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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


just in case anybody wants to know where i got 'Make It Work' From this is the <a href="">song</a>


i just came back to reminisce
and now i'm sad :(
i so want to continue this but they have such
a happy ending i can't ruin it.

;( i'm crying

I procrastinated before reading the end. My sis told me that u had added the final chapter. I finally read it and Tina this is truly the best story i've ever read. U r really creative and talented. I'm so glad Jack and Heather ended up together after all the things they went thru. Thats TRUE LOVE. Ughhh i dont want it 2 be over,i cant believe it but that final chapter definitely had me all emotional and tears were just streaming. I can accept it tho because now i have closure. -sigh- wtf do i with my life now? i'm gonna have 2 read the whole story over lol

You are so welcome Tina. This was one of the best stories I've read. I thank you for writing such an enjoyable story.

Those memories had me tearing up!! Now that's the ending we deserve. That ending on part one was depressing as hell lol

Thank you Tina for this wonderful story


great story! they have been thru a hell of a lot but in the end it was all worth it!! they were truly meant for each other..nd that was one awesome wedding!!

Monique and shela you guys always give the best comments
I just finished reading this last chapter and I made myself cry and I'm the one who wrote it lol.
I'm sad this story is over but I'm glad my readers loved it.
Thanks guys. :)

:'(((( *applause* *sniffles* ugh why'd you make me cry!!! Lol. I cant explain how much I love this story!!! I'm sad to see it end but more than happy with the way it ended. Not to mention you gave a nigka a cameo!!! :))) tht was me 100% though lol. Those flash backs is what had me all in my feelings. I'm glad you did it tht way cause some people forget ALL the things they've been through seeing as though this story was soooo long (but thts a good thing). I'm gonna miss this story:'((( but I'll definitely be coming back and reading it again. Good thing I still have The Background Dancer to read:))) you are such a talented writer and your choice of words are so brilliant. I feel like I'm actually in the scene when I'm reading your adds lol. *sigh* I still cant get over the fact tht this is the last time I will be commenting on this story :'((( I don't wanna let it goooooo. Its my baby:((( but it was good while it lasted...... bye bye Her Room:'(((

They went to barbados for the wedding, nice. I loved the girls strippers lol. The dudes had a good time too huh. Heather and Jack's married now. Looking at the flashbacks, damn they really have been through alot.Crazy Ex's, shootings, babies, paternity,fights etc but they always managed to come back to one another, yay. And now there officially husband and wife. Loved it, it was truly the perfect ending.

(Part 2)

"dude you ready to be husband?" james asked jack.
"more then ready man" jack answered.
"this party tonight is going to be dope" victor said.
"what yall planned?" jack asked.
"you'll see" vic said as all the guys laughed.
"you got strippers didn't you?" jack said.
"you already know we did" keith said.
"thats wassup" jack said giving them all dap.

"yo where sean and mike at?" jack asked."they were just here" he added in.
"on the balcony" james said pointing.

They walked to the balcony to see sean and mike scooping out all the ladies on the beach.

"Barbados is nice as hell man" sean said."glad you invited me jack the ladies out here are bad as hell" he added in.
"this niggas a mess" jack said as they laughed."where this party at tho?" he asked.
"done in the seaside club" keith answered.
"it's about that time tho, we need to start getting ready" vic said as the guys left to go to their rooms to get ready.


A hour and a half later both heather and jack were at their parties having a great time with their friends. The next day Heather and jack would be husband and wife and they both couldn't wait for it to happen. They were happy with the way things worked out for them.

"hold up, we got another surprise" shela said."this one is from me" she added in as she opened the door and in walked in two <a href="">men</a> and heather automatically knew what that meat.
"which of of you is getting married tomorrow?" one of the officers asked as everyone pointed at heather.

They stood in front of her and start gyrating in her face as they music played. They stripped out of their pants and started showing equally attention to every girl in the room.


"bro the strippers are here" Keith called out. They didn't waste any time before hopping on the stage and starting to dancing strip for all the guys in the club.

"Jack Brown where are you?" one of the females asked."come up here baby" she said as the other girl pulled out a care. Jack stepped on stage and they sat in down in the chair and began to give him a lap dance.

After the parties heather and jack went back to their own rooms since they weren't allowed to see each other before the wedding. They both tossed and turned in their bed because the other person wasn't with them. Heather climbed out of bed and stuck out her room to go down stairs. She got down the guys floor and looked around not knowing which room was jack's.

"what are you doing down here?" she heard a voice behind her and turned to see jack coming out his room.
"i missed you, and i couldn't sleep" she said walking to him.
"me nether, i was just about to come to you" he said.
"this is bad luck you know" heather said joking as she walked into jacks room.
"i don't believe in that" jack said grabbing her hand and guiding her to his bed.

They laid down is his bed and wrapped their arms around each other easily drifting off to sleep.

--The Wedding Day--

Heather woke up early and snuck her way out of jacks bed, out his room and up stairs. Just as she was about to go into her room she heard some on clearing their throat behind her.

"where were you?" abby asked with a smirk on her face.
"downstairs" heather said.
"you know thats bad luck right?" abby asked.
"i don't care, i couldn't sleep" heather said as they walked into her room.
"yall are to cute, but now that your up we can start getting ready" abby said.

A few hours later Heather was in the back waiting for the wedding to start. She was in her dress looking at her self in the mirror with a smile on her face.

"it's time, you ready?" victor asked. He would again be the one walking her down the aisle.
"yes" she said as they interlocked arms and walked out the room. They stopped at the other end of the aisle as the music came on and they began to walk down. Heather made eye contact with jack and began to think about everything they've been threw.

<em>I'm with Nicole now, i'm sorry-Jack.</em>
<em>hey my names Laith, a beautiful woman like yourself shouldn't look so sad-Laith.</em>
<em>It was me i did it, i attacked him-Heather</em>
<em>jack i'm pregnant-Heather</em>
<em>i'm detective Jamal Vincent</em>
<em>i'm sure you can find your way home-jamal</em>
<em>i'm on my way-jack</em>
<em>get off of her, she's pregnant!-Honey</em>
<em>we're gonna name her Crystal Brown- Heather</em>
<em>i love you jack-Heather</em>
<em>I f***ing hate you jack- Heather</em>
<em>Hi my name is alex, your the whole reason i started watching football- Alex</em>
<em>this is your house right? well i'll be gone in the morning- Heather</em>
<em>Hi my name is trell, i couldn't help but tell you your beautiful-Trell</em>
<em>is joshua mine? and don't lie to me-Jack</em>
<em>i'm stopping you from making a mistake-jack</em>
<em>Ny Giants wide receiver shot in a vicious love triangle-News Report</em>
<em>your the one i want to marry-Jack</em>
<em>your the one i want to spend the rest of my life with-Heather</em>

Heather already had tears in her eyes by the time she made it up to jack. He held onto her hands as they looked into each others eyes.

"the bride and grown had prepared their own words, Heather would you like to start" the minster spoke.

"Jack Brown we've been threw our ups and down and yet threw it all i never found the will to stop loving you. You are my life and i will love you until the day i die and beyond that. I love you with all my heart and i wanna spend the rest of my life with you and or little girl" Heather said now with tears flowing down her face.

"jack, proceed" the minster spoke.

"Heather sanders i know i've put you threw most of those downs and i'm grateful that after all that your still hear with me today. I'm also grateful that you have me a beautiful child. i will do every and anything in my power to make you happy, i love you" he said as they put the rings on each others fingers.

"do you jack take heather to be your lawfully wedding wife?" he asked.
"i do" she said looking straight into heathers eyes.
"heather, do you take jack to be your lawfully wedded husband?" he asked.
"i do" she said not breaking the eye contact between them.
"my the power invested in me i now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride" the minister said as jack pulled heathers face to him and kissed her passionately.

"Mrs Heather Brown, that sounds so good to my ears" jack said smiling.
"i love you" heather said.
"i love you to" he said kissing her said.

He then souped her up off her feet, walked down the aisle and out the ceremony.


(part 1)

<strong>You have been invited....
To witness the joining of Heather Sanders and Jack Brown</strong>

<strong>Date: May 21st, 2013</strong>
<strong>Location: Foul Bay Beach, Barbados
Time: 10:00am</strong>

--1 Day Before The Wedding--

"A week feels like forever" Heather said as she sat on jacks lap looking at her ring.
"i was down with going to Las Vegas" jack joked.
"Abby watched to plan the wedding and i.." he cut her off.
"you couldn't say no, i know" he said with a smile."i just want you to be my wife already" he said.
"i already am in here and here" heather said pointing to her head and her heart.

"aye love birds we have to board the plane!" honey called out interrupting their moment.
"come on guys!" crystal said excitedly she loved being on planes.
"Barbados here we come" heather said getting up from jacks lap. They grabbed their bags and but it on the luggage belt before getting on the plane.

"how long is this flight?" heather asked as they found their seats and sat down.
"4 hours" honey answered.
"are you still afraid of planes?" jack asked."as many times as you been on a plane" he added in.
"it's a phobia, i can't help it" she said pushing him a little.

They plane began to move and the seat belt light lit up telling everyone to buckle up. Heather put crystals seat belt on and then hers feeling her nerves starting to get the best of her.

"relax just close your eyes" jack said grabbing heathers hand and holing it.

Once the plane stopped accelerating and was at its maximum height heather began to fell at ease. She leaned her head on jacks shoulder and began to drift off to sleep.

4 Hours later when the plane landed jack woke heather up and they all got off the plane. When they got their bags and walked out the airport the whole crew was waiting for them.

"how was the flight you big baby?" abby asked laughing and hugging heather.
"i was asleep through out the whole thing, so it wasn't bad" heather said.
"heather i know you see me standing here" her high school friend shela said.
"oh my god!! shela!!" heather said running up to her and hugging her.

"wassup stranger" jack said as he hugged her as well.
"imma stranger? hell naw that phone works both way" she said laughing."i'm happy for you guys tho, i always knew yall we gonna end up marring each other" she said.
"i did you" jack said with a smile.

"iight, guy time lets go!" victor said pulling jack and walking awsy with the guys.
"where are they going?" heather asked.
"getting ready before the bachelor party tonight and WE should be getting ready for the bachelorette party" alicia said.
"isn't that the night before the wedding?" heather asked.
"usually but do you really wanna wake up on your wedding day with a hangover?" jazzy asked.

"no" heather said."what about the kids?" heather asked looking at levi and crystal who were playing around with each other.
"the party is gonna be in my room, their gonna be in the joined room next to us sleep by the time the party starts" abby said.
"are you trying to make excuses because clearing we don't care" shela said.
"exactly what she said" alicia said as they laughed and walked away towards the hotel helping heather with her bags.

"we have this whole floor, the boys have downstairs" abby said as they walked to heathers room."no one beside the registered names are allowed on these floors" she added in.
"they let you guys do that?" heather asked.
"yeah, they getting paid so they don't care" she answered laughing.

They walked into Heather's <a href="">room</a> and put her bags on the side over her bed.

"this is nice" heather said as she walked over to the balcony and looked out seeing the beach."i swear i have the best friends ever" she said.
"well you know we tried" jazzy said laughing.
"YOU need to show us the dress" abby said to heather taking her away from analyzing the view.
"i didn't show you guys?" she asked."its amazing" as she grabbed the long dress back her dress was in and unzipped it and pulled out her dress.

"heather that is beautiful" shela said.
"you think so?" she asked."i saw it and i knew i had to have it" heather said looking at it.
"it's perfect but put it back in the bag before you mess it up you know how you are" shela said.
"you right" heather said laughing."i'm so excited, i can't wait" she added in.

yeah i'm gonna split this end chapter into 2 parts like breaking dawn lol
it's entirely to long and i'm still typing.

i know i said i was going to make the last chapter long but i might have made it TOO LONG.
i hope you guys have time to read it.
Last Chapter coming in about 15 minutes.

Ummm...... for the bad times you should put in there relationships with other people, heather going to jail for jack beating up laith, jack getting shot and their first break up.... for the good times you should put in heather meeting honey, them fighting Kae (which is probably a bad time but it was funny af), all their f***ing scenes and you cant forget the birth of the wonderful crystal. Run it:)))


Oh and if you give me some memories
Add some of the bad times

Final chapter is coming next
I promise it will be long and great

Maybe some cameos from you guys ;) so leave your desired name with your memories

Idk how many of you guys remember back to the old storie
Or would go back to it to help me out. Comment some of the memorable
Moments of both the first part and the sequel I have and idea for my last chapter.
If you remember what they Said that would be even


I'm glad they're happy but I don't want it to enddddd :'((( but ik its a good time for it to end. No more drama needed. They can have the fairy tell ending:)) run it!!!

See theyre already in domestic bliss. Heather preparing breakfast and then waking Jack up for breakast. Jack wanting to be freaky again lol. Crystal getting to see both her parents at the same place again I loved that she put the ring back on and really meant that she was gonna marry him. Awwww. RUN IT!!!

run it

yay they getting married!! that was a crazy proposal but hey it did the trick lol RUN IT!

Run It



Heather woke up the next morning with jacks head on her chest. She softly got up making sure not to wake him up and found one of his big t-shirts to put on. She walked into his bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. When she walked out the bathroom she threw her hair up into a bun and went to go see if crystal was up.

"good morning" heather said as she walked in crystal room seeing her coloring in her coloring books.
"morning mommy" crystal said.
"you wanna come down stairs and watch cartoons?" heather asked as crystal nodded and hopped off her bed, ran out her room and went down stairs.

Heather went into the kitchen and began to pull out pans to start cooking breakfast. She looked through the small draws for a spatula but found a Ring box. She opened it to see her engagement ring still inside it. She took the ring out the box and looked at it closely before putting in on her ring finger and returning her attention back to making breakfast.

When the food was done she gave Crystal a small plate and went up stairs to get jack. He was still asleep when she walked into the room so she jumped on top of him.

"get out of bed, sleepy head" she said bouncing.
"no, how about you come back to bed" she said pulling her down next to him.
"i made breakfast, its gonna get cold" she said kissing his lips.
"what you made?" he asked
"pancakes, eggs, and Bacon" she said.
"what about biscuits" he asked.
"you already know" she said with a smile.
"iight lets go get our grub on" he said getting up.

He put on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and made his way downstairs to.

"relax the food aint going anywhere" heather said as he sat at the table. She put his food on his plate and put the plate in front of him. He spotted the ring on her finger and looked up at her.
"you were serious?" he asked.
"yeah" she said with a smile."you're the one i wanna spend the rest of my life with" she added in.
"you don't realize how happy you made me" he said.

"well marry Christmas" heather said making her plate and sitting next to him.

(Don't know how to end this chapter but expect the final conclusion really soon)


run it

LMAO these fools are a trip. They was ready to leave the party and get it in lol. And boy was Heather prepared with her lil sexy lingerie. Jack was in heavem lol. But not that this fool proposed after there love making session lol.and she told his ass yeah WTF lol. I hope they remember this in the morning and still agree. LMAO I can see the girls now asking how'd he propose: Heathers response "On top of me"(color purple)lmao. And Jazzy and James are getting married too yeah. RUN IT!!!

Tht proposal reminded me of Frankie lymon's proposal to Zola Taylor in why do fools fall in love lol. I hope they are really getting married and not just bull s***ting. Tht would be a great Christmas present for both of them. They asses don't stop f***ing. I aint mad at em though.... random thought. Run it:)))

Lol, Vic always nosey. As for Heather and Jack, they always horny. Heather take a few months off the pipe before you end up with another kid. They so damn nasty. s***, if I had a man as sexy as him. I would've hopped on it every chance I got. That made me sound like a hoe. Lol
Run it