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Coming Soon To Fan Fiction....

(don't judge me its my 1st time trying this so yeah)

<a href="">Banner 1</a>

<a href="">Banner 2</a>

which one was better =/ ?!?


Well obviously the second one is way better Lex.

Maybe another color than purple. It looks off with that type of red.


@SuperSoaker_Lexi i sunt the message

I like the second one

I like the second one.

i like the second one two lol

might do one when me and trey have our baby
at which i have no name for it

ok message me wat u want
& i'll try

I like the second one because it has more graphic to it. But if you use it...

a.) use a different picture of chris if he is gonna be on top like that cause it's like... what is he looking at lol

b.) put him and her on top.. or maybe top corner. so it's like he's looking at her. and babe girl just at the bottom all lonely.

but either than that. i really like it. lol i want one