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The Decision {Must Read}

"you cant keep calling me like idc you have to leave me alone...just stop it and just be my friend and support me...whatever good bye.!!!" i hung up and threw my phone on my bed and plopped down next to it. i had so many thoughts running through my mind and i didnt know what to do right about now. a decision had to be made but i just didnt wanna have to be the one to make.

before i ruining this for you let me take yall back to the beginning where it all began for me, <a href="">Renee Isabella Bryant</a>, a 19 year-old sophmore in college and soon to be mother of twins.

~Chapter 1~
{five years earlier}
"come on renee your gonna be late for these auditions and i bet i wont talk them into giving you another chance." my best friend <a href="">terrence</a> yelled up the stairs to me as i got the last bit of stuff to take with me. terrence and i have been friends all our lives. our dads also grew up together so it was only right that we did too even though i didnt come out as a boy like they would have wanted it to be. they think we gonna get together and get married and honestly at first that seemed so nasty but over these last couple months i've actually thought that maybe that would be a good idea. i mean terrence is very cute and i wouldnt have to go throught the awkwardness of him meeting my dad because he already knows him.
"im coming boy shut up.!" i yelled right before walking down the steps.
"girl you suck at be on time for any and everything."
"shut up and lets go."
"oh dont try to rush me now cupcake head. i been yelling for you the past half hour."
"fine give me ya keys."
"give me a kiss. on my head." i kissed his forehead. and he laughed.
"whats so funny.?"
"i didnt mean that head." he chuckled.
"EWWW YOUR DISGUSTING.1" i said hitting his arm and back. "lets go." i pushed him out the door and we headed to my school for the singing auditions for the play. the play was Westside Story and i was planning on going for the role of maria. i knew i had a great voice and i was a good actress so i know i had this in the bag.
we got there just as they called my name. i acted out the final scene of the movie when maria was yell at the jets and the sharks after the deaths of her brother and her lover. after that i sang mary j. blige- im going down. the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping when i finished and sure enough the next day i learned that i got the part. the first thing i did was run to terrence to tell him the news.
"Terrence i got the part.!" i said jumping into his arms.
"im so proud of you girl." he said spinning me around.
"we need to go celebrate.!" i said pulling him.
"renee you have one more class left we cant just leave."
"please come on tan i would love it." i said calling him the nickname i gave him when i found out his name was terrence aldon nester. he thought it was wierd at first but then he gave me one too, rib.
"idk rib can you afford to miss this class.?"
"shows how much you know tan this is my art class and i already have an A so lets go."
we left and went to the mall for a mini shopping spree.

Run it or Dump it.?


*Terrence's POV*
I just couldn't believe the fact that Renee was with Drayson.! thats my homie and all but thats my first love and in a way I still kinda love her now. leaving the showcase I found lauren by the DJ booth just chatting away with him. im not the jealous type so I just calmly walked over to her.
"hey baby." I said walking up behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist.
"oh hey terrence baby."
"whose your friend.?"I asked looking towards the dude.
"this is Jerod. he's a junior and in my political science class."
"nice to meet you bro." I said extending my hand.
"same here. you just did the show with dray right.?"
"thats my homie. have you met his fine ass girlfriend.?"
"yea we exchanged words." I said chuckling.
"that boy is a lucky man to have swooped her up."
"why you say that.?"
"man her pops is THE kingpin in Ohio and he actually got in good enough to move in to the dorm he brought."
"her dad brought her a dorm.?" Lauren asked.
"he actually brought ajounting dorms for her and her friends but they got into a little altercation so she put them out and he let dray and our dude Tyson move in."
"thats crazy. she must be a brat."
"she's not." Jerod and I said in unison.
"how would you know if you just met her.?" lauren asked kinda defensively.
"I just know" I cant tell lauren about renee cuz then she'll be all self-conscious and shyt and thats annoying as fuxk.! I cant front cuz she know all about renee, she just.dont know we here together in the same building. Eventually imma tell her though but only I do this last major thing.

Run it.!!! I know its short but imma be back soon (:

Who the f*** does terrance think he is !? Like pssh boy bye smh

Renee shouldnt be chasing him no way.. You have a man now but I guess it can be justified by just wanting answers

Runnn It

Terrence can go fck himself >.<

So far so good no sign of terrence. Its funny though cuz school's been in session for two months and still nothing. Me nd dray haven't been seeing each other that much lately because he was working on some type of music thing with a friend, planning a talent showcase, and still going to class and getting his work done. Im so proud of him and cant even be mad that im not with him like I wanna be. Shell's ass finally got her little cherry popped last week and it was hilarious. Tyson is a good dude fareal and they are so happy together. He's even been secretly talking to me about possibly taking her home to meet his parents. I would hope shell says yes but who knows...
*Two Weeks later*
Its the nightof the talent showcase and I was so excited for dray. He's gonna be hosting and performing tonight so its gonna be good. As soon as it was time for his set I pulled shell and we ran to the front only to stop dead as soon as I seen Terrence on stage with dray.!
"this can not be happening.!" I looked at shell saying.
"holy shyt.! how the hell could this have happened.?"
"I dont know but imma find out."
Throughout the performance I was stemming.! I didnt care that the show was good hell it was great but my ex and my current cant be cool period. As soon as they got off stage I ran to them ready for an explanation.
"hey babe." Dray said.
"hi." I said dryly.
"yo this is your girl.?" Terrence said shocked.
"yea man this Renee."
"he knows who I am drayson."
"what yall got classes together or something.?"
"NO.! he's my ex."
"What.! how is that when T from LA and your from Ohio."
"naw he originally from Ohio. he moved to LA and cut all communication off from me and stop calling him T."
"it wasnt like that Renee and you know it."
"I dont know shyt but actions speak louder than words and yours sung like a church choir.!"
"T why didnt you tell me you knew my girl.?"
"dray you never told me who yo girl was. so what if I know her. she wit you now and yall happy. Imma holla at you later." Terrence began to walk away but I followed after him.
"Terrence dont walk away from me.!"
"wow you never call me that unless your mad so whats up." Terrence said smiling.
"im more than mad, im pissed.!"
"come on now Renee chill out im sorry you feel the way you do but imma make it up to you I promise."
"you cant fix the hurt you caused me Terrence. the countless days of 'oh maybe he'll call today' or 'i pray nothing has happened to him.' you broke my heart Terrence and it cant be fixed."
"I can try Renee. Imma see you around." Without another word he left and I composed myself and went back over to dray and shell.

Run it.!!!

Im really liking this story. Ready to see how it gets the point of the intro.

Charm is such a no go. What kinda low down, low, matter of fact she has NO self esteem.

Kimmie is a tag along. smh.

So Renee & Terrence didnt see each other yet. How convinient it is that Lauren is in another building.


lol..ok first Kimmie ol' sneaky you trynna be friends with both Charm and Renee?? That's some triflin ssshhh..Secondly this is about to be some CRAZY mess Dray and Terrance cool or atleast starting to be..this is about to be OUTTA ORDER!!

Mayneeeeeee, lol. Charm's sneaky deaky behind makes me mad yo.

I sorry charm.! next add coming soon (:

Lmaooo !! @ cee

Smh, kimmie and charm are messy as hell

Runnn it!

Ugh i dont want her named after me anymore..!

Making me angry. Ol Slut Bucket.!

Its Bouta be some changes.. Its gonna be a Lauren Who???

Run it

*Renee's POV*
Laying in my bed got boring so I decided to change into some <a href="">workout clothes</a> and go for a run. I grabbed my i-pod and headed on out. As I got to the end of the block I heard someone yell my name. I looked around and noticed kimmie running to me. I really didn't have time for her so I put my headphones back on and started back running.
"Renee please wait." she said grabbing my arm.
"what do you want.?"
"did you get my text earlier.?"
"yea then I deleted it."
"damn thats cold."
"now you know how I felt." with that I kept on running leaving her where she stood. I really aint got time for her bullshyt and im tryna move on from her. After about 45 minutes I got back to the dorm ready to take a shower but was greeted at the door by Shell.
"yo nae where have you been.?" she asked excitedly.
"I just went for a run why.?"
"girl terrence just moved in upstairs." Hearing that made my heart sink. I was not ready to see him yet and now we living in the same building, it just too much.
"are you sure it was him.?"
"yea girl I remember his face from the pictures you showed me back at home."
"this is too much." I walked in the room grabbed out an outfit and went in the bathroom to take a mind was racing at this point. its beens years since I've even heard from him and now we are here at Clark together in the same dorm.! once I got out the shower and got dressed I did what I do best...called my daddy.
"hey Isabella.!" he answered after three rings.
"daddy we have a problem."
"what is it.?"
"terrence lives here in the dorm with me."
"what since when."
"Shell told me he just moved in here today."
"aw shyt do you want me to come get you.?"
"No.! Dad school starts tomorrow I cant just leave."
"so what are you gonna do.?"
"I dont know. I haven't seen or heard from him in years and now this. Im just so nervous daddy."
"I understand Isabella. I know you still love him and all but just chill out and stay cool. dont let this work you up. just enjoy you time there and get your work done. he missed out on alot and I have taught you to never let a nigga see you sweat so dont start now."
"ok daddy. I love you."
"I love you too babygirl." we hung up and I felt a little bit worst. I know my dad gave his best to help me but when its all said and done I still have to face terrence eventually. But im not sure what will happen.
*Terrence's POV*
Clark didnt look have bad. I could really see why lauren wanted to get here so bad. Its way different then LA but im ready for the challenges that im about to face. what sucked the most was the fact that lauren and I were in different buildings but to her it was just a test in our relationship which I really didn't understand. I love her and none of these girls in this school would even make me have a thought to cheat on her.While laying in bed I got a knock at the door.
"whats up." I said answering the door.
"aye so I heard you just moved in so I wanted to introduce myself to all the freshmen."
"im not a freshmen dude imma junior."
"oh well I am too. my names drayson but you can call me dray." drayson said extending his hand towards me.
"cool im terrence." I said giving him some dap.
"so whats your major.?"
"business mangement with a minor in music."
"oh thats whats up. do you rap or sing.?"
"I can do both."
"sweet. I rap myself. maybe we can hook up and do something for one of the talent events we have here."
"well let me know I live downstairs in room 216." drayson said about to walk away.
"oh by the way my girl sings too so maybe we all can get together."
"iight bro I'll holla at chu."
"cool." with that he went on downstairs. I cant even front dude seems mad cool and it might not be a bad idea to hook up with him since he know people around here. my music just might get out there. I wonder what his girl look like doe. Looking at some of the girls I've seen around here she might be just another funny looking girl with a fat ass.
*Charm's POV*
I still cant believe Renee put me and kimmie out that room. she just so sensitive about everything and now I dont have none of my good shyt. its all dray's fault for not fuxking me when I wanted him to. now im stuck with jerrod's funny looking broke ass and im losing my mind.
"charm you not gonna believe this." kimmie said walking in the door.
"what is it.?"
"terrence just moved in to renee's building."
"stop playing."
"dead ass.! I saw him moving in just now."
"oh wow so now I have another chance with him."
"I thought you was tryna find a way to get drayson."
"oh imma get him too but after all that shy she did to us I wanna make sure renee has nobody."
"sneaky." she said smiling.
"yea I know."
"so how do you plan on getting them.?"
"not sure yet but im getting there."
"well have fun thinking about bout to take a shower." she said walking towards her towel and lufa.When she walked out I sat back thinking about that knew information kimmie gave me and I didn't want to admit it to her but I really dont know how imma pull off getting either of them. granted I had terrence before but its been a long time since I've seen him so I dont know how this is gonna happen but imma get them both at anymeans necessary.

Run it.!!!



Dayuuum, why i get put out Charm was the one throwing shade. I had a good heart. lol

Kimmie was tryna warn her s*** is about to get really real

~Terrence's POV~
I woke up to the sound of nichole running around packing. We were leaving for Clark tomorrow and I wasn't all that excited about it. My home was here and I wasn't ready to go and start over again but its what she wants and im gonna do it for her.
"lauren its four in the morning please come to bed." I said finding her in the livingroom packing up the things she was giving away.
"terrence relax this is the last box then im done." she responded without looking up at me.
"ok babe hurry up."
"ok" I walked back to the bedroom since I was up now I decided to do a little last minute packing of my own.Going through the box in my closet I found a bunch of old photos of Renee and I from when we were little kids. they just bring back so many memories and it just had my mind racing.
*The Next Day*
"yo lauren lets get going.!" I yelled to her.
"im coming.!" she walked out dragging two large suitcases.
"what.? these are my favorite shoes.!"
"you have GOT to be kidding." I said shaking my head and putting to bags it the cab. This was it we were really heading out for Clark. Its time to begin again.
*Renee's POV*
Dray and I have been doing so great since he moved in next door. I cant believe I actually found a great guy that I can call my own. Shell and Tyson have been good too I dont know what I would do without her silly self.Welp today we're all going to get our books for class then on a tiny shopping trip. it should be fun to finally get away from Clark and just be with my babe, his bestfriend, and my girl.We went to like seven shops and we ended the day with only 24 bags each to show for it.
"man I miss home this was the lamest mall crawl ever.!" shell said flopping down on the bed and throwing her bags to the side.
"I know right.! I feel so cheap with this little bit of stuff."
"you two are joking right.?" Tyson said chuckling.
"no im dead ass." I said looking down at the bags.
"but babe you damn near cleaned every store out." Drayson said pointing at the bags. Just then I got a text from kimmie
<cite>Renee I know im one of the last ppl you wanna hear from right now but when you get a chance (within the next two minutes) head over to the fourth floor of your building</cite>
I really didnt have time for the ring around thing so I just deleted the message and went to putting my stuff on my closet. Sadly to say, it was actually harder than I thought. As I put up the last bag I take a quick glance out the window and noticed a guy moving in. it was wierd but I coulda sworn that was tan but I could be wrong so imma let that go....For Now.

Run it.!!!

Awwww, RUN IT!

Up. Welp Thats some s***. Now we bouta get mad and get even?

I can feel it.! but bad always happened to bad.

*Renee's POV*
we got back to the dorms and i decided to call a meeting with all the girls in my room. shell and kimmie came quick but ofcourse charm took her sweet little time getting in there.
"ok look i called this meeting because I feeling theres a lot of shyt that needs to be discussed if we gonna be living together this year."
"like what.?" charm said with an attitude.
"like yo smart ass mouth for one."
"girl please you knew i was like this when we first met so you better just get use to it."
"naw i aint gotta do shyt. do you know how fast i can get yo kicked outta this dorm building.?"
"yea yea yea my daddy paid for it all blah blah blah. you know what renee i am so sick of your little spoiled ass always throwing up what you got because of your daddy. its really annoying."
"but you wasnt complaing when i cashed you out doe now was you.?"
"ofcourse not if you wanna spend it on me who am i to complain."
"well then get yo shyt and get the fuxk outta that room."
"excuse me.? who do you think you are.?"
"baby girl i own both of these rooms thanks to 'my daddy' and i dont want you in it so pack yo shyt and get the fuxk out."
"where am i suppose to go.?"
"that is not my problem. you think i haven't noticed you charm.? all the mugging me and even talking shyt about me to jerod. oh yea homies talk and he told dray everything you said about me."
"oh really dray told you shyt.?"
"yes he did."
"well did he tell you that the reason it took him so long coming from the bathroom today was because he had to get himself together after we got done fuxking.?"
"your are a fuxking liar." shell spoke up saying.
"when have i ever lied about getting some dicc shell.?"
"thats my bytch.! you think i could get in like that too.?" kimmie said slapping hands with charm.
"are you kidding me kimmie. how is that even cool.?"
"renee it aint even about you fareal. i just dont give a fuxk. yall all abandon me for a piece of ass so pay back is a bytch."
"what you mean.? the only reason we didnt tell you about jerod is because i knew he wasnt good enough for you. charm took him because she a lonely bytch who just needs to be with a man no matter what he looks like." shell said.
"bullshyt.!" kimmie said waving shell off.
"kimmie have you seen jerod.?"
"well no but---, "
"wait a minute." i walked out the door and across the hall to dray's and pulled jerod out.
"this is him." i said pushing him back into dray's room then coming back in my own.
"would you have really wanted me to hook you up with him.?"
"uhhh hell no.! charm what the fuxk are you thinking.?"
"SHE'S A LONELY BYTCH.!" shell yelled.
"shell you got one more time to call me out my name then its gonna be me and you."
"charm you can't fight.! a twelve year old beat the fuxk outta you last year so what you saying." i responded.
"aye princess stay in yo lane."
"fuxk you charm you disgust me now as i said before go back yo shyt and get out, leave all the prada, gucci, louie, and everything else i brought you and leave. as a matter of fact take yo little sidekick with you." i said pointing at kimmie.
"renee you gotta be kidding me.?" kimmie said standing up.
"im dead ass.! go get ya shyt and get out. i dont need friends like yall who talk shyt about me but wanna try and be my best buddy when ya see me with some cash. fuxk outta here."
That night i watch them pack up and return every last item i got them and leave. i called the secruity company and had the pass code changed and i called my dad to let him know what happen.
"i knew them little girls was scandalous isabella. what about that shell girl.?"
"daddy she's my only true friend but i have a question for you.?"
"what it is.?"
"i have some people who would like that room. just so you know they are guys but trust me daddy since none of them are terrence you dont have anything to worry about." i said obviously lying through my teeth.
"iight isabella but remember what i told you. if anything happens all that shyt is coming home."
"i know daddy. i love you."
"I love you too." we hung up and shell looked at me cracking up.
"what's so funning.?"
"you are a little liar.!"
"i dont know what your talking about." i said walking towards the door.
"you know your over terrence hell your with drayson. so why did you lie to your dad.?"
"to get drayson and tyson to be able to move in next door."
tell me im the shyt."
"i love you renee." we hugged and i went across the hall and told dray the news and within the next four hours him and tyson were moved in next door and watching movies in my room.this was the way it was suppose to be and i couldn't be happier.
Run it.!!!!

Run it

Updating now (:

Awwww Nah see why tf Charm gotta be a hoe hoe..!

Ol dumb b****..! i tell you.. Just a simple ignoratn b****.. Tan betta have some doggggggggg ass penis..

Ohhhh charm I could just deck her s*** .. Two times !!!

Runnn it !!

Get em!!!!

Update coming soon.!!!

Oh hell no Trynna f*** your girl man in the bathroom while she at the table?? What's up with Terrance I mean like you been gone for years and now you popping up out the blue like s***?? Run this!!

*Charm's POV*
i followed dray to the bathroom and as he was closing the stall door i walked in with him.
"girl what the fuxk are you doing.?" he said stepping back.
"i seen how you were looking at me all day and i had to step to you and see whats up."
"aint shyt up girl. you wit my homie and i'm with renee period."
"come on dray. you know you want me." with that i started kissing on him neck and rubbing on his dicc through his pants. i could tell he was horny as fuxk because with just a few stokes his dicc got hard as fuxk.
"renee cant do for you what i can dray. let me take care of you." i unbuckled his pants and grabbed ahold of his dicc but then he stopped me.
"naw charm i cant even get down with you like that girl. and the fact that you in here with me right now just shows me my nigga dont need to fuxk with you either. now imma say this ONE time and only one time." he got close in my face "GET THE FUXK AWAY FROM ME.!" with that he pushed me out the stall and locked it. i knew i would have him soon, he's a man and i know i can give him what renee never will because i know for a fact her ass is still stuck on terrence. imma have drayson very soon. i walked back to the table and looked over at renee. she was smiling and laughing with shell like i wasnt even here. she kills me.! wait a minute where is she going.? little miss perfect having a little secret conversation...i wonder whose on the other end of that phone.

*Terrence's POV*
(around the same time their all out at the resturant)
<cite>'tan take it out'
'renee its all the way in now though.'
'but it hurts.'
'the worst is over honey.'
'yes i promise.'</cite>
thinking about that night me and renee had sex always puts a smile on my face. she was so scared that night it was too cute. i've been thinking alot about her lately. everytime i call she never picks up the phone though, i think i really made her mad that day i hung up on her. i really want to just be able to talk to her and tell her how sorry i am and that i really miss her. i want to be able to just at least hear her voice again. i went to the other room and decided i was gonna try to call her again. my heart stopped when she finally picked up.
"this is her. who is this.?"
"its terrence."
"oh hey." she said sounding distracted.
"whats wrong with you.?"
"nothing just out with a couple friends. whats up.?""shyt you tell me. i been calling you but you haven't been answering or returning my phone calls."
"i just been real busy getting all my things together to start school."
"oh your in school thats nice whats your major.?"
"Music Performance and Theater."
"thats whats up rib."
"thanks well i gotta go i'll call you later." before i could even say another word she hung up the phone on me. what is going on with her.?

*Renee's POV*
i walked back to the group just as drayson was coming back as well. i looked over to shell as she looked at me and without even having to say a word she knew exactly who i just got off the phone with. i dont understand terrence at this point. he pops up out the blue and expects things to just be ok but there not.! i'm trying to move on with my life but ofcourse there will always be obsticales in my way. speaking of which, i dont know if its just me but i swear charm has been giving me dirty looks all morning and imma find out why. she suppose to be my girl yet i'm getting the feeling that it was all lies and if so somebody is about to get their feelings hurt and it damn sure aint gonna be me.!
we left out the resturant just as the shuttle was pulling up to the stop. the whole ride back dray and the guys stayed far away from us and didnt even look our direction.
"do you know whats up with them.?" shell asked me.
"no clue but did you notice how charm was looking at me today.?"
"hell yea.! i was gonna say something but you know im trying not to show my ass in public down here."
"i dont get it. this shyt to crazy but when we get back oh trust dray and charm will be taken care of."
"do you boo cuz i sure as hell was gonna do the same to tyson's ass." we laughed and dapped each other up and just like before out the corner of my eye i see charm cuting her eyes at me. this shyt ends today.!

run it.!!!!

~Shell's POV~
it felt good just chillin with renee all by myself because i know charm and kimmie aint really her friends and it kinda pisses me off. renee does alot to prove herself to them and for them to diss her when she's not around is pathetic. charm has no problem sharing how much she cant stand renee because of some dude but its not like renee knew about her so whats the big deal.! he moved away so move the fuxk on already.! these hoes really stress me out being so ignorant.!
renee and i went across the hall to the dudes dorm and they were up and party like this was there apartment instead of a dorm room. i mean weed and drinks were everywhere in this room.
"ok shell, thats drayson, jerrod, and tyson. can you guess which one is for you.?" renee whispered in my ear.
"uhh i'm assuming the guy tyson.?"
"BINGO.!" she yelled out causing them to look at us.
"oh uhh my bad." renee said obviously embarassed.
"its cool. i'm glad you showed up renee. i thought daddy woulda never left." drayson said walking towards her.
"you and me both." she replied.
"guys this is my girl shell."
"how you doing beauiful." tyson said standing up.
"I'm good handsome." i said smiling. tyson has a really sexy voice and his accent was oh so cute. i can honestly say renee got taste. which makes me wonder what they boy terrence looked anyway we chilled for a minute and tyson got me fuxked up. i swear i was on cloud 20 in this bytch. renee on the otherhand didnt touch a thing. her and drayson were too busy talking in a corner and laughing come to think of it, i think she doesn't even do any of this stuff. but hell i do and i aint tripping.! matter a fact im drink enough and smoke enough for the both of us.!!!

~Renee's POV~
drayson is such a freaking sweetheart.! its been a long time since i been around a guy and they were actually able to keep my atention when they talk to me but dray was able to do that and so much more. he's not just one of them niggas that are just about smashing all the time and thats another plus in my book. all we did the whole night was talk and it was nice. i think i could actually see myself getting to know him so much more and who knows maybe even start a relationship with him. it would be nice.
over the next few weeks before classes started me and drayson have been together constantly. after charm came and we explained to rooming situation and everything that we had to do to keep the place right i haven't hardly been in my room. three nights in a row i was in drayson's room just laying in bed with him talking and looking at the stars. i love his company and im so glad i met him. but soon after.charm and jerrod got together dray began telling me stories he said charm told jerrod about he. she told him I was a hoe and a man stealer and a spoiled brat. I couldnt believe my girl would say something like that about me. i brushed it off for now and drayson and I continued to enjoy our night together.

~Charm's POV~
that bytch always gets what she wants but i bet that is about to change. i seen the little cutie that she been talking to and i bet i can get him for myself just like she did to me with terrence. its time to see little miss perfect crumble and she will without a doubt but first things first i gotta get in close so i began talking to his homies jerrod. now he wasnt much to look at but he had the inside on dray that i needed to get what i want.
{knock at the door}speaking of the kid.
"hey baby." he said hugging me at the door.
"hey rod. what you doing here so early.?"
"i told you last night i was taking you to breakfast. now get dressed and lets go. everybody's waiting." he said walking away.
"wait a minute.! everybody like who.?"
"well uhh, tyson and them."
"is dray and renee coming.?"
"yea and shell too so lets go charm."
"ok ok ok give me twenty."
"you got ten or we leaving you." with that he walked down to drayson's room and i shut my door. this was gonna be the first real time i hung out with drayson and i gotta look my best. i hopped in the shower real quick and threw on my red and white holister tank top and white booty shorts(no draws ofourse), lotioned up, and put on my red pumps. by the time i walked out they were headed down the steps.
"bae wait for me." i called out to jerrod.
"hurry up baby." he said back. we hoped on the shuttle and it took us to Thumb Up Diner on Edgewood and the food was actually good. after we ate i watched drayson go towards the restrooms and i knew it was time to get things in motion.

Run it ladies.!!!!

Awwwwww, I like this story but I dislike Charm >.<
RUN IT!!!!

Flocka fine ass...aaaahhhhhH!!!!!! Ok back to the story..Lauren jumping on my last and Terrance old triflin ass!! Her dad trynna put her on LOCK LOL..can't wait until I read the next run

no runs.?