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Kennedy's Story ™

<strong>Intro | .01</em>

Kennedy sat in room 714 , door shut , blinds closed and relaxing ocean sounds playing in the background. She wrote her thoughts , which turned into poems and hopes and dreams of turning into song lyrics. She continued to write until group therapy session began. She dropped her pen as she heard a knock her office door.

"It's open!". She yelled.

In walked in seven teenage girls , two or three years younger than her. It was her first day speaking to a group of girls about her <em>life</em>.

"Hi, I'm Kennedy Naylor. Please , have a seat anywhere you want". Kennedy smiled as she grabbed her notebook , sitting on top of her desk , she looked out to each girl.

"Being that this is my first time speaking to girls that I can 100 percent relate to , I thought it would be easier if I read some poems that I wrote about my life". Kennedy sat on top of her desk flipping to the first page of her notebook , being to read . .

<em>Three blunts rolled up
Hennessy in my cup
He always told me slow up
But I never really gave a f***
We haven't spoke in three years
I wish that he could be here
I'm tryna fight through these tears
But I'mma call him anyway and tell him ..</em>

<strong>3 Years Back</strong>

<a href="">Kennedy</a> sat on wooden hallway steps of the three-story apartment building where the biggest party of the summer was held. She sat there breaking down and rolling up a box of swisher sweets. It was 9:30 , the party had just began and Kennedy was already in her zone , high and drunk. She laughed to herself as she watched her best friend , <a href="">Melody</a> inhale smoke.

"What's so funny?". Melody blew weed smoke looking up at Kennedy.

"You! You just look so funny when you smoke". Kennedy laughed.

"You're a weirdo. You know Devin is going to kill you when he sees how f***ed up you are right now". Melody passed Kennedy the blunt.

Kennedy stood up , holding her red cup full of liquor in one hand and the blunt in the other. "Mel , i'm straight, i'm cool". She said stumbling.

"You're not, but whatever". Melody rolled her eyes leaning her head against the wall.

Kennedy inhaled smoked tilting her head back , she blew O's of smoke.

"Mel , am I really that f***ed up right now?". Kennedy asked.

"C'mon , lets go inside the party. It'll be dark , Devin wouldn't be able to tell". The two of them stood up , walking together they locked their arms together walking inside.

Nothing but loud music played. Weed smoke and sweat was all you smelled. The air conditioning was on but you couldn't feel it.

"Kennedy , what are you doing?". Melody yelled over the loud music.

Kennedy fell to the floor , laughing at herself. She was clearly beyond drunk. Melody sighed , picking Kennedy up off the floor pushing her against the wall.

"Kenn, chill out girl!". Melody stood next to her.

"I'm okay Mel , chill out!". Kennedy found a seat next to stairs in the apartment. She swayed side to side to the music , rolling up her fourth blunt.

Melody drifted off into the crowd , dancing with whoever pulled her close. Kennedy sparked her blunt as her eyes were glued to the front door as , <a href="">Devin</a> walked in. Her heart began to race. Devin was the love of her life , but there relationship was never sweet.

"Wassup , Miss?". Devin approached Kennedy , kissing her lips.

"Just in time". Kennedy smiled , licking her lips as hit the blunt a few times , passing it to Devin.

Devin stood beside her bobbing his head to Kendrick Lamar's , <em>Money Trees</em>.

"How many cups of liquor you have so far?". Devin asked without looking over at Kennedy.

Kennedy stopped snapping to the music , rolling her eyes she instantly felt like Devin had blew her high.

"Damn Dev , can you at least be her for an hour before jumping down my throat?". Kennedy stood up.

"You know I hate that s*** Kennedy. Smoking is cool , but it's not. That drunk s***, nah i'm not cool with it!". Devin stood in front of her screaming.

"What type of sense does that make , Devin?". Kennedy pushed him.

"You can complain about the s*** we do together , but all in the same sentence tell me it's not cool?". Kennedy laughed.

"You get sloppy drunk , smoke 24/7. Your ass ain't never sober , never!". Devin pushed her against the wall, causing a few heads to turn.

"So what! I can do as I please , who's gon' stop me?". Kennedy smirked.

"Nobbody! You're grown , remember. You should want to stop for yourself, if not for you do it for me!". Devin walked away.

Kennedy pushed him once again as he walked off. She sat back down in her seat. She noticed , <a href="">Justin</a> standing across the room. She smiled as he smiled at her. Kennedy always had a small crush on Justin since they were younger. She never had intentions on cheating on Devin , even though their relationship had more than 99 problems.

Justin walked over to Kennedy , whispering in her ear. A bunch of sweet nothings. Kennedy slid on her purse on her arm following Justin upstairs into his bedroom closing the door behind them.


Kenn wildin fareal for no reason.! Devin
only wants the best for her yet she acting
like he wrong for speaking the truth...and
Justin only want the cookies, he see that
she beyond fuxked up and having problems
with Devin so he tryna take advantage of
the situation...she better not let nothing go
down in that room or else she gonna lose
the best thing she has.!!!

Run it girl.!!!

Ken really needs to pull herself together.
Dev seems like hes trying but you can't
really make things work when the other
person isnt trying either.
I feel like Justin is taking advantage of her
being drunk.

Run it.

Damn she did Devin hella grimy. I think Devin is just getting frustrated and upset with her behavior. Ken don't seem to care so he just is mad. smh she f***ing up. Run it!!

Thankssss ! New add coming upp .

I like this , kennedy needs a big change in herself &hearts;
Keep this coming (: