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'Nose Candy. (Repost FINISHED!!!)


DISCLAIMER: This is another story that I will attempt! I will not hesitate to drop this if it doesn't get the attention it deserves because this is a good story. I am not c**ky but confident in this story. This is the 2nd shot at this- some may have read something similar because 'Broken Mirrors was the start of this story. Me and Bree have collaborated outside of the broad but she choose to take it under her wing! it was unsuccessful and now Im giving it a try. Also with writing in 3rd person for the first time. So... here goes nothing!

He wasn’t the type of guy you’d high five while skipping down the street on a nice sunny Vegas day. Not everything was royalty as you may think. There was always the good parts of a city and the bad parts. Some may look as it as the “rich” and the “poor”; “high class” or “low class” whatever you prefer. Cannan (cayn-nan) Burose was a 23 year old man who was apart of the low class in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’d think that since he was in that million dollar state he’d have it made. Wrong, he had the opposite which was nothing. Cannan was a ruthless young man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He despised close relationships with anyone or even having a social life. “Caine” which he preferred to be called wasn’t your favorite type of guy. Because caine went through a lot in his past it caused him to cut off a lot of people who were previously in his life. For an example, Caine at one point in his life had a great relationship with God, but that suddenly changed.

Caine nicely put on an act to impress his boss and greet the costumers that walked in and out of his exclusive Verizon Wireless job. He didn’t enjoy talking to people, standing on his feet, or the work that he had to do, but they provided him with more then he had such as money, more clothes, and a temporary phone. Caine walked to his station and finished ringing up a costumer that had just brought a new cell phone and couldn’t quite understand what he was doing. A near by employee sensed that because of caine’s length of time being employed that he might of needed some help. “this…is how you do it” the female employee said. Caine stared at her and finished with the costumers “your welcome” the female employee said before walking away. Caine didn’t really care about her name but he did want to put on an act just to stay employed so he went to her station and introduced himself properly. “im sorry ma’am im Cannan Burose and im new here as you can tell…thanks for helping me and you are?’ She smiled and nodded her head. “its cool im lauren and anything you need help with you can just ask don’t have to hesitate” She flashed caine a warm smile reassuring him.

Caine nodded his head not really interested in her help at all and walked back over to his station. He took out his new phone and played around with it. He was amazed by the electronic and couldn’t help but to figure it out. Its been a while since he’d have something so nice and to have an iphone4s was huge to him. More costumers came in and he looked at his manager that was on shift who gave him confirmination to assist the customers. By this time Caine was ready to leave work and attend to his regular duties which was doing absolutely nothing. Its not the fact that he didn’t want to do nothing its just the fact he didn’t have anyone to do anything thing with or no where to go. Caine had nothing to claim except his body, soul, and mind if that. Meanwhile, Lauren admired caine and his etiquette with the customers from a distance. It made her smile on the inside to have another great employee on their team. The cool thing at the job was that in their Bluetooth they got to talk to whoever they want or listen to music. Of course Caine couldn’t get away with that just yet. Lauren took her phone out and decided to brag about her new co-worker to her cousin Zoey or Zoe to some. “so…theres this lil cutie in here working J” - “whoopy tooy do! b****” Zoe replied. Lauren laughed at the message she received and proceeded with her conversation with her long lost cousin whom she just reunited with a few months ago. “girl if I didn’t want to seem stalker-ish I’d send you a picture of him lol” Lauren send. “smh that’s a damn shame!” Zoey replied instantly.

Lauren wanted to take a picture of caine really badly to show him off but like she told Zoey she didn’t want to seem like a freak. So instead she studied him and wondered her eyes around him trying to capture his features from a far. “well… he’s light skin, tall, a nice smile, look like he got freckles a lil, low ceaser cut no waves lol and umm… he looks mean when he not smiling but lets not forget fine as f***”. Zoey sat in her room shaking her head at the message she received. She knew that her cousin could be extra at times when the situation wasn’t that serious. Zoey read the message over and over and tried to create her own canvas painting in her head of whom this nigga may have been and it was one dude that came across her mind. “If my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me I’d think you were talking about Cannan Burose I had a crush on that nigga in high school” Zoey replied to their conversation via text message. Lauren prop her elbows on her desk in front of her computer looking at her phone when an incoming message came. She thought for a moment and then replied. “Cannon? that’s what the dude said he’s name was …Cannon Burose YUP! that’s him lol” She quickly replied.

Zoey was stunned because she hadn’t talked or seen this nigga in about 5 years. Zoey went to school but didn’t finish. She wasn’t really feeling school like she thought and don’t dare try to judge her. School wasn’t for everyone and that’s a popular quote that stuck with her. “wow…” she replied with a instant reply by lauren. “that’s all you got to say? You still like him?” This caused Zoey to laugh [center]because how could she possibly liked someone she hadn’t seen in forever. “look b**** I haven’t seen the nigga in forever just tell him who I am and give him my number okay?” , “oooo… I know what u trying to do but okay, what u doing later?”, “ thanks but nothing…”, “drinks?” Zoey rolled her eyes not really interested but thought why not she didn’t really have nothing else planned anyway. “ok…why not” , “okay! Call you at 10”. With that Zoey left her phone unattended and hopped into the shower to finish up her daily duties.

Caine sat in the break room and finished eating someone’s sandwich that they left in the microwave. He was starving and made sure that no one was watching until Lauren came in and caught him off guard causing him to jump. “sneaky aren’t we?” Lauren laughed which wasn’t at all amusing to Caine. “Cannon isn’t it?” Lauren chimed in before he could even answer her first statement. “Its not cannon its cannan” he corrected her. “cannon, cannan whats the difference?” Lauren stated confused. “the difference is that you will call me Caine and s*** else understood?” Caine blunted retorted. “woahh… okay then, anyway im Zoey’s cousin and she wanted me to give you her number…” Lauren got straight to the point. Caine screwed his face confusedly unsure who she was talking about. “she said you and her went to high school together and yall haven’t heard from each other in a while…but that she wanted you to have her number and If I were you I’d use it she’s a hottie” Lauren winked at the last comment. “uhh…. Zoey..zoeeyyyy” Caine tried to remind himself. He was definitely someone who forgot things quickly. I guess you can blame that on the weed and all the other things he liked. “she’s brown skin, pretty, look like a lil tom boy” Lauren tried to help. Caine actually chuckled and knew exactly who she was talking about at that moment. Lauren gave him zoey’s number and went about her business leaving Caine where she found him. Caine clocked out and walked out of the store happier then ever even though his facial expressions showed it. He walked the streets until he made it all the way to the place he called home which was outside of a shelter called “Hope” there they tried to encourage the homeless that there was always hope no matter what. Caine didn’t believe in that bulls*** and just used the place for a place to rest his head and with this new job as long as he got in line by 5pm everyday he was sure enough to get a room. If not, then outside he was, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to that either. This was who he was and he was fine with that.


thank you

How in the hell did Caine in up in jail...smh. Ty is creepy, like just bcuz my door is unlock does not mean u can just invite yourself in! Where did Will come from (loser) his ass is crazy!!! He seriously needs help. Zoey, Zoey, Zoey......u betta keep running away from him!


aww i'm thinking about making this a real book seriously lol. But i will have to be famous first that way i can have connections to get that a book lol but I have definitely thought about it and i'm just giving writing a break.

Before i started typing stories again I haven't wrote in like maybe 2-3 years ion know.

Although im happy for multiple chapters im sad that this is ur last story. I agree 100% with unapologetic. Y'all did a beautiful job with this story. The characters always stay true to their roles and this is a very different story so i know people are definitely silently reading smh. Hell if this was a book i would've pre-ordered this. Anyway sorry that i made a whole paragraph about this.. but im sad 2 see ur stories go :,(.

to the people who scim through this, read this, or silent read this i will be speeding things up and start posting multiple chapters back to back. This will be my very last story on this board and probably last story in a while.. just giving writing a break. Thanks in advance to anyone who thought about giving this story a chance to the people who did. Your feedback really means a lot

thanks guys
and its ok @unapologetic


Oh and at least you do have readers. So, that's important. Even if you only have one reader, keep going. But you have like 3 faithful readers. Can't be mad at that lol.

But you deserve more.

Run it!

It's quite crazy how this is so <em>different</em> yet people not showing you any type of love. Probably silent reading, but y'all need to speak y'all asses UP! lol.

I swear if ONE person on this b**** said that there aren't any different stories on here, I might cuss they ass out. On God. A b**** bet not lol.

Don't make me rant in this b****. Stories like this will never get 1,000 replies or nearly that much unless we talk a lot in the posts and it's quite sad. This is not even predictable but whatever.

RUN THIS s***!!! Even though I already these chapters! RUN IT AGAIN! I might have to copy & paste my comments lol.

Okay I just skimmed through. I haven't read this in so long! Will is her step dad... Dang it's been a long time lol.

Caine why the f*** you just now loving Zoey when you in jail...
And why her step father tryna kill her ? Like what sense is he making ? Dumb nigga! UGH! Happy Lauren had a good time on her date tho!

Who is Will? Lol

Caine needs to get released from jail mysteriously so he can beat Wills ass!! Now that would be great if he beat will like he did Zoey... speaking of her i hope she gets away from that crazy man.

She should've hit his a** with her car!

<cite>Chapter 11: Yikes...</cite>

a/n: i couldnt think of anything else to write for the title lol

Lauren applied her makeup and got ready for her first blind date. She’d been trying out the online dating for about a month now and finally found someone she thought she may have liked. She and Zoey’s relationship still didn’t exist after she started to ignore all of her calls. Lauren had gone from a Verizon Wireless sale associate to an assistant manager. She was ecstatic about her promotion and had been training for a month now. Zoey finally got tired of the verbal abuse and broke things off with Caine, but not before he tossed her money for her electricity bill. She wanted more of his attention and he didn’t want to show her or give her that. Zoey knew that her decision was tough, but she also left her door unlock waiting for Caine to come back to her and this time she was wrong. He had yet to return and she tried calling but no answer. Lauren grabbed her things and headed out of the door and got into her car. She continued to drive until she arrived at the restaurant. Zoey stared at her ceiling while lying in her bed and heard a noise. Zoey screwed her face and decided to see who she was gonna cut today. Zoey tip toed down her stairs and saw Ty on the couch. She was so furious she ran over to him and started hitting him everywhere she could. “WOAHHH WOAHH STOP IT” he pleaded. Zoey shot up and placed her hair behind her ears. “What the f*** are you doing here GET OUT!!!” She screamed. “You can’t keep screaming at me as if you don’t leave the damn doors unlock crazy girl” Ty got her together. Zoey rolled her eyes “Well that’s what I used to do for Caine but… I guess he hasn’t decided to come back yet.” She stated and cleared her throat. “BUT.. that still doesn’t give you the right to be walking into my damn house whenever you feel like it” Zoey stressed.

“Alright Alright… I understand that just calm down okay?” Ty retorted. Zoey plopped next to him on the couch. “Why do you keep harassing me Ty? Im wi- well… I don’t need a boyfriend right now” She corrected. “What happened? You not will ol buddy anymore?” Ty questioned. Zoey sighed and shook her head to his question. She missed him dearly and didn’t go a second without thinking about him. Caine sat in his Jail Cell staring at the ceiling thinking about Zoey. He wanted to talk to her and tell her how much he was sorry. Even though he didn’t want to admit how much he missed her, his mind didn’t want to believe it, but his heart did. “How about you start fresh and forget about him” Ty suggested to Zoey who grew quiet for a long time. “I just can’t do that Ty…I love him” Zoey spoke truthfully. “Letting a nigga beat on you is love right?” he challenged her. Zoey laughed and shook her head at the things she was hearing come out Ty’s mouth. “That’s real funny because if Im not mistaken you hit me because I wouldn’t let you get none” She challenged back. Ty looked at her in disbelief because he truly was remorseful for his actions that he displayed in the past. “I’m really really really sorry Zoe I don’t know what it’s gonna take for you to not only believe me but….maybe one day give me a chance” He looked at her in her eyes. Zoey looked at him for a second and then looked at the ground. Ty used his index finger to lift her face and make her face him. “Just take it slow with me…I’ll be patient with you as long as you need me to” He meant every word. Zoey felt her stomach ball up in knots as she looked at Ty. She always found him attractive it was just his bug-a-boo attitude that kind of turned her off. “Bye Ty” She ordered. “Well…I’m not even gonna ask you out on a date since…you might not trust me, but just tell me where you’re going and where ever you are I’ll be there. If you’re in the grocery store I wanna be in the same aisle. If you’re in church I wanna be your neighbor….just to see you” He stared at her.

Zoey got up and started to walk off as she heard Ty sigh. Zoey turned to face Ty and said “you won’t see me in the church, but…. anywhere?” Ty got up and smiled and nodded his head. “There’s this creek that my mom took me when I…was little. Meet me there” She said turning around. “Wait what creek?” Ty questioned. “If it’s meant you’ll find me there…Tomorrow at 7:00pm. I’d like to watch the sunset” Zoey informed him. Ty nodded with a slight smirk on his face. Zoey sighed and nodded her head and started to walk off again to only get interrupted once again. “Wait!...” He stopped her. “What now?” She turned around once more. Ty signaled his finger for her to wait up and went to his car and got a bouquet of roses out and came back inside. “here…” He held the out waiting for Zoey to accept them. She stared at the roses and then looked at Ty. She then took one rose and started walking to her room. Zoey walked in and locked her door. She put the rose to her nose taking in its scent then put it on her dresser. for tomorrow. Caine laid on the top bunk in his Jail Cell as his roommate Ramon slept on the bottom. Caine sat up and looked out of his square window and pushed up a piece of tile in his ceiling. He acted quickly and got out his bag of cocaine out and quickly snorted. He put it back in place and then took out his paper and pen. Caine put the tile back and sat down thinking of what to write to Zoey. Lauren sat at the restaurant table enjoying her night. She was being a lot more open then she intended to be, but it was something about her date that was lighting a spark to her night. “You are so beautiful…”He complimented while looking at her. Lauren showed off her dimples and blushed to herself. “Thank you Aubrey..” she replied. “So…you’re into modeling huh?” He brought up again. Lauren sighed and nodded her head hating the fact he was back on this subject. “Yes….I just don’t know where to start” She admitted. “You have a beautiful face…a beautiful heart from the things I’ve heard tonight. Why don’t we continue to get to know each other and hopefully I can help where you stand in need of” He suggested. “I would love that” Lauren smiled again. “Don’t ever stop smiling beautiful” Aubrey exchanged his smile. Lauren giggled and nodded her head. Zoey stared at her reflection in the mirror over and over trying to find the beauty in her eyes. She continued to look at herself finding nothing to be proud about and took her fist and shattered the mirror. “Seven years of bad luck” She smiled to herself. Zoey grabbed one of the pieces of glass and started to cut her wrist. She bit down on her lip and hen screamed out as tears ran down her eyes. “f***KK” She threw the blood stained glass on the bathroom counter and walked out. She went get to get a first aid kit and took care of herself as tears continued to come down her face. She wasn’t even crying because of the physical pain she was experiencing, but more of the emotional pain she’d been dealing with all of her life. “Stupid God….you’re not worth s***…never been there. You never been there” She cried harder.

Caine fumbled around with his nose and crumbled up nine sheets of paper thinking of what to write to Zoey. His heart was filled with a thousand things to say, but he just couldn’t see what to write. He fell on his back and looked at the ceiling and closed his eyes. He thought that if he would imagine her smile then he’d think about something. He loved her smile but never told her that and probably wouldn’t mention it in the near future. He honestly felt that was the reason that made him come back. He wanted to be the reason she smiled, but he knew that he was the reason that she frowned more than anything. Caine watched his door open and he slid his paper and pen under his pillow. “Time to eat boys” The officer instructed. Caine got down from his bed and walked out the room behind Ramon and headed to the cafeteria with the rest of the jail mates. Caine was thinning by the minute he felt. He tried eating his food that they gave him, but he would only throw it up later on in the night. He secretly loved it when it was time to eat because he was always hungry. He loved being in Jail because it was somewhere to rest his head. He didn’t care about appliances like TV’s, electronics, and phones. He was used to not having all of that sleeping in the shelter, so being here didn’t make a difference. The only minor difference was that they had a basketball court here where Caine would go sometimes and play with other Jail mates. Caine walked into the cafeteria and got in the enormous line. This was another thing he was used to because he would always have to stand in a line waiting for a room to live for the night. He was glad that he didn’t have to fight for a room this time and instead it was enough room for anybody to come and stay.

Zoey grew tired of being in the house and decided to go to Zaxby’s and grab her something to eat. She placed her order and then filled her cup with Coke to drink. Caine grabbed his food and sat down where he found an empty table. Zoey collected her food and sat down. She loved ordering the wings and things with mild flavored wings it always seemed to fill the right spots. Lauren got up from the table and flashed Aubrey one more smile. “I really enjoyed myself…I was scared at first to see how this would turn out, but I’m glad I came.” Aubrey nodded his head and hugged her while kissing her cheek. “Let me walk you to your car” he remarked. Lauren agreed and let Aubrey walk her to her car. She planned on seeing him for a second, a third, a fourth, and how many more dates they could go on was fine with her. “You really didn’t have to pay for that In there I had it” Lauren confessed. “Shh… I know you may be bothered by that, but let me be a man okay? me letting me know you made it home safely” He ordered. Lauren looked at him and nodded her head while getting in her car. Aubrey looked at her until she pulled off. Lauren smiled to herself remembering the great night she just had and did so the rest of the way to her house. Zoey swayed side to side enjoying her chicken as Caine did the same except that he’s meal wasn’t even comparable to Zoey’s. “May I sit right here?” Zoey looked up and froze. Caine finished his meal and went back to his room. When he got there he didn’t see his mate so he thought that he may had been still been eating. Caine took that time to close his eyes and pictured Zoey in his head and started to jack his d*** off. He continued as he hardens in his hand and imagined it was Zoey instead of him. Caine bit his lip to keep his moans from escaping from his mouth as he went faster with his hand. Lauren arrived at home and unlocked her front door. She went up to her room and plopped on her bed and looked at the ceiling. “Thank you God” She looked at him. Caine came in his toilet and put his d*** up and got on his bed. He took the paper and pen from under his pillow and began to write.

Dear: Zoey,
Hey girl lol. Ummm… Haven’t spoken or seen you in a while. Uhhh… I miss you? Yea..yea.. I do a lot. Um…I don’t know what to really write except for the fact that I’m finally home. I know you’re probably living your life to the fullest huh? Well…if not you should be. Oh…Lock your door. Uhh… this is my first letter to let you know I’m alive and ok. Zoey? I know this letter is short but I got a question for you. Why do you love me? If you still do… then why? We keep breaking up and you keep telling me what I’m not doing and s*** so…. I hope that you can find what you been missing. Ima stare at the ceiling and count the tiles like I always do. Wish you the best.
- Caine

Caine took the letter and folded it and put it underneath his pillow ready to mail it to her. He looked at the ceiling and began to count the tiles. Zoey looked at her stepfather Will with tears falling from her eyes. She hasn’t seen him in years and didn’t plan on seeing him anymore in life. Zoey got her tray and threw the rest of the food in the garbage as he ruined her appetite. “Zoey don’t act like that now. I’m fresh out” He smirked. Zoey turned around and slapped him with all of her might causing some nearby people and employees to gasp. “Fresh out? They should have kept your dumbass in there and what you want me to act like Will? Huh? After you killed my mom you want me to be happy? f*** YOU.” She expressed. “Zoey please just stop it okay? I know what I did was wrong that was years ago now I’m just trying to make things right” Will pleaded. Zoey shook her head with tears streaming down her face. She stormed out of Zaxby’s with her step father right behind her. She looked back and walked faster to her car. She hated God even more now that her step father had found her let alone was out of Jail. Will grabbed her arm and Zoey screamed having instant flashbacks of him raping her. “GET OFF ME!!” Will shoved her in her car and slapped her as hard as he could, but she came back fighting him. “Stop it you lil b****. I haven’t forgotten all the things you did you listen to me...” he grabbed her head banging it on the dash board. “I’ll end your stupid pathetic life JUST like I did your mother” He threatened. Zoey pushed him with all of her might sending him flying out of the front seat that he’s stupid ass forgot to close. She quickly locked the doors as he shot up and stared at her through the window. Zoey looked at him with fear in her eyes. Will started jerking the car door as she quickly started the car and drove off. “This aint over…believe that this here aint over” he pointed as Zoey drove off. She gripped the steering wheel and sped off constantly looking in her rearview mirror. “Take me now God! f***KK” She screamed and cried more. She knew a migraine was on the way with the way her tears flowed, but she couldn’t stop from shaking and feeling overwhelmed. Zoey didn’t want to go home because she felt that Will would be watching her every little move somewhere somehow. She dialed Caine’s number and was sent to voicemail. “Caine…. Caine please… I know you may hate me, but I need you!! I love you so much..I’m tired of fighting. My stepfather is here…please call me back so that I could pick you up. I love you please call me” She hung up and cried. Zoey drove over to the side of town where she used to pick Caine up and searched all night for him. She started to grow more worried about his whereabouts then she was herself and Will.

Zoey pulled over in a lighted area and made sure her doors were locked. Her face fell into the palms of her hands as she began to cry. No matter how hard she tried to stop something her tears continued to fall. Caine stared at the ceiling unable to sleep due to the loud snoring his roommate was making. He had counted the tiles on the wall 18 times already and wished that he had fallen asleep way before his roommate made it back in. He sighed to himself and turned facing the wall. “I hope you think about me like I think about you Zoey…” he said to himself and closed his eyes thinking of her. He felt that being in Jail may have made him realize how much he really cared about her more than anyone else he knew. Of course that’s what his heart was telling him even though his mind was stopping him from believing that was how he truly felt. Will sat across the street from where Zoey was parked and had been following her the whole way. Zoey finally wiped her face and looked out of the window and sighed. She read her phone’s time 9:34 and put her phone up. There was still nothing from Caine. She started her car once more and decided to head home. Zoey pulled up in her driveway feeling unsafe. She got in the back seat and laid down making sure all of the doors were locked. She didn’t want to go into a dark house with not only Ty crazy ass breaking in all the time, but a psycho step father on the loose. Zoey sighed to herself and closed her eyes drifting off to sleep. Zoey felt breathing on her neck and felt hands grip her sides. She tossed and turned then heard a voice. “Your mine now.” Zoey opened up her eyes and screamed looking at her stepfather.

lol thanks

I love this story. I be laughing at the way he talks, he's so blunt. I agree with everyone else Zoey is crazy. I feel bad for what happened to both of them as children... but she's crazy. i'm glad he finally slept in the bed with her with his mean ass.
Run It

I love this story. I be laughing at the way he talks, he's so blunt. I agree with everyone else Zoey is crazy. I feel bad for what happened to both of them as children... but she's crazy. i'm glad he finally slept in the bed with her with his mean ass.
Run It

I love this story. I be laughing at the way he talks, he's so blunt. I agree with everyone else Zoey is crazy. I feel bad for what happened to both of them as children... but she's crazy. i'm glad he finally slept in the bed with her with his mean ass.
Run It

thank you guys

Caine is coming around, but Zoey's dumb

The poor babies! They both done went thru some rough times smh.
Even though the both of them are still crazy, its good to see them sorta bonding....

Caine was coming over his act of being mean to Zoey and I'm over Zoey weakness too!

<cite>Chapter 10 : Her Shoes..</cite>

Caine walked through the door once night fell and saw Zoey on the couch watching tv. He looked at her until he made it to the couch. “hey…” She finally spoke. “you didn’t answer me” He said. “answer what?” Zoey played dumb. “my text message Zoe” Caine continued to stare at her. “I haven’t received a message from you today” Zoey lied. “your lying because I got the delivery report on my phone and you read my message” Caine shook his head. Zoey swallowed hard as her hands grew sweaty. “Okay okay… before you get upset let me explain” Zoey stated and looked at him. Caine sat there quiet waiting for her to finish. “I saw ur message but my body been aching all day from yes- “whats the real reason you ignored me Zoe?” Caine cut her off. “because I want you to miss me when I leave…well if I leave” Zoey spoke softly. “When you leave? IF you leave? What the f*** you saying? We just made up!” Caine started to shift moods from chilled to aggravation. “and you JUST beat my ass” Zoey boldly remarked. Caine sucked his teeth and shook his head “ I don’t want to have to whoop yo ass again so ima just leave….to think I actually missed you” He got up heading for the door. Zoey got up and then went to the door and stood in front of Caine blocking him from getting out. “Caine… I just was overwhelmed by everything that happened that’s all….please don’t leave” Zoey looked into his eyes.

Caine shook his head “Im trying to do you a favor… you either wanna be with me or you don’t simple as that” he waited. “I don’t want you to leave Caine….I miss you too” Zoey answered him. Caine rolled his eyes slighty and went to the couch and sat down. “what you do that for?’ She asked. “Because you obviously thinking about leaving me so I don’t know why the f*** you just won’t let me walk out the door” Caine didn’t understand. “I was talking out of my ass Caine…. I know this may sound crazy but Im falling in love with you and every day I grow deeper…I never want you to leave” She expressed walking over to him. Caine shook his head and sighed not really buying what she just informed him with. “do you believe me?” Zoey kneeled to his level searching his face. “No I don’t so can we drop it?” He looked away. “I feel like something bothering you , but if you insist I’ll just leave you alone like you want” Zoey gave up. She got up and sat on the other side of the couch and felt sad. She wanted to know so badly what was on his mind but didn’t want to pressure him. Zoey didn’t see what the reason could be for him not to believe that she really loved him. She sighed deeply and then walked out of the room as Caine followed her with his eyes and shook his head focusing back on the tv screen. He thought about the bruise he saw on her face and the fact that she tried to cover it up with make up and went to her room. “Hey… you didn’t say anything to anyone did you?” he wondered. “what are you talking about?” Zoey spoke with a slight attitude. Caine screwed his face “about your motherf***in face dumbass” He spat. Zoey rolled her eyes and turned on her tv ignoring him. “You gone ignore me like that?”, “Caine I don’t feel like arguing over stupid s*** right now okay? My f***ing body is aching and I don’t have time for the bulls***” Zoey stated. “im not trying to fight with you Zoey I just want to know if anyone said anything to you” Caine rambled on. Zoey sighed deeply highly annoyed by his presense. “My co-worker and Ty checked on me every now and then but that’s it I kept brushing them off” she finally answered. “Okay…was that hard for you to say?” Caine retorted. “No Caine” Zoey stated. “I don’t get you, you got this attitude wit me but you so called “love me” and falling and s***. I send you a I miss you text and you ignore me THEN said that you were thinking about leaving. Im not stayin here tonight with your confused ass” Caine started walking out. Zoey ran after him with tears developing in her eyes. “Caine please… I know im being moody Im just tryin to relax because im in pain okay? Can you just please stay?’ She begged. “Im going to sleep…good night” Caine walked to the living room and got on the floor. Zoey felt horrible for the way she was treating him and decided to make it up to him. She walked over to him and pushed him on his back and unbuckled his jeans. “Leave me alone Zoe” Caine looked at her weirdly. Zoey ignored him and continued until she was massaging him in her hands. Caine was about to say something but the wetness that hit his d*** from her lips shut him up really quick. He immediately forgot what it was that he wanted to say and didn’t really care anymore. She took the head of his d*** and slapped it on her tongue repeatedly making him grow instantly. Zoey put Caine’s fully erected d*** in her mouth and started to deep throat him. Zoey had skills believe it or not even though she sold her body her mouth didn’t come with the package. Some days she would lose costumers just because she wouldn’t give them head. In this case she was trying to make Caine happy in all ways possible. She was falling for him harder as each day passed by like she expressed. She didn’t want him to leave her ever so she had to do what it took to keep him interested.

“mmmmm s*** suck dis d*** girl” Caine grunted and started to f*** her mouth. Zoey moaned with his d*** inside hitting the back of her throat. She took his balls and massaged them lightly as Caine bit his lip enjoying every second of the pleasure. He tossed her hair to the side and watched her mouth move up and down on his d***. Zoey gave Caine eye contact which made him f*** her harder and moan loader. “MMMM” Zoey sent vibrations running through his whole body. “f***KKK mmmm” Caine tried to control himself. He didn’t think that Zoey would ever be the type to suck his d***. He thought that she was one of those girls who thought that they were too good for that. Either way he was gonna continue to devour her pussy whenever he got a chance and get his d*** suck someway by her or someone else. Zoey sent Caine over the edge by blowing on it and deep throating him. He wanted to bust so bad in her mouth, but had to hold it back because he wasn’t ready to nut. Zoey made all kinds of noises as she continued to suck and jack his d*** off making sure he felt everything. “mmmmm” she sat up and looked at him while massaging his balls and jacking him off. “Damn you taste so good daddy” Zoey seduced him. Caine bit his lip staring into her beautiful brown eyes. “yeaaa?” He moaned. “mmmm yesss dad” Zoey flicked her tongue around his head. “Make daddy nut” He ordered. Zoey went to work as his moans motivated her to go faster, harder, and deeper. Few minutes later Caine pulled away and ended up nutting on the floor. His moans made Zoey soak her panties as she tried to refrain from going to get her little rabbit. Caine got up and went and cleaned his mess up and sat on the couch and regained his breath. “damnnn girl, who taught you that?” He curiously asked. “No one… just know that I wouldn’t of did that s*** if I didn’t love you because don’t think I forgot that b**** was slobing on my s***.” With that Zoey went to her room and got in her bed and soon fell fast asleep. Caine laid there and drifted off to sleep as well.

Eight year old Zoey walked passed her mother and step father’s room just coming back from a friends house. She hated coming home it was just to nosey and loud for her. She wondered where her real dad was the man her mother was suppose to stick with and not drop for some loser. “Mommy…” Zoey went into their room and greeted. “Yes baby?” Her mom greeted. “Can you read me a story?” Zoe asked. Her step dad laughed and rolled his eyes. Her mom hit him playfully as Zoey stood there and waited. Zoey’s mommy got up and walked with her to her room. Zoey smiled and grabbed four of her favorite books. “Read this one first mommy” Zoe smiled. “okay baby” Her mom grabbed her choice. Her mom began to read to her as Zoey found it very comical when she put emphasis on the words in the stories. “Janelle…” Her step dad called. “Ill be back okay?” Her mom expressed. Zoey was disappointed and wanted her mom to finish reading to her, but she knew whenever her husband called her then she had to go to him. In the meantime, Zoey took her bratz dolls out of her toy bin and started to play with them. She heard yelling come from the room where her mom sleep and grew scared. Zoey was used to the yelling because they argued a lot but she would cover her ears and cry wishing it would stop. Zoey’s mom came into her room with tears coming down her eyes. “Come on baby…lets go” She cried. “Where we going? Whats wrong mommy? Why are you crying?” Zoey stated confused. “We have to talk later baby put your shoes on” She rushed Zoey. Zoey ran to her closet and got her shoes and then ran to her mommy with worry written all over her face. Her mom picked her up and tried her best to run out of the house. She had kicked her husband in the nuts as he rolled around trying to regain his strength. Zoey’s mom Janelle felt her hair being pulled as she screamed and cried wishing she would have been just a little faster. “Put her down…” He sternly said. “No…” She cried. Zoey wrapped her arms around her mom tightly and cried as well. “Mommy please tell him to stopp” She whined. “Stop it Will…” Her mom cried. He dragged the both inside and took Zoey as she kicked and screamed for him to put him down. Zoey hit the ground and then cried loudly. Zoey witnessed her step father beat on her mom as she cried from him to stop. “ZOEEYYY R- RUNN” Her mom cried out. Zoey crawled and cried to where her mom laid on the floor getting beaten. “MOMMMYYYY TELL HIM STOP ITTTT… STOPP ITT” Zoey started beating up on her step father. “MOVE BACK DAMN BASTARD” Zoey’s stepfather threw her across the room. She cried loudly for him and didn’t hear her mom anymore. Janelle laid on the living room floor unresponsive. Zoey had hid from her stepfather and could see her mom from where she was hiding. She covered her mouth trying to be quiet. It was something she learned whenever they would play hide and go seek. Zoey’s step father walked up the stairs trying to find where Zoey went. Zoey waited a while to tip toe over to her mom and opened her eyelids. “mommy…please wake up” She whispered in her ear. Janelle sat there unresponsive as Zoey cried silently. She heard her step father yell her name and then ran downstairs and picked up the house phone and ran behind the heater that was in the boiler room. She quickly dialed 911 and put the phone to her ear. “9-1-1 What’s your emergency?” The dispatcher picked up. “umm yess.. My mommy isn’t moving upstairs please come my step daddy is really mad and hit her a lot” Zoey cried and spoke softly on the phone. “Okay how old are you and where are you?” She said. “Eight, hiding in the boiler room please help me im scared h-he’s looking for me…” Zoey breathed hard while crying. “Okay sweetie I understand I need to know where you live so we can send help” The dispatcher informed. “I li-v…he’s coming, he’s coming…im so scared please please” She cried hysterically while covering her mouth trying not to be loud. “Okay sweetie I understand your scared I need to know where you live” The dispatcher asked again.

Zoey’s step father walked into the boiler room and heard someone speaking as if they were on the phone and noticed Zoey behind the heater. He grabbed her as she screamed loudly and smashed the phone. Zoey hit her step father in the face and tried to break away from him. “WHO WAS THAT? HUH? YOU CALLING THE POLICE ON ME? HUH? YOU STUPID BASTARD” He yelled in her face while snatching her clothes off. He grabbed Zoey’s hips and pushed himself inside of her from the back and started to pump to her screams for help. She cried hysterically and felt as if her vocal chords were going to explode. “that tight lil ass you got there” He whispered in her ear. Zoey kicked her foot back and kicked him in the balls and ran up the stairs. “YOU LIL b****” Her stepfather yelled. Zoey cried and ran out of the house and ran as fast as she could. She cried hysterically and wished she could have been strong enough to bring her mom with her. Zoey didn’t have any family so she tried her best to run to the nearest hospital she could find. The streets were busy as people walked by Zoey as she continued to cry. “whats wrong lil girl?” some stranger said. Zoey grew up learning never to talk to strangers but at this point she really didn’t have a choice. “my private hurt!” she expressed. The lady looked at her strangely and held out her hand. “here…lets call help” she stated. Zoey nodded her head and went with the generous elderly lady. “okay do you want to tell me what happened?” She curiously inquired. Zoey cried her eyes out telling the elderly lady what just happened. The lady called the police for Zoey even though during her story she had informed her that she did call. “Okay…oh my…hey Zoey do you know where your step dad went?” The lady talked while on the phone with the dispatcher. Zoey shook her head and whiped her face. “I ran from him and kicked him in the nuts” She confessed. “ok…she mentioned her umm private hurting I believe he may of raped her….ok…ill take her” she hung up. The old lady pulled out a snicker bar and gave it to Zoey as she pulled off and drove her to the hospital.

Zoey sat in the hospital bed after being put to sleep for a long time. She woke up crying for her mom and that’s when a nurse came in and tried to console her with a teddy bear. “Heyy…heyy… its ok…here you wanna play with him?” The nurse asked. Zoey shook her head no only wanting her mom. She was homesick and just wanted to go home. “Zoey…im sorry but your mom is no longer living…she passed away earlier today” She clarified. “My mommy is dead?” Zoey raised her eyebrows trying to understand. “yes…im so sorry were going to help you Zoey okay?” The nurse told her. Zoey disturbed most of the other patients with her crying. She was more then sad and just wished that she had her mom. The police kept asking her questions for the remaining of the day but she wouldn’t talk. A 12 year old Zoey smoked a cigarette in the air on the streets on Las Vegas. Her mind was stuck on this boy from school she had a crush on, but couldn’t find the words to tell him how she felt. She was constantly getting teased about how skinny and boyish she looked at school. She tried her hardest to ignore the bullying and with her mom leaving her at a young age she resulted to drugs. Zoey felt that was the only thing she could do. Zoey woke up in the middle of the night with tears falling out of her eyes. She took her hands and ran them down her face while trying to regain her breath. Zoey decided to get up and check up on Caine who was on the living room sleep. Zoey went and grabbed her blanket and her pillow to join him on the floor. She stared at him and listened to him snore loudly. Hearing him gave her the comfort that she needed. Zoey put her blanket over Caine’s body and closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep. Lauren woke up to the sound of her alarm clock and got herself together following her morning routine. Zoey woke up from the snoring of Caine. She smiled to herself and got up quietly putting the blanket on Caine. Zoey got herself together and then put makeup up on her face and grabbed her keys. She went to the kitchen and quickly fixed Caine some breakfast and laid it next to him on the floor. Zoey pecked his lips quickly and ran out the house before he was able to wake up and curse her out for doing what she just did.

Ty greeted Zoey as she walked into to work and watched her with his eyes closely. “How you doing today?” He asked her. “Im fine Ty” She sighed getting irritated already. “Oh…that’s good” He spoke. “hey… Zoey could you come here please?” Her manager spoke. Zoey walked up to her manager wondering what it could have been that she wanted. “Were going to let you go okay?” She informed. “Let me go as in firing me?” Zoey retorted. “Where not really firing you its just that we have some people coming in for interns and you don’t have any interest into tattooing so your kind of talking up space and just here so where gonna let you go” She confirmed. Zoey was about to say something but kept her thoughts to her self because she was planning on leaving that job anyway. Zoey smirked a lil and nodded her head and walked off. She clocked out “should of called instead of wasting my f***ing gas” she mumbled underneath her breath. “Who you talking to?” Ty asked her. “Ty please shut the f*** up and do some work and leave me the f*** alone” She bluntly ordered while walking out of the door. She was more upset at the fact that she had came to work for no reason when she could of just called her and told her that bulls***. Zoey didn’t go straight home and instead went to go job hunting. Lauren walked into her job after her lunch break and assisted people with their selections. “Is there anything else that I can help you with today?” She politely asked. “Nope I think that’ll do it” the customer replied. “Okay…” Lauren continued assisting them. Caine made his rounds with Alexis on the block. “Hey…can I ask you something?” Alexis asked. “What?” He replied handling a customer. “How come you never looked at me more then a friend?” she questioned. Caine shook his head because she had been asking all kinds of questions all day. “because you just a friend that’s it Alexis you not even that cute, yo forehead big as f*** and you got McDonald sign shape lips” He insulted. “and you need to gain some weight you sick looking skinny f***” She spat back. “don’t be mad Alexis the truth hurts” Caine remarked. “whateva…you wasn‘t saying that s*** when I was riding that #2 pencil” she chuckled. Caine screwed his face and looked at her. “Well this long ass number #2 was surely knocking at the back of yo deep throat b**** and we didn‘t f*** so stop lying” Caine spat back. “so you just undressed yourself that night?” She inquired while smirking. “keep f***ing with me….we didn’t f***” He repeated. “If you think so” Alexis dropped the subject.

Zoey walked into her house to her house to see Caine gone. She sighed and went to the kitchen to turn on the light that didn’t come on. She smacked her lips and went to her room to find her light bill. She looked at it and saw she was 2 payments behind and didn’t even have an explanation as to why she was late. “I’m really not going to be able to pay for this bulls*** now” She sighed deeply and tried calling them on the phone. Moments later Zoey was yelling at the foreign guy who wasn’t trying to work with her at all about the lights. “I see yall asses love taking folks money! I pay too much for f***ing electricity any motherf***in way you can kiss my ass I tried to be nice to you UGH get off my damn line” She pressed end on her cell phone. Zoey had to admit to herself for being very disorganized. She kept a storage bin under her bed with all of her important things in there and noted herself to one day sort everything out, but was yet to do so. Lauren walked into her house around the five o’clock hour getting off of work. She was tired and excited about the promotion she had got. She’d been praying and praying to God about forgiving her and that he’d continue to bless her and she finally kept the forgiveness. She sat on her bed and started taking off her clothes and decided to get into the tub. Once she finished bathing Lauren thought it be a create idea for her to start online dating. She grabbed her laptop and created her an account on Lauren was a little skeptical at first and had doubt that she’d fine anyone on there that would be interested in her, yet decided to go with it. Your Interest: Handsome, Tall, 21 or older, family oriented, ambitious, smart, and God fearing. Lauren looked over her description of her kind of guy and clicked save. She read over her profile and was highly satisfied. Lauren then decided to browse and search to see if she could find anyone who caught her eye. “So your going home?” Alexis blew weed in his direction. Caine fumbled with his nose after snorting and smiled. “going home” He answered and got up. “Ima miss you” She spoke loudly from the couch to the door. Caine threw his middle finger up while opening the door and stated “miss this and this d*** in yo mouth slut” and walked out. Alexis went upstairs and grabbed her vibrator while sucking on it and moaned to herself. “I will daddy.” ***I know im typing this but someone throw her in the Nigeria falls so she would never be thirsty again lmao***

Caine walked into a house that looked like as if he was still outside. Caine shut the door behind him and put his hands forward trying to direct himself where to go. Caine ended up stumbling on something and Zoey spoke up. “Oww…” She said softly. “What the f***..Zoey?” He questioned. “What Caine?” She asked. Caine felt around the steps and sat down next to her and laughed. “why the f*** you in the dark depressed ass” he cooed. Zoey smiled because she loved to hear whenever he would laugh because he wasn’t often, but then it suddenly faded as she noticed what he asked. “My electricity got cut off” She retorted. “Im used to the dark whenever I’m sleeping outside” Caine chimed in. “Say something again” Zoey told him. “Umm…like what?” He followed her order. Zoey listened to his voice and pressed her lips against hers. His lips…so soft, the warmth of his breath that hit her lips made her body quiver. To her surprise Caine kissed her back. Zoey shot up to heaven as she slipped her tongue in his mouth. Maybe he was being nice because she had just given him head the other day she thought. Either way she didn’t want to waste time on this moment thinking about anything. She wanted her mind to be set free and just enjoy the tenderness of the kiss they were sharing. Caine’s hands roamed Zoey’s body as he deepened the kiss by massaging his tongue over hers. She moaned softly in his mouth sending chills down his spine. He secretly loved kissing her soft lips, but never wanted to admit or tell her that. He felt that she had found his weakness and trapped him, but didn’t want her to take over so he broke away. “I-mm im sorry Caine I don’t know what came over me” Zoey quickly apologized. “Just shut up…you talk to much sometimes next time just ask” Caine reinforced her. “I keep forgetting you don’t like things like that, that’s why I apologized” Zoey explained. Caine had moved from that step down two more to get away from her pulling slick moves again. Caine ignored her and didn’t answer and sat there in the darkness trying to figure out what it was about this girl that made him like her. “Caine…you still there? Im kinda scared up here” Zoey blurted. “Im still here Zoey” Caine spoke up. “oohh..” Zoey looked away. She felt like this was the perfect time for her to cuddle with him and to count how many times his heart beat matched hers. She wanted to feel his stomach go up and down as long as he breathed and fell his breath on her face for being that close to him. All of these things she wanted to witness, but knew that it would never happen.

“Zoey…” Caine called. “Yes Caine?” She looked in the direction of his voice. “Shine your cell phone light this way” he told her. Zoey hadn’t thought of that great idea yet and neither did Caine until he just told her. Caine took his phone out and cut his off to save his battery. Zoey shined the light in Caine’s direction and smiled. Caine got up and walked toward her screwing his face because of the light being so bright. “give it” He stated. Zoey gave him her phone and he took it and held it in front of him. “you sleepy?” He asked her. “a little” she replied. Caine took her hand which caught Zoey off guard and led her to the room. Caine sat the phone on the bed and watched Zoey undress and get in the bed. Caine took the phone and put it by her nightstand and started to head out. “where you going?” She questioned not wanting to be left alone. “I was going to find us something to eat” He spoke truthfully. “Can I know you really really really don’t like sleeping the bed with me , but its rea- “Ill sleep in the bed with you Zoey” Caine cut her off and took his shoes, pants, and shirt off. He got in the bed with his briefs on next to Zoey. She couldn’t help but blush because she honestly didn’t see this coming. She was starting to become very happy she didn’t have no electricity if that’s what it took for him to sleep in the same room let alone same bed as her. “Quit all that damn smiling” Caine stated. Zoey’s smiled dropped and turned her back toward Caine and knew that the happieness wouldn’t last long. She felt his hands wrap around her and looked back to see Caine’s eyes shut. She widened her eyes because she didn’t know what was up with him tonight. “Caine…” She spoke softly. “go to sleep” he demanded. “I will…where you with Alexis today?” She wanted answers. “Making money yea…” he answered truthfully again. Zoey nodded her head and stared at the wall. He was high and she knew he’s behavior had to come from somewhere else. She sighed because she honestly didn’t like the b****, but she didn’t want to say anything else to ruin yet another moment she wanted to remember. With that being said, Zoey laid her arm over Caine’s and he quickly snatched it back turning around in the bed. Zoey screamed loud in her head and wanted to yell f*** it and storm out, but she kept her composure and forced herself to sleep hoping to night have another nightmare.

Man Zoey ain't going no where I'm sorry but I don't have any faith in her because she constantly let Xaine come in and out of house and disrespect her like it's cute, but that s*** ain't cute...I do feel really bad for young Caine though his dad was a fricken monster

No words...I need another add...just to develop original thoughts...cause that s*** about Caine missing her...nah nigga...smh...and im happy Zoey aint text just change the locks Zoey...his dad is a b**** nigga...

one of the paragraphs aren't italized but is supposed to be

<cite>Chapter 9: Reflection...</cite>

Ty walked inside his mother’s house just to visit. It had been a while since he actually just came to sit and chat. “Im glad you came to see me…what happen to your nose baby?” his mom asked. “Im okay ma…got into a lil fight that’s all” He laughed. Ty’s mom put her hands on her hip “nooo… that’s no lil fight. Who touching my baby?” She continued. “Ma sit down before you get your blood pressure up for no reason” He chuckled. Ty’s mom took his advice and decided to drop the subject even though just like any other mom she was still secretly concerned. Ty had to get a screw in his nose until it was ready to heal so he did unfortunately looked f***ed up, but Zoey clearly didn’t mind. Zoey woke up at home on the floor next to Caine as he snored loudly. She got up slowly and then headed to the bathroom to run a bath for herself. Zoey glanced in the mirror and saw the bruises that laid upon her face. She took medicine to help the swelling go down. Zoey sighed to herself and then stopped her bath water “I can not go to work looking like this” She mumbled to herself. Zoey got into the water and winched in pain as her rib cages where hurting as well as her face. “Is there anything you need ma?” Ty asked his mom. “No baby… im fine thank you” she stated. Ty kissed her cheek and smiled “ok…call me if you not so sure anymore you know im just a phone call away” He reassured her. His mom nodded her head and watched him leave. Ty drove off from his mom’s house forgetting to talk to his siblings. He figured that majority of them were sleep so he didn’t even bother. Ty pulled up to his house and then got out. He didn’t like being single so it was a lot of masturbation that he did on lonely nights. He walked through his vacant home and then got himself ready for work. He was more then anxious to see Zoey today, but was well prepared to get cursed out. He knew for sure that she had something to say about getting caught. Caine woke up and saw Zoey gone. He sighed and tried to get in touch with his parents. He called the last number that he had saved until his mom and dad and they didn’t work. So much for trying Caine thought in his head. He didn’t even know what to really say even if he had gotten connected. Caine sat on the couch and started doing what he knew best with his coke then his mind started to wonder.

<cite>He walked through the house sucking on a popsicle that he got from the ice cream truck. His <a href=",r:1,s:0,i:142">dad</a> walked by him and snatched the popsicle out of his hand. “Heyyyyy” Caine whined. “Boy don’t you know you got this s*** dripping everywhere? Didn’t yo momma teach you to eat things like this in the kitchen?” He preached. Caine stared at his dad as he fussed at him and felt horrible. Caine retrieved his Popsicle and scurried to the kitchen as he was ordered. He was turning 11 tomorrow and couldn’t wait. His mom had big plans for him and that’s all that he could think about. Speaking of his mom <a href=",0,214,314_.jpg&imgrefurl=">she</a> walked through the door and headed to the kitchen where Caine was. “Hey mom” he greeted with a smile. “Hi sweetheart…you doing okay?” She asked. “YUP” He smiled continuing to eat his popsicle. His mom laughed at his response and kissed his forehead. “Where’s your dad” She greeted. “Upstairs” Caine responded. His mother went upstairs and greeted his dad with a warm passionate kiss. The two of them then began to discuss future plans for the remaining of the day. His mom had just gotten off work when Caine’s dad had an off day. “So you think we should surprise him now?” She said. “I guess yea…why not” His dad retorted. Caine’s mom nodded and then got herself settled when his dad went downstairs to meet him in the kitchen again.</cite>

“put that in the garbage and then go get dressed” His dad declared. “but im not done” Caine answered. “I don’t give a damn boy you wasting time now go do what I told you to do” He ordered. Caine looked at his dad once more and threw the remaining of his popsicle in the garbage. He sighed deeply and headed to his room. The only thing he wanted to do right now was play his video games since his dad made him eat his popsicle. Moments later his dad entered his room and then spoke. “lets go…” . Caine was getting angry deep inside because he’s dad continued to rush him. “Where ready honey” he yelled to his wife. Caine grabbed his jacket and then walked out of his room. His parents got last minute things out the house before leaving and making sure the house was secure. His dad got into the drivers seat and pulled off as soon as everyone was safely adjusted into the car. “We have a surprise for you Cannan” His mom announced. Caine glanced at her and then at the window wondering what the hell it could be. He wondered if it was an electronic or some new clothes. The car continued to move as the family went on an outing. Hours later Caine had fallen asleep once his parents pulled up to a foster home. “Cannan…wake up!” his mother spoke slightly loud enough to get his attention. Caine woke up and looked around as he wiped the crust out of his eyes. “Where are we?” he asked no one in particular. “Its your surprise son!” His dad answered. Caine was extremely confused but continued to keep his mouth shut. The family got out of the car and then walked up to the house and rang the bell. “Well HELLO!” <a href=",r:7,s:0,i:122&tx=117&ty=68">She</a> answered with much enthusiasm. Caine screwed his face because he never saw this lady a day in his life.</cite>

<cite>“Come in…please!” She insisted. His parents nodded smiled and walked in with Caine following behind them. “Ma…what are we doing here?” Caine whispered to her. “Your surprise sweetie remember?” She whispered back as they continued to follow the lady who answered the door. Caine looked at his mom funny and shook his head. “What kind of surprise is in this place?” He asked her. His mom ignored him and continued to walk. Caine looked around and shook his head as he passed other children younger and some older then him. “Okay would you like to step into my office Mr & Mrs Burose?” the lady stopped. “Yes please” His dad responded. “Cannan go play with other kids until me and daddy are done okay?” His mom requested. Caine looked at her until she left to roll his eyes and sigh deeply. Caine didn’t know what they were here for but he definitely felt like they were getting rid of him. He was the only child and was always in his room minding his business while his parents were either out or having sex. Caine would always put in his headphones when he would hear them begin and force himself to sleep. He didn’t really socialize with his parents because he felt misunderstood. Caine tried on countless times to bond with his parents by watching movies with them to just holding conversations, but his parents were too busy into each other to even notice Caine was there. Caine walked over to a nearby couch and sat down next to some kid that was playing with an xbox. Caine wish he could be at home doing the same exact thing. “you new here?” He asked. Caine screwed his face “no…why you ask that?” He inquired. “because this is where everyone lives….that don’t have parents” He replied. “oh…well I might as well be living here my parents don’t really care about me” Caine confided in him. He shook his head and laughed “that’s why im here man…I kind of like it so it really doesn’t matter to me.” He said. “cool… can I play?” Caine asked nicely. “Sure” the boy shared his game. The two of them continued to play the video game until Caine’s parents walked into the room with <a href=",r:21,s:39,i:283">her</a>. Caine met eyes with the girl and gave the controller to the boy he sat next to. “thanks man” Caine walked away. “no problem” the kid responded. “Cannan…this is Dominique, Dominique this is Cannan your new brother” My mom proudly introduced. Caine looked twice at his parents trying to find the correct words to say. “What do you mean new brother? That’s not my sister!” Caine stated. “Yes she is now get used to it because she’s apart of the family now” His dad interjected. “What family? Yall don’t care that MY birthday is tomorrow? And where is the surprise? MOM” He put emphasis on his words getting more irritate by the second. Dominique just watched as Caine unfolded in front of her eyes. “Cannan watch your tone with me mister” His mom sternly spoke. “SHE IS your surprise son! Now you have a sibling” His dad confirmed. “THIS IS BULLs***!” Caine roared and ran out the house. “WA-” “I got him” His dad cut his mom off. “Im so sorry about that sweetheart he’s just a lil upset….yet very surprised just not surprised like we thought he’d be” She spoke to Dominique. She flashed her a warm smile “its okay…we’ll get a long just fine.”</cite>

<cite>“Now you COME HERE WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU!” Caine’s dad yelled harshly. Caine had tears running down his face. He couldn’t even express how furious he was inside. For 10 ½ years he tried to make himself look important and things were only getting worse. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AND THAT LANGUAGE? Did we teach you that? HUH? HUH? ANSWER ME BOY!” His dad order. “NO!” Caine spoke loudly. His dad gripped Caine up and pushed him in the car as he got in. “Boy you are gonna get your little ass whipped out here in front of all them other kids let your mouth get out of control again or ill punish you” He warned. Caine watched his dad’s finger in front of his face and the nodded his head breathing quickly. He was afraid of his father ever since the age of 6. He didn’t ever like to hear his dad say he’d punish him because he knew what that was about. Sometimes he liked getting punished and other days he didn’t. Caine couldn’t make up his mind whether to continue to keep his mouth shut or finally stand up for himself when it came to his dad. All he ever wanted was love and attention from his parents, but it seemed like it was going to take eternity for that to happen. </cite>

<cite>The next day Caine hadn’t gotten a thing for his birthday yet a party. He thought that he was going to be able to have a sleep over with his friends, but his parents mad him cancel his plans because of his “new sister”. He and Dominique didn’t talk much because Caine wasn’t happy with her being there. He wanted the shine and felt that she was taking all the love already. It hurt Caine to watch her open all of the new gifts they’d bought her and not one single thing for him on his special day. Caine only pretended to be happy in front of his dad but whenever he got a chance to himself with no one looking his tears would fall. He was so unhappy and sometimes wanted to die. Years went by and Caine was now 13 years old. Things had changed a little only because of default. Caine didn’t really like Dominique and she made it clear that she didn’t like him as well. The two of them interacted in front of their parents putting on a show to make them happy and Caine was tired. He grew tired of pretending to like her and the fact that he had to claim this stranger as his sister. The two of them had nothing in common and never really talked except for being in front of the parents. Caine would sometimes hear her in her room talking to herself and chanting riddles. Caine felt that Dominique was beyond weird and wanted her to go back to where she came from immediately. Caine walked out of his room with his xbox controller in his hand and went into his parents room. He didn’t intend on talking to anyone but his mom. He didn’t really like her but out of all four of them in the house she was the only one he’d set his pride aside to talk to. “Mom..” Caine called. “Yes baby” His mom said being focused on her magazine. “How much did you pay for Dominique?” Caine retorted. His mom put her magazine down and looked at her while his dad stepped out the bathroom. Caine looked to see his dad and thought “damnit” he had thought that his dad was at work. “What was that you asked?” His dad questioned him. Caine swallowed hard and looked at his dad and couldn’t find the words to say. “Just leave it alone Clint…he probably didn’t mean it in a bad way” His mom defended him. “come with me…”His dad looked at Caine. “Where we going?” He asked. “boy don’t ask no damn questions im grown” His dad responded. </cite>

<cite>“DON’T YOU WALK AWAY WHEN IM TALKIN TO YOU, YOU UNDERSTAND?” His dad yelled. “YES!” Caine roared. “get in the car” His dad said. Caine looked at his dad’s finger in his face and did was he was told and got in the car. “IN THE BACK DUMBASS” He yelled at him as Caine quickly got in the back. His dad got in the car as well and locked the door. Caine was terrified and swallowed hard while trying to remain calm. He watched his dad unzip his pants in front of him revealing his d***. Caine closed his eyes not like he haven’t seen it before it was the fact that he thought these terrible days were over. “turn around” He ordered. Caine didn’t budge and that’s when his dad got mad and yanked him around so that his ass was facing him. Caine covered his face with hands as he began to wet them with his tears. His clothes were snatched from him and he bit his lip trying to control the excruciating pain he was experiencing. “your stupid ass need to learn how to f***ing be quiet around the damn house and your mouth need to be washed with mothaf***ing Clorox” his dad rambled while pumping in and out of his ass. Caine burst out crying unable to hold his tears back anymore. Caine knew that this got to far and felt ashamed that he left his father use him to the poin the actually enjoyed it at one point in time. “SHUT THE f*** UP AND WIPE THEM DAMN TEARS YOU HEAR ME?” He yelled. Caine wiped his tears and tried to shut up as much as possible but couldn’t control his tears. His father continued to molest him as Caine soon started crying for him to stop. He continued to ignore him and continued until he came on his ass. He father used his shirt and wiped it off of him and turned around and choked Caine until he turned purple. “keep your f***ing mouth shut” He warned him. Once his father let go Caine found the courage to finally fight back and slapped his father as hard as he could. His father looked at Caine shocked as Caine grew scared. “Don’t you EVER put yo hands on me boy!”. Caine felt blows to the head as his dad started to beat him so bad that it was impossible for Caine to fight back. Caine sat in the car in pain as his dad drove off to one of his friends house. His dad didn’t want his mom seeing him bruised up so he had to let Caine get a lil freedom but for his sake. “Get out” He’s dad demanded. Caine got out the car and saw his reflection and wanted to die right there. </cite>

Caine noticed the tears falling from his face and quickly wiped them and shook his head. He got up and went to go take a shower and then left Zoey’s house. He decided to head to Alexis house to get to his money. He thought a lil more about his past and then tried to think of ways to get his mind off of the bad thoughts. “Ready to get to work?” Alexis opened the door. “yea…” He said. “you okay?” She searched his face. “Yea ion wanna talk so don’t f***ing ask just let me get my s*** and then lets dip” He stated. Alexis rolled her eyes and waited for Caine to come out her house and get in the car. “Zoey you okay?” Her co-worker asked. Zoey smirked a lil to herself and nodded while looking at the floor. “Are you sure?” she repeated. Zoey sighed and looked up at her “Yes…im fine thank you.” Zoey’s coworker kept an eye on her throughout the work day concerned about her health. For some odd reason she really wanted to step in and help Zoey but she didn’t want to over step any boundaries and keep it professional. “How you feeling?” Ty approached Zoey. “im fine ty” She replied. Ty got a good look at Zoey and then screwed his face. “You wearing make up?” Zoey shook her head and sighed deeply while walking away. Zoey was beyond tired and just wanted to go home and relax. Her body was aching and all she could do it was suffer because she let herself get this way. Caine made his rounds and couldn’t get his mind off of Zoey. He hadn’t seen her all day and wondered how she was doing. “Drinks tonight?” Alexis offered. “naw… ima be with Zoey” He turned it down. “Oh ya side b****?” she asked. “Don’t f*** with me today iight? More money less chat” He demanded. Alexis mumbled something under her breath that Caine couldn’t quite figure out. He wanted to wring her neck and push her in the street hoping for her to get ran over, but instead he kept his composure and continued to make his money. Zoey had finally clocked out and sped to her house. Ty kept asking her about s*** that happen the other day that she wasn’t interested in talking about. She was over the fact that she was caught with him. She guess that he wanted to know how safe he was because he already had a broke nose. Zoey walked through the door and kicked off her shoes and headed to the bathroom. She turned off her water after it was at the level she preferred and got in. Zoey hissed in pain as the luke warm water hit her sore body. She closed her eyes and tried her hardest to relax and ignore the pain. Zoey heard her phone go off notifying her of a text message and wished it wasn’t Ty or he was sure to get blocked. Once Zoey grew wrinkles she got out and wrapped herself in a towel and headed to her room. She checked her phone before she lotion up and saw a message from Caine saying “I miss you.” Zoey put her phone down and sighed. She missed him too but wasn’t going to tell him that or respond with anything. She wanted him to miss her even more and notice that what he had could be soon gone.

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