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'Nose Candy. (Repost FINISHED!!!)


DISCLAIMER: This is another story that I will attempt! I will not hesitate to drop this if it doesn't get the attention it deserves because this is a good story. I am not c**ky but confident in this story. This is the 2nd shot at this- some may have read something similar because 'Broken Mirrors was the start of this story. Me and Bree have collaborated outside of the broad but she choose to take it under her wing! it was unsuccessful and now Im giving it a try. Also with writing in 3rd person for the first time. So... here goes nothing!

He wasn’t the type of guy you’d high five while skipping down the street on a nice sunny Vegas day. Not everything was royalty as you may think. There was always the good parts of a city and the bad parts. Some may look as it as the “rich” and the “poor”; “high class” or “low class” whatever you prefer. Cannan (cayn-nan) Burose was a 23 year old man who was apart of the low class in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’d think that since he was in that million dollar state he’d have it made. Wrong, he had the opposite which was nothing. Cannan was a ruthless young man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He despised close relationships with anyone or even having a social life. “Caine” which he preferred to be called wasn’t your favorite type of guy. Because caine went through a lot in his past it caused him to cut off a lot of people who were previously in his life. For an example, Caine at one point in his life had a great relationship with God, but that suddenly changed.

Caine nicely put on an act to impress his boss and greet the costumers that walked in and out of his exclusive Verizon Wireless job. He didn’t enjoy talking to people, standing on his feet, or the work that he had to do, but they provided him with more then he had such as money, more clothes, and a temporary phone. Caine walked to his station and finished ringing up a costumer that had just brought a new cell phone and couldn’t quite understand what he was doing. A near by employee sensed that because of caine’s length of time being employed that he might of needed some help. “this…is how you do it” the female employee said. Caine stared at her and finished with the costumers “your welcome” the female employee said before walking away. Caine didn’t really care about her name but he did want to put on an act just to stay employed so he went to her station and introduced himself properly. “im sorry ma’am im Cannan Burose and im new here as you can tell…thanks for helping me and you are?’ She smiled and nodded her head. “its cool im lauren and anything you need help with you can just ask don’t have to hesitate” She flashed caine a warm smile reassuring him.

Caine nodded his head not really interested in her help at all and walked back over to his station. He took out his new phone and played around with it. He was amazed by the electronic and couldn’t help but to figure it out. Its been a while since he’d have something so nice and to have an iphone4s was huge to him. More costumers came in and he looked at his manager that was on shift who gave him confirmination to assist the customers. By this time Caine was ready to leave work and attend to his regular duties which was doing absolutely nothing. Its not the fact that he didn’t want to do nothing its just the fact he didn’t have anyone to do anything thing with or no where to go. Caine had nothing to claim except his body, soul, and mind if that. Meanwhile, Lauren admired caine and his etiquette with the customers from a distance. It made her smile on the inside to have another great employee on their team. The cool thing at the job was that in their Bluetooth they got to talk to whoever they want or listen to music. Of course Caine couldn’t get away with that just yet. Lauren took her phone out and decided to brag about her new co-worker to her cousin Zoey or Zoe to some. “so…theres this lil cutie in here working J” - “whoopy tooy do! b****” Zoe replied. Lauren laughed at the message she received and proceeded with her conversation with her long lost cousin whom she just reunited with a few months ago. “girl if I didn’t want to seem stalker-ish I’d send you a picture of him lol” Lauren send. “smh that’s a damn shame!” Zoey replied instantly.

Lauren wanted to take a picture of caine really badly to show him off but like she told Zoey she didn’t want to seem like a freak. So instead she studied him and wondered her eyes around him trying to capture his features from a far. “well… he’s light skin, tall, a nice smile, look like he got freckles a lil, low ceaser cut no waves lol and umm… he looks mean when he not smiling but lets not forget fine as f***”. Zoey sat in her room shaking her head at the message she received. She knew that her cousin could be extra at times when the situation wasn’t that serious. Zoey read the message over and over and tried to create her own canvas painting in her head of whom this nigga may have been and it was one dude that came across her mind. “If my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me I’d think you were talking about Cannan Burose I had a crush on that nigga in high school” Zoey replied to their conversation via text message. Lauren prop her elbows on her desk in front of her computer looking at her phone when an incoming message came. She thought for a moment and then replied. “Cannon? that’s what the dude said he’s name was …Cannon Burose YUP! that’s him lol” She quickly replied.

Zoey was stunned because she hadn’t talked or seen this nigga in about 5 years. Zoey went to school but didn’t finish. She wasn’t really feeling school like she thought and don’t dare try to judge her. School wasn’t for everyone and that’s a popular quote that stuck with her. “wow…” she replied with a instant reply by lauren. “that’s all you got to say? You still like him?” This caused Zoey to laugh [center]because how could she possibly liked someone she hadn’t seen in forever. “look b**** I haven’t seen the nigga in forever just tell him who I am and give him my number okay?” , “oooo… I know what u trying to do but okay, what u doing later?”, “ thanks but nothing…”, “drinks?” Zoey rolled her eyes not really interested but thought why not she didn’t really have nothing else planned anyway. “ok…why not” , “okay! Call you at 10”. With that Zoey left her phone unattended and hopped into the shower to finish up her daily duties.

Caine sat in the break room and finished eating someone’s sandwich that they left in the microwave. He was starving and made sure that no one was watching until Lauren came in and caught him off guard causing him to jump. “sneaky aren’t we?” Lauren laughed which wasn’t at all amusing to Caine. “Cannon isn’t it?” Lauren chimed in before he could even answer her first statement. “Its not cannon its cannan” he corrected her. “cannon, cannan whats the difference?” Lauren stated confused. “the difference is that you will call me Caine and s*** else understood?” Caine blunted retorted. “woahh… okay then, anyway im Zoey’s cousin and she wanted me to give you her number…” Lauren got straight to the point. Caine screwed his face confusedly unsure who she was talking about. “she said you and her went to high school together and yall haven’t heard from each other in a while…but that she wanted you to have her number and If I were you I’d use it she’s a hottie” Lauren winked at the last comment. “uhh…. Zoey..zoeeyyyy” Caine tried to remind himself. He was definitely someone who forgot things quickly. I guess you can blame that on the weed and all the other things he liked. “she’s brown skin, pretty, look like a lil tom boy” Lauren tried to help. Caine actually chuckled and knew exactly who she was talking about at that moment. Lauren gave him zoey’s number and went about her business leaving Caine where she found him. Caine clocked out and walked out of the store happier then ever even though his facial expressions showed it. He walked the streets until he made it all the way to the place he called home which was outside of a shelter called “Hope” there they tried to encourage the homeless that there was always hope no matter what. Caine didn’t believe in that bulls*** and just used the place for a place to rest his head and with this new job as long as he got in line by 5pm everyday he was sure enough to get a room. If not, then outside he was, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to that either. This was who he was and he was fine with that.


Yeah you're right, but man Caine was too into that s*** lol Zoey was dumb though

@cartersmommy it was her idea tho lol

run it :)

merry christmas ppl

Wow that's crazy how Shad and Cannan are cousins! Small world and I just knew he had done changed smh how he gonna get mad at Zoey for reacting the way she did when they had that threesome when he just up and showed that Amanda chick more attention he's just really selfish

Chapter 28: Help

Weeks we by and Caine and Zoey remained strong. Zoey started seeing the change in Caine and sometimes wanted the old him back. After all that mean spirited Caine is who she fell in love with. He didn’t dwell too much on the fact that she tried to harm herself while leaving Caiden with him that night. He decided to let it go and let them work on their relationship. He wanted her to realize that he wasn’t games this time and that he truly loved her for her. It took a minute for Zoey to soak in everything he was saying due to hearing so much, but she believed him. Zoey knew that Caine was the one for him and Caine believed the same. Kiely and Nick made it official once he felt they were ready. Alexis lied up in a jail cell and didn’t know when she was going to see broad daylight ever again. Trigga walked up to Zoey’s apartment and rang the doorbell. Zoey patted Caiden on her back and then swung the door open after she learned it was Trigga. “Hey..” She greeted him. “Hey Zoey…Heyyy Cai” he spoke in a baby gibberish voice. Caine woke down the stairs and came to a sudden stop as he was headed to work. “What you doing here?” Caine asked bluntly. Trigga looked at Zoey and then at Caine. “I came here to see Caiden… I’m her God father.” He told him. Caine laughed and looked at him “Says who?” He questioned. Zoey sighed and closed her eyes saying Lord he’s been doing soo good please don’t let the old Caine back. “Say’s me Caine…” Zoey punched in. “Can I talk to you?” Caine asked Trigga. “Yea..” He replied. “Babe I thought you were going to work” Zoey looked at Caine. “Babe I am I was gonna be early. Trust me” He looked at her. Zoey looked into his eyes and nodded her head. Caine took Trigga to the side and the faced him. “I gotta head to work as you know so I’m going to make this short and straight to the case. You never liked me and I believe I had an ounce of respect for you until I found out that you claimed to be the dad the day Caiden was born. I’m not tripping off the fact you lied that Zoey was in love with someone else because she wasn’t. I mean I was an ass to her, so maybe I deserved that . But, you claiming to be the father is what I don’t like and then why show up now if you’re the so called God Dad… You must have a thing for Zoey that needs to disappear. She’s mine and I love her. I’m becoming a better man each and every day for Caiden and her. I don’t mind you being her friend, but it better stay that way because you’re not going to disrespect me or her knowing that you want much more and you come around here with an attitude. I hope you understand that because if it was up to me you wouldn’t be around us period, but because I’m working on myself I’m allowing you come around and do for my child like a God Dad does and be my future wife’s friend because I know she cares about you. Once you overstep your boundaries that you’re done. Do I make myself clear?” Caine warned. Trigga looked at him and then nodded his head. “I understand…. Everything is squashed in my book. Just treat my friend right. I care more about her as if she was my sister. Yeah I caught feelings for her while I took care of her, but I hear you and understand what you just said.” He stated. “Good…because I don’t trust you, but I trust my woman…now I’m gone to work. You keep it cute.” Caine spoke and left.

Trigga sighed and then walked to the living room where Zoey fed Caiden. “What did he say?” She asked him. “He just let it be known that he doesn’t really like me, but tolerating me because I’m in yours and caiden’s life.” Trigga truthfully stated. Zoey looked at the floor and then back at him. “Do you understand that Trigga that…. You can’t continue to do what you’ve been doing as far as your attitude with him? I love him…okay? Just please be the friend I knew you to be in the beginning of our friendship and want the best for me. I never really had people like that in my life and I need you to be that or nothing at all okay?” Zoey told him. Trigga grabbed Zoey and kissed her on the forehead “I understand beautiful.. I apologize I just couldn’t control who I had feelings for you know? Just like you can’t control what you have for Caine. But, I understand completely where we stand and you won’t have any problems out of me anymore… I promise.” He vowed. Zoey looked at him and nodded her head believing the words that left his mouth. Trigga and Caiden bonded while Zoey got ready for work. She wished she could bond with them, but she had to go out and make the money that was going to help raise her child. “She’s too cute Zoey and you’re a wonderful mother.” Trigga reassured her. Zoey flashed him a smiled and nodded her head feeling great. “Thank you Trigga that made me feel really good.” Zoey admitted. Trigga chuckled “You’re welcome.” He stated.

Trigga left while Zoey took Caiden to daycare. She then headed to work and approached Kiely once she walked inside. “Girl you just don’t know what to do with your hair.” Zoey chuckled. Kiely laughed because she really didn’t. Some days she was blonde then some days she felt like going black or red. She loved experimenting with her hair as long as it stayed thirty inches. Caine caught himself looking through his phone at pictures he had of Shelly and sighed. He quickly erased her from his mind and decided to focus on work. Meanwhile, Ty finished tattooing his customer and smiled. “That s*** is dope.” His customer said. Ty nodded his head “Preciate that..” He replied. Ty’s customer slipped him his money. “Hey Zoey…” the lady spoke. Zoey looked at her and raised her eyebrows in amazement. “Teresa?” Zoey questioned. Kiely looked at Zoey and at the lady in confusion. Teresa laughed and immediately hugged Zoey tightly. “Oh my God it’s been soooooooo long” She smiled and broke the embrace. “I know… Teresa this is my best friend Kiely, Kiely this is my ex Shad’s mom.” Zoey introduced. “Nice to meet you.” Teresa smiled. “You as well..” Kiely said. “How’s everything Zoey?” She questioned. Zoey nodded and tried to find the words, “I’ve been good I have a good man in my life and I have the most precious gift ever.” She smiled. “Ohhh let me see these people honey.” Teresa smiled. Zoey chuckled and took her phone out and showed her a picture of Caine. “That’s my boyfriend Caine and this is our baby C aiden” Zoey stated. Teresa covered her mouth with her hands. “Is there something wrong?” Zoey asked her.
“Your baby favors Shad a little and it just…I’m sorry.” Teresa laughed. Zoey chuckled “Yea… she favored Caine when she was first born, but she’s starting to look a lot more like me but she has her dad’s complexion.” Zoey remarked. “Could I see that picture of your boyfriend again?” Teresa asked. Zoey showed her the picture and watched her stare at it. Kiely stood behind the podium texting Nick while they were slow with business. “Wow…it’s Cannan Moss” Teresa blurted. “WHO?” Zoey spat back. Teresa looked up and wiped her tears that escaped suddenly. “I’m sorry… long story short is that he’s my nephew and Shad and are cousins… His parents died when he was around 5 or 6. He thought his parents went on a trip. That’s what the foster parents told him…at the time I couldn’t take him because I had so much going on with Shad trying to get him to be stable mentally and a lot of other things. His foster parents told him that they were going to be his mommy and daddy until his parents came back. After that…they never stayed In one spot they were always moving to make him feel like he was getting close and closer to his parents. He’d ask all the time especially in the morning. “Am I going to see mommy and daddy today?” and … one day he stopped asking.” Teresa spilled out. “Wow… I di-didn’t know that.” Zoey expressed. Teresa sighed “I would love to see him if that’s okay and your baby as well. Do you think that’s possible?” She asked. Zoey cleared her throat trying to soak in the news she learned and nodded her head. “Yes…umm.. just stop by my house at three.” She instructed. “Ok I think he needs to hear this form me you know?” She cooed. “I understand.” Zoey replied while giving her the information she needed.

Ty looked around foot locker while he was on his break and decided he wanted a pair of Nikes. “Find a pair you like?” Caine walked up to him. Ty looked at him and laughed. “What’s so funny?” Caine looked at him. “You talking to me like I f***ing like yo ass.” Ty bluntly retorted. Caine laughed to refrain from getting upset. “Nigga I’m at my job don’t make me drag yo ass from the cash register to the other side heaven.” Caine warned. Ty got up and screwed his face. “Nigga get over there so I can pay for my s***.” He spat back. Caine looked at him up and down and smacked his lips. “I gotta watch yo stalking ass you probably knew I worked here just like how you randomly popped up at the hospital for the birth of MY child.” Caine retorted and walked to the cash register to ring his shows up. “Caine I’m not threatened by you, but you show be threatened by me.” Ty exclaimed. Caine chuckled and gave him his money and receipt. “Have a nice day.”

Caine smiled. Ty flipped Caine the bird and left.

Zoey: babe come to my house at 3 I have a surprise for you

Caine: you I don’t like surprises so what is it?

Zoey: not a girl lol

Caine: yea iight

Zoey: foreal babe

Caine: ok

Zoey: I love you handsome

Caine: I love you more beautiful

Zoey sat on her couch with Teresa and Caiden waiting for Caine’s
arrival. She prayed in her head that after this she’d still have a boyfriend. She was nervous and Teresa was too. She haven’t seen her nephew in years and couldn’t wait to see Caine. “She is so beautiful” Teresa complimented. “Thank you.” Zoey blushed while watching Caiden eat her fingers. Caine walked through the door and walked to the living room where he stared at Zoey and the lady on the couch. Caine immediately greeted Zoey with a passionate kiss on the lips and looked into her eyes. “How you doing baby? You doing iight?” he cooed. Zoey looked into his eyes while she smiled then nodded her head. “Cool.” He smiled and then approached Teresa and stuck his hand out. “How you doing?” He greeted. “Very well thank you.” She blushed. Caine sat down next to Zoey and then cleared his throat. “Soo…. Where’s the surprise?” He questioned. “Umm… she is the surprise Caine.” Zoey informed him. “Um…ok” Caine looked at Zoey confused. Teresa passed Caiden to Zoey and sat back down. Caine took Caiden and planted kisses all over her. “Cannan... do you remember her?” She asked. Caine stopped showing Caiden attention and turned his focus on the picture. He stared at it and then looked at Teresa. “Who are you? No I don’t remember that..” He told her. Zoey grabbed Caine’s free hand and held onto it trying to help him keep his composure. “I’m Teresa your….I’m your Aunt Cannan and that’s my sister who died when you were around this age. You were adopted by your parents now and I would’ve taken you, but I was trying to deal with my son Shad whose your cousin and a lot of other things been going on. I’ve met up with the social workers and tried to get you, but it was extremely hard Caine. I’m so sorry.” She stressed. Caine sat there quiet for a moment and Zoey wondered what was going on in his head. Caiden continued to sit on her dad’s lap as she numbed on her fingers. “Caine…” Zoey called. “I know this information is so sudden… I’m sorry Cannan.” Teresa chimed in. “My real dad is dead to?” Caine spoke. Teresa nodded her head and wiped her tears away. “So what’s the point of this? I mean there’s nothing that you can do… I’m a 24 year old grown man with a beautiful daughter and my future wife.” Caine wondered. “I just wanted to finally meet you it’s been a long time and I know. Me and Shad spoke about you often and wanted to always meet you, but your parents were always moving. You never stayed in one spot. When I ran into Zoey I knew I had to meet you.” Teresa said. Caine shook his head and then let his hand loose from Zoey while he passed Caiden to her and got up. “Caine where you going?” Zoey asked. Caine ignored Zoey and decided to leave. He needed to clear his mind. He respected the fact that Teresa came to meet him and everything else she presented him with, but he just didn’t know how to soak all of that in at one time. All along he thought growing up with those people was his parents. From the torture to the molestation and everything hurt Caine. In his eyes his mother looked beautiful. He would have choosen her any day before the lady that claimed to be his mom.

“I’m sorry I should go.” Teresa said. “I’m so sorry… “ Zoey pleaded. “No.. no it was my fault. You take care Zoey.” Teresa said wiping more tears. Zoey watched her leave and sighed at the sound of the door closing. Caine called Alexis but didn’t get any answer, so he went where he can only think of which was Trigga’s house. “What’s up…Caine.” Trigga said unaware as to why he was on his doorstep. “Alexis stayed here right?” He asked. “Umm she used to.” He replied. “Oh well… you got any weed?” Caine asked. “Umm…yea how much you need?” He asked. “mmmm….maybe 6 grams for now.” He told him. “Damn iight hold on.” Trigga came back and they exchanged. Caine left and drove to his favorite spot and rolled up while he sat at the top of his hood. Zoey called Caine several times and he ignored her phone calls so she decided to text him.

Zoey: I know you see me calling you

Caine: yea Ima come by and see Caiden again in a min I’m smoking right now.

Zoey read the message over and over and couldn’t do anything, but shake her head. She was slightly disappointed with what he said and didn’t want him to relapse because she thought Caine changed.

Zoey: No that’s ok…you can see her tomorrow when you’re feeling better

Caine: I’m feeling great baby 

Zoey: Caine what are you smoking?

Caine: some good s*** lol

Zoey: seriously….

Caine: Well…I broke my weed down n laced it.

Zoey: Good night

Caine: already?

Zoey: I’m ‘bout to get mad as f*** but I’m trying not to

Caine: for what?

Zoey: because you’re smoking Caine I thought you stopped a
long time ago

Caine: chill the f*** out its just some weed

Zoey: it’s just some weed? Nigga you are an ADDICT it’s not JUST weed

Caine: I’m not bout to get addicted off this s*** calm the f*** down Zoey damn this is my only time smoking

Zoey: Why are you smoking in the first place?

Caine: because I want to

Zoey: What’s wrong?

Caine: Did you know that s*** and didn’t tell me?

Zoey: No I found out today just like you baby

Caine: whateva man

Zoey: is that why you smoking? Caine I said that I’d be your
cocaine… :/

Caine: mary jane don’t have s*** to do with you

Zoey: Caine… I love you so much it hurts sometimes

Caine: lol

Zoey: You and Caiden are my world I’d die for you guys that’s how much I love you.

Caine: I love you ttooooooooooooo lol lol

Zoey: Can I ask you something?

Caine: Wat

Zoey: Will you marry me?

Caine: No lol… why the f*** would you even ask that and I’m high as f***. Don’t blow my s*** Zoey!

Zoey: I’m sorry

Zoey put her phone down and rocked Caiden to sleep. Zoey made up in her mind that Caine was the person she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. She felt stupid for asking him through text messages and wasn’t thinking at the moment. She was only listening to what her heart was telling her to do. Many minutes later, Caine continued to smoke the rest of his blunt and then hurried of to Zoey’s house to see Caiden. Caine slammed his car door and walked up to the door and banged on. Zoey jumped at the sudden noise and then looked through the peephole to see who it was. Zoey swung the door up to see a high Caine at her doorstep. “She’s sleep babe.” She informed him. “Wake her ass up ain’t it like 7?” He asked walking in. Zoey sighed and closed the door. “No it’s 10:42 Caine.” Zoey told him. Caine looked at Zoey up and down and she immediately shook her head. “No…” She informed him. Caine chuckled and looked at her. “What?” He questioned. “You looking at me up and down meaning you want something I got.” She retorted. Caine bit his lip and pulled her close. “Glad you know your dad.” He spoke in his seductive soothing voice. Zoey closed her eyes as she felt his juicy soft lips hit her neck. She tried everything in her power to not enjoy his tender kisses, but she wasn’t about to let him get her where he wanted her, so she pushed him slightly. “I said no…” She told him. Caine smacked his lips and gave Zoey a familiar look he used to give very often. “So you not gonna f*** me?” He asked. “You’re high..” Zoey went up the stairs. Caine grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him aggressively. “Caine…please” She looked at him with fear in her eyes. “Please what? Huh?” He chuckled. “Please don’t shove this d*** in your mouth or in that ass?” He questioned. Zoey stared at him and then tried to loosen his grip. “Neither…I have to work in the morning.” She truthfully stated. “And?” He moved closer to her and leaned in for a kiss. Zoey moved her face making him miss her lips, which set him off. “ZOEY!” he shouted. Zoey yanked her arm and then ran into the closet. Caine ran after her but was too late and got the door slammed on him. “I SAID NO! I HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW CAINE, GO HOME!” She shouted through the door. Caine kicked on the door with his foot “OPEN THIS f***ING DOOR ZOEY!” He yelled. “STOP BEFORE YOU WAKE CAIDEN!” Zoey grew mad. Caine banged on the door once again with his foot causing Zoey to flinch. “OPEN THE DOOR BEFORE I BREAK YO f***ING FACE ZOEY.” He threatened. Zoey swallowed hard and then decided to open the door to a mad and furious Caine.

Caine walked towards her, while Zoey stepped back in fear. Caine grabbed Zoey by her hair and dragged her out the closet. He then dragged her down the steps. Zoey got up and tried to run, but was unsuccessful. Caine punched Zoey in the mouth and watched her fall to the ground. “Don’t run… you should’ve been running from this d*** instead.” He mentioned. Zoey closed her eyes and prayed he would come back to life because in her eyes he had blacked out into the person she was afraid of witnessing again. Zoey felt sharp pains hit her stomach as Caine kicked her repeatedly. Zoey couldn’t control her emotions and started to cry hysterically. Zoey balled up on the ground trying to protect herself as much as possible as she heard Caine cry hysterically as well. She knew now that something had been eating up inside of him and he chose her to let his aggression out. “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” Caine shouted. “CAINE IT’S MEEEE!!!! IT’S ME ZOEY! THE ONE YOU LOVE PL-EA……it’s m-me” Zoey cried out. Caine stopped and took a few steps back noticing what he had done. Caine slapped himself and then knocked over a few things made at himself as Caiden began to cry loudly. “I NEED HELP!.....I NEED HELP! I f***ING NEED HELP! I THOU- I THOUGHT I CHANGED.” Caine began to cry again. Zoey didn’t know how to feel at this moment. She didn’t know whether to get a butcher knife to kill Caine or to comfort him because he was hurting. However, she regain as much strength she had left to get up and tend to her crying child. Zoey reached Caiden and put her pacifier in her mouth and began to rock her back to sleep. She looked at Caiden and began to break down as she rocked her. Was this the life she wanted for her child? Was this what she wanted her child to grow up witnessing like she did? Zoey felt horrible and didn’t know what to do anymore. She loved Caine, but tonight proved that maybe she made the biggest mistake of her life. Caine walked up the stairs and dropped to his knees. “Zo-Zoey…I need help…help me? Help me? Please?” He cried and walked toward her. “I’ll help you Caine…” Zoey cooed as she continued to cry.

2 weeks later….

Caine walked in with Zoey and sat on the couch. “I’m so happy that you guys decided to come. I’m Dr. Newman. I am a clinical psychologist and I will be more than happy to assist you guys. Now depending on how today goes you guys may need to set up separate appointments okay?” He announced. Zoey and Caine nodded their heads in agreement. “Okay so who wants to start?” She asked. Zoey and Caine stared at each other and then sighed in unison.

Chapter 27: Discoveries

Caine stayed with Zoey and Caiden for a couple of days until he felt his mind was in the right state to go back to his apartment. He left his job know that he was going through difficult times because of the loss of Shelly. They understood completely and sent their condolences out to him and the rest of Shelly’s family. Caine looked in the mirror at himself and thought about how much he was going to miss Shelly a lot. Caine put on his tie and headed out the door. “Are you still mad?” Alexis asked Trigga. “I just want you to leave..” He bluntly told her. Alexis sighed and shook her head. “I don’t understand why you acting like this is all new to you…” She retorted. “Were business partners that’s it. I’m not supposed to be bailing you out of jail every time your stupid ass gets caught. The next time the police catches you, you may not be able to get out because your record is building.” He informed. Alexis sighed and rolled her eyes. “I said I’d pay you back what about that do you not understand?” She asked. “Alexis I don’t want to be your friend, your partner, NOTHING! THAT’S IT! SO GET THE f*** OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Trigga yelled. Alexis looked at him with fire in her eyes. Alexis picked up her stuff aggressively. This wasn’t the last time she would see Trigga and she was going to make sure of that. “Don’t come crawling either..” He stated. “Whateva nigga don’t YOU come crawling back for this here pussy. Cause they always do!” Alexis slammed the door on her way out. How could Trigga kick her out? She had nowhere to go, even though it wasn’t going to be hard to find her somewhere. Caine walked into the church where Shelly’s funeral took place and sat all the way in the back. He didn’t want people watching him as if he was a murderer and the cause of Shelly's death. Even though Shelly overdosed Caine felt he was the reason. He felt like a murderer and honestly didn’t want to come to the funeral, but if he didn’t then many eyebrows would raise knowing that he was her last boyfriend. “We are all gathered here today not to mourn over Shelly’s absence, but to rejoice and celebrate the wonderful life she lived even though God called her home just a little early.” The preacher spoke. Caine felt tears forming in his eyes already and it wasn’t but two minutes into the service.

Zoey walked into Wal-mart and went straight to work. The only thing that was on her mind was Caine. He had warned her about the funeral and wanted to support him, but had to work. Caine understood and didn’t want her to call off and raise more suspicion with her being at the funeral with him. Zoey worked in the electronics department and saw a nearby employee who looked familiar as to Kiely talked about all the time. Zoey walked closer to the employee and acted as if she browsing when she really just wanted to read his name tag. “Excuse me?” Zoey called. “Sup!” The employee looked up. “Nick…would you happen to know a girl name Kiely?” Zoey questioned. Immediately Nick’s face lit up as he smiled. “Yes in fact I do.. you must be…Zoey?” He stated unsure. Zoey chuckled a little seeing he was excited. “Yes..that’s me. I’m Zoey her best friend.” Zoey introduced. Nick nodded his head “Yes I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Nick Caine’s bestfriend.” He laughed. “Oh.. yea I’ve heard a lot about you as well.” She chuckled. “That’s cool… so how did you and Caine hook up?” He wondered. “Oh I’ve been knowing Caine for a quite a while…ever since high school actually.” Zoey replied. “Oh that’s cool. He must have been your high school sweetheart.” He laughed. Zoey rolled her eyes playfully. “No I was too shy to let him know I liked him… he just made me laugh that’s all.” She blushed. “Awww… is he still doing that?” He laughed at her blushing. “Well… not lately because he’s been going through a lot. Me having the baby and then… he’s ex just passed away like some days ago.” Her smiled faded as well as Nick’s. “Damn… well I guess that explains why he hasn’t been returning my calls… Damn I hope my bro iight.” Nick learned. “Me too.” Zoey agreed. “Well… I’ll let you get back to what you were doing. It was nice meeting you.” Nick said. Zoey nodded her head and continued to work.
“Wow… didn’t think I’d run it you.” A female voice said. Zoey looked up to see her with electronics in her hand. Zoey rolled her eyes and sighed. “Are you seriously going to hate me for the rest of your life?” Lauren asked. “Why the f*** does it matter?” She asked. “Because I’m you cousin that’s why.” Lauren stated. “Well you sure don’t act like it.” Zoey spat back. “I guess I can say the same for you as well.” Lauren spat back being petty. “Look Lauren I’m not about to make to sit up here and entertain you ass when you can entertain yourself. I don’t have time for f***ing foolishness and not at my job either so you need to get with the f***ing program and bounce.” Zoey ordered. Lauren shook her head and dropped her merchandise on the counter. “Ring me up!” She demanded. “b**** I don’t have to do s*** with you talking to me like that.” Zoey refused. “Is this how you treat your customers? I mean the faster you ring my s*** up the faster I can get out your f***ing face and for you to be as “smart” I thought you would’ve thought about that. “ Lauren challenged. Zoey laughed and started to ring her stuff up. “For once you’re right… good day b****.” Zoey retorted. Lauren snatched her bag and walked off. Zoey shook her head and sighed. “Lord I know one day I have to forgive her…” She mumbled. Caine walked passed Shelly’s open casket and held his tears back. He looked at her family mourn over her and quickly looked at the floor as he walked to his seat. Throughout the rest of the service Caine couldn’t hold back his emotion especially from hearing how sad her family sounded. No one said a word to Caine not because they were mad at him, but only a few knew who he was and what part he had in Shelly’s life. Caine looked over at his old manager and bit his lips. Later that night Zoey walked in her house to see Caine sitting in the dark. She turned the lights on with Caiden in her hands and stared at Caine. “Y-ou…went back to black?” She spoke slowly. “I’m feeling dark…” Caine cooed. “I met Nick today… didn’t know that we worked at the same Wal-Mart.” Zoey tried to lighten the mood. Caine didn’t respond and looked at the ground. “Are you hungry?” Zoey asked. “No..” He murmured. Zoey sighed softly and walked over to him. “I don’t want a hug Zoey…” Caine stopped her before she could do anything. “Caiden just wants to see her dad…I know she makes you happy.” Zoey told him. Caine sighed and took Caiden in his hands and kissed her and quickly gave her back. Zoey looked at Caine and sighed. Zoey headed to the kitchen to warm up Caiden’s bottles and feed her. Once Zoey got home she didn’t have any “Me” time it was take care of Caiden time. Sometimes she wish she didn’t have a child, but them quickly had to erase those negative thoughts away while flooding them with positive ones. She knew that Caiden was brought here for a reason and she could do whatever she put her mind to.

“Ugh…I’m sick of her f***ing attitude.” Lauren screamed. “Who?” her boyfriend asked. “My cousin Zoey..” Lauren replied. “What happened this time?” He questioned. “It’s just that she still has this grudge on me because of her stupid ass boyfriend Caine.” She rolled her eyes. Lauren looked at her boyfriend start laughing and didn’t find anything amusing. “What’s so f***ing funny ass?” She rolled her eyes. Her boy continued to laughed and then shook her head. “Oh nothing…” Caine allowed himself to calm down and went upstairs and walked into the room with Zoey and Caiden. “Zoey…” He spoke softly with his soothing baritone voice. “Yes Caine?” She acknowledged him. “I’m sorry…” He apologized. “It’s okay.. I know you’re going through a hard time right now baby.” She responded. Caine smiled a little and raised his left eyebrow. “Baby huh?” He questioned. “I’m sorry… it slipped.” Zoey looked away. Caine took her chin and made her face him. “It’s alright…because I’ve missed you.” He told her. Zoey smiled and pulled his shirt. “Kiss me mothaf***a.” She demanded. Caine chuckled while looking out for Caiden who was staring at the TV in the middle of the bed. Caine pressed his lips softly against Zoey’s and eventually slipped his tongue inside of her mouth. The two of them shared an intense kiss that things almost got out of hand until Caine broke it. “That’s why Caiden is here..” Zoey chuckled. Caine looked at Zoey and then thought about what he been meaning to ask from the first time he learned she was pregnant. “Zoey… have you ever cheated on me?” He asked. “No…why would you ask that?” her smile faded. “Because…I don’t ever remember nutting inside you.” Caine spoke truthfully. Zoey sighed and rolled her eyes. “What a great conversation for two people who just reunited. Great!” Zoey got up from the bed. Caine got up and put pillows beside Caiden and went after Zoey. “Zoey I’m not trying to be an ass I love Caiden and you know it. I just want to know…How?” He wondered. “If you don’t know s*** about your d*** then you shouldn’t be f***ing.” Zoey blurted. Caine screwed his face. “Zoey… please don’t get smart if I’m not trying to argue with you…just tell me.” He insisted. “It’s called Pre-cum Caine…” She spoke slowly as if he was retarded. “You don’t have to talk to me like I’m that f***ing slow.” Caine retorted. “Well s*** Caine you acting like I’m that b**** Alexis slippin and siding everywhere. You’re the only mothaf***a I’ve f***ed okay? WE stopped using protection a long time ago Caine wake the f*** up!” Zoey mentioned. Caine sighed and shook his head. “I’m sorry for bringing it up…damn” He mumbled the curse word. Zoey rolled her eyes irritated at the fact that he did bring it up knowing that he was the father. “I just feel really offended that you asked that Caine. You’re the father and you should know that this pussy is loyal pussy unlike your community d***.” Zoey bluntly stated. Caine chuckled and shook his head. “Do I need to make you take you meds? Cause I’m not about to argue over old s***. If were gonna be together again then I need to drop the fact that I f***ed Alexis one time and never will again. I had the right to f*** Shelly all the times I did because she was mine at the time. Anything else?” He waited. Zoey rolled her eyes again and shook her head. “Caine… you know what… you win.” Zoey dropped it. Caine grabbed Zoey’s arm and pulled her into him aggressively and kissed her with a lot of intensity. “mmmm….” He moaned in her mouth while deepening it. Zoey put her hands on his chest and pushed him back a little. “Why you stop?” He asked. “Because…I don’t want to do anything right now.” Zoey told him. Caine sighed and then walked back into the room with Caiden and sat on the bed. “Caine we just had a conversation about sex and now you wanna have it?” Zoey screwed her face. Caine turned the TV on and ignored Zoey. Zoey knew Caine and rolled her eyes. He wanted his way and he was mad because he couldn’t have it at the moment. “Boys…” Zoey mumbled. Caine heard what she said and shook his head and continued to watch TV. She knew exactly what to do to get the spark going again based off an old conversation they had before.

The next morning Kiely woke up and got ready for work. She was excited to go to work so she could see Zoey. She hasn’t worked with Zoey because of Zoey’s second job and couldn’t wait. The two of them would gossip about their other co-workers and just have fun while they worked together. Throughout the night Zoey held Caine in her arms. Caine sniffed and cried in his sleep as he was taunted with the funeral replaying in his head. Zoey woke up and pecked Caine on the lips as she looked at the stain of tears on his face. Zoey checked on Caiden who slept peacefully in her crib. She then decided to go and take a shower while she had some “me” time. Kiely closed her door and looked to see this on her doorstep. She immediately started blushing and read the attached note that said Because you’re beautiful. “Babe…” Zoey shook Caine. “hmph?” He grunted as he rolled over. Zoey smiled to herself and then climbed in the bed and kissed his lips. “Caine I’m about to leave…Caiden is sleep and her food in the fridge. I’m working both jobs today.” She informed him. “mmhm.” Caine mumbled half-listening to her. Zoey got her things together and headed to work. Caine woke up an hour later due to Caiden’s crying. “Caiddeeennnn…” He whined. Caine picked took Caiden out of crib and immediately knew what was wrong. “I swear your mom was wrong for this s***.” He stated and covered his nose. Caiden continued to poke her little mouth out as she cried. Caine looked at the diaper and prepared to take it off and then noticed something and grabbed his phone and called Zoey. “Hello?” Zoey answered on the third ring. “BABY CAIDEN IS CRYING!” He said excited. Zoey screwed her face in confusion. “Okay then tend to her ass..” She remarked. Caine chuckled “No baby she has tears coming out now! And She’s following my hand.. I’m waving it across her face right now.” He continued to laugh. “Awww ughhh I wish I was there.” Zoey frowned. “Well it’s okay baby. It’s not like she walking.” He joked. Zoey cracked a smiled and nodded. “Yea well I’m pulling up at the job. So I’ll talk to you later babe.” She told him. “Babe…” Caine smiled. “Huh?” Zoey questioned. “Oh..nothing I just missed hearing that from you. Feels really good right now.” He blushed. Zoey blushed on her end “I love you..” She truthfully responded. “I love you too mwah.” Caine kissed into the phone. “Awww…tell my babe I love her too and hurry and get off the phone and stop ignoring my baby cry.” Zoey laughed. “Alright.” He said. “Mwauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Zoey kissed the phone and hung up. Caine looked at his phone “rude ass.” Caine shook his head and chuckled then kissed Caiden’s tears away. Caine took the wipes and cleaned Caiden up and put a fresh diaper on after applying the baby powder. Caine stood back and looked at Caiden’s crooked diaper and made a “yikes” expression on his face. Caine grabbed Caiden’s swing and placed her in it then took it with him to the bathroom and hopped in the shower while Caiden swung. “I’ll be your music Caiden..” He told her as he started singing while he bathed.
Trigga didn’t understand why he allowed Alexis to stick around with him. He wasn’t in a relationship with her nor friends with her anymore. She was simply a business partner who got out of control. She overstepped boundaries that she wasn’t aware of. He let her slide at many times and never discussed that he knew she was stealing from him. Trigga never wanted this type of lifestyle, but grew comfortable and stayed. His parents always wanted better for him, but as soon as Trigga hit eighteen he did what he wanted to. To this day, Trigga’s mom always worried about him. She didn’t know if he was in a corporate building or still on the streets. Trigga’s mom was really spiritual and never really like to stress much and just simply leave her problems to God. Of course she loved her child, but she also knew that there wasn’t much she could do anymore because he was grown. “Why you so damn happy?” Zoey asked Kiely. Kiely rushed to Zoey and gave her a huge hug. Zoey laughed at her actions and hugged her back. Kiely pulled back and laughed. “I missed you..” She admitted. “Aww I missed you too. Is that the only reason you happy?” She asked. “b**** no! You not the only damn friend I have.” Kiely remarked. Zoey chuckled and rolled her eyes playfully. “Don’t make today your last day at work. But, seriously I know that b****..” She added. “Nick bought me some candy and had them on my doorstep this morning.” Kiely blushed. “You really like him huh?” Zoey smiled. Kiely nodded her head quickly making Zoey laughed. “I’m happy for you Kiely and wow that’s really sweet.” Kiely side eyed Zoey for a second and then put her hands on her hips. “You got some d*** b****?” She retorted. Zoey’s mouth dropped as she gasped. “Kiely!..NO!” She chuckled. “What I’m just saying I ain’t heard from you and you glowing like f*** today.” Kiely exclaimed. “That’s because….me an- “You and CAINE GIRL?” Kiely’s eye’s widened. “Damn b**** can I finish, but yea..we’re together again.” Zoey smiled. “I hope that it really works this time Zoey…can’t keep letting him step over you and treat any kind of way.” Kiely preached. Zoey sighed because this wasn’t the first sermon she heard from Kiely. She understood Kiely looked out for her and wanted nothing but the best for her, and it was all out of love. “I know Kiely…I know” Zoey informed her. “iight now..but I know he got his s*** together because if he didn’t I’ll come and shoot his ass.” She spoke sternly. Zoey raised her eyebrows at Kiely and laughed. “You laughing but I’m serious.” Kiely repeated.

Caine walked in the park with Caiden in her stroller. He received a lot of compliments on how beautiful Caiden was and enjoyed his father and daughter time. Caine took a seat and then started researching about babies on his phone. Caine took Caiden out of her stroller and played with her. “Who’s Daddy’s girl? Who’s daddy’s pretty little girl?” He repeated while smiled. Caiden cracked her very first smile which surprised Caine for the second time today. “Ahhhh my baby smileddddd… Daddy love’s his baby.” He smiled widely and kissed her. Caine researched that it was important during the newborn stages to speak loudly in the babies ear, so they could get used to their voice. Caine held Caiden and let her looked at the beautiful environment. He sat on the bench and started to singing softly in her ear. Caiden grew calm and listened closer. She was a calm baby and was developing a loveable personality. She didn’t cry unless she needed something. Overall, Caiden was a sweet baby. “Hello?” Zoey answered her phone. “Hey Zoey..” Trigga’s voice filled the phone. “Hey Trig…” Zoey laughed. “How are things going? I would love to see you and Caiden… haven’t saw yall in a while.” He mentioned. “Awww yea I know I just been so busy working these two jobs, Hell I’m at work as we speak, but we will definitely get together.” She said. “Yea I would really enjoy that I miss you, you know?” He expressed. “I miss you too Trigga I just feel like you’ve let your feelings get in the way of our friendship, so it’s not the same. Then you don’t like Caine and Caine doesn’t like you. With that being said, He’s the father of Caiden and you wanting to spend time with the girls he loves the most might cause problems.” Zoey stated. Trigga listened closely and basically connected the dots that Zoey went back. “Oh…I see.” Trigga stated disappointed. Zoey sighed “Trigga I’ll text you what kind of schedule we’ll come up with okay?” She suggested. “Okay I’m sorry for interrupting you at work.” He apologized. “It’s okay you didn’t know.” Zoey accepted. “Talk to you later beautiful.” He said. “Okay…” Zoey hung up. Hours later Zoey walked into the house tired as hell from getting off at her second job. Caine sat in on the couch with Caiden in his hands as he fed her. “Hey baby…Caiden not sleep yet?” He asked. “Nah… she didn’t stay sleep so I’m feeding her…figured she was hungry.” He said. “Oh...ok” Zoey said walking to her room and getting settled. Caine continued to feed Caiden until she was asleep. After he burped her and then laid her in her crib,he then went back and sat on the couch. "Oops I forgot my purse" Zoey stated and walked outside. She later came back and said "Baby you like my newpurse, you can put a lot in her" Caine looked up and saw her and screwed his face as he smiled. “What’s she doing here?” He questioned. “Remember that conversation we had a long time ago about how you wanted me to spice it up for you and that you might love me more?” Zoey asked. Caine thought of the conversation him and Zoey had early in their relationship and nodded his head. “Let’s get to work…” Zoey said while taking her clothes off. Early at Wal-mart Zoey’s co-worker hit on her which gave her the idea of bringing her home. Zoey never in her life thought she’d be doing something as crazy as was about to, but wanted to make Caine happy. Caine hopped off the couch and walked slowly to the girls and grabbed Zoey by her hips and kissed her neck. “mmm..” She moaned. Amanda-Zoey’s co-worker began taking her clothes off as well. She unbuckled Caine’s pants and let them drop to the floor, but was stopped immediately. “Wait…I’m not started with you yet.” Zoey told her. Caine stopped kissing on Zoey’s neck and stepped out the rest of his clothes. Zoey and Amanda began kissing while Caine took his d*** in his hand and went to work. Amanda picked Zoey up and took her to the kitchen island and took her breast into her mouth. Amanda let her mouth work wonders while Caine walked over to Zoey and rubbed his d*** on her lips. Zoey took him in her mouth and performed Caine’s favorite tricks. She loved to watch his head go back as she usually sent him into bliss. She watched Caine bit down on his lip as he grew hard in her mouth. He missed the feeling because Zoey was a beast-just for him. Amanda spread Zoey’s legs forcefully and began licking on her clit. Zoey’s mouth vibrated on Caine’s d*** due to her moaning. “mmmm…”Caine moaned and slapped Amanda’s ass. Zoey slapped Caine’s d*** on her tongue and jacked him off while starring her in her eyes. Caine bent down and grabbed her face sending his tongue down her throat. Zoey moaned in his mouth and broke the kiss. She couldn’t control her moans because Amanda was on something with her tongue game. “YESSSSSSS…..MMMMM” Zoey cried out. Caine took his d*** in his hand and watched the two of them. “mmmm don’t run girl.. I’ve been wanting to eat this pussy up since I saw you.” Amanda talked freaky while slapping her pussy. “OOOOH f***KK….” Zoey gripped on her breast tightly.

Caine continued to watch them and began to get impatient, yet jealous. “Alright Zoey..” he mentioned. “f***KK I’M COMING!” Zoey yelled while ignoring Caine. “Dang Zoey you hogging her.” Caine retorted her and grabbed Amanda from sucking Zoey’s juices up. “You ready to feel this d*** b****?” He asked Amanda. “Yesssss….” She moaned. “Play with that pussy..” he demanded. Amanda laid on the living room floor and followed directions. Caine grabbed Zoey and laid her next to Amanda and inserted his fingers inside of her. He then moved Amanda’s hand and began devouring her. “mmmmm yessss…” Amanda moaned while grabbing his head. “mmmm” Zoey grinded on Caine’s fingers. Caine moved his tongue and fingers faster as the girls motivated him like crazy. Zoey scooted from Caine and hopped on Amanda’s face. “Ride this face b****..” She ordered. Amanda immediately started eating her again. Caine grabbed a condom and stuck it in. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Amanda moaned with Zoey’s pussy covering her lips. “Ooooh s*** this pussy feel so good.” Caine said immediately after entering. Zoey continued to ride Amanda’s face while Caine banged the f*** outta her pussy. “Ohhhhh s*** I should wife you girl f***KKKKKKKKK” Caine moaned. Zoey came all over Amanda’s face and got up and headed to the bathroom. Caine watched Zoey leave and continued f***ing Amanda. “OOOOH YESSS f*** THIS PUSSY!!” Amanda yelled. Zoey locked the bathroom door and slid down the door and felt herself about to cry. She tried to hold her tears back and couldn’t control them from falling. She turned on the shower and hopped in to refresh herself. After she got out she heard them continue to f*** and stayed in bathroom for another forty minutes. Zoey heard a knock on the door and wiped her tears and then stood up. She put the towel around her body and opened the door. “Baby what happened to you?” Caine asked. “I don’t know I had to pee.” She spoke sarcastically. Caine screwed his face and then went to her room and slammed her door.

Zoey rolled her eyes and walked out of the bathroom and headed into her room to see Caine getting dressed into some old clothes that Zoey never returned to him from their previous relationship. “Leaving?” Zoey laughed. Caine smacked his lips and finished getting dressed. “What the f*** is your issue?” He wondered. “Man you know why I’m mad Caine! You f***ed that b**** like I didn’t even matter! and then you ate her pussy too? I felt like the third wheel but it’s my fault though. I shoudn’t of brought her here” She said getting dressed. Caine laughed and shook his head while looking at Zoey, “Your right, you brought the b**** here for us to f*** her! Did u give a f*** when I was standing there and u was getting your pussy ate? No b**** you was loving every minute of it. You said WE were gonna f*** her not just you and I did include you in s***. I’m not sleeping next to someone who set themself up and wanna blame me. If you wouldn’t of brought the b**** here I wouldn’t of f***ed her. You knew the consequences before you did the s*** and I thought this s*** would make me closer to you but it’s making me dislike you cause its always something with you. If you didn't wanna do the s*** you should of said so. Damn don’t be open to the s*** and get mad.” Caine shook his head and continued, “I’m sleeping at my place I gotta work in the morning.” He finished. “I’m sorry because I wanted to try something different for you. You know why I freaked the f*** out? You told that b**** you should've wifed her. BUT FINE! leave me! I’m never doing this s*** again.” Zoey said with tears rolling down her face once again. Caine exhaled deeply becoming furious, “ZOEY WAKE THE f*** UP! WHO AM I WITH? DID I ASK FOR HER NUMBER? DID I LEAVE WITH DA b****? I WAS IN THE f***IN MOMENT, IT WAS ALL SEX THATS IT! I MEANT NONE OF DAT BULLs***. I’m about to go man I’m not about to sit here and argue with your dumbass and watch your overly sensitive ass cry like you always f***ing do. Them tears don’t ever mean s*** to me you should know that by now.” Caine roared. Zoey nodded her head while wiping her tears. “Okay Caine you’re right. I should know by now... I can’t help that I get caught up in my feelings. Do you think I like being this way? I hate being bipolar, but okay Caine.” Zoey replied walking off. “Yea and like you told me your condition aint no damn excuse so f*** that and you” Caine said leaving the room and then heading out the house. Caine got into his car and then drove to his home. Zoey replayed in her mind what Caine said before he left and sent him a picture message of her cutting her wrist.

Zoey: f*** me?? I guess it’s over huh? well fine. You can’t hurt me more than I wanna hurt myself.

Caine looked at the message over and over and shook his head then texted back.

Caine: why the f*** you so quick to end s*** every time we argue?, we’re gonna argue sometimes Zoey damn!! SMH.

Caine had enough of her for one night and turned off his phone and then got into the shower. Once he hopped out he heard his doorbell and sighed. He knew it was Zoey and quickly put on some fresh briefs and shorts than answered the door. “T-take her for the night” Zoey stuttered while holding her stomach. Caine screwed his face “What the f*** Zoey?” He questioned her while taking Caiden. “Caine just take her for the night.... I’m having a severe episode... I would've ended up hurting myself anyway... it’s not your fault. Only for tonight... I’ll find her a daycare tomorrow.” Zoey told him. Even though Caine’s deliverance showed he was mean, Zoey knew he felt bad. He didn’t like seeing people he cared about hurt. Caine shook his head “Whateva man..” He retorted. Zoey dropped to her knees and cried. “Cannan I’m going to get help. Ima call a psychiatrist and make an appointment. I’m so sorry for putting you through my bulls***. You don’t deserve this I’m even sorrier for Caiden to see me like this. I’m going to the hospital I’ll be back tomorrow to get her.” Zoey said while leaving. Caine watched Zoey walked to her car and sighed. It was something about this woman that he couldn’t get enough of. He wanted the best for their relationship and hoped that this wasn’t the start of the same script with the same cast. Whenever he had mixed feeling he would call Nick and talk to him. “Come through..” Caine said while on the phone with Nick. “IIght.” He said. Nick eventually came over and made himself comfortable. “What’s up?” He asked. “Me and Zoey…” He said. “Before you start… I’m sorry about you lost. I didn’t know Shelly passed.” Nick said. “Yea.. I’m sorry for being distant.” He expressed. “Oh bruh you know you straight man I’m yo nigga and I’m here for you at times like this, so if you confused on what to do you can always come to me bruh that’s what best friends are for.” Nick encouraged. Caine nodded his head and began sharing his feelings about everything that just happened and how he still loved Shelly. “She’s gone…you have to let it go.” Nick told him while holding Caiden. Caine buried his face in his hands “I know.. it just feels like yesterday….I was just with her and now I’m with Zoey I jus--….” Caine stopped himself and sighed. “You don’t think that Zoey is a rebound though do you?” Nick mentioned. Caine shook his head “I always loved Zoey…then when we split I thought that we were done for good, so I didn’t want to miss out on love again. I found Shelly and heard Zoey found someone else and…fell in love. I just feel so bad because she ended her life….over then Zoey trying to do all these experiments and s*** then get mad. I’m thinking to myself is going back a good idea? Is she who I really want to spend the rest of my life with? Can I even see myself marrying this girl? I just… a nigga just don’t know what to do at times. Sometimes I wanna scream…cry…kill….hurt myself…even take it out on Caiden.” He confessed. “Wait…What the f*** you mean take it out on Caiden.” Nick asked. Caine laughed and shrugged his shoulders as his mind started flooding with thoughts of Shelly and Zoey. “I don’t know bruh….I’m not that tight upstairs….need to roll up.” He laughed. Nick looked at him and shook his head. “It’s okay to cry real niggas cry. Don’t hold back your emotions bruh and I’ma pretend you didn’t say some of the s*** you said JUST because you said you wasn’t right upstairs sometimes. It’s all going to be okay…Let go and let God bruh.” Nick informed. Caine chuckled and shook his head. “He still hates me..” He mumbled.

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ughhh caine! why?? like why cant u and zoey just work out? like for the stake of ur baby and because u guys LOVE each other! ya'll just have an interesting type of love! i hope they can get back the love
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as for alexis ughh can u be next to die or something cuz u are doing the most nasty thirsty ass trick u are dismissed. -_-
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took me a week to read all this .. zoey needs to get off her feelings and focus on caiden . honestly , trigga isn't the best , but i think he can try for zoey . he was willing to step up to the plate as a father before caine so i think he deserves a chance . zoey needs to get over cannan and move on . he's not interested anymore . just let him be a father and move the fck on . he loves someone else so time to look for someone else . jeeeeez .

I was hoping Shelly and Caine stayed together and that Zoey had moved on because they were better off apart and with other people...Shelly brought out the best in Caine and Zoey was doing great by herself, but I know with Keily and Nick there for them I'm sure they'll make it work as FRIENDS and parents for Caiden...I don't want them back together because they are too dangerous for one another...Then again Zoey is way better since she's met Keily and I'm so happy she have found God! That and her having Caiden have got to be the best parts in this story not to mention her having Keily as a bestfriend

lol damn u said a lot but i appreciate ur comment! I can understand your straight forwardness when it comes to caine lol trust me!

OK. I am done. WOW. MY MIND IS BOGGLED. That was really exciting and emotional except I do not understand why Zoe and Caine cannot just have a normal relationship. I thought Zoe was now a Christian and Caine had cleaned up his act. Is he saying he only wanted Zoe because he had Shelly if that is the case then that is just f***ed up. I mean my girl obviously does not stand a chance because it was bad enough for her trying to compete with a living Shelley, how in hell she supposed to compete with a dead one. I mean what did Shelley have that Zoe doesn't and really as bipolar as Zoe might be she works hard has good jobs to provide for her baby. She self supports and has been there left right and centre for her baby. She has sacrificed self pride just trying to make Caine comfortable and even lost a job, house got abducted and raped because of him. Even when she was understandably envious of Shelley she still gave Caine the room to be with his girlfriend with no presure from her how many women can even do that in reality it is just not in our nature and yet she did. Then he decides to leave Shelley without even asking Zoe if she still wants his ass back and now it is yet again somehow Zoe's fault that Caine is a sorry excuse of a human being. I think at this point Caine can just crawl back to his coke and die and leave Zoe and their baby alone cos his f***ing with her mind and mine too and he definitely does not deserve to be a father unappreciative prick. HE IS TAKING THE PISS HE CAN BE STRAIGHT AND LOVING FOR A b**** BUT HE CANNOT BRING HIMSELF TO DO IT FOR HIS BABY never mind be reasonable to his baby momma even if he don't want her. f*** THAT! Zoe just needs to cut her losses and leave...go somewher he can't find her or just let him leave and change all the locks or just tell him he not the father..blame Ty I am sure he would be more than willing to go along...whatever I am sick of Caine's 'pretending to be mentally unstable' ass. LMAO RUNNN ITTTT GIRL

whoohooo! i have not even read it yet but thanks for the update will comment after reading...thanks and immma say it now..RUNN ITTT LOL

Chapter 26: Vemon..

That night Zoey felt beyond depressed. She wondered how Caine could be so in love with Shelly when they haven’t been dating that long. She hated the fact that if he was really in love with her then it wasn’t fair. She waited a long time for Caine to even say those three words every girl wants to hear even if they weren’t true. Zoey and Kiely talked all night about the text messages and Kiely though it would only be a matter of time when Caine came to his senses and come running back. Zoey insisted that he was never coming back because of Shelly. Weeks passed and Caine and Zoey haven’t spoken to each other. Caine was having a hard time trying to maintain his job at being a good boyfriend to Shelly. “So you’re not going to accept my apology from weeks ago? You’re still mad Shelly? Like seriously?” He asked her. “Caine I’ve already forgiven you.” She spoke softly. “Then what’s wrong? You never told me…” He screwed his face. “I just didn’t like the way you yelled at me when all I wanted to say was good night. If you and her having yall problems then I understand because you have a child with her, but you shouldn’t take that out on me.” Shelly mentioned. “She disrespected you and I wasn’t having that….and plus she still in love with me Shelly okay? Just so you know.” He confessed. Shelly giggled and continued to make breakfast. “What’s funny?” Caine looked confused. “Nothing…I just knew I’d hear that one day.” She truthfully responded. “Well… I hope you can trust me when I’m around her because I love you.” Caine looked in her eyes. Shelly looked at Caine and nodded her head “I know you love me Caine…” She said turning her focus back on the food. Caine wrapped his arms around Shelly and hugged her tightly.

The weekend rolled around and Caine stood outside of Zoey’s apartment waiting for her to answer the door. “Damn girl…hurry up!” Caine spoke to himself. Zoey finally opened the door and looked at Caine as if she was confused as to why he was here. “Do you have Caiden’s things?” He asked. “No…” Zoey looked at him with a blank expression. Caine smacked his lips and looked away for a second then at Zoey. “Why not Zoey?” He questioned. “Come in.” She invited. Caine sighed and walked into Zoey’s apartment and stood at the door. “Can you have a seat?” She asked. Caine walked to the couch and sat down. “What’s up?” He questioned. Zoey took a deep breath and exhaled. “I decided to think about everything throughout the past weeks we haven’t spoken. Caine…this has to come to end because we have Caiden in the world now. We have to be mature parents, so that her upbringing won’t be like how we endured throughout our childhoods…do you understand that?” She stated seriously. Caine looked at her as he took in everything she said and nodded his head. “I want us to be great parents to Caiden and we fighting and bickering at each other won’t help us raise Caiden right. I wanted you to come in here and talk to me, so that we can have a conversation on compromising.” Zoey mentioned. “Can I say something?” Caine chimed in. Zoey looked at him and waited for him to stay speaking. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for coming at you the way that I did a few weeks back and it wasn’t right. I’ve thought about it and I won’t stop coming around just because we get into it.” He said. Zoey nodded her head “Caine…I’m not going to lie to you. If I didn’t love you…still. Then the fights probably would’ve never occurred. I do love you and I am jealous like you pointed out in the arguments we had. However, I’ve come to the conclusion to put my feelings aside and just accept the fact that you and I will never….happen again.” She cooed. Caine stared at Zoey for a while “We can be friends right?” He asked. Zoey chuckled a little “I don’t know about that yet Caine…because when you love someone you just can’t be their friend. Let’s just focus on being great parents for Caiden for right now.” She suggested. “Okay…I’ll respect your decisions on when to bring her home and stuff from now on.” Caine compromised. “Thank you Caine that’s all I want.” Zoey got up and walked upstairs. Zoey gathered Caiden along with her things and walked downstairs.

A month passed and Shelly and Caine seemed distant from each other. The more time he spent with Zoey and Caiden the more he lost connection with Shelly. Shelly felt the distance between her and Caine, but compromised because he knew she had to be supportive of his baby. She didn’t like the fact that he spent time with Zoey and Caiden, but put up with it because that was he’s baby’s mother. After he warned her about Zoey still being in love with him put her in an awkward position. She trusted Caine, but she didn’t trust Zoey. She also noticed changes in their relationship that used to take place. There were no more flowers, no more good morning texts, sometimes Caine forgot to tell her he loved her. He seemed as if he’s life grew busy out of the blue and never had time for anything. Shelly knew deep down inside what her gut was telling her, but she didn’t want to believe it.
“You’re not gonna eat?” Caine asked while sitting across the table from waffle house. “Yeah.. I ‘m gonna order.” Shelly smiled. She was so happy to be in his presence. It’s been a week since she seen him or talked to him. She secretly held in her excitement as she looked at the menu. “How you been?” He asked her. “I’ve been…. Okay I guess.” Shelly stated while staring at the menu. Caine nodded his head and ordered his food followed by Shelly doing the same. The two of them chit chatted as they ate their food and caught up. “Caine… I miss you.” Shelly confessed. Caine laughed and continued eating. “It’s only been a week.” He reminded her. “A week?” She chuckled at his response. “You’re laughing like that’s okay to go without talking or seeing your girl.” She continued. Caine’s smiled faded as he grew silent and continued to eat. “Hello?” Shelly grew irritated. Caine wanted to share something on his heart but didn’t quite know how to come off. “Caine…I’m starting to worry about this relationship.” Shelly retorted with no hesitation. “Me too…” Caine cooed. Shelly shot him a glare and stopped eating. Caine sighed and took her hands. “Shelly….I love you I really do and it’s not you at all. You’ve been such an amazing girlfriend to me and you know exactly what to do to make me smile.” Caine expressed. Shelly’s eyes watered as he spoke. What hurt her most was the past tense he used. “But, I’ve been thinking and I’m…..My feelings have grown for Zoey again and…. I do-. “Caine…. Follow your heart.” Shelly stopped and cut him off then put some money on the table and left. “SHELLY WAIT!” Caine called catching the nearby customer’s attention. Shelly wiped her tears, hopped in her car, and quickly sped off. She knew that this day was coming soon. She knew that it had to be someone else who had is attention because it was clear that she didn’t have his anymore. She tried thinking about where she went wrong and what she could’ve done to be a better girlfriend. Even though Caine said she was a wonderful girlfriend, Shelly knew she had to go wrong somewhere because she wasn’t able to keep him.

Kiely sat on Nick’s floor as he told her stories about him and Caine. The two of them had a relationship like brothers. Nick grew love for Caine and it was vice versa for him. <cite>Caine sat on the couch whooping Nick in 2k12. Caine was on the heat while Nick was a Celtics fan. Caine tried to explain to Nick repeatedly that he wasn’t going to win, but Nick had faith. “Bruh you cheating like f***.” Nick laughed. “No I’m not you just suck ass nigga plain and simple.” Caine chuckled. “So how you and Shelly?” Nick asked while laughing at his last response. “Were iight I guess..” Caine continued to play. “What the hell you mean you guess nigga?” Nick asked him while focusing on the game. Caine continued to play and ignored his question until Nick decided to pause the game. “What the f*** bruh?” Caine screwed his face. “Calm your ass down I’m beating your ass anyway, but what you mean you guess bruh that’s your girl.” Nick mentioned. Caine shrugged his shoulders “Things aren’t the way they used to be.” He retorted. “Why aren’t they?” Nick wondered. “I just don’t have time like that, I got transferred to a different foot locker, so were not working at the same one anymore and then I have a child now nigga I can’t have the life I used to have without Zoey being in it.” He explained. “I understand you being a father, but you just gotta balance it out. How she taking it?” He asked. “She understands her place.” Caine said. Nick looked at Caine and then shrugged his shoulders. “I guess then nigga. All I know is that me and Kiely are getting really close.” He told him. “Really how?” Caine questioned.</cite>

<cite>Nick and Kiely rode in silence until he pulled up to a nearby restaurant. The two them sat at a table for two and ordered after looking at the menus for a while. Nick adored Kiely and her persona. It was something about her that was so different from any other girl he ever dated. “You’re so beautiful Kiely.” Nick complimented. Kiely blushed and started to eat her food. She never said thank you, but it was only because she was so nervous she didn’t talk much. “Can I ask you something?” Nick questioned. Kiely nodded her head making Nick laugh. “Alright but this time you have to speak, but can you see yourself with me anytime soon. We’ve been getting to know each other for some time and I just wanted to know do you see if going beyond the friendship level?” He inquired. “Yes… I do” Kiely smiled sheepishly. Nick nodded his head and smiled. </cite> “You and Caine are a fool and I remember that night….one of my favorites.” Kiely smiled. Nick hugged her from behind while kissing her neck. “I’m glad beautiful…many more to come.” He cooed in her ear. Kiely felt her heart warm and was thankful for God sending her a beautiful man. She firmly believed in the quote “Great things come to those who wait” because sometimes instead of searching for love you had to let it find you. She never thought that she’d find someone as special as Nick. They were only dating for a month now, but through her time of getting to know, he let her know that he was special. She was realistic with herself and didn’t claim him to be the one so soon, but she knew he would definitely make her smile.

Zoey stared at her ceiling while Caine stared out at the view on the Mountain. He felt depressed and didn’t know what to do. Caine called Shelly seven times and all of those times went to the voicemail. Caine sat on the hood of his car and threw rocks off the mountain while he let his mind wonder. <cite>“Cannan…I want to make this toast to you letting you know that you’re my baby and I love you. I know some people may thing that we haven’t been through anything to be so “in love”, but babe that’s why we’re in a relationship and not with everyone else in our business. You make me smile and you make me so happy to be yours. I never want to lose you.” Shelly made a toast. Caine smiled at Shelly make her toast at her Charity Event. One thing about Shelly was that she loved to give back to the community as much as possible. “Baby that was amazing…I love you too and trust me I’m not going anywhere.” Caine pecked her lips.</cite> Nine months later *remember he started dating shelly 3 mo. Into Zoey’s pregnancy. They were together when she gave birth so that’s 6 and I just made time pass by “weeks” and then “a month” so I could add some length to their relationship so its nine all together just so no one gets confused* Caine stared at the Mountain View wondering if he made the right choice. Zoey felt a bad vibe and decided to call Caine. Caine looked at his phone and decided to press ignore. Now, he didn’t want to talk to anyone.
The next day seemed slow for everyone. Lauren came down with a cold while Ty experienced a hangover in his bed. Kiely and Nick were too comfortable in each other’s arms to get up. Caine depressed tendencies made him slow, as he got ready for work. Zoey didn’t have a lot of sleep due to Caiden crying in the middle of the night. “Shhh… it’s okay Caiden.” She cried more. Caiden cried more then she usually did last night, which threw an alarm at Zoey. “What’s wrong with my baby?” Zoey spoke to Caiden. Zoey got Caiden’s pacifier, put it in her mouth, and then took her to the neighbor while she headed to work. Caine couldn’t get his mind off of Shelly and couldn’t wait until he was off. Shelly rolled over, looked at the clock, and saw she was late for work. She got up, walked into her bathroom, and took a long bath as she blasted music in her house. Tears streamed down her face as she tried her best to relax her mind and body. After Caine got off work he tried calling Shelly again with no answer. Caine pulled up to Shelly’s house and knocked on her door as he heard loud music coming from inside. Shelly didn’t respond which bother Caine as he stood outside for ten minutes. Caine took a spare key from a flower pot and opened the door. “Shelly…” Caine called out. Caine looked around the house and didn’t see her. Caine walked into Shelly’s room and saw her on the bed. “Shelly…” He shrugged her to wake her up. Caine heard something dropped on the floor and saw pills and immediately started crying. “…. Shelly…please baby wake up.” He shrugged her some more. He looked at her hand and saw that she “I’m sorry” inside of her palm. Caine bit his lip as tears flooded his face. He picked Shelly up, threw her over his shoulder, and rushed to the hospital. He didn’t know what to think and couldn’t express the pain he was experiencing right now. Caine walked into the hospital with a lifeless Shelly in his arms. The doctors and nurses took her immediately while Caine cried. He was bombarded with questions by the security on duty. Caine could only tell them what he knew which was finding Shelly in her home. He had no idea if he was the cause of her death or not even though he took all the blame. The doctor’s came back to Caine and informed him with bad news. Depressed at the report, Caine walked out of the hospital with no expression on his face. He got into his car and drove to his apartment. Caine hurried in and slammed his door aggressively. He immediately started knocking things over going on a rampage. Caine continued to trash his home and then took a knife and walked into the bathroom. He ripped his shirt and craved the word “hate” on his stomach. That’s exactly how he felt right now. He hated his life and didn’t know what to do. Someone ended their life because of him was the worst feeling ever. He was guilty and knew her parents weren’t going to be happy. Shelly overdosed on her anxiety pills and died shortly after taking them. Caine sat on the couch and rocked back and forth. He took his hands, ripped some of his hair out, and knew he was only seconds before going crazy and thought about ending his own life.

Caine got into his car and sped to Zoey’s house. Zoey heard banging on the door and opened it to see a wheeping Caine. “CAINE WHAT’S WRONG?” Zoey spoke in a concerned tone. “Zoey I’m about to go crazy…p-ple-please help me.” Caine cried. Zoey pulled him inside and shut the door. Luckily, Caiden was still over the neighbor’s house. Caine took a seat after Zoey on the couch and continued to cry. Zoey stared at him for a while and then saw the blood stains on Caine’s shirt. “Ca-Caine…Is that blood?” Zoey asked while swallowing hard. Caine ignored Zoey and continued crying more and more. “Let me take you to the hospital.” She offered. Caine shook his head no. “But you’re bleeding Caine.” Zoey insisted. “NO!” Caine shouted. Zoey jumped at the sound of his voice. She sat there and then quickly got up to get a first aid kit. She came back and made Caine sit back. Zoey saw the word “hate” craved in his stomach and almost passed out. She collected herself and treated him to the best of her ability even though she knew he had to go to the hospital eventually for his wounds. “Zoey my apartment is f***ed up can I stay here for a couple of days?" Caine asked. "You can stay here as long as you want I’m here if u wanna talk" Zoey offered. Caine screwed his face and shook it while murmuring “Shhh.” “Huh?” Zoey stated confused. “Not you…the voices in my head.” Caine told her. Zoey sighed and then got on her knees. “Let’s pray Caine..” She suggested. Caine shook his head telling her that he knew it wouldn’t work. Zoey then started to pray anyway while the voices in Caine’s head grew louder. “AHHHHH make em go away" He cried out. Zoey started to pray louder which mad the voices in Caine’s head more upset. Zoey felt her body hit the ground as she opened her eyes to see that Caine had pushed her."I told u NOT to pray” He sternly spoke while grabbing her and banging her into a wall.

Zoey looked at him with fear in her eyes and apologized immediately. “UGH YOU’RE SO f***ING STUPID MAYBE IF I DIDN’T CARE SO f***ING MUCH THIS WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING!” He yelled. “What happened?” Zoey cooed. Caine exhaled deeply and confessed, “She’s dead.” Zoey was taken aback by what he said and swallowed hard. Caine sat on the couch again as Zoey followed him than began to run his back. “Let it all out….come on silence doesn’t heal anything.” Zoey encouraged. “How did she die?” She continued. “Because of me Zoey…Because of me!” Caine admitted. “Oh, so you killed her?” Zoey asked. Caine shot a glare at Zoey and reached for her neck as he began choking her. “I DIDN’T KILL HER YOU STUPID b****!” He yelled. “Oh so you’re not a m-urd-erer okay!” Zoey managed to say. Caine let go of his grip and headed toward the door. Zoey got up and sighed heavily and said “Nothing was accomplished today…I need a damn drink.” She talked to herself. Caine who hadn’t gotten far, turned around and her mouth while banging her on the wall outside her apartment. "Shut the f*** up okay? You want me to f***ing speak? ill f***ing speak!. First you’re pissing me the f*** off I came here so you could help me , comfort me, a shoulder to cry on. Why the f*** would you pressure me to talk about a death that happened today? If I died right now would u want your cousin to pressure you to talk about it at the moment? NO b**** offer me a drink or something to eat, make me feel better the f***? and then u asked me if I killed her?” Caine started tearing. “What kind of question is that Zoey ? Are you not thinking? If I wanted to talk then I would have after sleeping! You’re not making me feel any better by forcing me to talk with ignorant ass questions. You’re should be more understanding and put yourself in my shoes and gave me time DAMN! She overdosed on medicine the last time I saw her was when she told me to follow my heart. It was the same day I told her I wasn't in love with but I was in love with u. That’s the last time I saw or talked to her. I wanted to see what was up and then that’s when I found her in her apartment. THATS IT! Because of me! She wanted to die Okay? Great!." Caine continued and walked off and got into his car. Zoey nodded her head and ran to Caine’s car window "I apologize for hounding you with questions,. I should've let it go, but I didn't and IM sorry” Zoey sighed and shook her head while Caine drove off. Zoey watched Caine leave and then slammed apartment door after making it back inside. “You’re so stupid" She spoke to herself.

Caine sped in his car and shook his head "Stupid b**** don’t care about me and I lost someone over her ass and this how she treat me?” He spoke to himself. Caine drove to the Mountain View and attempted to kill himself, but fear held him back. Zoey went on a rampage as her Bipolar episode grew more severe. “What the f*** did you do now?” Trigga asked Alexis while walking in the door. “I got caught with weed okay?” Alexis retorted. Trigga shook his head at Alexis and went to her room and started packing her s*** for her. “What the f*** are you doing?” Alexis followed him and noticed what he was doing. “I’m pack your s*** what does it look like?” He sarcastically spat back. “Put my s*** down Trigga I’m not leaving.” Alexis warned him. “Yes you are this is my third time bailing you out and I can’t f***ing afford to keep doing this for your stupid ass.” He snapped. Alexis unzipped his pants and immediately took his d*** in her mouth. This is what usually changed his mind. Caine thought about Caiden and how much he knew she needed him and went back to Zoey house and banged on the door. Zoey jumped at the sound of the loud banging and tried to clean up as much of her damaged she caused. At this point Caine felt she was the only one who loved him. “Yes?” Zoey asked opening the door quickly. “Where’s Caiden?” Caine asked. “She’s with the neighbor why?” She questioned. “Go get her.” Caine ordered. Zoey left and went to get Caiden and came back momentarily. Caine took Caiden in his hands and started to walk off until Zoey spoke up “Wait! where u taking her?" she questioned. “Don’t worry about it worry about yourself like your good at" Caine spat back. “Wait…no what are you talking about Caine?” Zoey grabbed Caiden from his arms. “I MUST worry because she’s my child too and I been taking damn good care of her without any f***ing assistance. Don’t question my parenting skills because I love my child!” Zoey retorted. "Did I say anything about u being a bad mother? what the f*** did I see in you cause I swear you dumb as f***! and don't make it seem as if I dont take care of her when I can now give her back" Caine sternly spoke. Zoey shook her head as tears fell down her eyes. “No what the f*** did I see in you! You always treated me like s***, but I rose above that bulls***. You didn't have to say I was a f***ing bad mother. You insinuated it when you said I don’t worry about nobody but myself. I’m sorry I’m not a know-it-all or as smart as you want me to be. But don’t talk to me like that" Zoey ordered. Caine bit his lip and couldn’t control his anger any longer. “I BEEN TREATING YOU WITH RESPECT EVER SINCE YOU GAVE BIRTH TO HER WHAT THE f*** ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? CAINT YOU SEE IM GOING THROUGH A LOT OF s*** THAT YOU HAVE A PART IN? YOU THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU APOLOGIZED EARLIER THAT IM NOT GONNA STILL FEEL f***ED UP?” Caine yelled and then chuckled. He shook his head and continued. “Wow... I wish I would of felt this way before she killed herself because iI basically was giving up that s*** for you and now your showing me that I should of kept her and now she gone! I’m gone Zoey you wanna take all the credit with everything so enjoy taking care of Caiden like you been doing since you been doing a "damn good job" Caine expressed. “CAINE ITS MY FAULT OKAY? KILL ME THEN! I’m sorry this happened! you don’t know s***! this is the second time somebody died because of me. I’m f***ing sorry I can’t be your support system when I’m struggling mentally my f***ing self. Carry it over my head until I die. But right now let me finally grow up.” Zoey as she broke down crying. Caine shook his head at her “Goodbye Zoey I thought you loved me like I do you but it’s all cool, all this s*** cool I’m going back to the life I use to have tell Caiden I’m sorry.” Caine announced. Zoey shook her head and wiped majority of her tears. “I DO love you.... I’m just having a hard time showing it right now... Caine I wanna help you, but you wanna walk out and say f*** everything and I’m not telling Caiden s*** because if you going back to that life then she don’t need to know you! but f*** my feelings Caine! It’s not about me! I wanna be here for you. Don't leave me... Let me comfort you , and try to console you…..please.” Zoey stressed. Caine bit down on his lip as tears rolled down his face. “Tell me you'll be it.....cause I need it” He cooed. Zoey grabbed Caine’s face and stared him in the eyes. “I’ll be your cocaine…” She cooed as well. Caine chuckled a little as he cracked a smile. Zoey closed her eyes and kissed his tears away softly as Caine closed his eyes as well. He missed her touch and the softness of her lips. Zoey pulled away and looked at Caine with intensity in her eyes. Caine stared back and pulled her into him and kissed her passionately.

sorry i forgot to italicize the tattoo visit that Caine and Zoey got too. Please note that it's a flashback sorry

Chapter 25: Beneath it all...

Zoey woke up to Caiden crying. She looked over at Caine snoring extremely loud and smiled to herself as she reminisced on the memories. Caine rolled over at the sound of Caiden and continued snoring. Zoey got up and picked Caiden up to change her diaper. Caiden didn’t like to get her diaper changed and continued to cry causing Caine to wake up as he rubbed his eyes, and sat up. Zoey grabbed Caiden and went to throw her diaper away then came back. Caine looked at Caidein and smiled “Can I see her?” He asked. Zoey chuckled a little and then sat down with Caiden on the bed. Caine scooted to the end of the bed and grabbed Caiden out her hands. “Hey daddy’s girl.” He said while kissing her cheeks. Zoey admired Caine and Caiden’s relationship. She had been praying that even if they didn’t get back together that he’d still be an amazing father. “Is there anything you want me to do or get?” Caine asked. Zoey shook her head “No…” she replied. “You sure?” Caine asked. Zoey nodded her head and went to the kitchen to make Caiden a bottle. Caine followed Zoey to the kitchen and rocked Caiden on his shoulder. “You never answered me.” Caine stated. “I did..” Zoey shook up her bottle. “I asked were you sure.” He repeated. Zoey nodded her head and reached for Caiden. “I said yea..” she spat. “Oh..what?” He looked confused. “I need to feed her. “She told him. “Well I’m about to leave so let me feed her and I’ll give her back.” Caine informed. Zoey gave him the bottle and took advantage of the time she had to herself and went and showered. Zoey closed her eyes in relief of how warm the water felt. Caine sat down on the couch and fed Caiden. Caine smiled as he watched Caine’s eyes flutter open and close slowly as she drank her bottle. He admired her little jaws moving and still couldn’t believe he was a dad. “You’re so beautiful Caiden…” He kissed her cheek. Shelly woke up with Caine on her mind. She got up and got ready for work. Miles away Kiely woke up and did the same. Zoey got up the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She quickly went downstairs and saw Caine feeding Caiden on the couch. “Hey can you make sure you burp her?” She asked. Caine looked up at Zoey noticing her wet skin and cleared his throat then looked down at Caiden who fallen asleep. Caine took the bottle out of her mouth and signaled Zoey to take it. Zoey took the bottle and then left. Caine walked upstairs in Zoey’s room unaware that she might be drying and quickly closed the door. Zoey quickly put the towel back around her body and opened the door. “I’m so sorry..” Caine spoke quickly. “What did you need?” She asked. “Her bib to put on my shoulder.” He stated. Zoey went and rumbled through Caiden’s baby bag and got a bib for Caine and handed it to him. Caine took the bib, put it on his shoulder, and started to pat Caiden on her back lightly. Shortly, Caiden burped as she slept on her dad’s shoulder. “Good girllll.” Caine grinned widely. “I’ll take her now…don’t want anyone getting mad you’re over here.” Zoey said grabbing Caiden from his arms. Caine chuckled at her “I’m grown as f*** Zoey.” He mentioned. Zoey chuckled a little and looked him. “Yea… sorry. Your nose still hurt?” She questioned. Caine nodded his head and laughed “Hell yea. But, I’ll talk to you later I’m about to go.” He stated. Zoey nodded her head. Caine gave Caiden a kiss and left while Zoey watched and wished he would have gave her one, but of course that wouldn’t happen.

Time went on as Shelly sat at work bored out of her mind. Caine went home and freshened himself up. He thought about how much fun he had with Zoey last night and smiled to himself. He then looked at his nose ring in the mirror and laughed at himself. *flashback are now going to be in italics from now on so you guys will know * ”Come on Caine..” Zoey laughed. Caine smacked his lips and continued driving to the nearest tattoo & piercing shop. “I don’t know man I’m kinda scared.” He admitted. “You? Scared? I’ve always known you to not be afraid of anything.” Zoey chuckled. “Really?” he laughed. “Well…except for letting me love you…” Zoey cooed. Caine heard her comment, cleared his throat, and started to sing along with the radio. Zoey and Caine walked in the tattoo shop with Caiden and were the only one’s there. “May we help you?” One of the employees questioned. “I…” Caine sighed. “I want a nose ring.” Caine spoke up. The employee laughed “You sure?” he asked. “Yea man..” Caine laughed. “It’s a dare or he’ll be letting me ride his face tonight, but he has a girl so he can’t let that happen.” Zoey interjected and winked her eye. Caine dropped his mouth and quickly closed it and shook his head laughing. “It’s going to pinch and that’s it. “ He warned Caine. “iight.” Caine responded. The employee cleansed the nose ring and sterilized it. He also rubbed rubbing alcholh over Caine’s nose. “One… “WAIT…” Caine started laughed. “Come on Caine stop being a pussy before I climb over there and kick you in the nuts.” Zoey laughed. Caine laughed more and tried to collect himself. “You can’t be over there making faces at me though Zoey.” He sighed trying to regain his breath. “Iight iight I’ll stop.” Zoey agreed.. Caine chuckled again and brushed his teeth. Today was his off day and decided to surprise Shelly at her job with lunch. “So how the f*** did he even know that you were at the hospital?” Kiely asked Zoey. Zoey shook her head and prepared to open for lunch hours. “I don’t know man that nigga Ty.” She laughed. “That nigga is crazy, but I don’t know he just needs Jesus.” She inquired. Kiely laughed and shook her head “Hell yea he need Jesus. Anyway have you heard from him since then?” She wondered. Zoey shook her head “NOPE! Thank God.” “I can take the next person in line.” Shelly called. She saw Caine walk up and rolled her eyes playfully as she watched him cheese. “What you doing here silly?” She smiled. “I was missing my baby…”He smiled more. “I miss y- babe that’s a nose ring?” She noticed. Caine chuckled and nodded his head. “You like it?” Shelly smiled wider and nodded her head. “I f***ing love it” She whispered the curse word. Caine chuckled more “baby when you getting off? I miss youuu.” “I’ll come to your house when I get off, but 5 you know when the bank closes silly.” She stated. Caine heard people clearing their throats as he held up a line. “Babe go..I’ll text you.” Shelly laughed. “I love you baby.” He blew her a kiss and waved. “I love you more.” She spoke while catching his kiss. Caine got in his car and texted Zoey.

Caine: hey… I just found out I was off today, so I’m gonna go and get Caiden from your neighbor.

Zoey: Where are you taking her after that?

Caine: Zoey! I am her dad you know

Zoey looked at the message and sighed. “What’s wrong?” Kiely asked. “Caine wants to get Caiden from the neighbor.” She responded. “Ohhhhkay and what’s wrong with that?” Kiey retorted. “I just don’t want him doing anything with Shelly in front of Caiden I’m her mom and I don’t want her to be mistaking these other b****es as her mom.” She truthfully stated. Kiely sighed “I understand how you feel, but this is where you have to try to trust Caine. He’s OBVIOUSLY changed in a way from the person you used to know because the Caine you described to me would have been begging you for a DNA test after two months. “ She mentioned. Zoey couldn’t deny that Caine has changed from what she’s witnessed so far and was a great father.

Zoey: sorry…just have her home by 9 please

Caine: alright.

“So…I have a date with Nick I’m so nervous.” Kiely informed Zoey. “Nick?” She questioned. “The boy I’ve been talking to you about. Caine’s best friend.” She chimed in. “Oh…I never knew he had a male friend me and Caine talked last night for like the first time since we’ve broken up. Everything has been strictly about Caiden except for last night.” Zoey said. “Oh…damn did it go well?” She exclaimed. “Yea…a little awkward but then we got over that and we played games and s***. Girl I made him get a nose ring it’s so f***ing sexy oh my God mmmmmmmm.” Zoey moaned. Kiely widened her eyes at Zoey while she laughed. “Seriously I wanted to hop on him so bad, but I had to get my kitty to calm down. “ She laughed. “Well at least you’re being honest with yourself.” Kiely stated. “You’re so cute… damn I love you.” Caine kissed on Caiden. Shelly rang the doorbell once she pulled up to Caine’s house. Caine walked to the door and opened it. “Hey baby.” He smiled. Shelly’s eyes fell straight on the baby not expecting to see her. “Hey babe.” She pecked his lips and walked in. “So…we need to talk!” Alexis stated. “About what?” Trigga wondered. “The next target dumbass we been slacking on these streets and I know why.” She blew her loud into the air. Trigga sighed and sat down on his couch. “Why Alexis since you have all of the answers.” He gave up. “You’re f***ing catching feelings for that b**** that in love with a nigga you envy because of her. THAT’S WHAT!” She retorted. “First call the hell down Alexis before I make you go hoe for some money. Secondly, Zoey is my friend and that’s it. Yeah I have feelings for her, but she’s not affecting s*** over here because I run this. Thirdly, I don’t envy no mothaf***in’ body so you can get that s*** straight right now.” He preached. Alexis chuckled and rolled her eyes as she continued to smoke her blunt. “Yea okay Trigga. I’m tired of sitting here going by your rules and you not making no rules. So, get with the mothaf***in program or I’m taking matters into my own hands.” She demanded while getting up and headed to her room. Trigga sat there and thought about everything that Alexis said. He never wanted to turn into the bad bad wolf when it came to Zoey or to anyone else. He never intended on his feelings growing the way they did for Zoey. He had no control over the way that Zoey made him feel, even when she wasn’t trying. Trigga was jealous of Caine, but of course, he didn’t want to admit that. He simply felt Zoey needed better treatment and if Caine moved on, he felt she needed to do the same. “Shelly this Caiden Aaliyah Burose and this is Shelly.” Caine introduced. Shelly smiled widely and looked at Caiden. “She’s so beautiful Caine…” Shelly compliment. “Thank you baby.” Caine smiled. Zoey worked with Kiely for the night at Chili’s and continued to think about Caiden. She knew she was in great hands, but she was her best friend. “What’s on your mind?” Kiely asked. Zoey sighed “Caiden…” She stated truthfully. “What about her?” Kiely inquired. “I miss her that’s it.” Zoey quickly spoke. Kiely gave her a side eye and decided to leave the situation alone.

“Hello?” Caine answered the phone. “Stranger…what up?” a female voice spoke. “Alexis?” Caine asked. “Yup! No time no hear..” She chuckled. Caine slightly rolled his eyes catching Shelly’s attention. “I know I been handling my business what you want?” He questioned. “I can’t call to speak to an old friend?” She chuckled again. “Alexis….what do you want seriously?” Caine laughed getting slightly irritated. “I heard you had a baby. You didn’t tell the God mom?” She laughed. “What do you want.” Caine spoke sternly. “Caine what happened to business making? I see you trynna rush me off the phone and s***. I got a lot of candy of here. “ She mentioned. “Alexis do yourself a favor and delete my number I don’t even know why the f*** you still have it. However, since you do get rid of it. Yes I am a father now and I have better s*** to do. I believe you only called to see if there was any truth to what the PUSSY ASS b**** NIGGA Trigga told you. “He emphasized. Shelly widened her eyes in confusion and decided to get up and cook. Alexis laughed loudly over the phone, which caused Caine to hang up in her face. “I don’t have time for that bulls***.” He mumbled to himself. Caine looked at Caiden’s big brown eyes and smiled. “Daddy sorry for the language he used. You’re gonna come across ignorant people like that, but I want you to kill them with kindness and not give them what they want like your daddy did. You’re gonna be better than me. I know it. “ He encouraged. Shelly walked out of the kitchen with a plate of food for her and Caine and took a seat. “Who was that?” She didn’t hesitate to ask. “Some girl I use to hang with.” He answered. “Alexis?” She questioned. Caine raised his eyebrow at her and looked at Shelly then back at Caiden. “Yes babe.” He sighed. “Oh…” She spoke softly and started eating.
Time passed on and Zoey walked into her apartment and slipped her shoes. She headed upstairs and looked at the time. She turned her shower on and hopped in for a quick second. Zoey planned to stay in the shower for a quick ten minutes, which lead her to be in there longer. “Say cheese..” Caine grinned as he snapshot a picture of Shelly and Caiden. Caine looked at the picture and chuckled. “Look at y’all looking so gorgeous.” Shelly walked over and looked at the picture on his phone. “Aww we do look cute.” She laughed. Zoey hopped out the shower and lotion herself up and looked at the time. She sighed and saw that it was a little after nine and figured Caine was on his way. “What you doing?” Nick asked. Kiely sighed out of relief as she hopped in her bed. “Just got in my bed we were busy today.” Nick smiled on his end and nodded his head as if he could see her. “Word? Man we were too.” He stated. Kiely rolled her eyes playfully. “Duh nigga you work at Wal-mart of course yall always busy.” She chuckled. “I guess man… I’m ready for tomorrow.” He blushed. Kiely’s heart began to race for an odd reason as she thought about tomorrow. “Hopefully I’ll see tomorrow.” She half joked. “You will beautiful because I pray for you before I go to bed every night that God will continue to bless you.” He confessed. “awww…That’s so sweet. I don’t think any of my ex-boyfriends prayed for me before.” Kiely exclaimed. “Well Kiely I’m not worried about what the others did. I’m just focused on my job.” He expressed. Kiely smiled widely and nodded her head. “It shall be interesting.” She referred to their date tomorrow. “Yes… I hope you enjoy yourself because as long as you’re having a good time then I’m alright.” He cooed. Kiely playfully rolled her eyes and tried to deny the fact he made her blush. “Pass the popcorn already.” She chuckled. “Oh I’m no character or actor baby” He laughed. “I’m stating true facts Kiely I’m not trying to lead you on into anything if I just want pussy or s*** whateva you got to offer, but I believe that you hold something special and I think it’s time that I let a girl have my heart again.” He stressed. “Did something go wrong in the past?” She wondered. “We all have a past Kiely, but we’ll talk about that later.” He confirmed. “Who is it?” Shelly asked while opening the door with Caiden in her hands. Zoey screwed her face at her not even getting a chance to answer and then noticed a girl at the door with her baby. “Excuse me who are you?” Zoey tried to snatch Caiden. “WAIT CAINE!” Shelly walked backwards and shouted. Caine came down the stairs and looked at an angry Zoey. “Caine it’s ten thirty two what the f***? I was worried and you’ve been ignoring my calls. Wait!” She stopped herself and grabbed Caiden out of Shelly’s hands. “Zoey le- “No Wait Caine I’ll get to you in a minute. Um Hey! I’m Zoey the b**** that Caine knocked up. Uh huh the baby momma that’s me! My face get used to it. Don’t EVER! Answer the door without knowing who it is with MY baby in your hands. Did your parents teach you anything? Now Caine get my baby’s s***, so that we can go.” Zoey ordered. “I’m sorry Zoey I didn’t know..” Shelly apologized.

Zoey rolled her eyes “ yea well you do now.” She retorted. Caine went upstairs and retrieved Caiden’s things and met Zoey outside. “Zoey you’re not gonna be disrespecting my girl like that the way you did in there.” He tossed her the bag. Zoey put the bag in the car along with strapping Caiden tightly in her carseat and checked three times for security. Zoey turned her attention to Caine and chuckled. “Seriously I would have respected ol’ girl way better if she would have waited until I said who it was then opened the door. She didn’t know who the hell I was. How I know she wouldn’t have given my baby to a stranger? Then you ignore my calls and Caiden is supposed to be asleep she’s a baby Caine she’s not like you she can’t stay up at the wee wee hours of the night doing what the f*** she wants.” Zoey argued. “Shhh Shushhh damn just shut the f*** up because one you’re gonna start saying OUR baby iight? Second, you heard her call my name so she wasn’t gonna give away OUR child. You’re just looking for a f***ing argument. I ignored your calls because I didn’t like the fact that I needed a curfew on what to do with someone who is mines as well as yours. You just don’t make the f***in rules Zoey. You don’t! That’s OUR child. WE created her.” He shook his head. “I told you that I didn’t want her around Caiden. I’m really trying to trust you, but I don’t know what you’re doing with her around Caiden.” Zoey retorted. “Yeah well you should start trusting because I’m her dad iight? And Caiden is two months her vision is enhancing but come on now Zoey be foreal. If I wanna kiss my girl she isn’t gonna go kissing some nigga. She’s two months you’re just simply jealous that’s what the f*** all of this is about to be frank. Matter of fact you’re in love and s*** I don’t want Caiden around yo nigga” Caine pointed out. “What nigga Caine you sound dumb!” She rolled her eyes. “No I don’t, I don’t know what the f*** you do and Trigga told me that you moved on and was in love.” He blurted. Zoey laughed off her pain as her defense mechanism and shook her head. “Well…it shouldn’t matter how since she’s gonna be around Caiden right?” Zoey decided to f*** with his mind. “Yes the f*** it does matter if you can be down my damn throat.” Caine grew more upset. Zoey laughed some more and got her car door and then shut her door while starting her car. Caine stared at her as Zoey put her seatbelt on and shook his head. “Stop being immature.” He told her. Zoey looked at him through her windshield and signaled that she couldn’t hear him. Caine flipped her the bird and went back inside while making sure she knew he slammed the door. Zoey shrugged her shoulders and drove off to her house. She didn’t want to accept the fact that everything he said was true. Zoey was being stubborn and felt an episode flaring. She didn’t want Caine to know that she still had feelings for him better yet still in love with him. She wanted him to get down on his knees and beg for her love. But, he seemed so happy, which pissed Zoey off the most. She never wanted someone to take her spot. “Babe…” Shelly called out. “Not right now Shelly I just don’t…wanna talk.” He said while slamming his door. Shelly walked upstairs and walked into his room. “Goo- “I SAID I DIDN’T WANNA f***ING TALK SHELLY GOT DAMN.” Caine yelled at her. Shelly’s throat grew clogged with unleashed tears as she listened to Caine yell at her. “I was only about to say good night.” She shook her head and walked out. Shelly wiped her tears, hurried out of his house, and sped home. Caine sighed and stared at his hands. He was so upset that he started watching his hands shake. Caine didn’t want his little girl around any nigga that he didn’t know. He felt if Zoey was going to be cautious about his people then he needed to feel the same about hers. He took out his phone and decided to send her one final message.

Caine: Zoey! You’re a smart girl and I’m pretty sure you know not
to have no other niggas around Caiden so ima pretend like that’s not what the f*** you said earlier. I don’t understand how I could have slept in the same bed last night with the person you turned out to be a while ago. Like….wow we were just cool. Lol and I thought you changed…smh

Zoey: I never said that I had other niggas you just automatically ASSUMED that I did dumbass. You haven’t f***ing changed not with the way you talk to me. You got a slim b**** and think you can the s***? You put ya lil candy down so you say and counted many tiles on the ceiling and wall you think you deserve an Oscar or Grammy? And don’t try and play me like I don’t have a bad attitude. You didn’t take my feelings into consideration today and didn’t bring Caiden when I asked and plus I’m having a f***ing episode.

Caine read her message repeatedly and became more and more upset. He sat and thought of what was even the reason he bothered to talk to Zoey. He shook his head and decided to text back.

Caine: alright have ur lil episode then if that’s what you wanna blame the reason of you being a b**** on. Lol I don’t have to prove anything to you. You will never be Shelly. She’s a great person and caring. She treats me right and she makes me happy. You know what she did Zoey? She taught me how to love. And I love the f*** outta her. Oh and I have enough candy btw

Zoey checked on Caiden who was sound asleep and looked at her message. Zoey grew beyond mad and typed up a ten-page text message cursing him the f*** out and everything else, but decided to delete it. She didn’t want to give him what he was expecting and let him win. Instead Zoey decided to send a smiley face.


Zoey wanted to delete Caine out of her life at that point, but had to remind herself that he was Caiden’s father and it was bad enough he missed eight months of her life. She was more pissed off of the fact that he brought Shelly into the conversation when she wasn’t even relevant to what they were discussing. Caine’s motive was to make Zoey mad and jealous because it indeed worked. Tears streamed Zoey’s face. She had a thousand of emotions going on and didn’t know if she wanted to be sad or mad. One thing she knew for sure is that she was hurt. Zoey pulled her phone out and texted Kiely.

Zoey: I hope your not sleep because right now…. I want to die.

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I'm happy she was misdiagnosed and she accepted the lord into her life lol. Wtf Ty? he be making his self look stupid af chasing after her like that. Like come on Ty there's more fish in the sea, because this one is obviously not biting on ur line smh. Who is Lauren dating? Is it Aubrey? Well if it's him or not I'm glad she's happy. The hospital scene lmao that was funny. They needed Maury there lol the nurse didn't know wtf was going on. Like I could see why Trigga was there but Ty? smh... he needs a life. I like how Caine and Zoey are even though they r not together... Thanks to Trigga smh.
Run it

This story is spooky I won't even front. I felt like you were writing about my life except for the actual finer detail. wow...thanks for the fast adds I am loving. RUNNNN IT

with?! all three of them claiming to be the baby daddy when they all know its caine! smh
im glad hes in the babys life and they seem to be strong for her :)
as for shelly i mean i like her but i have a feeling shes gonna be out of the picture once caine and zoey start catching feelings again
as for lauren who's her bf?
run it!

Chapter 24: Blessing from God

Six months passed by and Zoey was bigger than ever. Six months earlier Zoey was diagnosed with cancer and found out she was three months pregnant. She felt her life was over and didn’t want to no longer serve a purpose on earth. The doctors wanted to take more x-rays and scheduled another appointment. The day Zoey walked in the doctor’s office changed her outlook on life. She waited patiently for results and walked out the doctor’s office in tears of joy. Zoey was cancer free with a healthy baby. She was misdiagnosed to what they thought was cancer, but instead was a cyst that was surgically removed without any harm to the baby. Ever since then Zoey decided to accept God as her lord and savior Jesus Christ. She knew it was only a blessing why she was still alive and well. Unfortunately, Zoey never swallowed her pride to call or text Caine letting him know that he impregnated her. She didn’t want to be a burden on him and decided to keep the baby. Once she was misdiagnosed she knew that God was sending her a bundle of joy and couldn’t get rid of it. Zoey refused to let bed rest stop her from providing for her baby girl that was on the way, so she worked two jobs- Chili’s and Wal-Mart. Zoey was a busy woman and had to prepare for her new life that was about to take place. Caine and Shelly fell in love with each other unexpectedly. Shelly often encouraged him when he was down and felt like relapsing. Caine opened up to her over the months about everything about himself. Shelly fell in love with his honesty along with his personality and accepting him for who he was.

Caine rolled over to the sound of Shelly snoring softly in his ear. He smiled to himself having instant flashbacks of their love making session they created last night. Caine took his pinky finger and stuck it slowly up her nose trying to be playful. Caine bit his lip to hold his laughter. Shelly flinched in her sleep and then rolled over. Caine snickered and then wrapped his arms over her frame body and kissed on her lightly. Lauren looked over at the love of her life lying next to her. She smiled to herself thank God she finally found someone she felt she could trust. Caine got out the bed and walked over on the other side of the bed. He kneeled down and pecked her lips causing her to wake up. “Hey highlight.” Shelly spoke dryly. “I want to take you out baby…can you wake up for me please?” Caine asked. “Can you wait five more minutes?” She closed her eyes. “Yes baby I’ll get ready while you sleep.” He responded and kissed her again. Caine loved Shelly she was everything he wanted Zoey to be, but the difference was that Caine accepted Zoey for who she was despite her condition unlike Zoey accepting him like Shelly did. Caine hopped in the shower and sung as he bathed. Shelly got up and moved her wild hair out of her face. Caine walked out the shower and walked into his room. Shelly smirked at the way his body dripped wet from the water. Caine noticed her smiling and walked over to her and stood In front of her. Shelly took her hands and roamed his body and looked up at him in the eyes. “Morning gorgeous.” She greeted. Caine stared at her nipples speak out and rubbed his hands across her breast. Shelly chuckled and the moaned. “Cainnneee….le-let’s get ready like you said.” She tried to resist. Caine couldn’t deny he missed Zoey’s curves, but loved Shelly’s petite frame just as much. Caine licked his tongue on her nipple and bit his lip. “Why?” He stood up. Shelly looked at his d*** staring her in the face and then looked at him. “Because I’m still sore from last night.” She said moving her hair out of her face again. “Well I’m about to eat breakfast then.” Caine stated. Shelly nodded her head and got up and Caine pushed her back down. “Caine!” Shelly replied unaware of his actions. “I told you what I was doing.” He remarked while pushing her body back. Caine grabbed her by her hips and pushed her toward the end of the bed. “Caine I thought you mean’t real food” She whined. Caine got on his knees and kissed her pussy. “Mmm I’ma get full of this.” He then flicked his tongue on and off her clit. Shelly gripped the sheets and responded by arching her back. “f***kk baby!” Shelly moaned. “Don’t run.” He ordered. “Ooohh I won’t daddy.” She moaned while grabbing his head. Caine loved it because he knew he was doing something right. He continued to devour his feast for the morning until he made her reach her peak. “Oh my God Caine.” Shelly laid back catching her breath. Caine chuckled and smacked her butt. “Get ready girl.” He ordered and walked to the bathroom. Caine brushed his teeth and then waited for Shelly to get ready.

Zoey sighed as she looked at her swollen feet. Today was her day off and all she had the energy to do was sit down. Zoey didn’t know where she and Trigga’s relationship stood because of what he did. Zoey forgave him of course, but they didn’t keep in touch like they used to. She simply thought that they just grown apart. But, Trigga felt otherwise and that Zoey didn’t really want his help as a friend. Ty got out the bed and headed to the bathroom. He hopped in the shower and let the water dance on his body as he bathed. Kiely walked into Wal-mart and needed to get something for her living room. “Excuse me do you know where I can find a rods for curtains?” KIely asked an employee. The male employee look at Kiely and smiled. “I would be more than happy to assist you just follow me.” He instructed. Kiely smiled and looked at his name tag. “Thanks Nick.” She chuckled. “You’re welcome beautiful.. that’s your name right?” He attempted to flirt. Kiely laughed noticing what he was trying to do. “It’s Kiely.” She introduced. Kiely followed Nick to the section of the store she was looking for and smiled. “Thank you so much.” She stated. Nick looked at her and nodded his head. “You have a beautiful smile and I think those piercings are cool.” She chuckled. Kiely blushed and tried to hide it. “Thank you again.” She chuckled as well. “Okay well.. if you need anything else then I’m here.. you know my name so just call me.” Nick told her. Kiely nodded her head and then looked for the rod she needed.

Caine sat across from Shelly at this restaurant he’d wanted to go for a while. Shelly laid her hand over Caine’s as he looked at the menu. “I love you Caine.” She truthfully stated. Caine looked up and smiled. “I love you too.” He stared in her eyes. Caine and Shelly were best friends. They went through things like any normal couple, but manage to get through the problems. “Dang girl you’re huge!”Trigga chuckled loudly while rubbing Zoey’s belly. She shook her head and watched TV. “I’m so ready for her to come onnnn.” She laughed. “Wow.. you have to call me when you ha- “AHHHHHHHHHHH… OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.” She cried over and over. Trigga screwed his face in fear “What’s wrong Zoey?” Trigga inquired. “f***KKKK!!!!!” She shook her head in pain ignoring Trigga. “Do you see us getting far?” Lauren asked her boo thing. “Yes…what about you?” He asked her. “Out of all the boys that I thought I loved before. I didn’t know what love was until you knocked on my door.” She sung. He smiled at her and pulled her into an embrace. “SHE’S WHAT?” Kiely yelled. “I don’t know she’s just screaming and stuff. Just get here so that we can help her.” Trigga panicked. “I’m sorry I have to go I think my best friend is about to have her baby.” Kiely got up. “Who’s your friend?” Nick wondered. “Her name is Zoey here’s my number I got to go.” She rushed. Nick screwed his face feeling like that name was awfully familiar. Kiely saved his name and then rushed her way out of Wal-Mart without buying her rod. “TRIGGA TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!” Zoey yelled at him. “I-i-I I am Zoey just calm down!” Trigga stuttered. Ty drove passed his mom’s house slowly. He looked at the house which brought back memories and sighed. He finally forgave his mom, but will never forget. Ty drove off and drove to the cemetery where they buried his sister. This was Ty’s first time Ty allow himself to visit his sister. Other times when he wanted to mourn he didn’t allow himself to have the courage to. “Mariah… I miss you so much. You were just the cutest thing that ever walked on earth. I just don’t see how…” Ty took a minute to collect himself. “How someone can just hurt you like that… like why? For what?” He shook his head and placed the flowers that he bought for her on her tombstone. “You’ll always be in my heart no matter what… matter what.” He expressed while letting tears flow freely from his eyes.
“OMG!! PLEASE GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!!” Zoey screamed as she lied in the hospital bed. She was now 6cm dilated. She was having contractions that were five minutes apart with her water already broke. “You were driving like a bat out of hell.” Trigga chuckled. “Man I was trynna get this crazy girl here” Kiely replied. “I WON! I WON!” Shelly flaunted in Caine’s face. Caine shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “So I let you.” He admitted. Shelly playfully rolled her eyes and then pecked his lips. “You’re a winner.” She looked in his eyes. “No that’s you.” He looked back. Caine watched Shelly blush and then heard his phone ring. “Hello?” He picked up. “What up nigga?” Nick greeted. Caine chuckled “Just out with Shelly what you doing?” He asked. “s*** just at work bored as f***. Just finished talking to some fine ass girl man, but she had to go because she said her friend Zoey was having a baby or some s***.” Nick rambled. Caine’s heart dropped instantly. “Zoey? Wh- what did she say her last name?” he questioned. Shelly shot a glare at Caine once she heard Zoey’s name and wondered what was going on. “Nah.. that’s all she said and I thought about yo ex guess she really moved on partner.” He laughed. “Ima hit you back bruh.” Caine retorted while hanging up. “What’s wrong Caine?” Shelly inquired. Caine buried his face in his hands and thought and did the math. Caine looked at Shelly with red eyes “I have to go..” He got up and tossed a tip on the table. “Wait what’s wrong? Tell me Caine.” Shelly got up and pulled his arm. “I don’t even know, bounce I find out I’ll text you. I love you “He pecked her lips and left. Caine didn’t know how to feel at this moment. He didn’t know if it was he’s baby or not. He couldn’t remember ever “shooting the club up” in Zoey. Caine got into his car and sighed deeply. “I’m just dreaming… just dreaming.” He told himself. “I NEED THE EPIDURAL NOWWWW!!!” Zoey cried loudly. “Shhhh… mama.” Kiely consoled. Zoey squeezed her hand “You know I hate that b****. Don’t make me slap you.” She warned.

Kiely chuckled to herself and then got serious. “Zoey.. I’m calling Caine.” “I DON’T CARE JUST GET HER OUT OF ME!” She yelled. Zoey was 8cm dilated and was in a lot of pain as her contractions become more and more severe. Kiely took Zoey’s phone out and then dialed Caine’s number. She listened to the phone ring three times before he answered. “Are you okay?” The waitress asked Shelly. “Yea… could I get the ticket and a to-go plate?” She asked. “Sure what about the fella that was with you?” She asked. “He… left” Shelly spoke feeling defeated. “Oh okay well I’ll be right back.” She left. “Zoey?” Caine answered surprised. “No.. this is Kiely her best friend. I need you to come to the hospital right now. Zoey is about to give birth to yall baby.” She informed him. “What hospital?” Caine questioned. KIely gave Caine further information and hung up. Caine sped to the hospital and thought a million things in his head that he wanted to know. “BABE! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” Ty walked in Zoey’s room. “Sir I’m sorry you can’t be in here unless you’re the father.” The nurse instructed. Ty screwed his face and looked her up and down. “What do you mean am I the father? Of course I’m the father.” He stated. “But sir he claimed to be the father?” She pointed at Trigga. “TY?” Kiely questioned. “Who the f*** are you?” He asked Trigga. “Who the f*** are you nigga?” Trigga asked back. Zoey lifted her head as much as she could and saw Ty’s face. “WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE KIELY? GET HIM OUT!” Zoey yelled. “Mrs. Davis I understand that you’re highly upset, but I’m going to need you to stay calm ok?” The nurse informed her. “Zoey…” Everything in Zoey’s body felt numb even before the epidural when she heard Caine’s voice. Everyone looked toward the door including the nurse. “Caine…” Zoey cooed. “Well..well.. well.. Welcome abroad Caine. I’m glad that you came to support me and Zoey’s baby.” Ty spoke. Trigga shot a glare at Caine and then at Kiely who mouthed that she called him. Trigga shook his head and walked over to Zoey and wiped her tears. “It’s going to be okay…” He spoke softly and bent down and kissed her forehead. Caine watched him as he ignored Ty run his mouth then stared at Trigga and Zoey. “I need to check how many centimeters she’s dilated and give her the epidural please I need everyone to leave I don’t give a damn who the baby daddy is.” The nurse exclaimed.
Everyone walked out of the hospital room and went to a nearby waiting room. The room was very awkward and silent before Ty decided to break it. “Were naming her Tiana.” He smiled. Kiely shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Nigga how did you even know we were here?” She spoke with an attitude. “Who are you anyway?” Ty spat back. “She’s mine…” Caine spoke up. Trigga laughed to himself in the corner. “Wait what was that?” Ty put his hand behind his ear. “You heard him!” Kiely chimed in. Trigga shook his head and laughed again. “Something funny?” Caine asked looking toward Trigga’s direction. “Yea.. matter of fact you are what’s funny. The baby’s yours huh? But, you’ve been absent.” He chuckled again. “Wait now Trigga you just want to beef with this dude because you want Zoey.” She said. “Choose what side of the fence your own.” Ty spat at Kiely. “You shut the f*** up and call you a f***ing cab I aint on no f***ing fence but what I do know is that you ain’t the mothaf***ing baby daddy BOOM!” She snapped back. “Hol on kiely back to this sissy milk chocolate dropping the soap looking ass boy over here. Nigga I didn’t know my gi- ZOEY! Was pregnant because she didn’t f***ing tell me! I had to find out through my homeboy who found out from Kiely, so find you some f***ing business before you make a nigga relapse all throughout this hoe and f*** you up and that’s on my momma bruh.” Caine warned. “Nigga I don’t do all that talk” Trigga got up causing Caine to get it “I don’t mind getting you a room bruh.” “Weak pussies” Ty sat down shaking his head. “EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!” Kiely shouted. “Excuse me Zoey asked for Caine and Kiely to come in the room.” The nurse said. Caine looked at Trigga and laughed. Kiely got up and quickly walked into the hospital room Zoey was in and walked over to her. “I’m so sorry Zoey.” She whispered in her ear. Caine walked over to Zoey and grabbed her hand. “Zoey…why didn’t you tell me?” He cooed while shaking his head. Kiely went and took a seat for them to have their time.

“Caine hate me later, but right now I need you.” Zoey fluttered her eyes open and close as the water in her eyes affected her vision. Caine looked at Zoey and nodded his head while wiping her tears. “Okay.. You’re ready Ms. Davis” The doctor spoke with much enthusiasm. Kiely stood up and got her camera ready on record. Caine grew nervous and started sweating. “Ummm.. Grab my hand Zoey.” He suggested. Zoey grabbed his hand. “You got you can do it…” he spoke nervously. Kiely noticed how nervous Caine was and smiled adoring them. “On the count of three I need you to push okay? One….Two…Three… PUSH!” The doctor instructed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Zoey screamed while squeezing Caine’s hand. “ahh…ahhh…ouchhh” Caine held back his own pain. “Okay try to push a little harder this time. One….Two…Three PUSH!” He instructed again. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH MY f***ING GOD CAINE I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Zoey screamed and squeezed his hand tighter. “Ahhh-I-I’m sorry I didn’t know Zoe-y come on….you’re kinda hurting me.” He swallowed hard. “I’M HURTING YOU? LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME. YOU’VE BEEN HURTING ME YOU BASTARD!” Zoey yelled. “OH MY GOD I SEE THE.HEAD” Kiely said as she covered her mouth trying to keep her throw up down her throat. “I’m sorry Zoey.” Caine felt bad. “Push for me one more time ONE….TWO…THREE…” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Zoey screamed loud enough for the immigrants to change their mind on coming to America. “IT’S A GIRL!!!!” The doctor and Kiely yelled in unison. Trigga backed away from the door as he ease dropped the whole time and smiled. He looked at the door once more and spoke to himself “Congratulations Zoey.” And left like Ty did only minutes earlier.
Zoey let her tears hit her ears as she heard her first born cry. Caine smiled and wiped away his happy tears. “Are you the father?” the doctor asked. “Yes sir.” Caine claimed. “Come and cut the umbilical cord if you want.” He ordered. “O-okay” Caine walked away from Zoey and held the scissors in his head and closed his eyes. “Caine open your eyes!” Kiely laughed. “Oh yea” He chuckled and cut the cord. The doctor and nurses took the baby and weighed her and then took baby prints of her hands and feet. “What’s the name of this gorgeous baby going to be?” The doctor asked. Caine walked back to Zoey and looked at her. “Caiden Burose” She stared at Caine. Caine smiled and looked at the nurse. “Make that Caiden Aaliyah Burose” He interjected. The nurse smiled and then asked for the spelling and then got Caine’s signature as her father. The wrapped up Caiden up and gave her to Zoey. “Oh my God she’s so beautiful.” Zoey expressed as tears fell out her eyes. “Wow…” Caine wiped more tears. “Forgive me for all those things I said..” Zoey looked at Caine. “It’s okay.” He stated. “Kiely come and hold the baby.” Zoey spoke. “Caine hasn’t held her..” She said. “Oh…Caine you wanna hold her?” Zoey asked. “It’s okay go ahead Kiely.” He moved back. “No…seriously I’ll wait.” Kiely said. “Here Caine…” Zoey said reaching out to him. Caine grabbed Caiden and kissed her cheek. “You’re so beautiful just like your mom. I promise to be the best dad that your parents never had. I love you already and you mean the world to me. I swear I’m going to make up the nine months I’ve missed out of your life trust me. Daddy is here for you.” He spoke to Caiden. Zoey and Kiely smiled at each other. Caine held her a lil while longer and let Kiely hold her. Kiely then left after taking thousands of pictures of Caine and Zoey with the baby. Once the baby was taken to the nursery Caine sat in the chair near Zoey’s bed. “You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to Caine.” Zoey told him. “I want to stay and plus…we have to talk.” He looked at her. Zoey looked at the ceiling and sighed knowing exactly what the conversation was going to be about. “I’m not here to talk about us Zoey or make you reflect on how horrible of a man I was to you. I just want to know why you didn’t tell me that you were pregnant. I had a right to know and to fight out through other sources is f*** up.” Caine mentioned. “I’m sorry Caine I thought you didn’t want a baby. You told me that adoption was the option and after she started growing inside of me I started thinking about my life and I just couldn’t give her up.” She wiped her tears. “Well… just know that I’ll be there for Caiden.” He informed her. Zoey nodded her head. “I heard you.” She spoke dryly. She was beyond exhausted and fell asleep within minutes.

Caine woke up in the morning and saw Zoey sleep. He went down to the gift shop and bought a teddy bear and her favorite candies. Caine decided to take this time to call Shelly back after he ignored all of her messages and calls from last night. “Shelly.” He said. “Caine… I’ve been worried about you.” She sighed. “I’m sorry baby I have some good news…well I don’t know if it’ll be good in your eyes.” He sighed. “Just tell me Cannan.” Shelly demanded. “Zoey was pregnant and had her baby last night…..I’m a dad.” Caine spoke slowly. The phone grew quiet until Caine looked at the phone to see if she was still there. “Shelly?” He called. “I’m sorry I was just shocked and wasn’t expecting that, but I ju- “Please don’t leave me Shelly. We can work this out right?” Caine grew nervous. “I hope so Caine… just talk to me when you get home okay?” Shelly tried to hold back her tears. “Please don’t cry baby.” Caine felt horrible. “I’m okay Caine I’m sure your baby is beautiful like you….talk to you later.” She said before hanging up. “I…love you too.” Caine hung up and sighed. Caine walked back to the hospital room and saw Zoey awaken. “I bought these for you…” He cooed trying not to ruin his day. “You didn’t have to…” Zoey stated. “I know…when are they gonna let you see her?” he asked. “Around 9 so I can feed her.” She responded. “Oh..well after I see her I’ll go and start buying a lot of things for her.” He told her. Zoey nodded her head. Momentarily, Zoey and Caine took turns feeding Caiden for the first time. Caine eventually left and went and bought a lot of stuff for Caine and walked into his house with it. “Hey.” Shelly spoke. Caine jumped “You scared me girl…” He chuckled and then saw her wet face. Shelly looked at all of the things he got and knew it was a girl and smiled a little. “Baby… I didn’t know she was pregnant that’s why I ran out of our date like that. Everything is new to me the way it’s new to you. I promise I wouldn’t keep information from you like that” He explained. Shell y sighed and nodded her head. “I believe you babe…” Caine put the stuff down and wiped her face and kissed her passionately. “I love you so much Shelly.” He stared into her eyes. Shelly nodded her head and pulled him into a hug.
Two months passed by and Caine and Zoey were too busy parents. Caiden was in daycare during the day while both of her parents worked. Caine worked two jobs now to help support his child. He wanted to be there every step of the way. Zoey worked both jobs as well because now she had someone depending on her. Kiely helped babysit whenever she could if she wasn’t working as well. Lauren and her boyfriend continued going strong as she never felt happier in her life. “Do you enjoy being a mom?” Kiely asked while fixing the menus. “I love it. Caiden it’s everything to me.” Zoey answered. Kiely smiled and nodded “I know. You’re a wonderful mom Zoey.” She complimented. “aww thank you and you’re the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for I swear I love yo hoe ass.” She laughed. “Yea alright.” Kiely chuckled. Zoey felt her phone vibrate and went to the back to check who it was. “Hello?” She answered. “Zoey its Ms. Winds Caiden seems to be running a high fever you might need to come and get her.” She instructed. Zoey screwed her face “What’s going on?” She questioned. “She’s keeps throwing her milk up and she’s hot, she won’t sleep, and keeps crying.” She reported. Zoey sighed and shook her head “Okay here I come.” She hung up and looked at the time that read 7:48pm. Zoey took out her phone and texted Caine.

Zoey: I’m taking Cai to the hospital she’s sick

Caine: on my way.

The two of them of them waited in the waiting room and the Doctor came back notifying that Caiden had Colic and gave her prescribed medicine for her to feel better. Caine drove to Zoey’s house to get a final goodbye until the weekend. That was when he got to see Caiden due to his busy schedule. “You sure you don’t want to just stay the night?” Zoey suggested. “do you think that’s a good idea?” He questioned. “What good be the issue it’s not like were together.” Zoey exclaimed. “Speaking of that… I have someone who wants to meet Caiden.” He braced himself. “Who?” Zoey wondered. “My girlfriend Shelly.” He told her. Zoey chuckled as her defense mechanism and held her tears back. “Umm… sure but as long as you don’t hold her responsible of watching her because I’m Caiden’s mom and I don’t know your girl.” She sternly spoke. “I didn’t know Kiely foreal until I started seeing her more after her birth and because she talking to Nick.” Caine defended himself. “But, I trust Kiely because she’s my best friend.” Zoey pointed out. “Okay and Shelly’s my girl and best friend and so if I go to the store and she’s at my crib why isn’t it okay for her to watch Caiden?” He screwed his face in confusion. “I DON’T WANT THE b**** AROUND MY BABY PERIOD!” Zoey yelled. “Really?...I think I should leave instead of staying.” Caine headed toward the door. “Noooo… I’m sorry okay? I’m just overprotective of her. I love Caiden and I just… I don’t know.” Zoey shrugged. Caine already knew the real reason was simply the fact that Zoey didn’t like that he moved on and it wasn’t with her. Zoey knew deep down inside that was the reason as well. “Just sit down and I’ll put on a movie and then we can play truth or dare or something… we’re friends right?” She asked him. “Yea..” Caine headed to the couch and sat down. “Okay.. well I’ll be back.” Zoey pranced upstairs and put on her pajamas and then came back and looked at the Truth or Dare app on her phone. “Okay let the games begin…” She smiled. Caine chuckled and shook his head back in forth. “alright truth or dare Caine?” Zoey asked. “Ummm.. I’ll take truth.” He said. “Well I’m not going to look at the app right now… I wanna know do you still do cocaine?” She asked. “Damn… straight like that?” Caine asked. “Just like that.” Zoey confirmed. Caine laughed at her and shook his head again. “No I don’t.” He truthfully stated. “Are you happy to have a baby by me?” He asked. “Caine you didn’t even ask me the choices.” Zoey laughed. “Sorry..” He chuckled. The night went on and on with the two of them playing Truth or Dare. One minute Caine was bouncing up and down with ice in his draws while Zoey head an armpit peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Zoey even convinced Caine to get a nose ring and it did it. The two of them laughed and walked inside the door. “Our baby not gonna get well if we take her out that late again.” Caine laughed. “Yea But I couldn’t call Kiely this late she’d curse my ass out.” She joined him. “Do you like it?” Caine questioned. “I love it its really sexy.” Zoey smiled. “Thanks” He blushed and went up to her room and got in the bed. “Tonight didn’t turn out bad after all…” Caine spoke to himself. Zoey put Caiden to bed and heard him while walking in her room. She got on the bed and laid with her feet facing his feet. “Nope…goodnight Caine.” “Goodnight Zoey.” He closed his eyes as Zoey did the same and they both drifted to sleep.

a/n: shelly was karrueche tran!

Chapter 23: Forever Starts Now...

Caine, Shelly, and Nick walked through a very high class Las Vegas strip club. Caine was amazed because he never really been on the beautiful side of Vegas. He enjoyed the scenery and the lights that beamed bright on this fall night. “I’m ready to see some stripper’s twerk that ass” Nick said. Caine laughed at Nick as Shelly shook her head. “Shelly this is Nick and Nick this is Shelly” Caine introduced. “Nice to meet you pretty lady” he shook her hand. “Same here Nick” Shelly smiled. The three of them went inside of the club and Caine headed straight to the bar. It was his favorite place to go once he step foot in a club. He felt liquor set his mood right for whatever club he was at. “Patron mixed with me that’s your recipe for tonight” Caine smiled at Shelly who was next to him. “Really?” She smiled. Caine bit his lip and blushed. “Yup!” “What can I get you?” the bartender asked Caine. “I’ll take Hennessey and she’ll take Patron” Caine smiled. Nick got the three of them a table and watched as the strippers started performing. “I’m really glad that you came here” Caine smiled. “Thank you for inviting me” Shelly blushed. “Why you keep doing that?” He asked smiling wider. “I don’t know maybe it’s because I have a crush on you” Shelly admitted. “Really?” He looked at her in the eyes. She blushed and looked away nodding her head. “Yea..” She said. “I like you too” Caine confessed. Shelly rubbed her cheeks and laughed sheepishly. “So… what now?” she asked. “Let’s just see where this leads too beautiful” Caine told her. She nodded her head and looked into his warm brown eyes.
Zoey stared at her pills and heard Kiely banging on her door and then decided to get the door. “Zoey! Why did you hang up on me? Wa- why do you have on that dark makeup?” She questioned. “Watch me die…” Zoey responded. Kiely screwed her face “Zoey please don’t talk like that” She shook her head. Zoey held the bottle of pills to her mouth and attempted to chug them down before Kiely through them down. “ZOEY!!” She screamed out of fear. Zoey laid on her floor crying her eyes out. Kiely shook her head thanking God she stepping in right on time. “YOU BELIEVE IN HIM RIGHT! RIGHT?” Zoey yelled at Kiely. Kiely screwed her face in confusion as she kneeled to her level. “What to do you mean?” She inquired. “GOD! DO YOU BELIEVE IN HIM?” Zoey hollered. Kiely felt her throat burning from trying to keep her tears to herself. “Yes..” she cooed. “Then tell him I want to die. He won’t ever listen to me.”Zoey continued to cry. Kiely shook her head “I won’t do that… You can fight this I know you can” She let a few tears escape.

“STOP TELLING ME THESE FAIRYTALE LINES KIELY. I’M MEAN’T TO DIE!” Zoey cried. Kiely shook her head continuously and began to pray that God would not only heal Zoey’s body, but her thought process before she even makes decisions on what to say out of her mouth. Zoey wiped her tears roughly “Sick of crying I’m surprised my eye balls aren’t ripped out yet” She sarcastically spoke to herself. “Just try and calm down Zoey and think about things.” Kiely suggested. “I feel like my life is over so I might as well die. I don’t want to be here and this baby doesn’t either” Zoey expressed. Kiely exhaled heavily and just didn’t know what to do at this point. Caine, Shelly, and Nick all threw dollars at the strippers as they had a blast at the Pink Pony (I made this up). “She is one bad b****!” Shelly mentioned. Caine laughed and then threw more dollars at the strippers. He was enjoying his time there with the two of his friends and couldn’t have asked for a better night. Caine fell into a trance thinking about Zoey. He wondered what she was doing at this moment. He wondered if she ever thought about him like he thought about her. He wondered if she had a man already and was cuddling with him right now. “Caineeee” Shelly waved her hand in front of his face. “Oh sorry” He laughed. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “I was thinking” He told her. “About what?” She questioned. “My ex..” Caine admitted. “Oh…what about her if you don’t mind me asking” She wondered. “Shelly I would tell you, but because I see myself with you in the future… I’m not going to talk about her. What’s in the past is in the past. I’m focused on the future hopefully with you in it. Just know that’s my ex.. that’s it” He looked at her. Shelly stared at him for a while and then nodded her head. “I can respect your decision” She cooed. “Thanks for understanding” He told her.

Hours passed by and Caine drank his feeling away for the remainder of the night. He really felt that was the only way to relax him because he was trying to stay sober for as long as possible. Shelly could sense there was something wrong and different after the conversation they had about his ex and wanted to remain out of his business. Even though Caine’s mood changed, Nick and Shelly tried to have a good time even though he rubbed off on them. “Maybe we can link up some other time!” Nick dapped Caine. A drunken Caine nodded his head. “Caine… I’ll drive you home.” Shelly mentioned. Caine nodded his head again wanting to get in his bed immediately. Kiely stepped out of her clothes and got comfy into some of Zoey’s clothes. She wanted to keep her under suicidal watch herself because she was afraid of what Zoey was capable of. After crying all the tears Zoey had she fell asleep. Kiely watched her closely as she sat on her couch and watched her TV. She had been praying all night that some way somehow Zoey would wake up with a new heart and different mindset. Caine woke up with a hangover and decided to take a shower and wake himself up. Thoughts about last night overflowed his brain as the lukewarm water hit his body. After bathing Caine got out the shower and decided to take some medicine and then head to Waffle House. Waffle House was one of his favorite places to go with Zoey during their relationship even though sometimes she preferred I-Hop. Caine sat at the booth staring out the window thinking about Zoey again. “Are you ready to order sir?” The waiter asked him. Caine glanced at the menu and then nodded. “Uhh I’ll have the all-star meal. I want my eggs scrambled, hash browns instead of grits, bacon instead of sausage and I want the bacon limp. Waffle medium down with OJ” he recited. The waiter jotted down his order and repeated it back to him. Zoey rolled over and felt a body lying next to her and instantly felt her heart drop. “Caine?” Zoey spoke. She didn’t hear a response and then sat up and then looked to see it was Kiely. Zoey rolled her eyes and sighed. She swung the covers back and headed to the bathroom. Zoey followed her morning routine and got ready for work. Kiely woke up and heard the shower running and decided to go home and do the same.
Caine got to work on time like he managed to keep up and clocked in. He went to the back and started stocking shoes on the shelves and saw his manager “What’s good boy?” He asked. Caine looked at him and laughed. “Nothing much.” Caine responded. “Good cause I need you to stay an extra hour ‘cause Brian need to go f*** with his baby mom and s***. Ion know though” Sean said. Caine laughed and nodded his head. He didn’t mind working extra hours because that was extra money on his check. Caine walked to the front and saw Shelly clocking in and headed to the office. Caine followed her and then covered her eyes quickly with his hands. “Uhhhh..” She smiled. Caine bit his lip trying not to laugh. “Ummm… I don’t know” She felt on Caine’s hands trying to remove them. Caine finally let go and laughed. Shelly turned around and smiled. “Good morning Cannan” She smiled. “Good morning beautiful.” He spoke. “I thought you were Caine this morning” Zoey told Kiely. Kiely fixed the menus beneath the hostess stand and laughed soundlessly at Zoey. “I’m sorry” She said. Zoey rolled her eyes “You don’t have to watch me like a hawk. I’m not going to go into the kitchen and grab a knife trying to kill myself.” Zoey sarcastically stated. “Yea okay well I just had to make sure you weren’t going to do anything stupid last night because you were talking really crazy.” She informed. “Yea well… I believe you! I got a lot of s*** on my plate and now my bipolar episodes are probably gonna be even worse that I can’t take the medicine.” She shook her head. “We’ll ask your doctor together.” Kiely suggested. “I wish you were Caine.” Zoey laughed her pain off. Kiely shook her head at the comment because she hasn’t spoken to Caine, so he could have been in her position when it came to Zoey. “Hey how are you” Kiely greeted him. Zoey looked up and saw Ty and rolled her eyes. “Well well well… look who I done ran into” Ty smiled widely. Zoey sighed and looked at Kiely. “You got this right?” Kiely looked at Ty and then at Zoey and laughed. “Umm… if you want me to.” She stated confused. “Baby I couldn’t wait until I saw you again. I’m so glad I followed my mind and came in here. It’s an honor being in the presence of your beauty girl” He continued smiling as he sweet talked Zoey. “Oh my God shut up” Zoey demanded. “Baby don’t pretend like you’re not happy to see me ‘cause I know you are” He licked his lips. “Zoey is this Caine?” She wondered. “Hell na- “Hell nawl. I’m Ty her future baby daddy. Matter of fact… you looking thick baby. Daddy like that” He cut her off. “For one I’m not your baby so stick to my f***ing name. Second, you’re not my damn baby daddy. Third, if you not gonna eat then you need to get the f*** on before you make me lose my job” Zoey went off. “Zoey Cal- “DON’T tell me to calm down Kiely. I told you about him and the s*** he put me through. This is TY ” Zoey shook her head. “I’m sorry I didn’t know that was him” Kiely defended herself. Ty showed off his tat that he got of Zoey’s name. “Look baby were meant to be.. I don’t know why you can’t see that.” Ty expressed. Zoey shook her head and walked off from the hostess stand. “Party of one?” Kiely asked while sighing.

All Caine was able to do was think about Zoey while he worked. He tried to think of other things, but she still remained on his mind. He thought about paying her a visit to the house he went to three months ago and wondered if he was still there. He recited in his head what he wanted to tell her and how much he’s changed for her. “Ima see you later okay?” Caine looked at Shelly. She nodded her head and smiled. Caine smirked and then clocked out. Caine had a mission and he hopped it was successful. He got into his car and headed to the last place he saw Zoey- Trigga’s house. Zoey finished cooking her meal in her kitchen and heard her doorbell ring. Zoey sighed thinking it was Kiely and to her surprise she opened the door to see Ty. “WHAT THE f*** ARE YOU DOING HERE?” She stood there amazed. “Don’t yell baby.. I came here to see you.” He stepped in. “NO! Get out!” She pushed him. Ty smacked his lips “Zoey please… just give me a chance to explain myself.” He pleaded. “A chance to explain WHAT?” Zoey shook her head. Caine drove with his mind speeding faster than his car. He pulled up to Trigga’s enormous house and then walked slowly to the door. “I just want you to understand that… I’m not that crazy and before you say anything cause I see you looking crazy just let me explain.” Ty rambled on. “I really like you Zoey… that’s evident. From the moment I laid eyes on you I just felt this feeling come over me. It’s like… a spell was put on me and after that… I couldn’t let you go without noticing me” He continued. “You raped me Ty” Zoey stared at him and shook her head. “Please forgive me.. I know I was an ass and what I did was completely out of my character and wrong. I’ve been trying to make it up to you, but you keep shutting me down. I know it would take a night of sleep for you to get over it, but I just hope you see that I’m really trying. I even said to myself that I wasn’t going to call you or talk to you for a while. I had a lot going on and I was wishing you would be my shoulder, but that’s okay too” He exclaimed. “What the f*** you doing here?” Trigga opened the door. “Umm… Zoey here?” Caine looked at him. “Nah she not. Why?” He questioned. “Do you know where she is?” Caine asked. Trigga laughed and shook his head. “Caine! Zoey is happy… okay? Happy without you. She’s moved on and never talks about you. She don’t want s*** to do with you and in love with someone else. Someone who KNOWS how to treat a woman now get the f*** away from here and never come back!” He demanded. “Who is that trigga?” Alexis walked up to the door. Caine glanced at Alexis and then at Trigga. “Alright… Thanks” He said and walked away.
Caine walked away wounded by the shots Trigga pierced in his lungs. He was dead now. He no longer felt like he was breathing because he’s air was no longer around him. He’s air no longer cared. Caine pulled out the drive way and then drove to the mountain he always went to think. He knew now he had to let Zoey go, even though it was going to be hard. “Ty.. I forgave you I just feel we’ll never be the same again okay?” Zoey explained. Ty nodded his head “I understand… .well I won’t hold you up anymore. You have a good night.” He got up and headed toward the door. “Ty try not to stalk me anymore okay? That’s creepy.” Zoey warned him. Ty chuckled and nodded his head then left. Zoey sighed and closed the door and watched him leave out of her window. She made she sure locked her doors and turned her alarm system on. The last thing she needed was another unfamiliar body lying next to her in the bed in the morning. Caine looked out at the view and thought about his future with shelly. He really liked her and felt hat what Trigga told him was a wake-up call. Now… he had no choice, but to leave his heart behind. Zoey woke up the next morning and got ready for her doctor’s appointment. They informed her that they needed to run more test and take more x-rays. Zoey got in her car and turned off the music and prayed to God silently on her way to the doctor’s office. She prayed that he would take her and her baby to hell where they belonged. She knew she didn’t deserve to live. She’d been a horrible daughter growing up because if so her mom would have lived. Zoey felt she could have done something to get her step dad caught, but he was still walking around as a free man today. She hated that but was afraid to rat him out. She knew that he’d come for her and at the moment Zoey wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for that. Zoey pulled up to her doctor’s office and walked in. Zoey took the nearest seat in the waiting room after signing in. Zoey felt her phone vibrate and saw a message from Kiely Love you… It will go fine. I know it. Zoey told her about the appointment, but thought she forgot. The fact that she sent that message put a smile on her face. I love you 2 Kiely She sent to her. “Davis!” The nurse called. Zoey sighed and headed to the back after waiting ten minutes.

Caine woke up on the hood of his car noticing he had fallen asleep at the Mountain View. He got up and got in his car and headed to his home. Caine hopped in the shower as soon as he stepped inside and put on his clothes after he bathed. He then grabbed his keys and headed to a nearby florist. “How can I help you?” an employee greeted him at the door. “I would like to buy a bouquet of roses” Caine said. “Okay what kind of roses will you like?” She assisted him. “Umm… Yellow and red” He smiled thinking about the person they were for. “Okay.. and your total is 34.25” She announced. Caine gave her the money and took the flowers. “Thank you” He said and left. Caine got in the car and took the scent of the flowers in. Zoey walked out of the doctor’s office and then heard her phone ring. “Hello?” She answered. “Hey Zoey” She heard the sound of Trigga’s voice. “Hey.” She got into her car and drove home. “How’s it going?” He asked. “Everything is okay.. I’m waiting for the results to the test to come back. I just came from the doctor” Zoey informed him. “Oh how many months are you?” He asked. “Three, but that’s not why I went to the doctor.” She exclaimed. “Oh well what did you go for? Oh wait before you answer that guess who came to my door.” He said. “Who?” Zoey wondered. “Caine and he was looking for you.” Trigga shook his head on his end. Zoey’s mouth dropped a little. She cleared her throat and didn’t know what to think. “What did you tell him?” She questioned. “I told him the truth. You moved on” Trigga stated. Zoey shook her head and sighed “I haven’t I have to see him” she started heading to his apartment. “Zoey why are you back tracking? I told him you were in love and everything. He’s probably done just like you need to be!” He retorted. Zoey looked at her phone and then hung it up. She didn’t have time to hear s*** like that. All she wanted to do now was get her man. Zoey pulled up to Caine’s apartment and knocked on the door. “CAINE…. OPEN UP! IT’S ME ZOEY!.... CAINE PLEASE…!” She started to tear up. “I’M SO-SORRRY…. PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR CAINE!....” Zoey cried. She waited a whole fifteen minutes before she decided to give up. Caine rang Shelly’s doorbell and waited for her to open them. “Heyyyy” Shelly hugged him tightly. Caine chuckled and hugged her back and eventually pulled away. “These are for you” He handed her the flowers. Shelly’s mouth dropped “Oh Cannan… you didn’t have to.” She blushed. “Yes I did. I wanted to do something special for my baby… if you would be my baby.” He looked at her in her eyes. Shelly smiled wider and hugged him again. “Of course I’ll be your baby!” She cheesed. Caine smiled feeling good about his decision. “Forever starts now” He whispered in her ear and kissed it. Zoey took one last look at Caine’s apartment and then hopped in her car. She pulled the mirror down and wiped her tears. “guess it’s really over…” She stated to herself hoping she’d die any second now.

lol thank you guys

Dang I'm kinda feeling bad for Zoey, but she's still a b**** and Caine just having him a good ol' time huh

Awww my poor Zoey!!!! Poor girl just can't seem to get a break. I feel bad for her situation being pregnant by someone who u are in love with, but is also toxic for u smh. And cancer that s*** is no joke :( I hope its an early form of whatever kind it is and her and the baby can still make it. For the millionth time... I like the nice Caine. Don't know if I could say the same about Shelly. Ok Ok I guess I'm just hating, I dont know Shelly enough yet, BUT I am so #TEAMZAINE (zoey and caine), and #TEAMTROEY (trigga and zoey) that any girl that comes next to either one of them i'm not going to like. Damn I sound childish af, oh well. Ty is using them hoes to take his Mind off of the pain. I hope he finds a nice girl. I keep forgetting to put how funny it is that she blames God for everything that goes wrong and when her ass needs something she wanna pray (just like people in the real world). Like come on now Zo, she know's deep down inside she believes in him she needs to stop frontin. Ok this is getting long soo.............

PS. I like Keily. oh and ALEXIS GOT HER ASS BEAT... AGAIN LMFAO ^.^

dam im lost for words this story hits close
they think about each other and want to be with eachother but for some reason s*** always be happening :/
im glad she beat alexis ass tho
ty tho man he need a good women by his side
and hes right she should want to give her baby something she didnt have
she should let caine know am sure he will react differently now that he changed
im sad that this shelly girl is getting all the attention zoey deserve is just pisses me off but im happy he is trying to be a better person
aww s*** cancer and pregnant??
is the cancer treatable?
zoey u need to stfu and stop feeling sorry for your self! you carrying a child now be strong and get the treatment you need!
i hope something looks up and she dont overdose herself
run it

Chapter 22: Crashing Down

Caine drove to his apartment after dropping Shelly off and walked through his door. He smiled to himself thinking his date with Shelly and thought that she was real cool girl. Zoey sat back from the toilet and wiped her mouth as tears continued to fall from her face. “What are you gonna do?” Kiely wiped her tears. Zoey shrugged her shoulders and then got up and started brushing her teeth. “I’m going to buy some test I’ll be back” Kiely told her. Zoey sighed and finished brushing her teeth. Kiely walked into the store and bought several pregnancy tests for Zoey. Kiely developed a good relationship with Zoey despise her bipolar episodes and really cared about her as a friend. During the past three months the two of them continuously developing a relationship and bettering their bond by being consistent and loyal friends to one another. Once Kiely finished buying the test she quickly drove back to Zoey’s house and walked inside after being let in. Kiely sighed and handed her three different tests. “Ready?” Zoey shook her head and plopped on the couch. “I don’t have to pee.” She stated. Kiely got up and walked to her kitchen and poured a tall glass of water and brought it over to her. “Drink up b****” She demanded. Ty walked out of his apartment and headed to his job. Lauren got up and did the same, but before she did she decided to write a letter.

Dear Zoey,
Hey…. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. I know you don’t really give a s*** about this letter. If I’m not mistaken you probably don’t give a s*** about me either…still. I don’t know if I ever apologized for the pain I caused you a long time ago, but I just want to say that I’m sorry. How’s your life going? It’s been sooooo long since we’ve talked. I know this may sound crazy, but I truly miss you. I grew up wanting to have a bigger or little sister just so I can have someone to play in my hair, play with our Barbie’s, and talk about boys. When I met you I was hoping I could have that sister type bond with you. Then we had our differences. Well… I won’t write you forever and keep running my mouth because I know you really don’t care. Wherever you are I hope your save and sound, and I mean it. Take care of yourself Zoey.
Love, Lauren

Caine hopped out the shower and laid in bed staring at the ceiling. He couldn’t get his mind off Zoey and then took out his phone and wanted to dial her number badly. He sighed and then decided to call Shelly instead. “hello?” she answered. “Hey beautiful” He smiled. He heard Shelly laugh on the other end and widened his smile as he held the phone to his ear. “Wassssuppp? Mr.blondie” She joked. Caine laughed a little and shook his head. “You still got jokes huh?” he questioned. “I’m done for the day” She giggled. “mmmhm. So is it okay if we continue this?” He asked. “Time, place, and where and I’m down” She blushed over the phone. Caine bit his lip and did the same. “Cool” he cooed. Caine suddenly thought that progressing their friendship might be a challenge but necessary for him to fully move on from Zoey. “Pregnant” Zoey looked at all test on the kitchen counter. “Wow…I should of known with all that you eat” Kiely stated. “I always eat Kiely I just thought I was gaining some weight, but then I sort of felt like I was pregnant.” Zoey shook her head and sighed. “Call Caine” Kiely said. “Kiely I CAN’T right now I just need time to f***ing think” She sighed. “You’re not thinking about an abortion are you?” Kiely continued. “UGHH I DON’T f***ING KNOW KIELY OKAY? JESUS! YOU’RE NOT MAKING s*** ANY BETTER RIGHT NOW. I’M PREGNANT BY SOMEONE I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH WHO DOESN’T GIVE A f*** ABOUT ME OKAY? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW. HOW THE f*** AM I GONNA TAKE CARE OF A BABY RIGHT NOW? I’M JUST NOW GETTING ON MY DAMN FEET. OH MY GODDD!!” She stressed and began crying. Kiely felt her eyes water and then pulled Zoey into her arms and then consoled her to the best of her ability. Lauren felt good about writing the letter and decided to hold onto it whenever she went to that side of town near Caine’s old house. Shelly looked into the mirror and finished doing her hair and added oil sheen to it. She was a cool girl who loved to party. She enjoyed working at foot locker with Caine and grew to like him. His first impression was extremely rude and it turned her all the way off. She decided to take his offer after he begged a couple of times and finally went out with him. She had been on several dates with Caine and today was one of the best. She couldn’t stop smiling when she had thoughts about her day. She admired Caine’s personality and thought he was charming, goofy, caring, and sweet. These were things Zoey never got to witness.

“Shhhh its going to be okay” Kiely continued to console Zoey. Time past by and Kiely decided to leave. For the rest of the day all Zoey wanted to do was sleep. Zoey woke up to her phone ringing and answered it. “Hello?” she said dryly. “Zoey..” A male voice spoke. Zoey shot up thinking it was Caine as her heart dropped. “Caine?” She asked. “It’s Trigga” He corrected. Zoey felt slightly disappointed and relaxed. “Hey” She responded. “Zoey.. I haven’t heard from you in a while how you been?” he asked. “I’ve been working trying to get this money to survive that’s why” She laid back down. “Oh.. I miss you we should link up” He suggested. “When? I don’t have any upcoming off days” she lied. “What you doing right now?” he asked. “I’m lying down, I’m not really feeling well” She truthfully stated. “Oh dang I would say now, but whenever is convenient for you just let me know okay?” He said. “Okay” Zoey nodded. “I hope you feel better Zoey” he chimed in. “Thank you” Zoey said. “You’re welcome” He stated. Zoey hung the phone up and went back to sleep. Hours passed by and Zoey woke up by her phone ringing for the second time. She wondered who the f*** was calling her while she was trying to take a nap. “Hello?” She said dryly again. “Hello may I speak to Zoey Davis?” a woman spoke. “This is she” Zoey answered. “Hello Zoey this is Margaret from Walmart. I looked over the application you submitted and wondered if you were interested in having an interview with us.” She informed. Zoey shot up and wiped her eyes. “Yes ma’am I would love to” Zoey accepted. “Okay great! Does tomorrow at 9am sound good for you?” She asked. Zoey nodded her head “Yes ma’am” She replied. “Okay great! We’ll see you then” Margaret exclaimed. “Okay thank you so much” Zoey stated. “My pleasure” Margaret said before hanging up. Zoey got up and turned on some music and started dancing around. She knew that she needed another job especially if she was going to be keeping the baby. But, even Zoey didn’t know if she wanted to do that. She didn’t want to be a single mother with raising her baby without a father. But, unfortunately that’s how the world worked now-a-days. Caine walked toward his complex’s basketball court and worked on his lay ups. If he wasn’t working or out with Shelly he tried to occupy his time by playing ball. “one on one?” some dude asked Caine. “iight” He shrugged. The two of them played a good game with Caine winning by two. “Good game bruh” Caine dapped him. The dude chuckled and dapped him back. “That’s what’s up I’m Nick” He introduced. “Caine, you from round here?” He asked. Nick chuckled and nodded “Yea I live in the apartments.” “Cool that’s what’s up. I live here too. I ain’t never seen you over here foreal how long you been living here?” Caine wondered. “I just moved like two months ago.” Nick informed. “Oh cool, I been here for a good lil minute s*** it’s straight. Quiet!” He mentioned. “Yea we should link up and turn up or some. You smoke?” He asked. “I used to but I mean I do every now and then” He stated truthfully. “Cool.. hit my line and let’s roll up” Nick stated while giving Caine his number. “I got you” he stated. The two of them talked some more and then decided to part ways.
Zoey started to feel bad and decided to text Trigga and asked could she meet him somewhere. Zoey got in her car and drove to the park where Trigga waited for her. Zoey parked her car and got out. “Hey” She approached him. Trigga smiled widely and pulled Zoey into a hug. “Hey Zoey… I’m glad you called me.” He said. “Well I know we haven’t seen each other in a while so I thought why not. I was just sleepy at the time. So, what’s been up with you?” She asked. “Nothing much still running a smooth business and you?” He smiled. Zoey shook her head at his response. “I’ve been living…for once” She smiled to herself.

“That’s awesome…wanna get on the swings?” He asked. Zoey nodded and ran to the swings and hopped on. Trigga laughed and shook his head after joining her. Zoey swinged her feet back and forth loving the breeze she received from the air. Trigga tried to challenge her and swing higher, but that only made her go faster- Zoey loved competition. Trigga jumped off the swings and Zoey laughed loudly at him rolling around in the grass. She slowed down and then approached him asking was he okay. “I’m fine thanks beautiful” He smiled. Zoey smiled and then hit him playfully. “Tag you’re it” she ran off. Zoey laughed loudly as she looked back at Trigga chasing her. Trigga didn’t mind chasing her at all in fact he’d been trying to keep up and catch her heart. Zoey was having the time of her life because this is what she been missing out of her life- a childhood. “GOT YOU!” Trigga yelled and tackled Zoey. Zoey laughed loudly and then grew catious. “WAIT TRIGGA MY BABY!” She laughed. “What?” he grew serious and looked at Zoey. Zoey looked at him and noticed what slipped out of her mouth. “I-I- s-said wait Trigga baby” She covered up. Trigga stood up and looked at her carefully and couldn’t believe it. “You’re pregnant Zoey?” He seemed hurt. Zoey got up and sighed. “Did you come here to question me or have fun?” She ignored the question.

“How far are you?” He asked. “I don’t know..” Zoey rolled her eyes and walked off. Trigga walked beside her and grabbed her hand. “Zoey I’m your friend not a stranger and when I told you that I’d be there for you I meant it…Let’s go to the doctor and find out” He suggested. Zoey sighed as tears formed in her eyes. “I don’t need to go to the f***ing doctor Trigga. I need to go to the clinic” She blurted. “What? For what?” he stated confused. “BECAUSE I DON’T WANT IT!” She screamed. “THAT’S f***ING SELFISH ZOEY!” He screamed. “JUST LEAVE YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING!” She cried. “HOW DO I NOT KNOW ANYTHING? WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR A WHILE. I KNOW YOU! YOU NEED TO BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD. YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE YOUR MOM?” He preached. “SHUT UP TRIGGA YOU DON’T WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT!” Zoey cried more. “I KNOW YOUR MOM PASTED, BUT THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR BABY INSTEAD OF GIVING IT UP” Trigga continued. Zoey broke down and sat on the ground. Trigga came and sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her. “Zoey…I didn’t mean to yell at you I’m sorry, but just think about the gift God has given you. I know you didn’t have a childhood and a mother or father to be completely honest you should want that to be your motivation to keep ur baby” He spoke softly. Zoey wiped her tears and completely understood where he was coming from. “He doesn’t want it” She cooed. “Huh?” Trigga didn’t hear. “He doesn’t want the baby we’ve already spoken about if I was to get pregnant then adoption would have to be the solution” Zoey continued. “Who? Caine?” He screwed his face. Zoey nodded her head and wiped more tears that fell. Trigga smacked his lips. “f*** that nigga if that’s the case. I’m here for you and I mean that. I support you all the way and if that nigga don’t want to step up to the plate then f*** it, but you have me. DO you trust that?” He questioned. Zoey shook her head and sighed. “Trigga I just need time to think okay? I just need to think” She admitted. Trigga nodded his head understanding the type of pressure she could be going through. “Just please remember I’m here for you” he kissed her cheek and left. Zoey didn’t know what to do. Everything that Trigga mentioned was true, but she knew she couldn’t handle the responsibilities of being a mom at the moment.

Caine blew his loud in the air and laughed with Nick. He seemed
like a cool dude that Caine wanted to remain kicking it with. Caine wasn’t so uptight with letting new people in his life anymore and figured he’d be a little more social. He wasn’t a social butterfly just yet and didn’t want to get that far into it, but he wanted to become a different person. “Where yo girl at?” Nick asked. “Ion have one yet, but it might take me another week or so” He laughed. “Oh s*** I feel you I’m just chillin at the moment. We should hit the strip club or some” He laughed and blew his smoke in the air. “Shid I’m down” Caine agreed. “It’s on” Nick chuckled. Zoey left the park and decided to go to the doctor because she started to feel a little weird. She sat in the waiting room anxious to find out how far along she was and how long she had to get an abortion if she decided that. “Davis?” The nurse called. Zoey went to the nurse and they took her blood pressure and weighed her. “So what brings you here?” the nurse asked. “I want to see if I’m pregnant” She sighed. The nurse nodded and gave her a urine cup. Zoey went to the bathroom and then came back shortly. “Thanks I also need to draw some blood okay?” The nurse informed her. Zoey nodded her head and gave her an arm to use. After the nurse stuck her she left and Zoey waited on the examination table. She thought about everything that happened in her relationship with Caine. She hated the fact she was still in love with him. No matter how many times she tried to think of someone else or even talk to someone else he would flood her brain. She cherished the moments when he cracked a smile unexpectedly and laugh at her.

Caine texted Shelly asking her if she wanted to tag along with him and Nick to the strip club. He didn’t know Nick at all and wanted to at least surround himself with someone he knew. Caine left Nick’s apartment and headed to his own to get himself ready. He brushed his teeth and hopped in the shower to freshen up. He then slipped on his clothes and looked himself in the mirror. Caine sprayed cologne on to get Shelly’s attention and then heard the doorbell ring. Caine opened the door and hugged her. “You look so beautiful” he complimented. Shelly smiled and took in his scent and then pulled back. “You’s a sexy b****” She smiled. “For you I’ll be” He laughed. She walked in and blushed. Caine noticed and smiled wider and then turned his lights off and grabbed his phone. “Ready?” He asked. Shelly nodded and then walked out. Kiely got off work and then headed home. She then decided to pick up her phone and check on Zoey. “Hello?” she answered. “b****…what’s up?” she replied. Zoey sighed and drove home from her doctor’s visit. “Three months” She bit her lip trying not to cry. Kiely let the phone grow silent for a few minutes and then broke it. “I’m here for you Zoey” she reassured. Zoey secretly grew tired of her and Trigga telling her the same bulls***. Saying that didn’t make Zoey feel any better. “Well I won’t be soon three months soon because I have cancer and the baby and I are finally gonna go where we belong” She confessed. Kiely’s eyes watered immediately as her heart sunk to her stomach. “W-what?” She stated confused. “Kiely I’m pregnant and have cancer…I’ll talk to you later” Zoey hung up. “WAIT!”Kiely screamed in the phone, but was too late. Zoey wiped her tears and then pulled up to her apartment. Zoey walked into her bathroom and pulled out her makeup. She put on black eye-shadow and black lipstick. To top it off she added mascara and eyeliner to her gothic dark look. She stared herself in the mirror and felt the tears coming. “UGHHHH!!!” She screamed and ran out the bathroom and kneed on the side of her bed. “Please God… I’m praying to you right now. I know I’ve been such a horrible child to you, but I don’t belong here anymore. P-please do me and my baby a favor. I need you to just take us away. I-m ready to die and somehow someway…tell Caine I love him. Amen” She prayed as tears streamed down her face. Zoey heard Kiely outside her door banging on it for her to open it up. Zoey walked into her bathroom and got out her bipolar pills and stared at them wanting to take the whole bottle.

ty is played by- tyga
caine- chris
zoey- ebony risky jones
alexis- rihanna
kiely- blac chyna
nick- j cole

Chapter 21: Say Goodbye

Ty woke up with three bad b****es in his bed and went to take a shower. Moments of last night flashed threw his mind as he smiled. It was plenty of times when he had his moments of sorrow and felt worthless. But, Ty continued to take his depression medicine and get over the tragedy. Even though his wounds were in the process of healing, Ty was becoming a different person. He wasn’t the same to most people he usually hung out with or talked to. He was becoming more and more detached from anyone he shared a close relationship with. To be honest, he thought about Zoey more then he should have he felt. She wasn’t a factor in his life and he knew it, but it was something about her that no other girl had. Zoey left the hospital and called Kiely to come pick her up. She had no other person to run to and thought about what she told her at work. “Thank you so much” She mentioned while getting in her car. “Aww it’s all good. What happened?....if you don’t mind me asking” She took off while speaking. Zoey sighed and looked at her hands and felt her tears forming. “You and Caine?” Kiely guessed. Zoey felt tears run down her face and nodded. Kiely rubbed her back and continued to drive. “It’s all gonna be okay” Kiely consoled her. Zoey wiped her tears and thought that’s what they all say in her head. “I’m sorry about yelling at you on the job… I’m bipolar and sometimes I ju- “ She shook her head cutting herself off. “Well now that I know that it makes sense. I’m here for you Zoey. I’m not against you” Kiely clarified. “Thanks.. I’m not used to having people like that a part of my life” Zoey confessed. “Well just know that I’m a loyal friend and that once you gain my trust you won’t regret it.” She replied. Zoey looked at her and nodded her head. Lauren’s life was moving in a direction she was very proud of. Her position she had as assistant manager at Verizon was doing well. The only thing Lauren felt was missing was her cousin. She spoke daily with her other family members and a lot wanted to know about Zoey. Too bad Lauren got stuck every time and didn’t know how to answer the question.

Zoey went the whole day finding apartments that she could apply for. She no longer wanted to live off of Trey and depend on him. He was a great friend and appreciated everything that he did for her, but she wanted to be independent. She didn’t want to have to grow up thinking she never did anything for herself. Night fell quickly in Zoey’s eyes because of the ripping and running she did. Caine drove back from L.A. feeling horrible for what he did last night. He pulled up to his apartment and then decided to text Zoey.

Caine: Can we talk?

Zoey: For what?

Caine: I did something bad… :/

Zoey looked at her phone and sighed. “Headed somewhere?”
Trigga asked walking in her room as Zoey put her shoes on. “Yea Caine needs me” She mentioned. Trigga sighed and then headed to the door. “Is there something you needed?” Zoey asked him. Trigga shook his head and walked out. “Trigga wait!” She got his attention. “What?” He turned around. “I just want you to know that in a few more weeks… I’ll be out of your hair. I’m not getting with Caine or you and I just rather focus on me! That’s what I need to do… can you respect my decision?” She looked him in the eyes. Trigga sighed and stared back. “As long as you promise to keep in touch with me, I can respect that.” Zoey smiled and hugged Trigga. “Thank you for understanding” She spoke while walking out the house. Trigga watched Zoey walk out the door and shook his head. “You’re welcome…” He cooed. Caine sat on his bed and wiped his tears when he heard his doorbell ring. He quickly got up and opened the door to see a concerned Zoey. “Hey..” She looked at him. Caine let her in and closed the door behind her. It was an awkward silence between the two before Zoey decided to break the ice. “So, spill it out Caine..” She told him. Caine took a deep breath and began his story. *flashback of what happened in the wee wee hours last night* Caine arrived to L.A. and thought about Zoey the whole ride. He wanted to be free from the demons that continued to haunt him in his mind. He thought that by changing his ways that they will leave, but he was wrong. Caine pulled up to a night club and hit his steering wheel repeatedly as the voices grew louder and louder. “SHUT THE f*** UP!” He yelled to the voices. He looked around to make sure no one heard his loud voice. Caine walked into the club and headed straight to the bar. Caine felt the need to drink his problems away because he felt no one cared anyway. Meanwhile, Zoey looked at the ceiling in her hospital room doing exactly what Caine did all the time- Count! “You wanna dance?” some girl approached Caine. Caine chugged down his first drink of the night and shrugged. “Why not?” he took her offer. Caine grabbed the girls hand and headed to the dance floor and soon began dancing. The two of them seemed to have great chemistry while they danced and it definitely caught Caine’s attention. “You should come back to my spot” He whispered in her ear. The random girl giggled and continued dancing. Caine continued dancing with the girl all the way until the song ended and whispered in her ear again. “Let me buy you a drink and we can chill after this” He offered. “No thank you” She turned around and started to walk off. “What the f*** you mean no thank you?” Caine got irritated. The girl screwed her face taken aback by Caine’s sudden actions. “Like I said NO THANK YOU!” She emphasized and walked off. Caine pulled her close to him and spoke sternly in her ear. “Make a scene and you’ll become the scene…play with me” He tested her. The girl grew scared and followed directions.

Caine drove to his hotel room demanding the girl the whole ride what not to do. Once they got to the hotel room the girl took her clothes off very slowly while Caine grew irritated. “Hurry the f*** up!” He warned. The girl continued to take her clothes and began crying which was a bad move in Caine’s book. Caine slapped the girl across the face and snatched her clothes off. “Ima give you something to f***ing cry about b****” He retorted. Caine slipped a condom on and spread her legs roughly. Caine covered the innocent’s girl’s mouth as he pumped inside and out of her. She continued to scream and weep hoping and praying the pain would soon be over. Once Caine got his quickie in he threatened the girl to remain quiet or else. *end of flashback* Zoey looked at Caine in distraught. She couldn’t believe he would do something like that. As he describes her screams during his story only disturbed Zoey more. She wiped her tear feeling extremely bad for the young girl knowing she could relate. “Caine…. Why?” She stated confused. Caine shook his head and wiped his tear. “I- I don’t f***ing know Zoey.. my m-mind was somewhere else and I-I ju- I just don’t f***ing know. I didn’t mean it” He pleaded. Zoey for the first time saw a human in Caine. She hated that it had to take him raping a girl to get a different emotion out of him. This was the first time she ever witnessed him crying in front of her and she began to feel sympathy toward him. “okay Caine” she cooed. Caine sighed and buried his face in his hands. “I can’t do s*** RIGHT!” He blurted while shooting his face up. Zoey looked at him and then began kissing his tears away. “Shhhh… “ Zoey whispered. Caine shook his head again feeling ashamed. Caine suddenly got up and headed toward the door. “Where you going?” Zoey wondered. “I’m going to take a walk… “ He said and walked out. Zoey sighed and shook her head.

Zoey decided to go back to Trigga’s house to pack herself an overnight bag. Even though she didn’t plan on spending the night she wanted to be there for Caine. The only thing is… Caine didn’t return that night, or the next three nights and Zoey got worried. Caine blew his loud into the air feeling back at home. He smiled to himself as he started sitting on cloud nine. He felt like he was in heaven and been missing out on a lot. “What did I tell you?” Alexis smiled and blew smoke in his face. “b**** don’t blow my high with your jeepers creepers looking ass” He insulted. Alexis laughed loudly and continued smoking. Zoey woke up and walked around Caine’s apartment and thought more and more about him. She’d been back and forth to work within the past three days and her day was still incomplete.

Zoey: Caine.. where are you I’ve been here waiting on you

Caine: Where?

Zoey: at your house… are you coming back anytime soon?

Caine: yea… I’ll be there soon baby

Zoey:………….. ok

Zoey read that text message over and over again. Even though he called her baby before with her warning him not to, this time it was different. Something wasn’t sitting right with Zoey and she could feel it. Caine smoked some more and decided to go home. He parked in his complex and saw Zoey’s car and rolled his eyes. He wondered why the f*** she was still at his house. Caine opened the door and plopped on the couch and took his shoes off. “Hey..” Zoey approached him and immediately stopped in her tracks. Caine screwed his face “what? Why you still here?” He questioned. “Foreal Caine?” Zoey shook her head. “What the f*** are you talkin about?” He inquired. “I guess rehab wasn’t enough” She sarcastically retorted. “b**** whateva I’m not even addicted this was a one-time thing” He announced. “b****?” she raised her eyebrow. Caine smack his lips “Where the f*** is that nigga huh? You sending them to come over and fight a nigga aint you?” He laughed at himself. “What the f*** are you talking about Caine?” Zoey crossed her arms. “That nigga you living with that’s who. You got that mothaf***a coming over here to whoop ass and s***. What the f*** happened to loyalty?” He turned the tv on. “I DIDN’T KNOW TRIGGA CAME OVER HERE, BUT IM GLAD SOMEONE WHOOP THAT ASS CAUSE YOU NEEDED UR ASS WHOOPED” Zoey got upset. “WHY IN THE f*** ARE YOU HERE IF YOU ON THAT NIGGA SIDE? WHY DID YOU COME RUNNING LAST NIGHT?” He questioned. “BECAUSE I f***ING LOVE YOU CAINE HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO f***ING EXPRESS THAT?” Zoey stressed. Caine shook his head and pulled out his phone and put it to his ear. “Who the f*** you calling?” Zoey questioned. “Why you worried about it this my f***ing house” Caine retorted. “You know what your right” Zoey chuckled to herself and sat on the couch. “What are you doing?” Caine questioned while getting off the phone. “I’m bout to see who the f*** you got coming over here” Zoey said being petty. Caine smacked his lips and focused his attention on the TV.

Ty walked in after work and saw the same three b****es he left this morning walking around. “This is what I’m talking about” he stated while smiling. “Hey daddy” one female said. Ty greeted her with a kiss. “What do you want us to do master?” another female spoke. “ummm well.. I just got off work , so I’m thinking maybe a foot massage would be great” He suggested. The girls giggled and nodded their heads. Ty loved the new lifestyle. He kept bad b****es from strip clubs in his apartment all the time. He just didn’t want to live his life feeling lonely and depressed anymore. He figured that this is what he was missing the whole time. Ty picked up his feet and let the girls massage his feet. He loved the treatment and the ability to tell them what to do. This way he felt important- something he hasn’t felt in a while. “mmmm s*** right there! That’s how you f***ing do it b****” he laughed at himself. One of the girls giggled and continued while the other continued massaging his foot as well. “Nothing is better than this s***” he talked to himself. “Not at all baby” she smirked. “yall hoes get naked” Ty demanded. “yes master” she spoke. “Mmmm I got two bad ass Asians that look alike. JESUS IS REAL!” Ty announced. The girls laughed and got naked like he ordered while one of them didn’t mind whipping out his d*** and immediately took it in her mouth. “got damnnn girl…mmmmm” Ty moaned. The other asian London didn’t mind taking his balls in her mouth while akira sucked on his d***. “mmmmmm suck that mean d*** b****” Ty took her head and pushed it to her rhythm. Caine opened the door and greeted Alexis with a kiss on the cheek. Zoey watched Alexis walk in and got up and went to Caine’s room. “You got my candy?” He asked her. Zoey packed her s*** in her overnight bag steaming from how heated she was. Zoey walked past the two of them and walked out the door without saying a word. “You mad?” Caine spoke softly as Alexis laughed. Zoey had enough and walked back inside and dropped her bags and punched Alexis in the face. The two of them began fighting and Caine got into the middle and tried to break it up and Zoey kicked him in the face. “GET OFF ME YOU MOTHAf***A!” She yelled as Caine hit the ground. Alexis tried to swing and Zoey punched her multiple times and then grabbed her hair and smashed her face into the floor. “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WHOOPED YOUR MOTHAf***ING ASS YOU STUPID ASS c*** ASS THRISTY b****.” She kicked her in the stomach and continued talking. “I SHOULD MOP THE FLOOR IN YOUR BLOOD WITH YOUR ALIEN LOOKING AS b****” She stomped her and grabbed her s*** and left. “UGHHH STUPID b****ES” She yelled out to herself while walking to her car. Caine and Alexis both laid on the floor and winched in pain.
“mmmm you like how that d*** feel don’t you b****?” Ty groaned while putting out of one of the asains. “YESSS OOO f***” She moaned. The other b**** fingered herself and watched the two them f***. “You foreign b****es the s*** I swear” Ty moaned and continued thrusting. “Say I’m daddy King” He smacked her ass. “OOOOOHHH YOUR DADDY KING” She moaned loudly. “mmmhmm and who pussy is this?” He asked. “DADDY KING’S AHHHHH YESSS!!!” She screamed. “mmmm say that s*** again” he slapped her. “IM CUMMING DADDD AHHH f***KK” The other one cried out. Ty grabbed her throat and continued pumping and banging the s*** out the other Asian. “Did I tell you to f***ing cum b****? HUH?” He questioned. The girl looked Ty in the eyes and shook her head. “I didn’t think so now you’re gonna suffer” he exclaimed.

Zoey calmed herself down by smoking a cigarette and then felt bad. She hated when her bipolar episodes would creep on her. She didn’t want to feel bad for Caine, but she did. Zoey put her cigarette out and drove to Caine’s house. Caine laid on the floor in pain as blood ran down his jaw. Caine felt worthless and useless as he tried to regain full recovery from his last beaten. Zoey walked through the door and saw Alexis gone and ran over to Caine. She hated seeing him hurt and knowing that she was the cause didn’t make her feel any better. Tears developed and streamed down onto Caine’s face. “Caine… I’m so sorry… I love you so much you have no idea. Were so…dangerous to each other and if we keep going the way we are we’ll kill each other” She cried. Caine took her face and looked into her eyes. “I love you Zoey” He truthfully stated. Zoey kissed his hand and looked at him. “I love you more.. I would die for you. You know that right?” She looked into his eyes. Caine sat up and spit the blood on the floor. “I’ll be ok…I-I just gotta take my medicine…make a dentist appointment” He hissed in pain. Zoey’s eyes shot to the floor. Not only did she feel bad, but because he ignored her question. Zoey got up and looked at Caine one more time. “Bye Caine” she cooed. “Bye Zoey” He cooed as well. Zoey wiped her tears as she walked to her car feeling that this was it. She truly felt in her heart that this time they were completely done while Caine sat on the floor thinking that same thing.

Three months passed and Caine kept his door unlocked with no sign of Zoey walking through it. He truly missed her and wanted to be with her really bad, but she never returned his calls or text. He felt that they were completely done and it broke his heart to tell himself the truth. Zoey on the other hand walked into her new apartment with Kiely after coming from work. Becoming best friends with Kiely benefited Zoey because she wasn’t just a good friend, but Kiely helped Zoey get her new place and get a better position at work. Zoey knew she was an angel sent and had to be loyal to her as she was. Caine had got a job at Foot Locker in a local mall and hated it. But, he knew that he needed to start saving once he had to start paying rent again. “Have you talked to Caine?” Kiely brought up. Zoey tried to go days without thinking about him, but it was hard especially when she had kiely as a friend. “No kiely” She took her shoes off. “When are you gonna talk to him?” She asked. “Kiely you know there’s nothing to talk about were done…that’s it” Zoey reported. “I guess then” Kiely dropped it. Zoey walked quickly to her bathroom and hovered over the toilet and began throwing up. Caine pulled over and looked at her and smiled. “I had so much fun”. Shelly smiled in return “I did too Cannan.” Caine nodded his head as he blushed and watched her get out. Caine was feeling good about the changes he started acting upon and was even happy with the physical changes he made to help give him a new identity. He wanted to throw “Caine” away even though apart of him still live because Zoey was still apart of him. It wasn’t a day he went without thinking about her, but knew she moved on. Caine only thought that it was time to finally do the same. If Zoey wasn’t happy with him.. he couldn’t force her to be in something she didn’t want anymore. Three months earlier he met Shelly at foot locker and hated her. He then gave her a chance and the two of them had an undeniable chemistry. Caine wasn’t looking for her to be anything, but a friend and was going to try to keep it that way. Meanwhile, Trigga kept in touch with Zoey, but Zoey was distant from him and the world. Kiely removed her hair as she heard her vomiting. “Are you okay?” She asked. Zoey felt tears run down her face because she knew she wasn’t. Flashbacks played in her head and knew what the deal was. What was she gonna do was the scary thing.

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