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Christopher 2.0 (Deja Vu)

This will probably be only three adds. Who knows, maybe even shorter.

"Ma! We're home!" <a href="">I</a> heard <a href="">Kingston</a> yell throughout the house, with voices along with him. "I'm in the kitchen!" I said while preparing our dinner for later that afternoon. He walked in with <a href="">King</a> and <a href="">Levi</a>, and smiled. Waltzing over to where I stood, he kissed the top of my forehead, greeting me the way he normally did. "What're we having for dinner?" He questioned, towering over me just like Chris. There was no doubt, Kingston, was Chris' son. At the age of seventeen, they were the same height, looked almost identical, and acted the same way. Sometimes it scared me how much they were alike. "Well, tonight i'm cooking Puerto Rican food, so we're having Chicken Agrodulce with some white rice, some steamed veggies, pasta, and of course dessert." He smiled and licked his lips while rubbing his stomach. "That's what's up, sounds delicious ma." I smiled, see he was exactly like him. "Are you boys planning on staying for dinner?" I asked King Cairo and Levi. "Would love to Mrs. Danyell, but I have a <em>'mandatory'</em> dinner with my parents." Levi said putting quotes around mandatory, I chuckled and shook my head. "Matter of fact, I have to leave so I can be on time to dinner." He said standing up from his seat. He dapped up King and Kingston, then waved bye to me. "Tell Kay and Drake I said hello." He nodded and made his way out the kitchen. "And you King?" He smiled, "aunt Dany, of course i'm staying for dinner. You know my dad doesn't care, my mom does, but she's not here right now, so she don't matter" He said peeling an orange, I chuckled. "Alright then, i'll be sure to set another plate on the table."

While I was cooking the boys were just chatting it up. "So aunt D, has Kingston told you?" I looked over at Kingston who was giving Cairo the side eye. "Told me what?" "Oh, you haven't told her, my bad. I'll tell her since I already opened my mouth." Cairo looked over at me. "Kingston here, is in a dilemma, he's in love with two girls at the same time and he doesn't know what to do." I looked up towards the sky and sighed. This was deja vu all over again, just instead of Chris being in his confused triangle of love, it was our son. "And these two girls are?" I questioned hoping they weren't who I though they were. "My sister and Chaos." Cairo said finishing off his orange. I sighed, there really wasn't much I could do for him, especially in a situation like this. "Well, the only real advice I can give you is, with something like this, your father is the best person to talk to." He nodded, "thanks mom." I nodded and smiled. "C'mon dumbass, let's go play that new video game I got." King shrugged and followed behind Kingston. I rubbed ny temples and began on the strawberry cheesecake I was making for dessert.

I was concentrated on mixing the custard of the cheesecake that I didn't here anyone walk into the kitchen, until I felt those strong arms wrap around my waist. I looked down to see tattooed arms along with his wedding band sitting on his finger on his left hand. "What is my gorgeous, wonderful wife making?" He asked kissing the back of my neck and then laying his face in the crook of my neck. "Strawberry cheesecake, just how you like it." He smiled and dipped his finger into the custard tasting it. "That right there babe, is delicious." I smiled as he released me and walked towards the refrigerator, searching for something. "What were you up to?" I asked still mixing as he opened the water. "Oh, Haven and I were down in the studio working on some beats." "He still down there?" <a href="'s+Bday+Party.+Suit-+Dolce+&+Gabbana.+Shoes-+YSL.+Watch-+Rolex..jpg">Chris</a> was about to open his mouth when <a href="">Haven's</a> voice cut him off. "I'm right here ma." He said walking past Chris and kissing me on my cheek. Chris reached for another water bottle and handed it to him as he took a seat on the bar stool.

"How was your studio time?" I asked Haven, "it was good, tomorrow i'm going over to uncle Ty's and we're going to do some stuff there." I nodded, here was another one of my son's that was just like Chris. It scared me how my two eldest were just like him. Scratch that, all three of my kids were like him. "Mom, can I ask you something?" <a href="">Safiyah's</a> voice rang through the kitchen. "What?" "Can I get my belly button pierced?" "Why?" I asked now putting the custard into the crust. "because, it'll look cute when I wear my crop tops, bandeaus, and bathing suits." She said a huge smile on her face. "Hell no!" Both Chris and Haven said at the same time. I chuckled, "but daddy why?" "Because, you won't be showing your body to anyone! You're only fifteen, stay focused on soccer. Not flaunting your body." He said taking a sip of his water. "but all my friends have them." Chris looked at me then our daughter. "How about some more piercing on your ears?" She stared at him blankly. "I never get to do anything!" She said storming out. "Damn right you don't!" Chris said, I chuckled.

"Why do you treat her like she's still a little girl?" Chris stared at me blankly. "because, she is a little girl, she's my little girl." "You can't treat the boys one way and Safiyah another way. If she wants a piercing, she should be able to get one." I said biting into a grape. Both Haven and Chris looked at me like I had two heads. "She doesn't need to be flaunting her body hun." Chris said. "Yeah, so don't encourage it mom." Haven mentioned. "This whole ganging up on us girls gets quite irritating. You know that?" Chris and Haven smiled. "Want us to get Kingston, so he can agree with us?" Chris said smirking. I rolled my eyes, "I never get to do anything!" I said mimicking Safiyah. The boys chuckled, "oh, we need to talk about the gift we're getting Kingston for his birthday." I said leaning against the counter. "What do you get a soon to be eighteen year old that already has everything?" He asked, I shrugged. "What did you get?" Haven questioned. "That blue lambo that's sitting out in the garage." Chris said, a smile on his face as he remembered when he got it. "There you go, we all know Kingston is just like you. Get him something you would get yourself." Haven said getting up from his seat and walking out the kitchen. Chris looked at me and pointed towards where Haven just walked out. "That right there is probably our smartest child." He said leaning over and pecking my lips.