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Chris Brown and Rihanna Love

Ok so about about Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship I think they are just like us normal people and that they should have the right too value their relationship on their own as in they being friends and or going out I mean its been going on for a long time now and I think that the media should get out their kool-aid because they really don't knew what going on between the two of them making all these remorse about them getting married and stuff but you cant believe everything people say because sometimes people don't always tell the real true part too the story and only get what they want out of the story and try too change it around that's why I don't like the media but as I was saying I think that the both of them are in control of their own actions and plus they both grown so as fans Team Breezy you should be happy with their chose in which they want too date or not also we don't knew what took place that night so why people want too beat up on Chris Brown for what he did too Rihanna not saying that what he did was at all right it was not right what he did but you don't knew what took place that night so Chris Brown makes one mistake like that just one and the media want too hang it all over his head and what not dude I am not saying what he did was right but in his case the thing with him putting his hands on Rihanna was not right at all but he said sorry for what he had did on national TV also he has done a lot of interviews on what he had done do Rihanna and It just had happen a long time ago so why not just let him move on and stop bringing it up in every interview that Chris Brown has and knew that he is a grown man growing up at the same time and that nobody's perfect I knew for a fact that I am not perfect everyone has their up and downs its just a part of life it happens and Chris Brown is not a criminal mind so stop treating him like one and no that everybody is not perfect and people will make mistakes that they regret in life the good thing is you can move on from the mistakes that you make and look forward and knew that that you could change that about yourself and try too do better in the feature I am just saying media stop hanging that over Chris Brown and move forward and if its about chris brown and Rihanna dating again then bring that up not what he did too her that was in the past stay in the feature and stop trying too go back in time I am pretty sure that Chris Brown learns form his mistakes I just makes a person stronger too knew that they learn from their mistakes and as fans of Chris Brown you should be happy with whatever Chris Brown plans too do with his thing for Rihanna and we as fans of Chris Brown should be happy for him but its your opinion be happy for him if you want you don't have too its your chose just putting it out their so thank you too all who read this Be Happy Always LOL SMILE FACE LOL :D :D :D :D :D Thank you for your time :D :D :D :D :D :D: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Thank you too all the people that are reading this and I just like think the Chris Brown and Rihanna are cutie together So Thank You too all the people who read my point of view on Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship :D :D :D :D :D :D

I dont care what anyone says there perfect together , yeah he made a mistake but so does everyone else i love them so much #TeamBreezy #7years <3

Well Said Hannah

LOL I Ikr thats why I had post it cuz like It's driven me crazy and thank u so much for putting a comment lol :D :D :D

Well said,couldn't be said any better. This thing with Rihanna and Chris is starting to get boring now ppl as well as the media should get a life and move on, and the fact that a past is called a past coz its a past.. so leave the past behind and head on to the future if not so they still living in the year 2009..i am a huge fan of CB so they should just leave him alone and let him be in peace please....