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Opinions; Everyone is welcome!

I need some new books to read. Do anyone of you ladies have and suggestions?

I read anything besides wolf and vampire stuff.


act like a woman think like a man
Steve Harvey

the bluest eye by toni morrison

Hey :)
The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Soulja
One of the best books I've read by far....
I have a short attention span, but I couldn't put this book down!
Hope that helped :)

Thanks Guys. I got some Trey, Ice Cream and my bed waiting for me... I'll talk to you guys tomorrow..

Boxing. Sports.

time and strength really and something to keep your mind busy like a hobby or school so you don't continue to think about the person

Lol.. I'm serious though...

Okay PLENTY of rap then... like ratchet rap lol.

All of Chris' songs are just gonna put me in my feelings even more...

And PLENTY of sex toys.

chocolate a drank and kendrick lamar cd

PLENTY of Chris Brown songs.... starting with '09 lol

Well Besides Bree...

Anybody got any remedies for a broken heart? :/


yes?? :)

I never heard of ANY of those books.

Candace put your hand down... No questions lol.

I got a question?

I got......

Catcher in the Rye
Perks of Being a Wallflower
A Girl Like Me
Emako Blue

Dany you just lost us... You came back talking about why and s***...

What books did you get?


fck thth Bree lol

I'm go get them soon...

Lmao... that mean you gotta watch wtf you say Nani lol.

ok ok i wont say no more all im saying
is if you guys dont go and read it
soon you will def be messing out on a
good ass book. good ass three books really,


i hatee tht i dnt havee myy edit button

look i will takee a DELETE button
if i cant get the EDIT button bck lol

Yeah Man!!! Stop it!


Nani tried to call me a nigger you guys!!!!!!



Umm as you can see Bree
we're not telling oh she did this
cause he did tht

we're just talking about her as a person nigge

so shush

i got somee of those Ana
i'm dyying to tryy them
but i cant yet for obvious reasons lol

&& yeah likee bxtch woman up
&& stop whining

but oooh when Christian got mad
or was trying to protect her was SOOOOO
omg !

Bree . . .hmmm i wonder whyy it aint get added to lol

Wait, Dany wtf you talking about? lol