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The Decision {Must Read}

"you cant keep calling me like idc you have to leave me alone...just stop it and just be my friend and support me...whatever good bye.!!!" i hung up and threw my phone on my bed and plopped down next to it. i had so many thoughts running through my mind and i didnt know what to do right about now. a decision had to be made but i just didnt wanna have to be the one to make.

before i ruining this for you let me take yall back to the beginning where it all began for me, <a href="">Renee Isabella Bryant</a>, a 19 year-old sophmore in college and soon to be mother of twins.

~Chapter 1~
{five years earlier}
"come on renee your gonna be late for these auditions and i bet i wont talk them into giving you another chance." my best friend <a href="">terrence</a> yelled up the stairs to me as i got the last bit of stuff to take with me. terrence and i have been friends all our lives. our dads also grew up together so it was only right that we did too even though i didnt come out as a boy like they would have wanted it to be. they think we gonna get together and get married and honestly at first that seemed so nasty but over these last couple months i've actually thought that maybe that would be a good idea. i mean terrence is very cute and i wouldnt have to go throught the awkwardness of him meeting my dad because he already knows him.
"im coming boy shut up.!" i yelled right before walking down the steps.
"girl you suck at be on time for any and everything."
"shut up and lets go."
"oh dont try to rush me now cupcake head. i been yelling for you the past half hour."
"fine give me ya keys."
"give me a kiss. on my head." i kissed his forehead. and he laughed.
"whats so funny.?"
"i didnt mean that head." he chuckled.
"EWWW YOUR DISGUSTING.1" i said hitting his arm and back. "lets go." i pushed him out the door and we headed to my school for the singing auditions for the play. the play was Westside Story and i was planning on going for the role of maria. i knew i had a great voice and i was a good actress so i know i had this in the bag.
we got there just as they called my name. i acted out the final scene of the movie when maria was yell at the jets and the sharks after the deaths of her brother and her lover. after that i sang mary j. blige- im going down. the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping when i finished and sure enough the next day i learned that i got the part. the first thing i did was run to terrence to tell him the news.
"Terrence i got the part.!" i said jumping into his arms.
"im so proud of you girl." he said spinning me around.
"we need to go celebrate.!" i said pulling him.
"renee you have one more class left we cant just leave."
"please come on tan i would love it." i said calling him the nickname i gave him when i found out his name was terrence aldon nester. he thought it was wierd at first but then he gave me one too, rib.
"idk rib can you afford to miss this class.?"
"shows how much you know tan this is my art class and i already have an A so lets go."
we left and went to the mall for a mini shopping spree.

Run it or Dump it.?


No runs

we finally reached <a href="">Troy's</a> house and terrence began banging on his door.
"terrence calm down," i yelled at him.
"renee i got this," he replied still banging.four minutes later troy came to the door with a pistol in his hand.
"damn nigga dont be banging on my damn door like that, you almost got murked. what the fuxk you doing here anyway this late at night." troy said holding the door open.
"i need to talk to you about something. can we come in.?"
"i dont know her.! she could be a snitch."
"nigga im far from a snitch and nigga thinking that could get you murked." i said stepping.
"what bytch.!" troy walked towards here.
"whoa man come on now this my girl." terrence said getting in between us.
"naw let him try something he must not know my daddy but he will soon find out."
"fuxk yo dad girl."
"nigga you work for her dad." terrence said shaking his head.
"what.?" troy said throwing his head back.
"troy man <a href="">David Bryant</a> is her father." terrence told him.
"aw fuxk.! you lucky little mamma. dont nobody ever get away with talking to me the way you just did so dont get use to it." troy said inviting us in.
"yea yea yea." i said plopping on his couch.
"so whats up man."
"dude i man her bleed brah." terrence outright said.
"what you mean.?"
"we was fuxking and i made her bleed. what the fuxk does that mean.?"Troy looked at him for a minute then busted out laughing.
"whats so funny.?" i asked getting mad.
"my bad yall but--," troy started to say but ended up laughing again.
"come on troy whats up.?" terrence asked.
"nigga she suppose to do that, thats how you know you took her virginity." troy said still laughing.
"are you serious.?" i asked.
"you two must didnt pay attention in health class at all.!" troy said.
"ok so what should she do know so her parents wont know.?"
"nothing. just throw that stuff you got on now in the trash buy some tampons and go on with yo life. they wont know unless you tell them."
"iight man thanks, im bout to take her home and imma hit you up later."
"iight, fam." terrence and troy dapped each other up and we left. first we went to the store for tampons then we went to terrence's house so i could change and get rid of that outfit and panties. this was so wild but so worth it.
Run it.!!!

Update coming soon

lol aww she think she gon die pahaha cute...I hope she don't get knocked up


Now that is tooooo funnyy! Ima need these ppl to get educated before the sex LOL

Run it!

Awww her Hymen...! Or he made it come down. s*** nah Tan..!

Run It.

*Terrence's POV*
I could not believe renee was doing this to me. i mean i knew she cared about me but not to this extent. for us to take each others virginity was wild.
"renee stop.!" i said moving her hands and moving her under me.
"what's wrong.? you don't want me or something.?" renee asked puzzled by my reaction.
"no that's not it at all rib. im just tryna make sure this is really what you wanna do right now."
"tan this is what i want. i wanna be your first and you mines. i wanna be able to remember this moment for the rest of my life. knowing that it was you will forever put a smile on my face." renee said with a few tears forming in her eyes.
"i love you rib."
"i love you too tan." with that i leaned down and began kissing renee nice and slow. i kissed her lips, cheeks, forehead, and nose. we both took each others clothes off slowly and when renee saw how large my manhood was her eyes grew very large.
"dont worry rib i wont hurt you." she nodded her head and layed back as i climbed on top of her. i slowly began pushing myself in her stopping when i saw she was in pain and kissing away the tears that fell. by the time i fully was inside her renee almost tried to chicken out.
"tan take it out.!" she cried.
"renee its all the way in now though." i smiled saying.
"but it hurts."
"the worst is over honey."
"yes i promise." I began pumping in and out of her loving how wet she was and after a while i could tell renee was beginning to enjoy the pleasure of having me inside her. after going at it for twenty minutes i just stopped.
"what's wrong.?" renee asked.
"your bleeding."
"shut up no im not." i held up my hand and showed her the blood which made her completely freak out.
"oh my god im gonna die.!" renee jumped up yelling.
"please calm down."
"how can i do that when im fuxking bleeding and i don't know why.?!"
"relax i know somebody we can ask about this."
"my homie troy. come on and get dressed so we can head there now." renee did so and we began walking to troy's house.
Run it.!!!

Oohhh s*** Rib, Betta work that Tan d*** of his... Lmaoooo! Make him think twice..!

Run It..

Love this story already. sad Terrance gotta move away and him ans renee love each other. The date was cute but she just gonna jack the nigga in the park lol ??? Run it ma!!

tan and i had a blast together at the mall.! he is such a character when these hoes come around though, its almost cute but at the same time i do get jealous for some reason. i really hope i wasnt too obvious though.
October 2, 2011
opening night I was working extra hard for the past two weeks and it was the night of the show and tan was no where to be found. i called him six times and left him four text messages. he knew i couldnt do this with out him so where could he be. i called one more time before the play started and he finally picked up."whats up babygirl.?"
"relax renee im in the parking lot."
"hurry up in here.!"
"im coming girl damn." with that i hung up and got in postition to go on stage. after the play ended terrence took me for a walk cause he said we had to talk about something that was so important.
"renee you are my best friend and theres nothing i wouldnt do for you, you know that right.?"
"ofcourse i do tan and i feel the exact same way about you."
"renee i have some bad news." i stopped in my tracks with so much fear inside about what hes about to say."what is it terrence."
"damn im terrence now. i thought that was only when you were mad at me." he said smiling.
"dont play with me terrence what's going on.?"
"come on and sit down." he said trying to lead me to a bench.
"i dnt wanna sit down i wanna know what's going on.?"
"fine.! this is so moving away to cali next week." my heart comletely dropped out my chest.
"are you serious.? why.?"
"pops gotta better job that was offer 480 grand a year and he just coudnt pass that up and honestly i cant blame him."
"but california terrence. you just cant go." i said with tears running down my face.
"renee please dont cry i know its gonna be hard but we'll still be cool."
"thats not the point tan. i love you."
"I love you to rib but pops really wants this job."
"tan you dont understand i really love you and i want to be with you."
"wooooooooow rib. why did you want to tell me how you really feel girl.? do you know what you doing to me now i mean really.? now i gotta leave knowing i cant have what i really want because i never knew you felt the same until it was too late."
"i was scared ok.!" with that i ran all the way home. tears blowng in the wind hurt that my one true love is leaving me for good.!
over the next few days terrence and i were ajoined at the hip.! he skipped his classes to be in mines with me and my parents even let him spend the night with me. but the worst day of my life was approaching quickly and i was an emotional wreck and it showed the they way i acted.that friday night terrence took me out for a walk in the park, i vowed to myself that i was gonna make this a night for him to remember for the rest of his life.we got to the park and i had candles in the grass leading towards a picnic sort of area where a sofe blanket was on the ground. i had choclate covered strawberries and pretzels, whipped cream, and moscato(that i stole from my parents wine cabinet.
"renee you shouldnt have."
"tan i want you to leave here and never forget me so this is me showing you how much i love you in a silly way."
"i love you too renee." we sat down, ate, drank, and joke around for a while then i made my move. i began to kiss him and little by little i began to inch my hand down his pants and grabbed ahold of his rod.
"whoa renee what are you doing." he asked shocked.
"like i said, im making this night unforgetable for both of us." with that said i smiled and started jacking him off a little just to get his man prepared for this big night ahead of him.
Run it.!

aww the nicknames are cute Run It

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Girl you got alot of stories...
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