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The Nanny Affair

*(all my other stories expect 'Her Room: Make It Work' will be discontinued until further notice, i just don't know where i'm going with them)*


"i don't know about this Ana" <a href="">Maurice</a> said to his wife.
"think about it, we don't have time in the morning to take mimi to school and we don't have time to pick her up" his wife <a href="">Ana</a> spoke.
"a live in nanny though, i don't want strangers in my house" maurice spoke.
"it needs to be a live in how else do you expect them to be here early in the morning" she spoke."it's that or one us quits or gets fried for being late everyday" she said staring at him.
"fine" maurice said giving in.
"thanks, but you have to take mimi to school today, thanks, bye" ana said grabbing her bag, pecking her husband on the lips and heading out the door.

"MICHELE!! lets go!" maurice called out as their <a href="">Daughter</a> ran out the living room.
"okay lets go" he said picking her and her bag up."make sure you don't get yourself dirty, you have to look nice in your pictures" he said.
"i won't" she said
"promise?" he asked
"promise" she said giggling.

(BTW the baby i used is my little cousin :) lol)


His Wife Need her A** Whooped How u Goin 2 say thts your boss n then laugh Be4 u Hang up the phone Smh....
Run It....

I hope lauren on dat bc. Cuz there were no condoms involved in that. Lol ana gon b pissed if lauren show up pregnant

Its about time they stopped teasing each other.!
Maurice shoulda called ana out then requested a
divorce so him and lauren could be together and
he can stop feeling so guilty.!

Run it.!!!

Damn both of they asses is guilty. I thought he was gone wait untill he actually told ana "it's over". Run it.

Why he aint just call Ana's ass out about the cheating, i mean yeah he's doing it to, but she cheated first. He need to confront her ass then get a divorce and continue his thing with Lauren. And damn I was shocked Lauren admitted she wanted to sex him and told him bout her dream to whaaa. Loved the add. RUN IT!!!

Why doesn't he just divorce her ass already
He doesn't need Ana he's got Lauren now lol
Run it!!!

s*** he dont gotta feel bad fo having sex wit that girl cuz i kno this not the first time his wife done done somthing like that smh....

wow they really jus did it!!! and Ana ass still lying smh RUN IT!!

Run It!!!


smh cheating least he hasnt always been cheating on her..she been f***in around...kinda sux that they have a child together...poor baby.

run it!!


Maurice pulled out his laptop and went to his online bank account to see exactly what was being bought out in Mexico. He looked down the long list of things to see some of the things being bought were multiple dinner for 2's and a man's watch. The items listed that caught his eye were a honeymoon suite at a expensive hotel in mexico and 10 pieces of lingerie. He slammed his laptop shut and put his face in his hands.

"you okay?" he heard lauren ask as he looked up to see her leaning on the wall.
"yeah i'm fine" he said sitting back in his seat and looking <a href="">her</a> up and down.
"okay well mimi is sound asleep and i'm about to go to bed as well" she said turned around and beginning to walk up the stairs.
"wait" he said getting up and stopping her."it's only 9, hang out with me" he said leading her to the couch.

They sat down on the couch and maurice wrapped his arms around her shoulder as they watched TV.

"let me ask you something" Maurice said.
"what?" lauren asked.
"what was that dream about?" he asked kissing her bare shoulder.
"i'm sure you know already" she said.
"i want you to tell me" he said now kissing her neck."who was it about?" he asked.
"you" she said lowly as she began to breath heavily.
"what was I doing?" he asked sliding the strap of her shirt down her shoulder.
"me" she said looking down.

"is that what you want?" he asked."all you have to do is say the word" he added in.
"yes" she nodded slowly as she closed her eyes and bit on her bottom lip.

Maurice pulled her face to his and kissed all over her neck and lips.

"you want this?" he asked put her hand on his erection as she nodded her head."you your words" he whispered in her ear.
"yes...i want it" she told him.

He then picked her up off the couch and took her to her room closing the door behind them. Lauren sudden felt like the dream she hand was coming to life. The stripped each other until they were both left in nothing but their skin. Maurice laid her on the bed and positioned himself in between her legs. The moment he entered her entered her, her back arched and a spark flared between the two causing goosebumps to rise on both of their bodys.

"Oh..God!" she moaned as he went deeper inside her. She clawed at his back as he stoked deep inside her hitting her spot each and every time.

They rolled over so that Lauren was now on top. She held on to his chest as she rode him. She threw he head back as she began to grind and bounce on him.

"damn" maurice groaned as he gripped on her thighs. Her legs began to shack as quickly reached her Climax.

Maurice got back on top and stroked long and deep inside her until her reached his climax as well. Both of them laid next to each other catching their breath. Maurice wrapped his arms around lauren and kissed the back oh her neck as they drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Lauren woke up in her bed alone. She got out of bed feeling sore between her legs. She put on some clothes and walked down stairs to she Maurice on the phone. He smiled at her as she walked into the living room and she smiled back.

"i just wanted to make sure you weren't mad at me for missing or day, you know i love you right?" she asked.
"i was mad but i;m over it" he said only responding to one part of her statement. He stared at Lauren as she began to clean up the house."i hope aside from the business your having a good time" he added in.
"i am, i'm having a wonderful time surprisingly" he said.

He heard the faint sound of another mans voice on the other end of the phone and snapped him back to reality.

"who was that?" he asked.
"it was my boss, i'm sorry i have to go" she said as he heard her giggle before hanging up.

Maurice put his phone down and couldn't help but feel angry but he then looked up at Lauren realizing he couldn't be angry, he was doing the same thing.

run it... i so ready for ana to get caught....

That little sneaky b****.!!!
Maurice you need to go ahead and fuxk lauren already.!!!


Are you kidding me. That was only a dream damn Lauren lol. But s*** Maurice heard her in her sleep tho, moaning his name and ish. Embarassing lol. But I have a feeling if that phone hadnt ran, Maurice would have made her dream a reality. And I knew Ana's ass was cheating talking bout the case gone take longer and how you forget yalls anniversary. Maurice needs to expose that hoe for real. But I aint even gone stunt David if fine as hell damn. RUN IT!!!

Tht little trick!!! I knew she was creeping!!! Business trip my ass!!! At least she cheating with somebody thts fine though. I hope Maurice catch her sneaky ass. I don't want him and Lauren to get it in yet though. I feel like he should stay "faithful" while he's still with ana.... legally. Cause honestly, if he'll cheat in Ana with Lauren then he'll cheat on Lauren with another big booty hoe!!! Run it:)))

that low down cheating hussy! jus gon miss yo anniversary like that like its glad he knows abt the cards in mexico..ima need him to put two and two togetha..and that dream lauren had was uhhh too real lol..pretty embarrassing that he heard her in her sleep ..oh well its jus a matter of time before her dream happens in real life! especially since his trifling wife dnt give a damn..RUN IT!


Smh Ana hoe ass
Run it!!!!

Oh No She Didnt
Run It.....

wow ana like wtf really though cheating on a good man smh

run it

That cheating heffa! I can't wait till he find out the truth. Doesn't seem like he really that concerned about it tho cuz i would b investigating the hell outta her ass lol. They need to go on n f*** already! Lol

Run it!!

i wish the edit button was still here
the whole shower and oral sex scene was supposed to be italicized.


They ate dinner at the table in silence. Maurice sat across from Lauren and couldn't help but stare at her beauty. He analyzed every thing from her lips to her eyes and to the softness of her skin.

"may i help you with something?" Lauren asked with a smile.
"what?" he asked snapping out of his thoughts.
"you were staring at me" she told him.
"I'm sorry" he said."has anybody every told you that you have really nice skin?" he asked.
"no" she answered looked at her arms.
"you do" he said reaching over and rubbing her arm softly.
"thank you" she blushed.

They finished eating and Mimi went to the living room to watch TV as Maurice and Lauren stood in the kitchen.

"oh!" Lauren said out loud."i forgot to tell you the credit card company called something about transactions were made in Mexico from Ana's account" Lauren said.
"Mexico?" he asked.
"yeah, i figured since LA and Mexico were kinda close to each other.." she spoke.
"but all her business should be in LA why would she be Mexico?" he asked as he stood up and walked to the their house phone.

He pulled up the company number and called them to find out what was going on. He was on the phone for about 30 minutes getting all the transactions. When he finally hung up his facial expression was different.

"what happened?" Lauren asked.
"nothing, i just had to clear up a few things" he lied. In his head he knew ether some one stole the card or his wife was be unfaithful to him.
"is everything okay?" she asked.
"yeah everything's cool" he said.

Lather that night Lauren washed Mimi up, put on her PJ's and put her in her bed to go to sleep. She closed the door behind her as she walked out and went into the bathroom to wash herself up.

<em>When she finished cleaning herself she turned off the water and stuck her hand out the shower to get her towel that was hanging up next to the shower but it wasn't there.

"looking for something" she head Maurice voice and she gasped out loud.
"oh my god! what are you doing in here?" she asked from behind the curtain.
"it's not my fault your the one who left the door wide open" he said a small laughing as she looked down and started smiling."i know you have a smile on your face right now" he said.

"how do you know that?" she asked.
"i know YOU" he said as leaned up against the wall.
"okay can you just give me my towel?" she asked laughing as she popped her head out the shower curtain.
"come out and get it" he said holding it in his hand.
"are you crazy?!" she asked laughing.
"i might be" he said with a smile.
"come on! it's cold" she said begging.

"alright we wouldn't want you to catch a cold now we would" he said throwing the towel over the curtain. Lauren grabbed in and wrapped it around her before pushing the curtain open and stepping out.

"you have issues" Lauren said mushing Maurice and tried to walk pass him but he pulled her back into the bathroom.
"i have what?" he asked holding her close to his body.
"issues" she said again with her lips inches away from his.

He turned around and put her back up against the wall and lifted her up, holding onto her thighs. Lauren bit on her bottom lips as Maurice kissed and sucked on her neck. His hands sliding up her towel until he reach her bare ass and squeezed it softly.

"wait...stop!" Lauren said as moved him away stood back on the floor.
"we shouldn't do this" she said breathing heavy."you're married" she added in.
"you don't have to do anything" he spoke."just like me taste you" he whispered in her heard causing a chill to run up her spine and giving her goosebumps.

Intoxicated by his seduction their lips met again and he picked her up, wrapping her legs around him and taking her to her room. He walked into her room and kicked the door closed. He laid her on her bed and hovered over her as she kissed her passionately. He began to move to her neck and slowly moved her towel from covering her body. He kissed down her chest and her stomach until her got to her center. He opened her legs kissing her other set of lips and looked up at her for permission to continue.

"please" she moaned heavily.

He then parted her lips with his tongue and began to lick her pearl like his life depended on it.</em>

Lauren woke up the next morning thinking about the dream she just had about Maurice. She kicked the covers off of her and went to the bathroom the brush her teeth and wash her face. When she finished washing her face she looked up into the mirror and saw Maurice behind her. She jumped and turned around to look at him.

"you scared the hell out of me" she said as he had a smile on his face.
"what?" she asked.
"do you know you talk in your sleep?" he asked as her eyes opened wide.
"were you watching me while i was asleep or something?" she asked embarrassed.
"no, you moan really loud" he said laughing.
"it's not funny" she said turning around to face the mirror.

"actually it kinda is" he said as he walked up to her. He pushed her hair to the side and started to kiss her neck. A few moments later is phone started to ring. He sighed as he walked out the bathroom.

He grabbed his phone to see it was ana so he picked it up.

"hello?" she answered.
"this case is going to take longer then i thought, I'm going to have to stay here until we win this thing" Ana said.
"what? what about our anniversary?" he asked.
"oh baby i forgot!" she said."we can celebrate some other time, i promise" she said.
"you forgot?" he said with a small laughed."you never forget about our anniversary" he said.
"...with everything thats going on it slipped my mind...babe i gotta go.." she said and hung up.


"husband?" <a href="">David</a> asked pulling ana on his lap as she walked towards him.
"yeah but everything is covered" she said.
"good cause i'm ready for round 3" he said throwing her on the bed as she giggled.

it was getting to good, well good luck on your essay

R U N R U N R U N I T ! ! ! !

I hope Maurice find out Ana it's cheating before him and Lauren get'll make it so much sweeter.

Run it!

Hays it sure is!! RunIt!!!