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Forever Chris Brown

In the begining of the year 2009 one of my dreams came thru.
I saw CB live in Stockholm in a consert hall called Hovet.

When the consert was over i refused to leave because he hadn't played the song "Forever" yet. People started leaving the arena but I told my friend that I wasn't going anywhere until he played my favourite song.

A couple minutes later you could hear the intro of Forever. Peolpe started running back to their seats so they could hear the best song ever beeing played live by the best artist EVER.

I love you and your music CB and I hope that maybe I will get to hear it nov 19th in Globen, Stockholm. I got the tickets as soon as they started selling them.

So pleeease Chris, sing Forever to me one more time, and maybe give a shout out to me ;D

Hugs & kisses from Elin