM! You just don't know what the f*** to do with your own life, so don't pretend you know how to regulate mine. GOODBYE!" Elan stated and walked off with her stuff.

Elan grabbed the car seat and walked outside and took her phone out. "Hello?" he answered. "Mark... I need you to come and get me and julian." Elan informed him. He laughed on his end of the phone. "For what?" He asked. "Because my momma just kicked us out and we don't have anywhere to go come on..." She pleaded. "Man I'll be dere when I finish handling my damn business yall gonna have to wait." He ordered. "Well...hurry up." She told him. "Girl you heard what the f*** I just said man get off my phone before I don't come at all." He warned and hung up. Elan sighed and then sat on the doorstep. Her or Cheyenne understood why she still messed with Mark. He was clearly no good, but Elan stuck around for some reason. He knocked her up and gave her julian and immediately denied him. He swore up and down that Elan was a hoe and never had respect for herself.

Hours passed and Elan and Julian headed to Marks house. "Why yo momma kick you out this time?" He asked while blowing smoke into the air. "Because she's getting tired of me." Elan said looked out the window. "Well she ain't the only one." Mark chuckled. Elan sighed and stared out the window trying to figure out where did she let life pass her by. Mark and Elan both knew that Julian had asthma while he smoke a blunt in the car. Truth be told, Elan was the reason he caught it. She smoked during her pregnancy and didn't care how much her mom preached to her. Cheyenne knew she smoked as well, but she didn't care to preach knowing that Elan wasn't going to change her ways for anyone. "You got the food stamp card?" Mark asked. "Yea..." She answered him. "Give it here cause if your staying and not paying rent you need to put food in the house." He ordered. Elan searched through her purse and then handed him the food stamp card. Mark snatched it out of her hand and continued to drive until he made it to the nearest grocery store.

Jessie visited his family on the weekends when he wasn't at school. He choose to an art school where he can pursue his dream in becoming an artist. He loved painting because it helped him express what he wanted to say, but without using words. His family decided to go to sign language classes, so that they'd be able to communicate with them. Jordan was 6 years old now and loved talking to Jessie with the few words she knew. Jessie also maintained a close relationship with Dre' while he was away at school. Dre' was his true friend and nothing would come between them-Jessie thought. "Have you met that special girl yet?" Jessie's mom signed to him. Jessie laughed and shook his head. "No... once they find out I'm deaf they don't stay around." He signed back. His mom shook his head and signed back. "Those tricks don't know any better... my baby is a good man." She smiled. Jessie nodded his head as he grinned. "Thank you ma." He told her. Jordan came rushing down the steps and bum-rushed Jessie with a hug. She just woke up from her nap and couldn't wait to see her brother. "Jessieee... I missed you. I'm so happy you're here." She smiled. Jordan was a very smart 6 year old. She was in the first grade and loved to read. Sometimes she would be under Jessie and read his text messages out loud. Jessie smiled and hugged his sister. He didn't read her lips as she spoke, but knew because of her gestures that she was happy to see him.

Elan and Mark walked out of the store with Julian and their groceries. They soon pulled up to his
hou se and got out. Elan walked in to a smoke filled atmosphere with loud music playing and drunken people around partying. She screwed her face because it wasn't even 5 in the afternoon yet and that's how Mark was living. She shook her head and headed upstairs and walked into the room to put Julian down. Julian started whining immediately as she picked him up. "I swear you're like the most difficult ass baby like I cant... all you do is f***ing complain and whine I'm so sick of this s***. Should of gave you up like I started to." She told Julian.

to be continued.....

3. contd...

"You just can't keep letting our child walk over me like that" Elan's mother spoke sternly to her dad. "Honey... she's 18 let the girl grow up." Dave stated. "No there's a difference between being disrespectful and childish Dave." Her mom stressed. "Well if you want Elan to change then you need to start off with your attitude first." He pointed out. "What the hell is that suppose to mean? How about you change somethings? I can help you by start coming home on time." Her mom spoke. Elan hit the ground feeling a punch to her face. She wasn't taken off guard by this at all and came back punching the girl in her face. A lot of people screamed and was being pushed as Elan and the girl fought.

"b**** I'LL f*** YOU UP! DON'T COME AT ME LIKE THAT!" The girl screamed. "WOOOOAHHHH HOLD THE f*** UP!!" Greg yelled. Jessie saw what was happening and quickly pulled his phone out and text Dre' Yo friend over here getting scrubbed lol. Jessie put his hand over his mouth and laughed. "ELAN! WHAT THE f***?" Cheyenne pulled her back. "SHE HIT ME FIRST!" Elan shouted. "PICK YOUR WEAVE UP b****!" The girl yelled. "CHILL OUT TRINA!" Greg got between them. Cheyenne grabbed Elan and pulled her away from everyone. "LISTEN UP WE GON HAVE A GOOD TIME. DON'T f*** UP MY HOUSE OR IMA SHUT THIS s*** DOWN MYSELF! IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT THEN GET THE f*** OUT AND THAT'S ON BLOOD!" Greg announced. "What is your problem Elan we came here to have fun." Cheyenne expressed. "That b**** swung on me and I'm going to defend myself at all times I don't care Chey." Elan protested. Cheyenne shook her head "Look I don't have time to be looking after you all night. You need to behave yourself like you know how and just control that f***ing mouth of yours." She stated. "Baby?" Dre' called. Cheyenne turned around and looked at him. "Hey babe.." She sighed. "Have you seen Jessie?" Dre' asked. "No you should probably check your phone babe." Cheyenne said. Dre' looked at his phone and laughed loudly then looked at Chey. "Is that what your mad about?" He questioned. "I just don't like being embarrassed you know how many people gonna be talking about the fight when we get back to school?" She stated. Dre' screwed his face "f*** those people in school and the rumors they create. All you need to worry about is your damn self and of course your man and academics, but s*** after that your gucci." Dre' retorted. Cheyenne nodded her head and looked at him in his eyes. Dre' took her chin and leaned down to peck her lips. "I love you.." He truthfully stated. "I love you more." Cheyenne stared back. "I do come home on time don't even trip." Dave said. "If that's what you want me to believe then I'll keep believing it then." Elan's mom stated slamming the door. Dave shrugged his shoulders and decided to head out the door for a couple of beers with his co-workers. "Cheyyyeennneee look at Jessie." Dre' pointed. Cheyenne smiled widely as she looked at Jessie getting a lap dance from three different girls. "I'm laughing how they whispering in this nigga ear." Dre' laughed. "I know right. Damn I wish he could hear them no offense." Cheyenne laughed. "Let's go bother him..." Dre' headed toward him. "No babe... let him live." Cheyenne suggested. "I guess your right. " he laughed and pulled her close to him. "Now bend dat ass ova." He stated while moving her hand down. Elan looked at Jessie from across the room and rolled her eyes. She just didn't understand what was the point of him coming because he couldn't do anything but stare at people. She shook her head at the thirsty females on him. She thought it was a shame, but didn't care because it wasn't her. Jessie looked toward Elan and she looked away quickly."f*** you looking stupid as nigga ugh I need another drink." Elan talked to herself.

thanks and ill update soon guys :)

Now THIS is a twist... DEAF?? Im loving it! I've only read the second add but had to comment. So Im gonna catch up.
Elan is impossible!! Her and her mom physically fight??! And then she stole her card?? smh. Too much for me.
Poor Jessie. His mom is so dificult. Glad he has his lil sis and Dre.

Run It!!

Whens the next add???

thanks guys
and @fly thank you so much :)

HIII! i love ue writing :)Elan is a spoiled b**** (lol) Thats sad that she has her parents wrapped like that. Shes rude and need to step off (well more like be pushed off) her high horse... I like jessie :) if he gets a chance to be with Elan i hope he doesn't talke it... unless she has some crazy secrets that'll make up for why shes being a b****... oh and if she's sincere :)

o/t: I've just finished reading Abnormal and loved it!!! i didn't write a respose there because my phone acts hella dumb on this site (im on my laptop now:))... oh yeh and im reading nose candy :)... im omw to add my 2cent there :) cant wait for the next chapter

... I hope that girl knocks her out...

I really wanna know what the f*** is wrong with Elan!!! She really needs to stop acting so disrespectful and b****y. That's why no one likes her stupid ass!! Ughhh I can't stand her. Jessie is such a sweetheart. It hurts to know that he doesn't feel loved, not even by his family. That just really sucks. How are they gonna leave him like that?? smh I have no words for them!! Elan is just a b****. I hope things get better for Jessie. I know they will.

Elan needs her s*** f***ED UP! its her daddy fault! Like seriously! She gon cuss out her moms tho?! No b**** WTF! How is she mean to a deaf kid cause he is deaf! Her children gonna come out with 5 eyes 1 toe 88 fingers and no hair! UGH! she so damn rudeeeeeee!! I would beat up that hoe! Then she gonna call home girl a hoe?! I hope that girl murders that b****! She a rude muthaf***in stank and I would have deaded that s*** lonnnnnngggg time ago! and Jessie's family just gonna bounce on a nigga?!!! Thank goodness for Dre' and Cheyenne and speaking of Cheyenne she need to do more than check her friend she need to smack that b**** and let her know whats up!!! UGHHHHHHHH

RUN IT just so I can read about Elan getting her ass beat!!!

I dont like elan her attitude is ugly but i luv jessie
Run it


"Alright everybody I need you to turn the f*** up in the b**** while you have the chance cause there ain't no tellin' that 5.0 aint coming through to shut this mothaf***a down." Greg announced. The music thumped loudly through the speakers as party guest started to arrive. Elan and Cheyenne decided that they were going to be making a late entrance. "Should I were this?" Elan asked. Cheyenne rolled her eyes and sighed not really caring what it is she put on. "Just put it on for God's sake Elan." She told her. Elan rolled her eyes and then walked into her bathroom to apply her makeup. "ELANNNNN!" Her mom shouted upstairs. "Uh oh.." Cheyenne cooed. Elan rolled her eyes at Cheyenne and her mom. She just didn't have the time today. "ELAN I KNOW YOU HEARD ME CALLING YOU!" Her mother roared as she swung the bathroom door open. "OKAY AND? I WAS BUSY CAN'T YOU f***ING SEE THAT?" Elan spat back. "Your not going to that party." Her mom folded her arms. Elan dropped her makeup on the counter and look in her direction. "Are you serious?" She questioned. "Umm... should I leave Mrs. Cosby?" Cheyenne asked. "No baby your fine. How you doing?" She asked. Cheyenne smiled "I'm doing good." She responded. "That's good now! Bac- "How's everybody doing?" Elan's father walked in cheerful. "Daddy mom won't let me go to the party tonight." Elan pouted. "Aww baby" He kissed his wife. "Why you won't let her go to the little party?" He continued. "Because she's disrespectful and I'm not going to let her continue to do that babe. I'm not." Her mom decided. "Now Elan you know that you have to apologize." Her father looked at her. "WHAT? No Dave she is not leaving this house and that's final." Her mom chimed in. "Baby calm down and let the child have some fun after to all she is a princess." He smiled. Elan smiled at herself in the mirror and continued to do her makeup.

"No Dave and I mean't it. Where are you coming from?" She questioned. "We will talk later come and give me some sugar Elan now you be good alright?" Her dad informed. Elan smiled and nodded her head. "Now why you can't do that with me? I talk to you civil like that and I get b****ed at like I'm one of your friends." Her mom complained. Elan kissed her dad on the cheek while hugging him and pulled away. "Maybe your too hard on her." Her dad thought. "Or a b****!" Elan chuckled. Her dad hit her on the butt telling her to watch it and walked out. "Dave we need to talk NOW!" Her mother stormed out after him. Cheyenne shook her head while looking at Elan in the mirror do her makeup. "What?" Elan asked catching her. "You know that what you said to your mom was wrong." She stated. "Yeah. So!" She laughed. Cheyenne shook her head and heard her phone ring. "Hello?" She answered. "Yea.....okay.....bye." She hung up. "Who was that?" Elan asked. "Do you pay this bill?" Cheyenne questioned. Elan flipped "the bird" at her and chuckled. "Don't get smart, but seriously." She asked. "That was Dre' he's outside. He doesn't know where Greg lives so he's gonna follow us." Cheyenne reported. Elan nodded her head keeping her smart comments to herself for once and finished her makeup.

The two of them left Elan's house and got into her car. Elan noticed someone in the passenger seat of Dre's car and shook her head. She started her car and took off. Cheyenne looked at Elan and knew that there was an issue with something. "What's the issue now Elan?" She inquired. "Dre brought that deaf boy with him." She rolled her eyes. "Okay he can have fun too." Cheyenne screwed her face due to irritation. "How Chey? it isn't like he can hear any f***ing way. How is he gonna dance IF he can do that?" Elan stated. "Ugh stop being so damn judgmental you don't what that boy is capable of doing." Cheyenne mentioned. Elan rolled her eyes and sighed heavily. "Whateva." "Yeah your eyes gonna' get stuck like that if you keep rolling em'." Cheyenne pointed. Momentarily, Elan pulled up to Greg's house and saw that the party was already jumping. The two of them got out in excitement and couldn't wait to get inside. "Come on Chey." Elan told her. "Ima walk in with Dre' you can go ahead." She suggested. "Ughhh I'll wait s***." Elan decided.

Cheyenne walked up to Dre's car and watched him and Je ssie get out the car. "Hey baby" Cheyenne greeted him. Dre' gave her the biggest hug and pecked her on the lips. Cheyenne pulled away and looked at Jessie and waved. Jessie smiled and waved back at Cheyenne and saw Elan standing in the back. "Tell Jessie I like his shirt." Cheyenne laughed. Dre' told Jessie and he said thanks to Cheyenne. "That's just how my nigga feeling right now. f*** everybody." Dre' chuckled while putting emphasize on "everybody". "Hey.. were gonna behave tonight right?" Cheyenne asked. "Of course baby... I'm not stuntin yo hatin' ass friend. Dre' stated. Cheyenne sighed and nodded her head.

The four of them stepped into Greg's party and went their separate ways. But, of course Jessie stayed around Dre' so that he wouldn't feel like the out cast. "Go find you some b****es." Dre' signed to Jessie. Jessie smiled and nodded his head. Jessie got up and and decided to mingle around with a few people. He bumped into some girl who was on the ground popping it on a split. Jessie covered his mouth trying not to laugh, but for some reason he just thought it was really comical. He couldn't deny that she was definitely working the floor in his eyes. Even though Jessie was deaf, he was able to feel the vibrations from the bass of the music. He watched a crowd form around the girl and saw them begin to clap. Jessie studied their hands and caught on to the beat. He started to clap with everyone else, so he wouldn't feel stupid for being the only one not clapping. The girl got up and fanned herself dramatically signaling she was hot. She face Jessie and he gave her a thumbs up while smiling. "Thank you..." She giggled. Jessie read her lips and nodded his head at her. She walked off smiling at him while Jessie watched her ass. He shook his head thinking "damn God really blessed her". Elan drank vodka in a cup chased with some cranberry juice and saw the girl that grabbed everyone's attention walk into the kitchen. "I see you out there being a hoe.
Elan stated. "Excuse me?" The girl stated caught off guard. "You heard me! You're just waiting for someone to talk you upstairs, so you can end up being someone damn baby momma." Elan bluntly remarked.

to be continued....

Dre- is played by Tyga im too lazy to put a picture up

lol thanks and yes nani don't be a sneaky b**** lol

Elan needs to b knocked off her lil pedastol.
my manz jessie need 2 paintor write nd jus get all his emotions out nd not worry bout Elan
Run it

Elan is a fckng disrespectful asx BRAT !
he's deaf && you felt bad but wldnt even apologizee
for being a fckng dumbasx !
ugh i reallyy do not likee her at this moment
&& then talking to her moms likee tht

she doesnt havee respect for anyyonee

i wonder wht Mark did
or wht happened in their relationship

I feel bad for Jessiee
likee his own parents wont even
TRYY to learn or nothing ..
thts bs && then theyy leavee him at homee likee tht
at least he got Dree
he cool af && i likee Cheyy too


ayyye . .this on EC aint it . . .
i know where im abt gooooo lol

gah damn Keria . . long asz adds

but i aint complaining or nun
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