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Catch Me

That fateful night keeps playing in Serenity’s mind. It was the night her whole life changed for the complete worse. She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her. From the outside looking in, Serenity had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect house, and perfect man; perfect everything. But on that cool fall night two months ago, everything became the exact opposite of perfect. Serenity looks at the empty spot next to her on the bed. She slowly turns over on her left side and gently rubs his side of the bed. Tears instantly fill her eyes when she thinks about him and she closes her eyes shut and wraps her arms around herself as she starts crying hard.

“Darius….how could you leave me like this? You promised me you would never leave me. You said we would be together forever…..and now you’re gone. You’re gone. I can’t live without you. I love you so much and I need you. Especially now….I wish you were here. I wish you would come back to me….I just….I never wanted to imagine my life without you….but….the truth is….you’re gone. And….I just can’t accept it yet,” Serenity said as tears continuously streamed down her cheeks. Serenity suddenly feels this warm presence take over her and she can’t help but smile. Whenever Serenity gets this feeling, she is almost certain that it’s Darius’ spirit. She wishes she could see him one last time, hug him, kiss him, and make love to him just once more. Serenity suddenly feels a distinct kick against the right side of stomach. She looks down at her protruding stomach and smiles. She places both of her hands on her stomach and rubs it gently.

“Do you feel daddy’s presence too DJ?,” Serenity said softly to her stomach. Serenity is seven months pregnant and her son, Darius Junior, DJ for short, is the only reason she feels she can even keep living at this point. Her son will forever be a reminder of her husband Darius, and she is so thankful that a part of Darius will live. Serenity rubs her stomach for a few minutes and then she turns her head to look at the dresser. She notices a picture of her and Darius and she just sighs and looks at the ceiling and thinks. At age 25, Serenity never thought she would be at this point in her life. She’s hurt, angry, sad and confused all at the same time. Darius was truly her only family and now that he is gone, it feels like her heart has been ripped out of her chest and she feels completely alone. How can Serenity keep everything together, when she only wants to fall apart?


So a few days pass and Serenity is not doing well. They have not found DJ yet and Serenity is slowly losing her mind. She can’t eat or sleep and Terrence and Anisa are very worried about her. She hasn’t gone back to work either. Serenity either lies in the bed and cries all day, or stares at pictures of DJ for hours. Serenity can’t even begin to describe the pain she feels right now. Her heart and body literally ache because she misses DJ so much. She just wants him back. When she gets him back she never wants to let him out of her sight ever again. Well it’s Friday afternoon and Terrence and Anisa are just now getting home from school and work. Terrence and Anisa take off their shoes and jacket and Anisa sets her backpack in the kitchen.

“Daddy can I go check on Serenity?,” Anisa said.

“Yes baby girl go ahead....I’ll be up shortly,” Terrence said. Anisa smiles and runs up the stairs to Serenity’s room. She knocks on the door and hears Serenity say “come in.” Anisa opens the door and sees Serenity lying down on the bed. Serenity smiles a bit and sits up in the bed and Anisa walks over to the bed and climbs in the bed and hugs Serenity tight.

“Hi baby girl, how was school today?,” Serenity asked.

“It was great....are you ok today?,” Anisa asked.

“....I’m ok I guess.”

“I know you miss DJ. I do too.”

“I know you do sweetheart.” Anisa pulls out of the embrace and rubs Serenity’s left cheek and Serenity can’t help but smile.

“You know.....daddy can really help you find DJ....if you need him to fight anyone he can do it,” Anisa said.

“Huh? What are you talking about?,” Serenity asked.

“Well.....daddy doesn’t like me to talk about it.....but when mommy was on drugs, bad people use to come to our apartment all the time asking for money.....and well one night, they broke in and tried to take me. There was two men and daddy fought them both.....they were in the hospital for a while. Daddy hurt them bad....but he protected me and fought for me....he would do the same for you and DJ.”

“.....Wow are you serious Anisa?”

“Yes.....daddy isn’t proud of it though but he can help if he needs to.”

“That’s good to know baby girl.” Serenity pulls Anisa into another embrace and rubs the top of her head. A few minutes later, Terrence comes into the bedroom with a bowl in his hand.

“Hey Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Hi baby,” Serenity said.

“Anisa baby girl I made you a snack. It’s in the kitchen.”

“Ok daddy,” Anisa said. Anisa kisses Serenity’s forehead and then gets off the bed and walks downstairs. Terrence smiles and sits next to Serenity on the bed and leans in and pecks her lips gently.

“How you doing babe?,” Terrence asked.

“I’m ok I was work?,” Serenity asked.

“It was ok.....I heated you up some leftover chili. Have you eaten today?” Serenity shakes her head and Terrence hands her the bowl. Serenity smiles a bit and takes a few bites then looks at Terrence.

“Terrence....can I talk to about something?,” Serenity asked.

“Sure baby anything,” Terrence said.

“Well.....Anisa told me something....she said when your wife Sonia was on drugs, bad people came to your old apartment....and one time they tried to take Anisa....and she said you fought them off pretty well....even out them in the hospital.” Terrence sighs a bit and rubs the top of his head.

“Yeah.....Sonia owed some guys money and they were going to take Anisa as way would I ever let them take my baby girl. These men were both bigger than me but something came over me....and I just fought them....I could not let them take Anisa...if they were going to take her they would have had to kill me.....I’m not proud of that though Serenity...I’m not a violent person and I don’t want you to think I am because I’m not. I promise I’m not.”

“I know that Terrence I believe you....and I am not going to look at you any different....I admire what you did. I know how much you love that little girl and I know you would fight for her.”

“Yes I would do anything for her....same goes for you and DJ.”

“You mean it?”

“Of course I mean two are my family now and I mean that.....I love you both.” Serenity just looks at Terrence in shock; did he say love?

“,” Serenity whispered in shock. Terrence just looks at Serenity; he didn’t mean for it to slip. He loves Serenity but he wanted to wait a bit before he told her because he doesn’t want her to push her away.

“Uh....I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that,” Terrence said while shaking his head.

“.....Did you mean it?,” Serenity asked.

“Yes I did.....I’ll get you some water.” Terrence quickly leaves the room and Serenity smiles a bit. It feels good to hear Terrence says he loves her, but unfortunately Serenity is not ready to say it back. Serenity sighs a bit as her smile dies down and she continues eating. Terrence comes back a few minutes later with a glass of water. He sits next to Serenity and hands her the water. Serenity smiles and takes a sip and then pecks Terrence’s lips.

“...Thank you for taking such good care of me Terrence...I really appreciate it,” Serenity said.

“It’s no problem....I know this is beyond hard for’s not right to have your son DJ taking from you,” Terrence said. Just then Serenity’s cell phone starts ringing. She looks at her phone and sees it’s an unknown number and name. She quickly picks up her phone and put it to her ear.

“Hello?,” Serenity said quickly.

“....You are never going to find your give up.....or else, you Terrence and Anisa will pay for it,” a disguised voice said. The call ends abruptly and Serenity drops the phone in shock.

“Baby what is it?,” Terrence asked worried.

“ was a threat....telling me to stop looking for DJ....or else we will all pay for it,” Serenity said with fear in her voice. Terrence takes the bowl from Serenity’s hands and sets is aside and then wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. He gently rubs Serenity’s back as she cries.

“I know you’re scared and worried but we are going to get DJ back. I promise you we will,” Terrence said.

“I can’t take it whole body aches I miss him so much....I’m so hurt,” Serenity said.

“I know you are baby....but we are going to find DJ. They cannot hide forever.”

“I hope you’re right Terrence....I hope you’re right.”

Ashley and Andrew are nice people.
I hope they find DJ.

Omg he has a sister!!!! Ashley is just gorgeous!! I'm so glad she contacted Serenity. Shee really needed to know she had more people on her side. I'm really glad they can get to know one another and Andrew can help find DJ. I know they will find him soon. Aww they have a nice lil family. Run it!!

Also ladies I MIGHT be starting a new story lol smh. I just have an idea so we will see.....

Terrence wakes up the next morning, Tuesday at around 6 am. He looks next to him and doesn’t see Serenity. Serenity slept with Terrence last night because she said she couldn’t stand to be in her room, which is where most of DJ’s things are. Terrence doubts Serenity slept a wink last night though. She couldn’t stop crying and even if she was calm, Terrence is sure she didn’t close her eyes to sleep. He sits up in the bed and yawns while stretching. As he gets out of the bed, the door opens and he sees Anisa. She looks at him and frowns a bit.

“What’s wrong baby girl?,” Terrence asked.

“Daddy I couldn’t sleep.....I was too worried about DJ and Serenity....can I skip school today?,” Anisa asked tiredly.

“Yeah baby girl. I didn’t sleep much either so I won’t be going to work....let’s go find Serenity and check on her.” Anisa nods her head and Terrence walks over to her and grabs her hand and they walk downstairs together. They look around and find Serenity in the kitchen, scrubbing the kitchen floor on her hands and knees.

“Serenity, baby what are you doing?,” Terrence asked.

“Cleaning,” Serenity said.

“Look at me.” Serenity puts down the sponge in her hand and looks up at Terrence and her eyes are so red and puffy, they hardly look open.

“Baby, you don’t have to do this. I will take care of everything. You just need to relax,” Terrence said.

“I can’t.....if I don’t keep busy, I am going to lose my mind Terrence,” Serenity said.

“....Did you even sleep?” Serenity just shakes her head and continues scrubbing the floor.

“How long have you been cleaning?,” Terrence asked.

“Since 3 in the morning,” Serenity said.

“I’m going to fix breakfast. I know you have to be hungry.”

“I’m not hungry Terrence.”

“I want you to eat something babe.”

“Terrence I am not hungry. I have no appetite. Just fix you and Anisa something.”

“’re not ok,” Anisa said. Serenity sighs and she looks at Anisa. Serenity’s lip trembles and she puts her head down and starts crying so hard. Anisa just frowns and kneels next to Serenity and hugs her tightly. Terrence sighs and then kneels down and hugs Serenity and Anisa tightly.

“....I miss my baby boy,” Serenity said through tears.

“I know you do baby. I know,” Terrence said. Serenity pulls out of the embrace and looks Terrence in his eyes and Terrence looks back.

“What am I supposed to do without DJ? He was the only reason I am still here.....if I didn’t have DJ after Darius died, I would be dead by now too,” Serenity said while crying.

“Hey don’t talk like that. Don’t you dare talk like that Serenity. You hear me? Don’t you ever talk like that again,” Terrence said sternly as tears built up in his eyes.

“....I’m sorry,” Serenity said softly.

“We care about you. Me and Anisa care about you very much just remember that Serenity. You are here for a reason.”

“I know baby.” Serenity hugs Terrence tight and cries a bit on his chest.

“I just want my baby back.....I just hope he’s ok. I hope he’s safe....April and Daniel don’t know anything about raising kids....Darius told me that their maids always took care of him. I doubt either of them can change a diaper.....I just hope he is getting the care he needs,” Serenity said.

“I hope so too come on I want you to rest. I don’t want you doing all this cleaning right now on no sleep, you are going to wear yourself and Anisa aren’t going to work or school today, so we will take care of some things ok?,” Terrence said.

“Ok.....once you fix Anisa and you breakfast, can you please come lay with me? I’ll be in your bedroom.”

“Of course baby.” Serenity gives a faint smile and Terrence kisses her cheek and then Anisa kisses her cheek. Anisa moves to Terrence and Serenity slowly stands up and wipes her face and walks upstairs. Anisa and Terrence stand up from the floor and Anisa looks up at Terrence frowning. Terrence sighs a bit and picks Anisa up and kisses her cheek.

“Daddy I don’t like Serenity like’s making me sad. And I miss my brother DJ. I missed waking up and seeing him this morning. It’s not fair that those mean people took’s not right daddy, it’s just not right,” Anisa said while trying to hold back tears. Terrence just rests Anisa’s head on his chest and rubs her back. She has never called DJ her brother until now, so Terrence knows that Anisa loves DJ more than he originally thought.

“We are going to get DJ back home I promise....I don’t know how long it will take, but DJ will be coming home...let’s get you some breakfast,” Terrence said softly. Anisa nods her head slowly and then Terrence makes breakfast. He makes oatmeal and rinses off grapes. Terrence and Anisa eat and then Terrence takes Anisa to her room and lies her down in the bed. He tucks her in and kisses her forehead.

“Baby girl try and get some sleep,” Terrence said. Anisa nods her head and turns on her side and closes her eyes. Terrence rubs her back until he knows she is asleep. He kisses her forehead and leaves her bedroom closing the door behind him. Terrence then goes back downstairs to the kitchen and heats oatmeal for Serenity. He puts milk, sugar and blueberries in it, just how she likes it. He fixes a glass of orange juice and sets the breakfast on a small tray. He walks upstairs to his bedroom and opens the door and sees Serenity lying down in the bed on her side facing the door looking through pictures, while crying. Terrence walks over to the bed and sets the tray down and looks at the pictures and sees Serenity is looking at pictures of DJ. Serenity takes so many pictures of her baby boy because she wants the memories she says. Terrence, Anisa and Serenity are all in some of the pictures as well.

“Baby I made you some breakfast. Sit up and eat,” Terrence said.

“I...I’m not hungry,” Serenity said through tears.

“Serenity you need to eat....please. Sit up.” Serenity just shakes her head and Terrence gently rubs her arm. He takes a spoonful of oatmeal and puts it to Serenity’s lips.

“Baby open your mouth, you need to eat something,” Terrence said. Serenity looks at Terrence with glassy, red eyes and Terrence smiles a bit. Serenity opens her mouth and Terrence puts the spoon in Serenity’s mouth and Serenity chews then swallows.

“....It’s good thanks,” Serenity said softly.

“No problem baby. Sit up so you can eat,” Terrence said. Serenity nods her head and she puts the pictures on the dresser and sits up in the bed and Terrence pushes the tray towards her. Serenity says her blessing then starts eating.

“That’s my girl,” Terrence said. Terrence sits next to Serenity and slips an arm around her waist and they talk a bit while Serenity eats her breakfast. Once Serenity is done eating, Terrence takes her tray and takes it downstairs to the kitchen and puts the dishes in the dishwasher and then goes back up to his bedroom. He gets under the covers next to Serenity and lies down and pulls Serenity to lie down next to him. Serenity cuddles close to him and wraps her arms around him and holds him tight. Terrence leans down and kisses her forehead and he instantly feels his beater become wet with Serenity’s tears. He looks down at her and sees her balling hard against his chest. It is killing Terrence to see Serenity like this. It hurts him so deeply. He loves this woman and to see her so hurt, hurts him. Terrence has not told Serenity that he loves her, but he wants to so bad to help ease her pain. He just isn’t sure of now is the right time, and it’s kind of soon and he is sure Serenity will push him away if he says it. He just wishes he could ease Serenity’s pain but he knows he can’t. Serenity’s son has been taken from her and he can’t even imagine how that feels. If he ever lost Anisa, he would lose his mind and break down for sure.

“Baby, what can I do? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Tell me,” Terrence asked.

“....Don’t leave me,” Serenity whispered. Hearing Serenity say that broke Terrence’s heart. Serenity is so hurt and Terrence can really see and feel that. Terrence kisses her forehead and wraps his arms around her tightly and holds her close to him.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Terrence whispered. Terrence holds Serenity for hours. He wants her to sleep, and Serenity tries, but she just can’t. She just cries. It is killing Terrence inside to see Serenity like this and all he wants to do is change it. At around 12 pm, he hears the doorbell ringing followed by a knock on the door. He looks down at Serenity and Serenity looks up at him.

“I’ll get it babe. You just relax,” Terrence said. Serenity nods her head and Terrence kisses her forehead and then slips out from under her, gets out of the bed and walks downstairs to the door. Terrence looks through the peephole and sees <a href="">this woman and this man</a> . He opens the door and they both smile a bit at him.

“ this the residence of Serenity Davis?,” the woman asked nicely.

“Yes it is....I’m Terrence Smith her boyfriend. How can I help you?,” Terrence asked nicely.

“ name is Ashley....Ashley Davis....I’m Darius’ older sister and this is my boyfriend Andrew,” the woman said. Terrence just looks in shock; Serenity never mentioned Darius having a sister.

“We heard about DJ....can we please come in?,” Ashley said.

“Of course,” Terrence said. Terrence moves to the side and Ashley and Andrew walk in and Terrence leads them to the living room and they sit down.

“Um, I’ll go get Serenity......she isn’t doing very well, but I think she will want to talk to you,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence,” Ashley said. Terrence walks up to his bedroom and looks at Serenity.

“Baby we have visitors downstairs.....Ashley Davis and her boyfriend.....Ashley says she is Darius’ older sister,” Terrence said. Serenity makes a face of confusion and sits up in the bed.

“What?,” Serenity whispered.

“I know you’re shocked.....they want to talk to you,” Terrence said. Serenity is just so confused right now but she nods her head. Both she and Terrence put on t-shirts and sweatpants and they walk downstairs to the living room hand in hand. She looks at the two people sitting on her couch and the female smiles so big at her and stands up.

“Hi name’s Ashley. I’m Darius’ older you are really beautiful. My brother did good,” Ashley said while laughing a bit.

“I’m Andrew, Ashley’s’s really nice to meet you,” Andrew said. Serenity smiles a bit at them she holds out her hand. Ashley and Andrew both look at each other and they hug Serenity tight. Serenity was taken aback by this, but she hugged them back. After a quick embrace, Ashley and Andrew sit back down on the couch and then Serenity and Terrence sit on the couch across from them. Terrence rests his arm around Serenity’s waist and Serenity scoots close to him.

“....I know you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here. First off let me just say that I have had no type of relationship with my parents since I was 18 years parents.....they are....well they are very evil people. If you don’t do what they want, they will do whatever they can to get their way....growing up, me and Darius.....we were close. We were really close, we did everything together. Mom and dad....they didn’t really raise us, our maids did. The only reason they really wanted kids was to have someone to give their millions to.....but as I was growing up, I decided that I wanted to be a model. I wanted it so bad.....when I was around 16, I got these little gigs here and there and when I was 18 I got the opportunity of a lifetime in I moved out when I was 18, leaving Darius in the process. He was only 15 at the time, but he.....he was so angry with me....he couldn’t understand why I wanted to leave him, but I had to make him understand it wasn’t him I was was my parents. Of course they did not approve of me being a model and they called me a slut for doing so.....they always wanted me and Darius to have careers like lawyer, doctor, engineer, and things like that.....but none of that was for me. My passion was modeling and they just couldn’t understand that.....I left as soon as I could and told Darius I loved him but we didn’t keep in contact at all. Whenever I called the house, he would never come to the phone.....I loved Darius so much, he was my best friend growing up......and.....well about 8 months ago I started looking for him mom actually called me for the first time in years to tell me that Darius was killed.....and I broke down. I broke down for days....and well I was actually at the funeral and I wanted to say something to you so bad, but my parents didn’t want me to for some reason....but here I and Andrew actually moved here shortly after Darius’ funeral,” Ashley said. She had to stop talking because she started crying. Andrew held her close and wiped her tears. He whispers something in her ear and she nods her head and looks at Serenity and Terrence.

“I’m sorry.....but the reason I am here is because of DJ.....we saw his face and my parents’ face all over the broke my heart honestly. I do not want to have my parents raise that little boy.....they would ruin him....he’s so pure now and I want him to stay that Andrew here is an as soon as he saw DJ’s face and heard the story....he went to he isn’t on the force anymore, but he still has all of his connections. Baby will you explain everything to them?,” Ashley said.

“Yes as soon I heard about the news, I instantly looked up their credit card and bank accounts. It seems that all of their accounts have been closed and all of the money has been withdrawn. I am talking millions here. I looked for any transfers, but I couldn’t find I figured with their wealth, they probably have accounts in different countries. Now it’s going to take some time, but I am sure that if they an account anywhere in the world, I will be able to find it, even if it’s under a different’s a promise to you, to get you your son back,” Andrew said. Serenity just looks at him and her lip trembles as she starts to cry.

“I....I don’t know what to say....but thank you. Thank you so much. I can’t say thank you enough,” Serenity said through tears.

“You’re welcome,” Andrew said.

“Listen Serenity....DJ is my family....I have always wanted a closer relationship with my family and my parents...took that away from me. I just don’t want to miss out on DJ.....he is all that we all have left of Darius and I want to be involved in his life....but only if you will let me,” Ashley said.

“Of course....of course. I would love for DJ to get to know his aunt.....he really needs that,” Serenity said. Ashley and Andrew just smile and they stand up and Serenity stands up as well and she walks over to them and holds them tight.

“I can’t thank you two enough for coming to see me.....I wish Darius was here to see you,” Serenity said. Just then she feels a warm presence in her spirit and she smiles to herself.

“...I think he is already here huh?,” Ashley said. Serenity just looks at her in shock and Ashley smiles and Serenity is sure that Darius makes his presence known to Ashley too. Serenity hugs Ashley again and then her and Andrew leave. Once Serenity closes and locks the door, she looks at Terrence whom is standing right behind her. She wraps her arms around him and rests her head against his chest and Terrence wraps his arms around her and then kisses her forehead.

“Baby are you ok?,” Terrence asked.

“Yeah...I’m ok,” Serenity said softly.

“They seem like a great couple....Ashley is nothing like her mother or her father,” Terrence said.

“You’re so right.....they seemed very genuine....I just hope they can get DJ back....I miss him so much, it hurts.”

“I feel the same way baby.....but he is coming back....and our family will be complete again.” Serenity pulls out of the embrace and looks up at Terrence in a bit of shock.

“...Ou-our family?,” Serenity whispered.

“Yes Serenity....our family.”

*Takes Deep Breath*


That's profanity for 'those sons of b****es' you gon make me pull out Peggy Sue because it would've been 'WWIII' up in here. But on on a much calmer note the justice system will indeed serve up a punishment for Daniel and April and NO amount of money can ease or relax it. I got so mad at this update that I thought my eyes were gonna turn red

Run iT! <3

Here I was super excited cause Serenity and Terrence finally made it offical and then this happens. I cant belive April and Daniel stole the baby and left. WTH. Im so mad at the daycare tho, i know they had a form but come on now, nobodys ever taken DJ Serenity has no family and few friends, WTh. I wanna know who the b**** was that came and got DJ outta dahcare so I can beat her ass, then I want to know where Daniel and April are with DJ, please please let them find them soon rather then later. Serenitys a mess without that little boy hes her life dammit. RUN IT!!1

Glad Serenity and Terrence finally together
WTF is wrong with Darius parents
I think they are jealous that Serenity made him happy
These ni**as must be out of their mind
I hope DJ is safe
Daniel and April will get what they deserve

Glad Serenity and Terrence finally together
WTF is wrong with Darius parents
I think they are jealous that Serenity made him happy
These ni**as must be out of their mind
I hope DJ is safe
Daniel and April will get what they deserve

Those evil b****es!!!!!!! I can't believe they would take him like that!!! Who tf do they think they are?!! I would kill them if I ever saw them!! I hope Serenity gets her son DJ back. She needs him back.

Sorry major typo, should say house where the blue link is. Here is the link to the <a href="">house</a>

Three days pass and Serenity and Terrence are doing well. As soon as they told Anisa that they were together, that little girl screamed at the top of their lungs, and sang and danced in happiness. She was just so happy. Ever since, everyone has been happy. Serenity is doing really good and she really likes what she has with Terrence already. She cannot wait to see how their relationship will progress. Well it’s Monday afternoon and Serenity is wrapping up at work, and getting ready to pick up DJ from day care. She is putting on her jacket and she hears her cell phone ringing. She pulls her iPhone out of her purse and looks and sees it’s a text message from Terrence. She smiles and opens the text message and it reads: “Hey baby me and Anisa are going to the grocery store once I pick her up so we might be a little late. I’m making your favorite for dinner tonight. See you when I get home gorgeous ;)” Serenity just smiles at the text message; Terrence is so sweet. She sends him a quick text response and then looks at the time and sees it is 4:27. She packs up the rest of her things, says goodbye to her co-workers and then leaves to go pick up DJ. Once she gets to the day care center, she goes in and looks around for DJ, but she doesn’t see him. One of the female workers sees Serenity and comes up to her.

“Serenity....what brings you here? DJ has already been picked up,” the woman said. Serenity just feels her heart drop to the pit of her stomach

“What?! No there must be some mistake,” Serenity said shakily.

“No there is no mistake know we have to have signed permission slips if someone other than the parents picks up a child and the young woman who picked him up, had one signed by you. I can show you if you want,” the woman said. The woman leaves and Serenity cannot breath; it’s like the wind has been knocked out of her. A minute later, the woman comes back and shows Serenity the permission slip and Serenity just looks in shock because someone forged her signature perfectly. Serenity feels tears instantly fall down her cheeks.

“Serenity.....what’s wrong? Did you not sign this?,” the woman asked.

“No I didn’t....I can’t believe this,” Serenity said.

“Oh my god....I know you said not to ever let your parent in laws pick him up and neither of them did I assure you.” Serenity just shakes her head and sits down because she feels like she is going to pass out.

“I will call the police,” the woman said. The woman quickly runs to the phone and Serenity pulls out her phone and dials Terrence and he picks up after the second ring.

“Hey baby are you home?,” Terrence asked.

“Ter-Ter....Terrence.....that b***h and her husband took DJ,” Serenity said while stuttering.

“What?! Serenity what do you mean? What....what are you talking about?,” Terrence said in confusion.

“I...I came to get DJ from day care....and....he wasn’t here....they....they told me that he was picked up by someone else and someone forged my signature on the permission slip.....Terrence....they took my baby. They took my son,” Serenity said while shaking. Serenity drops the phone since she is shaking so hard and she screams at the top of her lungs. This cannot be happening. Serenity cannot believe this. The woman comes up to her and gently taps her shoulder.

“I called the police and reported a kidnapping....Serenity.....I am so sorry,” the woman said. Serenity just nods her head and gathers her things and stands up and leaves the day care. She gets in her car and takes a deep breath. She cannot stop crying, but she feels herself becoming very angry at the same time. She starts up the car and speeds off. Her phone kept ringing and she knows that Terrence is the one calling her. Serenity speeds every mile of the way to April and Daniel’s <a href=””<house</a>. As soon as she gets there, she quickly gets out of the car and goes up to the door. She rings the doorbell then bangs on the door.

“April! Daniel! Open the f**kin’ door!!!,” Serenity screamed. She tries to open the door but finds it’s locked. She remembers that Darius knew where they kept the spare key. She lifts up one of the plant pots and finds it. She quickly opens the door and she is shocked beyond measure when she sees the sight. The house is completely empty. Serenity walks around and sees every room on the first floor completely empty. Serenity is finding it very hard to breathe right now. She literally falls to the floor and breaks down. She cannot believe this is happening. Serenity is shaking so hard and she can hardly breathe.

“Oh god.....please.....this cannot be happening to me. Why me? Why me?,” Serenity sobbed. DJ was all Serenity had and now he is gone? Just like that? DJ was her son and he was just taken from her just like that. After a few minutes of tears, Serenity gets up from the floor and she looks around the house for any clues on where April and Daniel have taken DJ. Serenity finds nothing helpful unfortunately. She just sighs heavily and leaves the house without even closing the door behind her. She gets in her car and pulls out her phone and sees 7 missed calls all from Terrence. She sighs and texts him saying to meet her at the police station. Serenity starts up her car and speeds to the police station. Once she gets there, she quickly goes in and finds the first police officer and tells her the story. The police officer leads her to the missing person department and tells her to wait. 15 minutes later, Terrence and Anisa come into the missing person department and look around frantically for Serenity. When they see her, they rush over to her and Serenity stands up. Terrence instantly grabs Serenity’s waist and holds her tight and Anisa hugs her legs. Serenity instantly starts crying into Terrence’s chest and Terrence rubs her back while holding back tears himself.

“ I am so sorry. I’m so sorry you have to go through this....but we are going to get through this and we are going to find him. I promise you we will find him,” Terrence said softly. Serenity nods her head slowly and Terrence takes her to sit down and he sits next to her. Anisa climbs into Serenity’s lap and Anisa is crying.

“Serenity....I’m sorry they took your’s so sad....I miss him already,” Anisa said. Serenity nods her head and leans down and kisses Anisa’s cheek and Anisa rests her head against Serenity’s cheek. Terrence wraps an arm Serenity’s shoulder and Serenity rests her head on Terrence’s shoulder and cries.

“.....Do you think it was April and Daniel?,” Terrence asked.

“I....I know it was them....after I left the day care...I went to April and Daniel’s house and it was completely empty like they moved out....I just don’t understand why this is happening to me.....I haven’t been through enough?,” Serenity said while balling.

“Serenity don’t think like that.”

“That little boy.....he’s my everything. He is a part of me and I love him more than I love myself.”

“I know you do baby....just try and stay positive ok?” Serenity just closes her eyes and she just wishes this was all a nightmare that she could wake up from, but she knows it’s not. This is reality and Serenity has no clue how to handle this. She is angry, sad and hurt all at the same time. She just wants her son back. She cannot imagine one night without him. Serenity buries her head in Terrence’s chest and lets out a scream of frustration. Terrence sighs and looks up at the ceiling trying to hold back tears. This hurts him so deeply. Serenity is a beautiful woman whom has had a rough life and it seems like as fast as things go good for Serenity, they can just as easily go bad. Terrence knows Serenity deserves happiness, but for some reason, people keep taking that away from her and it isn’t right. Anisa is holding onto Serenity tight and crying because she is just so sad about all of this. She loves Serenity and DJ and she doesn’t like to see either of them hurt like this. She just hopes that DJ will be returned safely and soon. Terrence closes his eyes and says a prayer for DJ’s safe and quick return back to his family. He opens his eyes and wipes the few tears that fell and looks down at Serenity. He leans down and kisses her forehead then kisses Anisa’s cheek. He holds them both close to him as they all wait. 35 minutes later, an older white man calls them into his office. Serenity stands up with Anisa in her arms, Terrence stands up and then they both walk into the office hand in hand. They sit down across from the man sitting down at his desk.

“Ok Ms. Serenity Davis, I’m Detective Hall and I just want to ask you, who do you think would kidnap your son?,” Detective Hall asked.

“Well....I am positive it was my parent in laws, April and Daniel Davis. Before DJ, my son, was even born, April especially wanted custody of DJ because they felt I couldn’t provide for him like they could,” Serenity said shakily.

“....Is it true you are a widow miss? Your husband was their son correct?”

“Yes sir that is correct.”

“What is your relationship like with April and Daniel Davis?”

“Honestly it’s not good and it never has been.....they have always disliked me because they thought I was after their son Darius’ money. They always put me down because they felt I was not good enough for him. They are both very wealthy and their son had a very good paying job and they always thought he should have married someone of equal status.”

“Honestly, they always put Serenity down....I have been around when April and Serenity have talked and April is nothing but rude to Serenity. She says really hurtful things to Serenity....Daniel even offered Serenity any amount of money in trade for custody of DJ,” Terrence said.

“Really? Wow.....who are you sir?,” Detective Hall said.

“Oh I am Terrence, Serenity’s boyfriend and this is my daughter Anisa,” Terrence said.

“Ok thank you so much for the information.....Serenity we will try to do all we can. We did send a car out to April and Daniel’s house looking for any clues, but there was nothing and the house was completely moved out of.....we looked up numbers for both of them, but their phones have been turned you know any other family members that might now where they could be?,” Detective Hall asked.

“No....I have never met any of Darius’ family, just his what else can you do? What can me and Terrence do?,” Serenity asked.

“Honestly....not much. We will of course try to track any activity on their credit cards and back accounts but considering they are very wealthy....they probably have money stashed away in maybe multiple countries, so their financial actions could be untraceable.....we will try hard to find your son. We will put DJ’s face in the news along with April and Daniel’s photo as well. And we will look at the surveillance cameras at the day care to see who picked DJ up, since it wasn’t April or Daniel. Just know that we will do all we can to find your son......a child should not be away from his mother. I promise you we will get you son back to you safely.....but it is going to take some time. It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next week, but we will get your son back to you.” Serenity just looks at the detective and then looks down and starts balling so hard. Anisa cries too because she hates it when Serenity is sad. Anisa wraps her arms around Serenity and hugs her tight. Terrence just looks at his two women crying and that kills him, especially since he can’t do anything about the current situation. Terrence leans over and hugs Anisa and Serenity tight.

“It’s ok ya’’s ok. We are going to find DJ and everything is going to be fine. Just stay strong,” Terrence said softly to Serenity and Anisa.

“Ok Serenity....I am going to give you my number so you call me if you need anything.....please try to go home and get some rest,” Detective Hall said. Serenity slowly nods her head and Detective Hall hands her his card and Serenity takes it and puts it in her purse.

“...Thank you,” Serenity said softly. She stands up with Anisa in her arms and her and Terrence leave. Once Serenity hands gets to her car, she hands Anisa to him and looks up at him.

“I can’t even imagine how you are feeling right now Serenity....I can’t imagine what kind of thoughts you are having either....having your son taken away from awful. It’s got to be one of the worst feelings from the world....but I need you to know that we will get him back. We will both do whatever we can to do get DJ back....just stay strong....I’ll meet you at the house ok?,” Terrence said. Serenity just nods her head and Terrence hugs her then kisses her cheek. Serenity gets in the car and Terrence gets in his and they both drive home. Once they get there, they all go into the house and take off their shoes and jackets. Serenity looks around the house and she just sighs.

“Baby I can still cook dinner. I don’t have what I need to make your favorite, but I can come up with something,” Terrence offered.

“....I’m really not hungry babe....I’m just going to lie down,” Serenity said while looking down. Terrence just looks at her and grabs her waist and holds her tight and kisses her cheek multiple times.

“If you need anything, you let me know,” Terrence whispered. Serenity nods her head and pulls out of the embrace and looks at Anisa.

“Anisa, baby girl will you lay with me for a little bit? I really don’t want to be alone,” Serenity said. Anisa just smiles and nods her head and grabs Serenity’s hand and they walk upstairs. Terrence sighs and starts to fix dinner. Once it’s ready, he goes upstairs to Serenity’s bedroom and sees Anisa and Serenity lying across the bed, cuddled close and talking, but crying. Terrence goes over to the bed and sits next to them and hugs them both.

“Anisa baby girl, go get ready for dinner please,” Terrence said. Anisa nods her head and hugs Serenity tight and then kisses her cheek. Anisa gets out of the bed and leaves the room and Terrence looks at Serenity.

“ are you doing? Talk to me,” Terrence said.

“Terrence....I don’t....I’m just so hurt. And angry. How could they do this to me? How could they take my son away from me? My my world, my heart and soul and they just take him from me like he is theirs? I just....I can’t believe that someone can be so are they just going to take him? He’s mine Terrence! That boy is mine! What gives them the right? How can they hurt me so much? I just.....I don’t get what I did....why do I deserve all of this pain? What did I do that was so wrong? I already lost my husband and now my son is taken away from me? I just....I don’t get it. It’s not fair,” Serenity said while balling. Serenity screams at the top of her lungs as she cries and Terrence can’t help but cry himself. He pulls Serenity to sit up and pulls her into his arms as she cries so hard on his chest. Serenity wraps her arms around Terrence and holds him tight. Terrence gently rubs Serenity’s back in an effort to calm her down. He can feel Serenity shaking as she cries.

“Serenity baby please calm down.....I know you are sad, angry and hurt and so am I. I am mad as hell that April and Daniel took your son away from you. You are a d**n good mother to that little boy and I know you love him more than anything in this world. He deserves you to raise him not that evil April and Daniel. They would destroy that little boy. He would become just like them if they raised him. With you, he will be one of the sweetest and most genuine people walking this earth and that’s the truth....we are going to get DJ back.....I will do whatever I can and I mean that and I know you will too......we can and will bring that little boy home.....together.”

Awww Terrence is sooo great!! I'm glad He gave her a second chance. I'm glad Serenity apologized and stopped being scared!! She needs to open up her heart. Run it!!

So three weeks and two days pass and Serenity and Terrence are doing really good. They have become very close and Serenity finds her guard lowering every time she and Terrence are together. She really enjoys spending time with him. Serenity went back to work about two weeks ago and she received a very warm welcome back from all of her co-workers so she was thankful for that. Serenity has put DJ in daycare and the first week it was so hard, but she is starting to get accustomed to it. The day care that Terrence suggested has been really great. It’s not very big at all and Serenity likes that because she knows DJ is getting all of his needs taken care of this way. She has met the owner and all of the workers and they are all incredibly friendly and very good with kids. Serenity also did a background check on the day care and their record is clean. Serenity is so thankful that Terrence mentioned this day care for her. DJ is getting big so fast and Serenity loves her little boy more than anything. Well it’s Friday night, around 8 pm, and Terrence and Serenity are just going to spend the evening together. Anisa is over one of her friend’s house and she is spending the night. DJ is upstairs sleeping and Terrence and Serenity are lying down on the floor in the living room eating Chinese food they ordered. They are facing each other and they are really enjoying each other’s company. Terrence puts some of his food on his fork and puts it to Serenity’s lips. Serenity smiles and opens her mouth, but Terrence purposely feeds Serenity so it gets all over her lips. Serenity just laughs and slaps Terrence’s arm playfully and Terrence laughs and wipes her lips with a napkin.

“You’re so goofy,” Serenity said.

“I know, but you like it,” Terrence said.

“Oh I do?”

“Yes you kiss me.” Serenity smiles and leans forward and pecks Terrence’s lips.

“Mmm that’s more like it,” Terrence said while licking his lips. Serenity just laughs and shakes her head. She looks at Terrence and he is just staring at her. Serenity looks down and puts a forkful of food in her mouth and then looks up at Terrence and he is still staring at her. Serenity chews her food and swallows and then wipes her lips.

“What is it? Why are you staring at me like that?,” Serenity asked.

“’s nothing,” Terrence said while looking down.

“Don’t lie to me....tell me.”

“.....I can’t. I shouldn’t.”

“Why not? Is it bad?”

“No it’s good....very good.”

“So tell me.”

“Serenity....I can’t. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Terrence just tell me.”

“....Can you promise me you will be rational about this?” Serenity just nods her head and Terrence takes a deep breath then looks Serenity in her eyes.

“Ok well.....I want us to take our relationship to the next level......I want to be with you Serenity.....officially you know? I want you to be with me, as my woman,” Terrence said. Serenity just looks at Terrence in shock. They stare at each other for what seems like forever until Serenity looks down.

“...You’re right,” Serenity said.

“I’m right? About us being together?,” Terrence said excitedly.

“No were right saying you shouldn’t tell me what was on your mind.” Terrence just looks at Serenity and she can tell he is hurt.

“....I’m sorry Terrence....I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Serenity said honestly.

“Too late for that said you would be rational but you just shut me down automatically,” Terrence said slightly aggravated.

“Terrence I am not ready for a relationship.”

“Why not?”

“I’m just not ok? Can you accept that?”

“....You told me to be patient with you and I have and you told me not to give up and I haven’t.....but what have you done? Nothing. You aren’t putting an effort like I am and that’s not fair and you know it.”

“....I don’t know what you want for me. You know what the deal was when we met. I just lost my husband and I am not ready to start dating.”

“.....You didn’t just lose him Serenity.....Darius has been gone for months and he is not coming back. Do you understand? He is not coming back Serenity.” Serenity just looks at Terrence and Terrence notices her bottom lip trembles as she starts to cry.

“....I’m sorry Serenity....that was out of line,” Terrence said.

“You think I don’t know Darius isn’t coming back? How can I not know that Terrence? I wake up every morning hoping he will be next to me but he isn’t. I wish every day for him to walk through the door, but he won’t and he never will. I know that Terrence ok? I know he is gone and never coming back.”

“...Ok Serenity....I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to get you upset.....I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Terrence.....I really like you. I do. I care about you so much....but I’m just not ready for a relationship. I’m not.....I’m not ready to start dating....I’m just not ready to give my heart away....I’m sorry.” Terrence just looks at Serenity and he knows he can’t convince her any different right now and he doesn’t even want to try. He looks down and sighs and then stands up from the floor with his food in his hands.

“I....I understand Serenity....I’m going to finish my food in my room....I just want to be alone now,” Terrence said. Before Serenity can say anything, Terrence walks upstairs to his bedroom. Serenity looks down at her food and sighs heavily. She hurt Terrence and she never wanted to do that. Suddenly, Darius appears in front of Serenity and his eyes are narrowed at her.

“....What?,” Serenity questioned.

“You are not doing what you are supposed to do Serenity and you know it......Terrence is a good man for you and he is yours do you hear me? He was sent for you, to love you,” Darius said.

“But...I’m not ready.”

“That’s a lie and you know it.....I know how you really feel about him and so do Serenity I can’t keep appearing to you like have to move on...and that’s with Terrence.” Darius disappears and Serenity just sighs to herself. She is just confused about this whole situation and she just needs to think to herself. Serenity finishes eating alone and then she goes upstairs to her bedroom and checks on DJ and he is fine. She carefully picks up DJ and kisses his cheek multiple times. She lies down in the bed on her back and rests DJ on her chest and rubs his back. He squirms a bit, but calms down instantly. Serenity kisses DJ’s head multiple times as she rubs his back. She looks over at the clock and sees it’s 9 pm. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. At around 12 pm, Serenity feels DJ squirming on her chest and she hears him babbling a bit. She sits up and kisses his forehead and gets out of bed and feels his bottom and he is wet. Serenity changes DJ’s diaper and then feeds him and then rocks him back to sleep. She lies him down in his basinet and then lies down in the bed. She tries to sleep, but she just can’t. She just has this feeling that she needs to talk to Terrence and she knows Darius is in her spirit telling her to do so. She looks at the clock and sees it’s 12:37 am. She is sure Terrence is sleep, but she needs to talk to him. She gets out of the bed and leaves her bedroom and goes to Terrence’s bedroom. She slowly opens the door and looks in and sees Terrence sleeping on his back. She walks in and closes the door behind her and walks over to the bed. She pulls back the covers and lies next to Terrence. She scoots closer to him and rests her head on his chest and wraps her arms around him. Terrence moves around a bit and when he sees Serenity lying next to him he wipes his eyes and looks down at her.

“Serenity? What’s going on?,” Terrence asked tiredly.

“Terrence.....I’m sorry....I lied....I....I do want to be with you. I really make me so happy Terrence. So happy.....I honestly want to be with you. Please give me another chance. Please. I promise I will do better....I will be so good to you I know I will,” Serenity said through tears.

“Oh Serenity,” Terrence said. Terrence wraps his arms around Serenity and holds her tight. He kisses her cheek multiple times and wipes her tears away.

“Terrence I care about you so are so patient and loving and are an amazing man and father and I don’t want to imagine my life without you,” Serenity said while crying hard.

“Serenity, baby don’t cry. It’s ok,” Terrence said in Serenity’s ear.

“Can you give me another chance? Please?,” Serenity asked.

“You don’t even have to ask beautiful.” Serenity just pulls out of the embrace and smiles through her tears and Terrence wipes Serenity’s tears and then grabs her face and then pecks her lips multiple times. Serenity rests her hands on top of Terrence’s and gives him a passionate kiss. Terrence slips his hands around Serenity’s waist and then slides on top of her. Serenity wraps her arms around Terrence’s neck as they kiss deeply. Terrence runs his hands up and down Serenity’s sides and Serenity moans slightly. After a minute passionate kiss, Terrence pulls out of the kiss and just stares Serenity in her eyes as he rests his forehead against her and Serenity looks Terrence in his.

“Serenity....I will take care of you. I will take such good care of you and me,” Terrence said.

“I know you will Terrence....and I do trust you,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and Serenity smiles back. Terrence kisses Serenity’s forehead multiple times and then gets off of Serenity and turns on his side to face her and Serenity turns on her side to face him. Terrence wraps an arm around Serenity’s waist tight and gently runs his hands through her hair.

“So it’s official now huh? You’re my woman?,” Terrence said through smiles.

“Yes Terrence it’s official.....and you are my man,” Serenity said while smiling. Terrence leans in and pecks Serenity’s lips then looks at her.

“....Serenity, baby I know you are scared. I know you may be concerned about how this may look especially to April and Daniel. Because I know if they find out about us, they are going to cause hell about it.....but their opinions about us do not matter to me and they shouldn’t matter to you...we are doing nothing wrong here. I promise you we aren’t......just trust and believe in us, me and you....and know that we do not have to rush anything. If you are uncomfortable with anything, just let me know. I will compromise for you.....I care about you an DJ so much and you two along with’re my family.....and I won’t hurt you,” Terrence said softly.

“...You’re so amazing,” Serenity said through tears.

“And you are emotional, stop crying gorgeous.” Serenity laughs a bit and wipes her tears then looks back at Terrence.

“You are just so gorgeous Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Thank you so much Terrence...and are so handsome. I love your smile and I love your freckles,” Serenity said while laughing a bit.

“You’re sweet thank you.” Terrence kisses Serenity’s nose then rests her head against his chest.

“.....I don’t want to be scared anymore Terrence....I’m sick of being scared or sad or unhappy all the time.....I just want to be happy. I want to be able to smile again because I’m happy.....I miss how all of that feels.”

“Serenity that is what I’m here for.....that is exactly why I am here.”

Come on Serenity boo, dont fight it. Let Terrence in, he's not gone hurt you, Stop trying to go back and forth. Aww Serenity waking up to Terrence singing and feeding to DJ was so sweet and hearing his confessions. He's falling bad. I like that Serenity refers to he and Anisa as family. Love them. It'll get there. RUN IT!!1

Omg I see Serenity and Terrence are getting closer!! I like that they are, but I can understand their apprehension. I hope Serenity doesn't shut T out too much. Its gonna take some time.

So it’s the next day and Serenity is having a hard time facing Terrence. Ever since last night, Serenity finds it hard to look Terrence in the eye. It’s 8 pm and Serenity decides she has to talk to him. She was lying in the bed with DJ while he sleeps, but now she has put him in his basinet and then kisses his cheek. She then goes to Terrence’s bedroom and knocks on the door. She hears Terrence say “come in” and she walks in and sees Terrence sitting on the bed in just his boxers, watching tv.

“ I’ll wait until you get dressed,” Serenity said while looking away.

“I am dressed.....come here,” Terrence said. Serenity turns to close the door and she mouths “d**n” to herself because Terrence looks so good. She closes the door and then turns around and walks to the bed and sits next to Terrence.

“Can we talk?,” Serenity asked.

“Yes of course....what’s on your mind?,” Terrence said.

“’s about what happened last night.”

“That was my fault Serenity and I’m sorry.....I got carried away and I apologize for that.”

“It’s wasn’t your entire fault I didn’t exactly stop you.”

“It’s just.....Serenity you turn me on so much.”

“.....You turn me on too Terrence,” Serenity said softly.

“Oh yeah? Well......did I get you wet last night?,” Terrence said softly. Serenity just looks at Terrence in shock; how does he read her so well?!?! Serenity just looks away embarrassed and Terrence smiles to himself.

“.....You can be honest with me,” Terrence said while wrapping his arms around Serenity’s waist. Having Terrence so close to her shirtless, is not going to help Serenity; he turns her on so much!

“Terrence......I don’t want to rush anything.....I am especially not ready to give my body away,” Serenity said honestly.

“I understand that.....Darius was the only man you have ever been with huh?,” Terrence asked.

“Yes he first and my only.”

“I respect that Serenity.....and I don’t want to rush anything with you....but I can’t help it if you turn me on so much.”

“...You turn me on too Terrence.... a lot.”

“.....Can I get a kiss?” Serenity looks at Terrence and nods her head slowly and she leans forward and quickly kisses Terrence’s lips then looks at him.

“That doesn’t count and you know it,” Terrence said jokingly. Serenity smiles a bit and she leans in and gives Terrence a more passionate kiss. Serenity tries to pull away after a minute, but Terrence grabs her face to stop her. He is in love with her lips. Serenity rests her hands on Terrence’s forearms as he works his tongue inside of her mouth. Serenity moans a bit as Terrence runs his hands to her hands. He grabs Serenity’s hands and moves them so they are wrapped around his waist. Serenity was shocked by this, but she uses this opportunity to gently rub her hands up and down Terrence’s sides. His skin feels really good to Serenity. Terrence takes Serenity’s hands and rests them on his chest. Serenity gently runs his hands up and down his chest and even his abs, and admires the way his muscles feel. Terrence grabs Serenity’s waist with one hand and pushes her to lie down with another. Terrence then positions himself on top of Serenity. He grabs her face and tilts it back so he can suck on her neck. Serenity closes her eyes and moans softly as Terrence does this. It has been so long since Serenity has had any sort of sexual experiences, and this feels so good to her, even though she hopes it doesn’t go much further. Serenity feels Terrence’s lips and tongue mark territory on her neck. After a minute or so, Terrence stops what he is doing and he looks at Serenity. Serenity opens her eyes and looks at him.

“God you are so beautiful,” Terrence whispered.

“Thank you Terrence,” Serenity whispered back.

“.....I don’t want to rush this but you make me want to.”


“I don’t know......I’m just really falling for you Serenity and I know it hasn’t been long at all and that scares me.....does it scare you?” Serenity just nods her head and Terrence smiles a bit and rubs her cheek.

“I would never want to force you into anything you don’t want to do if I ever take it too far, please just tell me ok?,” Terrence said.

“Ok,” Serenity said.

“.....You want to lay with me for a bit? I promise I won’t try anything.”

“Sure.....just uh.....let me check on DJ real quick. He was kind of fussy before I put him to sleep.”

“Ok no problem.” Terrence gets off of Serenity and Serenity gets up from the bed and rushes to her bedroom. She quickly walks to her dresser and quickly gets out a pair of panties.

“Lord this isn’t right......this man gets me so wet so quick!,” Serenity whispered to herself. She quickly changes her panties then goes to DJ’s basinet and he is sleeping peacefully. She leans down and kisses his cheek multiple times and then leaves the room. She checks on Anisa and she is fine as well. Serenity then goes back to Terrence’s bedroom and closes the door behind her. She walks over to the bed and Terrence pats the spot next to him. He pulls back the covers and Serenity smiles and lies down next to Terrence. Terrence pulls Serenity close and then kisses her forehead.

“So have you decided on day care for DJ?,” Terrence asked.

“No I haven’t......I really need to go back to work though.....I miss it. I miss having a routine. But I love my little boy and I don’t want to leave him with anyone,” Serenity said.

“I understand.....I felt the same way with Anisa....but I found this great daycare and if you want I can give you their number. I am real close with the owner and she was a real close friend of Sonia.”

“Oh really? That’s great I would like the number. Thank you.”

“No problem gorgeous.” Terrence kisses Serenity’s nose and then looks at her.

“....Are you comfortable with me Serenity?,” Terrence asked.

“....Yes I am. I am very comfortable with you and’’re like my family now,” Serenity said.


“Yes.....I like the both of you in my life.”

“And we like it too.....we feel like you are our family too and DJ....Anisa feels like a big sister to DJ, she told me.”


“Yes....she really loves him and she loves you too. She cares about you both so much.”

“Your daughter is such a sweetheart I love her too. You and Sonia did an amazing job with her. She has a heart of pure gold.”

“Thank you that means a lot.” Serenity smiles and then yawns loudly.

“You’re tired huh? Well get comfortable,” Terrence said. Serenity just looks at Terrence and then shakes her head.

“I should probably just head to bed,” Serenity said. Serenity starts to get out of the bed, but Terrence grabs her hand to stop her. Serenity turns to look at him and Terrence pulls her back to him.

“You’re already here.....just close your eyes,” Terrence said. Terrence rests Serenity’s head against his chest and he puts her arm around him. Terrence kisses Serenity’s forehead and gently strokes her cheek as he gently hums. Serenity smiles to herself and closes her eyes and drifts to sleep instantly. About three hours later, a little after 11 pm, Serenity wakes up from her sleep. She looks next to her and doesn’t see Terrence. She sits up in the bed and wipes her eyes and then gets out of bed. She walks down to her bedroom and looks in and sees the most beautiful sight. Terrence is facing away from the door and he has DJ resting against his chest. Terrence is gently bouncing up and down while singing and Serenity can see DJ’s face and he is drifting off to sleep. Serenity can’t help but smile to herself.

“DJ you alright now huh? I have to tell you a’s about your mommy.....well I really like her. I like her a lot.....I’m falling in love with her actually...but I am scared to tell her how I really feel because your mommy....she is still in mourning. She still really misses your daddy and I understand that. Your dad seemed like an amazing man and it’s sad that you didn’t get to meet him. He would have loved you so much and I know he does....and you will too thanks to your mommy....and DJ I love you too. And so does my daughter Anisa. You have lots of people that love you don’t ever forget that,” Terrence said softly. Terrence kisses DJ’s cheek multiple times and notices he is sleeping. He lies DJ down in his basinet and out of the corner of his eye he sees Serenity standing in the doorway. He smiles at her and Serenity just looks away. Terrence wraps DJ in his blanket and then looks at Serenity and walks over to her.

“He was crying, so I changed his diaper then fed him and put him back to sleep,” Terrence said.

“Thank you,” Serenity said.

“.....Did you hear what I said?” Serenity just nods her head while looking down.

“Guess it’s not a secret anymore huh?,” Terrence said while laughing a bit.

“I guess can’t feel the way you say,” Serenity said while looking up at Terrence.

“I know how I feel’s real.” Serenity just shakes her head and Terrence sees tears running down her cheeks.

“ are too beautiful to cry,” Terrence said. Terrence moves closer to Serenity and puts his hand up to wipe Serenity’s tears, but Serenity moves back and puts her hands up.

“Terrence don’t. Please don’t,” Serenity said.

“Serenity what’s wrong? What did I do?,” Terrence said.

“....I’m not ready for this at all....I’m’re falling in love? Terrence....I can’t handle that.”

“I can’t hide my feelings for you Serenity, I just can’t.”

“......I’m not over Darius yet Terrence, I’m not.”

“And I understand that and I’m not trying to rush anything, I promise I’m not.”

“Oh so you leaving a hickey on my neck isn’t rushing?,” Serenity said rudely. Terrence just looks at Serenity in shock; she has never lost her cool in front of him like this.

“I’m sorry about that....but I can’t help it if you turn me on, I can’t,” Terrence said.

“You’re maybe I just shouldn’t be near you then,” Serenity said.

“You don’t mean that.”

“Oh yeah and how do you know that?”

“Because you don’t share passionate kisses and moments with me the way you have and then just decide you don’t want to be around me.” Serenity just looks at Terrence and she sighs.

“Serenity....I am not going to keep doing this with you. You are either going to let me in or not. I’m here to heal your heart you and you know that. But if you don’t want that.....then you should tell me right now before my feelings get any stronger,” Terrence said boldly.

“.....I’m sorry,” Serenity said softly. Terrence smiles a bit and moves closer to Serenity and wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. Serenity wraps her arms around Terrence and rests her head on his chest.

“Terrence.....the last man I loved left me.....he’s gone,” Serenity said through tears.

“Serenity.....I understand that but don’t say he left you like he meant to.....if he had his way he would be here with DJ.....but this was God’s plan okay? The only thing you can do is move on....that’s what I want to help you with.”

“But I’m scared.”

“I know you are gorgeous....I know. And I am too trust me I am.”

“I don’t want to go through another lose heart couldn’t take it.”

“Oh Serenity you can’t live like that. You have to live life to the fullest.....that’s what Darius would want for you.”

“ patient with me. Don’t give up on me no matter what.”

“Don’t worry Serenity..... I won’t.”

Aww snap. Happy Birthday Nicole. Have a ball boo.

Happy Birthday luv! Enjoy your day!

Run iT! <3

Hey ladies, just letting you know that I won't be adding today since it's my birthday I need a break. Lol but thanks for all the love I love the support <3

Daniel has alotta f'n nerve. How dare he come to Serenity talking bout he pay her anything she wants for custody of her son, like she'll take it. Uh no sir, that's not who Serenity is, contrary to what you believe. Thats so disrespectful. Im glad she told him off and Im glad she let it be known there not welcomed around her child. Im glad Darius came to her and talked with her and I agree he needs to stop by and see his parents and get them in check.
Aww poor Anisa misses her mom, it was sweet that she ran into Serenitys arms for comfort and Serenity helped her. She's also good with DJ, almost like a big sister. She loves him like one anyway.
Seeing Terrence with DJ is sweet to very fatherly as well. Him bathing him and feeding him and taking care of him, he's awesome. Love him lots. He's an amazing man.

Oh my Serenity and Terrence were about to get it on, now Serenity know she has to wait 6 weeks before she can do stuff lol. But man was they going at it. I think it was Terrence's singing and closeness that got to her. WOW> She had to go change undies off the back of that makeout session. Yeah it's going down soon lol. RUN IT!!!

This story keep making me tear up
Anisa is a trip lol
Serenity and terrence are cute
Great story.

So three days pass and it’s Tuesday afternoon around 12 pm. Serenity is sitting on the couch while DJ sleeps peacefully in his baby chair on the couch. Serenity is watching tv, until she hears her doorbell ring. She kisses DJ’s cheek and then gets up from the couch and goes to the door and looks through the peephole and sees Daniel. She just rolls her eyes and sighs; what could he want? She opens the door and Daniel smiles at her.

“Hi Serenity,” Daniel said.

“What do you want Daniel?,” Serenity said bluntly.

“Now is that any way to talk to your father-in-law?”

“Last time I checked, you and April never claimed me as your daughter-in-law.”

“Listen can I come in? I would like to talk to you about something.”

“Fine.” Daniel walks in and Serenity closes the door behind him. Serenity leads Daniel to the living room and Daniel smiles when he sees DJ.

“Oh look at my grandson.....looks just like his daddy,” Daniel said.

“What do you have to talk to me about?,” Serenity said while crossing her arms.

“Please...have a seat.” Serenity sits down next to DJ and Daniel sits in a chair across from them.

“Well Serenity.....even though you may not know and April care a great deal for our grandson DJ....we really love him....and well, now that Darius is gone, he is all we have to carry our good name. We need DJ......since Darius is done, DJ is going to be our heir....and we would really like to bring him up the way a Davis should be brought up.....that’s with every great opportunity at their and April are willing to offer you whatever it is you we can raise DJ,” Daniel said. Serenity just looks at Daniel in utter shock; he cannot be serious.

“Excuse me? I....I don’t think I understand what you are saying,” Serenity said.

“You know what I am much money is it going to take for you to give me and April custody of DJ?,” Daniel said bluntly. Serenity feels her blood boiling at this point; how dare Daniel even ask this of Serenity.

“....How dare you Daniel. How dare you! What makes you think that I will sell my son to you and your evil wife? Huh?,” Serenity said while raising her voice.

“Serenity please cut the act.....we know you have always been after Darius’ money and now we are going to offer you any amount of money you want, just let us know the number,” Daniel said.

“I was never after Darius’ money for the hundredth time! I loved your son for who he was not how much money he made or how much money you and April have! I don’t care about that! I cared about your son! I loved him!,” Serenity said while yelling. Daniel laughs and Serenity closes her eyes and clenches her fists. She opens her eyes when she hears DJ crying, most likely because of her yelling. She sighs and unstraps DJ from his baby chair and puts him on her chest and gently rubs his back and kisses his cheek.

“I’m sorry DJ I didn’t mean to’s ok,” Serenity said. Serenity then looks at Daniel and narrows her eyes at him.

“Daniel....I don’t want or need you or April’s money. This little boy right here is mine. He is mine and I am going to take care of him. I can give him everything he needs without your help that’s a promise....I am so sick and tired of you and your wife making me feel like I am worthless because I’m not and guess what? Your son didn’t think I was worthless either. He really loved me that is why he married me and decided to have a child with me.....he knows who I really am and what my motives were, and you and April don’t. The only thing I wanted from your son was his love and in return I loved and April just don’t understand that and you may never will but I don’t care. Darius and God know my heart and that is all that matters......I don’t care what you do; you and April will NEVER get custody of MY SON DJ. That’s a can leave my house now,” Serenity said sternly. Daniel just sucks his teeth and stands up and looks at Serenity.

“Just think about what you are giving up,” Daniel said.

“I know what I am giving up and I would rather have my son than any amount of money,” Serenity said. Daniel just nods his head and walks towards the door and Serenity follows behind him. He leaves the house and Serenity slams and locks the door behind him. She walks over to the couch and sits down with DJ still in her arms. She leans down and kisses his forehead and looks next to her as Darius appears to her. He looks at her and she looks at him. Serenity can tell that Darius is not happy right now.

“I can’t believe you are his are nothing like him....or your actually have a heart,” Serenity said.

“You are so right about that.....I am ashamed they are my parents and I always have been.....I have been debating whether I should appear to them or not....but seeing what just happened, I know I have to...I need to talk some sense into them. I will not let them take DJ from you I promise.....but don’t you let them get to you Serenity. You are a d**n good mother and you were an excellent wife to me. You were the woman of my dreams and I will always love take good care of our son.....we sure did create a beautiful little one,” Darius said. Serenity smiles and nods her head and rubs DJ’s back.

“I miss you,” Serenity said.

“I know you do and I miss you.....but you’re not alone have our son, Terrence and Anisa. Terrence....I really like him for you. Don’t be scared of him or what he has to offer you....his feelings are genuine,” Darius said.

“Ok Darius....I understand.”

“It’s not too soon for you to be dating again and I want to see you happy.....and I want our son to have a father figure in his life. He deserves that......I love you gorgeous. I love you and our son so much.”

“I love you too much.” Darius smiles and kisses DJ’s forehead then Serenity’s forehead and then he disappears. Serenity smiles to herself and looks down at DJ and he is just looking up at her.

“Baby boy I’m sorry about your so called grandparents. They think they can take me away from you, but they never will. I promise I will not let them hurt you....I want you to know them because you are their blood, but baby boy I just can’t. They would damage you and I cannot let them do that....I just can’t. But DJ, just know that I will give you everything you could ever need and want, no matter what. You are my top priority and I love you so much,” Serenity said. Serenity kisses DJ’s forehead multiple times and then just smiles at him. Serenity rests DJ across her legs and gently rubs his stomach as he looks around.

“You’re so handsome baby look just like your daddy,” Serenity said. DJ kicks his legs and Serenity just smiles and leans down and kisses his cheek. Serenity rests with DJ until she feeds him at around 2 pm and then puts him back to sleep. She rests him in his baby chair and makes sure he is strapped in safely. At 4:30 pm, Terrence and Anisa come in the house. Terrence closes and locks the door behind them and they both take off their shoes and jacket. Serenity smiles when she sees Terrence and Anisa, but she frowns a bit when she sees Anisa crying.

“Pretty girl what’s the matter?,” Serenity said. Anisa just runs over to Serenity and climbs into her lap and buries her head in Serenity’s chest and cries. Serenity wraps her arms around Anisa tightly and rubs her back and kisses her cheek.

“Baby girl what’s the matter?,” Serenity asked. Anisa is crying too hard to even talk. Serenity looks at Terrence and Terrence walks over to the couch and sits next to Serenity and rubs Anisa’s back.

“.....It was Sonia’s birthday today....she would have been 26 and Anisa went to visit her was hard for Anisa,” Terrence said softly.

“Oh baby girl you miss your mommy huh?,” Serenity said. Anisa nods her head and Serenity kisses her forehead.

“Anisa it’s ok to miss your two were close....I know it’s not fair that she is gone....but it’s ok. She is always going to look down on you from heaven. She is your guardian angel....and it’s ok for you to cry if it makes you feel better...just know that your mommy wouldn’t want you to cry over her because she is not hurting where she is and she is happy, so she would want you to be happy. Do you understand?,” Serenity said. Anisa nods her head and she pulls out of the embrace and Serenity and Terrence wipe Anisa’s face of her tears.

“You ok now gorgeous?,” Serenity asked. Anisa nods her head while looking at Serenity.

“....I’m ok now....thanks,” Anisa said softly.

“Ok pretty girl, why don’t you go get a snack?,” Terrence said. Anisa nods her head and smiles a bit and hugs Terrence, then Serenity, then kisses DJ’s cheek and she gets out of Serenity’s lap and goes into the kitchen.

“....I hate seeing that little girl cry,” Terrence said.

“I do’s sad.....but she is strong...she may not know it yet, but she is....her mother has to be so proud of her,” Serenity said.

“I know she is and I am proud of her too.” Serenity smiles and hugs Terrence and then he kisses her cheek.

“How was your day?,” Terrence asked.

“ was okay until Daniel paid me a visit,” Serenity said.

“Oh really? What did he want?”

“.....He basically told me that him and April would give me a check for any amount of money, if I gave them custody of DJ,” Serenity said while shaking her head.

“What?! You can’t be serious,” Terrence said in shock.

“I wish I was joking, but I’m’s unbelievable. They think they can buy my son.....I just....I just can’t understand how they think they can buy me off.....they really have it in their mind that I am just this money hungry person, but I’m not....I rather live with my life with my little salary with my son, then have millions without my son.”

“I know just stay strong. Don’t let evil people like that get to you.....they aren’t even worth being in your thoughts.”

“You’re right....a part of me still wants April and Daniel to be a part of DJ’s life, but I just can’t.”

“They would ruin him Serenity.....he is pure and I know with you raising him, he will stay that way....but with April and Daniel....they would turn him against you and that wouldn’t be right.”

“I’re right....besides....DJ has all the family he needs right here,” Serenity said while rubbing Terrence’s left hand. Terrence smiles and he holds Serenity’s waist as he leans in and kisses her gently. Serenity moves closer to Tristan and wraps her arms around him as she deepens the kiss.

“Serenity and daddy sitting in a tree!! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!,” Anisa teased. Serenity and Terrence pull out of the kiss and look at Anisa and laugh.

“I’ll go upstairs daddy so you and Serenity can be naughty!!,” Anisa said while giggling.

“We aren’t being naughty, we were just kissing,” Terrence said.

“No you were being naughty.....I saw tongue, that’s naughty!!,” Anisa exclaimed. Terrence and Serenity just look at Anisa in shock and Anisa laughs while running up the stairs with a bowl of grapes in her hand. Serenity looks at Terrence and they both just laugh.

“That little girl is too grown,” Serenity said.

“I know,” Terrence said while shaking his head and laughing.

“.....Was it hard for you to visit Sonia’s grave today?”

“It always is.....I just try and stay strong for Anisa you know? She needs that.” Serenity just smiles and kisses Terrence’s cheek and then hugs him.

“...You want to cook dinner with me?,” Serenity asked sweetly.

“I would love to cook dinner with you beautiful,” Terrence said. Serenity just smiles and pecks Terrence’s lips and they both stand up from the couch.

“I’m going to get Anisa, so she can keep an eye on DJ,” Terrence said.

“Ok meet me in the kitchen,” Serenity said. Serenity goes into the kitchen and Terrence goes upstairs to Anisa’s room and sees her sitting on the bed eating her grapes.

“Hey pretty about you come downstairs to the living room? Me and Serenity are going to cook dinner so can you keep an eye on DJ for us?,” Terrence said.

“Of course I can daddy!,” Anisa exclaimed. Terrence smiles and picks Anisa up from the bed and walks downstairs with her and sets her on the couch in the living room with DJ. Anisa smiles at DJ and rubs his hand and kisses his cheek. Terrence kisses Anisa’s cheek and then goes in the kitchen with Serenity. He sees her taking food items out of the refrigerator and he just smiles. He walks over to her and helps her set the food items on the counter and Serenity smiles at him. Terrence grabs Serenity’s hand to turn her towards him and he wraps his arms around her waist and leans down and pecks her lip a few times.

“You really like to kiss,” Serenity said.

“I really like to kiss you Serenity....I think about your lips all the time. How soft they are, and how luscious they are,” Terrence said while gently rubbing Serenity’s bottom lip with his thumb. Serenity just looks up at him and into his eyes and he smiles at her.

“....I like to kiss you have these soft, beautiful pink lips,” Serenity whispered. Terrence raises an eyebrow and Serenity looks down embarrassed.

“Hey no need to be embarrassed...I don’t mind being complimented,” Terrence said while smirking.

“I bet you don’t,” Serenity said while laughing a bit. Terrence leans down and pecks Serenity’s lips again and then he lets go of her waist and Terrence gets out a few pans and he and Serenity start to cook. At around 5 pm, DJ wakes up from his sleep while crying. Anisa comes into the kitchen and looks at Serenity.

“Serenity DJ is crying,” Anisa said.

“He might be hungry.....let me heat a bottle for him,” Serenity said.

“Can I feed him? I want to learn,” Anisa said.

“Of course you can sweetheart,” Serenity said. Serenity heats up a bottle and then hands it to Anisa. Serenity and Terrence watch as Anisa goes over to the couch and sits next to DJ in his baby chair. She gently rubs his hand and then slowly slides the bottle in his mouth and DJ starts drinking his milk while looking at Anisa.

“You’re so cute DJ.....I love you so much,” Anisa said while smiling. Anisa feeds DJ the bottle until it’s empty and then she sets the bottle on the table. She wipes DJ’s mouth with his bib, kisses his cheek, and then rubs his stomach.

“You’re full now huh?,” Anisa said. Terrence and Serenity just smile at Anisa.

“Anisa baby girl you did good....DJ likes you,” Serenity said.

“Yay! I’m glad because I really love him!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“Dinner should be ready soon pretty girl,” Terrence said. Serenity and Terrence finish cooking dinner and then everyone eats. After dinner, Serenity cleans up the kitchen, while Terrence baths DJ and gets him ready for bed, and while Anisa baths and gets ready for bed. Once Serenity is done in the kitchen, she goes upstairs to Anisa’s room and reads her a bedtime story then puts her to bed. She then goes into Terrence’s room and sees Terrence sitting on the bed rocking DJ while gently singing. She smiles and walks into the room and sits next to Terrence. Terrence leans over and kisses her cheek then looks back at DJ, whom is just looking up at him as he drifts off to sleep.

“You have a really beautiful son,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence,” Serenity said while smiling. Terrence gently rubs DJ’s hand and DJ grabs Terrence’s left index finger and holds it tight and Terrence gasps and looks at Serenity.

“He has done that to me a few times.....he must really like you,” Serenity said.

“Wow.....I really like him too....and his mother too,” Terrence said.

“Oh yeah? Well....his mother likes you too.” Terrence smiles and he leans down and kisses DJ’s cheek. Serenity and Terrence sit with DJ until he falls asleep. Terrence and Serenity leave the room and walks to Serenity’s room and Terrence lies DJ down in his basinet. Terrence wraps him tightly in a blanket and then Serenity and Terrence give DJ multiple kisses. Serenity then grabs Terrence’s hand and they head downstairs.

“I want to show you something,” Serenity said.

“Already Serenity? It’s kind of soon isn’t it, I mean we aren’t even officially together yet,” Terrence joked. Serenity looks at him and gasps and lightly hits his chest and Terrence just laughs.

“I’m only joking with you,” Terrence said.

“I you’re a freak huh?,” Serenity said while biting her bottom lip. Terrence raises his eyebrows at Serenity in shock.

“I see I’m not the only one though huh?,” Terrence said while licking his lips. Serenity just rolls her eyes and smacks her lips and leads Terrence downstairs to the basement. She opens the door to the room where the piano is and Terrence gasps when he sees it. He quickly rushes to the piano bench and sits down and Serenity sits next to him.

“Wow.....this is you play?,” Terrence asked.

“Yeah I do.....Darius use to sing while I played,” Serenity said.

“That’s beautiful something for me.” Serenity looks at Terrence and he smiles a bit and Serenity smiles back. Serenity places her hands on the keys and takes a deep breath and starts to play “Back at One” by Brian McKnight. This was Darius and Serenity’s favorite song and it was played at their wedding. Darius would sing it to Serenity all the time. Terrence can tell that this song is special to Serenity and he gently rubs her back. Terrence then starts singing the words and Serenity looks at Terrence in shock. Terrence looks Serenity in her eyes the entire time he sang and Serenity is just blown away by his voice. Serenity also finds that Terrence voice really turns her on and she isn’t sure how to feel about this! Once the song is over, Serenity stops playing and just looks at Terrence.

“Wow....Terrence....your amazing. So beautiful,” Serenity said.

“Thanks,” Terrence said softly. Serenity turns towards Terrence and he slips his arms around her waist and pulls her closer. Serenity wraps her arms around Terrence’s neck and Terrence leans down and kisses Serenity’s lips. Serenity doesn’t know why, but she moaned the minute their lips touched. Her hands roam to Terrence’s head and she rubs it gently as she turns her head to the side. Terrence slides his tongue inside of Serenity’s mouth and Serenity uses her tongue to play with his. She feels a tingling sensation through her lower extremities, primarily her womanhood. She has not felt anything like this since with Darius. Terrence moves his hands from Serenity’s waist and he gently runs them back and forth on her thighs. He then grabs Serenity’s waist and pulls her into his lap. He wraps his arms tightly around Serenity as their kiss becomes more passionate. Serenity is sitting right on Terrence’s manhood and she can feel him becoming hard as they kiss. Terrence licks down Serenity’s chin and Serenity tilts her head back and closes her eyes as Terrence licks, sucks and kisses Serenity all over her neck. Serenity lets out small moans as Terrence does this and she can’t believe this is happening, but she doesn’t want to stop it! Terrence runs his hands up and down Serenity’s back and then he runs them up her shirt and just feels on her soft skin. Terrence’s hands feel so good against Serenity’s skin and his touch is indescribable. Terrence leans Serenity forward and lifts up her shirt and plants kisses all over her stomach. Serenity can’t help but moan, but she realizes that she has to stop this because she definitely is not ready for this. She puts her hands on Terrence’s shoulders to stop him and he stops what he is doing and sits up and looks at her. She sits up and pulls down her shirt and looks at him.

“Terrence.....we need to stop,” Serenity said while panting a bit.

“D**n you’re right....I’m sorry....I don’t know what came over me....I don’t want to rush anything,” Terrence said. Serenity nods her head and then she and Terrence look away awkwardly.

“ want to watch a movie?,” Terrence said nervously.

“Um....sure....just uh....just let me get DJ’s baby monitor,” Serenity said.

“Sure no problem.” Serenity nods her head and quickly gets off of Terrence’s lap and rushes upstairs to her bedroom. She closes her door behind her and takes a deep breath. She does need to get DJ’s baby monitor, but that’s not the real reason Serenity came up here. The real reason is she has to change her panties, since they are soaked.

i wish someone would knock some sense into april . she's so boogie , yet she accuses serenity of being a gold digger , all because april would be one if she was like serenity . april is just a waste of space . darius needs to go to april in a dream and tell her about herself . who says somethinf looks cheap and throws it ? a gold digger . april needs to look in the mirror . DJ should never meet that part of his family . they would damage him . terrence is perfect , in every way possible .

Man screw April and Daniel, how dare they disrespect and talk to Serenity like that. Rude jerks. Im just glad Anisa and Terrence were able to cheer her and up and make her feel better. They'd be luck if Serenity ever lets them see DJ the way they disrespect her.
But the date still went great the whole "family" had a good time and seeing Terrence so hands on with DJ is amazing. It's good that DJ will have a positive male figure in his life. Anisa loved the aquarium and the mac n cheese. Its so cute when Terrence and Serenity kiss awwww. LOL.
Im loving the moving forwardness there slowly taking. So cute. RUN IT!!!

I love Terrence and Serenity together and I am so happy that they finally made the next move in their relationship. I'm glad Darius had that talk with her. Its kind of sad though. You know wljqhat would be awesome, if Darius appeared in Terrences dreams and talked to him. Aw Anisa is so happy about Serenity and Terrence being togethee. I love it. Ugh April and Daniel are trash. I cant believe they woild down talk her like that. Where are there manners. I want to see more of Terrence and Serenity.

Run it

yay! long add :)
uggghhh april and her husband of her need to go elsewhere >:[
serenity ma you aint doing nothing wrong! aww them four would make a really cute family :)
dam turned on with a kiss imagine the love making scene
i hope things continue to go well
run it!

Serenity wakes up the next morning at around 9 am to DJ softly whimpering in his basinet. Serenity slowly sits up in the bed and yawns, while stretching. She pulls the covers back and gets out of the bed and goes over to DJ’s basinet and smiles when she sees him.

“Hi handsome. What’s the matter? You alright?,” Serenity said cutely. Serenity picks DJ up and kisses his face and gently rocks him. She feels his bottom and he is wet.

“My baby boy needs his diaper changed huh?,” Serenity said. Serenity lies DJ down on the diaper changing table and changes his diaper and puts him in a clean outfit.

“Ok baby boy that’s better huh? Let’s get you some food,” Serenity said. Serenity picks DJ up and kisses his forehead and cradles him in her arms and walks downstairs. When she walks into the kitchen, she sees Anisa sitting at the kitchen island and Terrence is cooking over the stove.

“Good morning,” Serenity said.

“Good morning Serenity! How is DJ?,” Anisa asked.

“He is great,” Serenity said. Serenity moves closer to Anisa and Anisa kisses DJ’s cheek and rubs his hand.

“Good morning cutie pie,” Anisa said sweetly. Serenity just smiles and leans down and kisses Anisa’s forehead.

“Good morning Terrence,” Serenity said. Terrence turns around from the stove and looks at Serenity and smiles big.

“Good morning beautiful,” Tristan said happily. Anisa just raises her eyebrows and Serenity walks over to Terrence and Serenity leans in and kisses his cheek.

“.....That’s all I get? I don’t get a real kiss?,” Terrence whispered.

“In front of Anisa? She will think we are together,” Serenity whispered back.

“Well we are going on a date aren’t we?” Serenity smiles a bit and nods her head. Terrence leans down and gives Serenity a passionate kiss and they both heard Anisa gasp in shock. Once they are done kissing, they laugh a bit and look at Anisa, and her mouth is basically dropped to the island counter.

“Daddy! Serenity! What is going on?!,” Anisa shrieked.

“Well baby and Serenity....we talked last night and we both think that we would like to go on a date together,” Terrence said. Anisa just looks in shock but then she hops out of her chair and starts clapping, while dancing to her own beat. Terrence and Serenity just laugh so hard at Anisa and she runs to both of them and hugs their legs at the same time.

“I’m so happy!! Yay!!! Serenity I know you are going to love daddy soon and I can’t wait!!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“Let’s not get too excited Anisa, it’s only a date ok?,” Terrence said.

“I know but I know it’s going to be great!,” Anisa said. Terrence and Serenity laugh and Anisa goes back to sit down at the kitchen island.

“Hey lil’ man how you doing today?,” Terrence said in a cute baby voice to DJ. Serenity smiles and hands DJ to Terrence and Terrence rests him on his chest and kisses his cheek a few times.

“You’re probably hungry huh? Let’s warm you up a bottle,” Terrence said. Serenity can’t help but smile. She loves the way Terrence interacts with DJ; it warms Serenity’s heart.

“I was just about to feed him,” Serenity said.

“Oh I can do it.....breakfast is ready so just fix your plate,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence.....come on pretty girl, let’s get you some food,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles and walks over to Serenity and Serenity helps Anisa fix a plate and then Serenity fixes herself a plate. Serenity fixes two glasses of orange juice and then sits down next to Anisa and they start eating. Serenity watches Terrence heat up a bottle for DJ and then feed it to him while softly singing. DJ is just looking up at Terrence while he drinks his bottle and Serenity admires this. Serenity can already tell that Terrence is going to be very involved in DJ’s life and she really appreciates this. Once Terrence is done feeding DJ, he gently rocks him and he fixes himself a plate of food and sits next to Serenity. Serenity looks at him and smiles.

“You are so good with DJ Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Thank you......I love him. I really do,” Terrence said. Serenity was shocked to hear Terrence say this, but she can’t help but smile.

“....He is going to grow to love you too I’m sure,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and he leans in and pecks Serenity’s lips and Anisa just giggles. Serenity and Terrence both look at her and she smiles big.

“What’s so funny Anisa? Huh?,” Serenity said while gently tickling Anisa’s stomach.

“Nothing you are daddy are too cute!! That’s all,” Anisa said while laughing a bit.

“You’re too sweet,” Serenity said.

“So Serenity I told you that daddy gives great I right?,” Anisa said.

“Anisa,” Terrence said embarrassed.

“Anisa.....your daddy gives amazing kisses,” Serenity said while looking at Terrence. Terrence just smiles and Serenity smiles back.

“And excellent kisses,” Terrence said. Serenity looks down while blushing and Anisa giggles again.

“Oh my gosh, you and daddy are so cute!! I love it!!!,” Anisa shrieked.

“Alright now Anisa you’re too much.....I was thinking that all four of us could spend the day together? We can do whatever you ladies want.....but I was hoping we could end it with an early dinner? I would like our first date to be tonight Serenity.....I really just don’t want to wait anymore.....we can of course bring the kids; I would be fine with that. We are both parents so I don’t think we should exclude them.....what do you say?,” Terrence asked.

“Terrence....I would love to spend the day with you, Anisa and DJ. I can’t think of anything better.....and dinner sounds great.....we can talk....and really get to know each other.....I can’t wait,” Serenity said.

“Great,” Terrence said while smiling big. Terrence leans down and kisses DJ’s cheek and then kisses Serenity’s cheek.

“Anisa put up your dishes please and go get ready so we can go out ok beautiful?,” Terrence said.

“Ok daddy!,” Anisa said. Anisa puts her dishes in the dishwasher and then goes upstairs. Terrence just looks at Serenity and smiles.

“So....are my kisses really amazing?,” Terrence said.

“Yes...they are. I got chills when we kissed,” Serenity confessed.

“....Same thing happened to me....Serenity your lips....they are so soft, and luscious....and I loved the way they felt against mine.....and your tongue....I loved how it felt playing with mine.” Serenity looks down and blushes again and Terrence laughs a bit and lifts her head up to look at him.

“I am only being honest....I am a very open person Serenity. I will tell you exactly how you feel,” Terrence said.

“I know and I like that about you Terrence,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and leans in and kisses her cheek.

“Serenity I don’t even care that we haven’t gone on a date yet, sharing that kiss with you.....made me so happy. And if that’s all that I ever get to share with you, then I would be happy with that,” Terrence said.

“You’re so sweet.”

“Thank you....listen how about you I take care of DJ while you get ready? Then I can get ready,” Terrence offered.

“Thank you Terrence.” Serenity kisses DJ’s cheek and then kisses Terrence’s cheek and she stands up from the kitchen island and walks upstairs. Terrence looks down at DJ and DJ is just staring up at Terrence.

“How you doin’ lil man? Huh? You alright?,” Terrence said. Terrence gently rubs DJ’s stomach and leans down and kisses his cheek.

“You know? I really like your mommy DJ.....your mommy is so beautiful inside and out. And she loves you so much....she is going to be the best mother in the world to you....she may get sad sometimes, because she is hurting because your daddy isn’t here. But she will never ever leave you....and your daddy is always going to look out for you from heaven...and my daughter Anisa loves you already and so do I.....just know that you are going to be loved,” Terrence said softly to DJ. Terrence gently rubs DJ’s hand and then he puts DJ on his chest and gently rubs his back. DJ squirms around a bit and Terrence gently hums and DJ calms down. Terrence goes into the family room and sits on the couch with DJ and waits for Serenity to get ready. About 45 minutes later, Anisa and Serenity come downstairs dressed. Terrence just smiles at them because they both look so beautiful. They have matching hairstyles; a slicked back high bun.

“Baby girl your hair looks amazing like that, did Serenity do it?,” Terrence asked.

“Yes she did and I love it!!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“You both look really nice,” Terrence said. Serenity is wearing skinny jeans, a fitted sweater and knee high boots. Anisa has on a pair of leggings, a sweater and ankle boots.

“Thanks daddy, now you have to get ready,” Anisa said while sitting next to him.

“You’re right I shouldn’t be too long,” Terrence said. Terrence stands up and hands DJ to Serenity and Terrence looks Serenity up and down and smiles. This is the first time he has really noticed Serenity’s perfect figure.

“ look so beautiful,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence,” Serenity said while smiling big. Terrence kisses Serenity’s cheek and then rushes upstairs to get ready. Serenity sits next to Anisa with DJ in her arms and Anisa holds DJ, while Serenity watches the both of them. Another 40 minutes later, Terrence comes downstairs all dressed to go. Serenity just looks at him and smiles; he is so handsome. He has on a sweater, fitted jeans, and Jordans to match.

“ look really handsome,” Serenity said honestly.

“Thanks that means a lot coming from you.....are you both ready to go?,” Terrence said.

“Yes I just have to get DJ’s things,” Serenity said. Serenity takes DJ from Anisa and kisses his cheek and puts his jacket, socks and shoes on and then straps him in his car seat, while Anisa puts her jacket on. Serenity then gets DJ’s diaper bag ready with diapers and bottles to last for the day. Serenity then puts her jacket on and carries DJ’s diaper bag, while Terrence carries DJ in his car seat. They all leave the house and Terrence drives downtown. Serenity isn’t really sure where they are going, but she is excited to spend the day with Terrence, Anisa and DJ. 25 minutes later, Terrence pulls up to the Virginia Aquarium. Serenity looks at Terrence and smiles and Anisa claps her hands in excitement.

“Daddy I have been wanting to go here for so long!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“I know baby girl. I told you we would go last month but we didn’t make it, so here we are,” Terrence said.

“...This is real nice Terrence....I really like marine life,” Serenity said.

“I’m really glad to hear you want to carry DJ in his car seat or should I?,” Terrence asked.

“Oh....I brought DJ’s baby carrier, so I can carry him on my chest,” Serenity said.

“Oh ok sounds good. If you ever want to switch, just let me know,” Terrence said. Serenity smiles and she, Terrence and Anisa all get out of the car. Serenity goes into the back seat and takes DJ out of his car seat and kisses his cheek. She lies down the baby carrier and puts DJ in it and makes sure he is in securely. She then puts the carrier across her shoulders and Terrence makes sure all the straps are secure. Serenity kisses DJ’s forehead and gives him a pacifier and then Terrence gets DJ’s diaper bag and puts it on his shoulder. Serenity closes the door and Terrence locks the car doors and grabs Anisa’s hand and they all walk into the aquarium. As soon as they get in, Anisa quickly runs to the closest exhibit of marine life and looks in awe. Terrence and Serenity follow behind her and admire the marine life as well.

“Daddy, Serenity look at this fish! It’s Nemo!!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity and Terrence laugh at Anisa.

“That’s a clownfish baby girl,” Serenity said. Anisa looks at Serenity and giggles. Anisa grabs Serenity’s hand and then holds out her other hand to Terrence and he grabs it and smiles. Anisa smiles and walks in between Anisa and Terrence, hand to hand. Terrence, Serenity, and Anisa walk through the entire aquarium, admiring everything in sight. Anisa loved every second of it. She even got to touch the stingray and that was so exciting to her! Also Terrence took pictures of Anisa and Terrence in front of the some exhibits. Serenity really enjoyed the aquarium as well. She has always been fascinated by marine life. Darius did take her to the aquarium while they were married. After about 2 and a half hours walking around the aquarium, Serenity, Terrence and Anisa leave and got to a local park. It’s a little chilly outside, around 50 degrees, but Anisa really wanted to go, so Terrence said it was okay. Anisa is playing on the play set and Terrence and Serenity are sitting on a bench where they can see her. Terrence is feeding DJ his bottle as he drifts off to sleep. DJ is really bundled up so he shouldn’t be too cold.

“Terrence I really enjoyed the aquarium....I have always been so fascinated by marine life,” Serenity said.

“Really? Have you ever been to the aquarium before?,” Terrence said while rocking DJ.

“Yes I and Darius went before.” Terrence just smiles a bit and gently rubs Serenity’s hand.

“Thank you so much for taking me out....I haven’t really spent a day out like a while,” Serenity said.

“It’s no problem....I’m having a really great time so far,” Terrence said.

“Me too Terrence.” After about 30 minutes at the park, Terrence takes everyone to the next location, which is to play indoor miniature golf. Serenity puts DJ in his carrier carefully since he is sleeping and then they all go inside. Serenity decides to just sit with DJ because she doesn’t want to wake him up. Serenity watches Anisa and Terrence play together and she just adores their relationship. They are so close and Serenity loves this. Terrence is an excellent father and Serenity loves this about him. Serenity looks down at DJ sleeping peacefully and she smiles. She gently rubs the top of his head and then kisses it multiple times. Serenity knows that DJ will need a father figure in his life, and she can say that she wouldn’t mind Terrence being that for DJ. Serenity looks back at Terrence and Anisa and he sees Terrence gently tickling Anisa while she giggles. Serenity can’t help but smile; Terrence is truly a good father and a good man. At around 4:30 pm, everyone is starving at this point, so Terrence drives to one of his favorite restaurants called Bravo! Cucina Italiana. It is one of Terrence’s favorite Italian restaurants especially. Terrence carries DJ in his car seat and Anisa and Serenity hold hands as they walk in. They are immediately led to a booth. Terrence and Anisa sit next to each other and Serenity sits next to DJ’s car seat. He is still sleeping and she leans down and kisses his cheek and places a small blanket over him. The hostess gives everyone a menu and everyone starts to look through it.

“Serenity you get anything you want ok? I’m paying,” Terrence said.

“ don’t have to do that,” Serenity said.

“Well this is a date isn’t it? So of course I am going to pay for you, it’s no problem.”

“You’re is a date. Thank you.”

“No problem at all beautiful.” Serenity just smiles and Anisa smiles as well.

“Anisa, gorgeous what looks good to you?,” Terrence asked.

“The macaroni and cheese!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“Oh yeah? Little girl you always get the macaroni and cheese.”

“I know but it’s so good.”

“Ok well you can get that, but I want you to have a small salad too ok?”

“Ok daddy.”

“What about you Serenity? What looks good to you?,” Terrence asked.

“I’m not sure it all sounds so appetizing.....but the Grilled Chicken Marsala sounds especially good....what about you?,” Serenity said.

“The strip steak sounds pretty good to are more than welcome to sample some if you like,” Terrence said.

“Thank can try mine too,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and nods his head and Serenity smiles back. 10 minutes later, a female waitress comes and takes their orders and then they all hand their menus to her as she walks away. A few minutes later, the waitress brings everyone their drinks and then she leaves. Anisa, Terrence and Serenity talk amongst themselves, until Serenity notices April walking into the restaurant.

“Oh no,” Serenity said while sighing.

“What’s wrong?,” Anisa asked.

“It’s April,” Serenity said.

“It’s ok.....I’m right here,” Terrence said. He places his hand on top of Serenity’s and Serenity gives a faint smile. April spots Serenity and narrows her eyes and walks over to her booth and stands in front of Serenity.

“Hi Serenity,” April said.

“Hi April,” Serenity said. April looks at Terrence and Anisa and then looks back at Serenity. April noticed Terrence’s hand on top of Serenity’s.

“Are you on a date Serenity?,” April asked.

“Yes and Terrence are on a date,” Serenity said.

“Really? So soon? Aren’t you concerned about how this looks? You just moved on from Darius that fast huh......did you even love him or did you just love his money?,” April said hatefully.

“ know very well I loved your son so please just stop....unless you have something nice to say to me, you don’t really have to say anything to me,” Serenity said.

“Serenity please.....I don’t know how can you date another better not have f**ked him around my grandson,” April said coldly. Serenity just looks at April in shock and then <a href="">this man, Darius’ dad</a> comes up to April and wraps his arms around April’s waist and kisses her cheek. He then looks at Serenity and his eyes travel to DJ and he gasps in shock.

“Is this my beautiful grandson?,” Darius’ dad said.

“Well it’s nice to see you too Daniel,” Serenity said.

“Oh hi Serenity....can I hold my grandson?,” Daniel said.

“Let’s not interrupt Serenity....she is on a date,” April said.

“....Is this true Serenity? You’re on a date already? It’s kind of soon isn’t it?,” Daniel said. Serenity just looks down and shakes her head. She doesn’t know why these two people despise her so much.

“I guess my son didn’t mean anything to you huh.....listen son, don’t let this woman take advantage of you the way she took advantage of my son. She will set you up for a robbery and take the insurance money just the way she did with Darius,” Daniel said.

“Baby let’s go,” April said. April and Daniel leave the table and Terrence and Anisa feel awful right now. Serenity keeps telling herself not to cry. She closes her eyes and tries to fight back tears but they fall anyway.

“Serenity don’t cry,” Terrence said while caressing her hand. Serenity just cries so hard and Anisa slides past Terrence and over to Serenity and wraps her little arms around Serenity.

“Serenity don’t cry....I’m sorry they are so mean to don’t deserve it...they aren’t right,” Anisa said.

“Thank you Anisa,” Serenity said while rubbing Anisa’s back. Serenity pulls Anisa into her lap and holds her tight and Anisa gently rubs Serenity’s arm.

“It’s ok Serenity....don’t be sad,” Anisa said. Serenity pulls out of the embrace and Anisa looks up at her and wipes her tears.

“You’re so sweet,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles and kisses Serenity’s cheek. Anisa rests her head against Serenity’s chest and Serenity looks at Terrence.

“....Are you ok?,” Terrence asked hesitantly.

“.....I don’t understand how they can despise me the way they do. I have never done anything wrong to them. I loved their son with all of my heart and soul and I just don’t understand why they think I would hurt him, because I never would. If I could have it my way, Darius would be here with me so we can raise our son together.....but you know what? I am not going to let them ruin my evening....I am having too much fun with you and Anisa,” Serenity said while smiling a bit. Terrence just smiles and gently wipes Serenity’s tears away.

“Thank you both for making me feel better,” Serenity said. Serenity kisses Anisa’s cheek multiple times and then Anisa hugs Serenity and then goes back to her side of the booth. Serenity wipes her face of her tears and she looks over at DJ and smiles. She leans down and kisses his face multiple times. 35 minutes later, the food arrives and everyone starts eating.

“Mmmm! This is delicious!,” Serenity exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like try some of mine,” Terrence said. Terrence cuts a piece of steak and puts a bit of mashed potatoes on the fork and then puts it to Serenity’s lips. Serenity smiles and opens her mouth and eats the steak and looks at Terrence while nodding her head.

“Wow that is delicious too!,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and nods his head and looks at Anisa eating her macaroni and cheese.

“How is your food baby girl?,” Terrence asked.

“It’s yummy!,” Anisa said excitedly while rubbing her stomach. Terrence just laughs and he, Serenity and Anisa enjoy a nice dinner together. Serenity thinks this was a great first date and she loved spending the day with Terrence, Anisa and DJ. At around 6:30 pm, they head home. Serenity left the restaurant without any confrontation with April or Daniel. Once they get home, Serenity baths DJ and then feeds him, while Anisa takes her bath and Terrence changes into sweatpants and a beater then rests in the living room. Once DJ is sleeping, Serenity lies him down in his basinet and then changes into yoga pants a t-shirt. Serenity kisses DJ’s cheek before she checks on Anisa. Anisa has taken her bath and put on her pajamas and Serenity takes down Anisa’s hair. Terrence then comes up to Anisa’s bedroom and he and Serenity talk to Anisa for a bit before Terrence sings her to sleep. Terrence and Serenity leave her room closing the door behind them and then Serenity goes into her bedroom and turns on a pair of baby monitors and then grabs one. She walks downstairs to the kitchen and Terrence follows behind her. Serenity sets the baby monitor on the counter and then goes into the refrigerator and pulls out a bottle of Moscato.

“Would you like to join me for a drink?,” Serenity asked.

“Sure I would love to,” Terrence said. Serenity smiles and gets two wine glasses and sets them on the counter. Serenity opens the wine and then pours two glasses. She closes the wine and puts it in the refrigerator and then hands Terrence his glass and picks up her glass. Serenity takes a sip of her wine while walking to the living room and Terrence follows behind her. Serenity sits on the couch and Terrence sits next to her.

“You sure you alright from dinner?,” Terrence asked.

“I guess.....I just let them get to me so easily and I shouldn’t.....I just wish they could see me for who I truly am....I always thought I was a good person, but they have never given me a chance.... a part of me wants them around for DJ’s sake. They are his grandparents and his family and I want DJ to know his family. I don’t want him to be alone....but at the same time, I don’t want them around because I know they will bash me in front of DJ and I can’t have that because I’m his mother. I am the one that will be taking care of him, not them,” Serenity said honestly.

“I understand.....they are wrong for everything they said to you....I wanted to say something, but it’s not my place. Anisa wanted to say something too. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it so hard and I know she was angry,” Terrence said.

“You are both so sweet.....I’m sorry for what they said. I hope they didn’t offend you when April said.....well you know....she thought we had sex,” Serenity said.

“No I am fine....we both know what has gone on between us and we aren’t rushing anything.....I understand how it may look to other people, but it’s not like we are a couple. We aren’t in love or anything like that, we are just getting to know each other and that’s not wrong....I am willing to take this as slow as you want to Serenity. I want you to know that.”

“Thank you so much Terrence that means everything to me.....I really did enjoy myself tonight. You and Anisa are such great company.”

“Thank you so are you.” Serenity smiles and takes a few sips of her wine and Terrence does the same. Serenity scoots closer to Terrence and Terrence smiles at her and wraps an arm around her waist.

“....You know what would be the perfect end to this night?,” Terrence said.

“What’s that?,” Serenity asked.

“One of your excellent kisses,” Terrence said while smirking. Serenity laughs and she sets down her wine glass and Terrence does the same. Serenity turns towards Terrence and rests her hands on his chest. Her eyes roam up and down his arms. She never really noticed all of the tattoos he has, but she likes them. She thinks they are incredibly sexy. Terrence bites his bottom lip and Serenity leans forward and gently kisses Terrence. Terrence wraps his other arm around Serenity and pulls her closer. Serenity moves her hands from Terrence’s chest to his neck and up his head. She gently caresses the back his head as he slides his tongue inside of her mouth. Terrence honestly wants to kiss Serenity in places other than her lips. He wants to kiss down her chin to her neck, find a sweet spot he likes and then leave her a love mark. He wants to kiss down her neck, to her chest. Terrence knows he has to control himself because he knows that it is way too soon for him to make a move on Serenity like that. He can feel his d**k growing in his pants though just as he and Serenity kiss, so he has to stop before things get too far. Terrence bites Serenity’s bottom lip while pulling out of the kiss and just stares at her. Serenity got incredibly turned on when Terrence bit on her bottom lip and she is panting.

“Uh....d**n,” Serenity said.

“I’m sorry was that too forward?,” Terrence said.

“’m sorry,” Serenity said while laughing nervously.

“It’s ok....Serenity....the way you just kissed me, really turned me on.”

“....Your kisses turn me on too Terrence.”

“......We don’t have to rush anything.”

“I know...thanks.” Terrence smiles and leans in and kisses Serenity’s lips a few times. Serenity just smiles at him and then hugs him. They then both turn back to the tv and Serenity is still wrapped in Terrence’s arms. They both finish their glasses of wine and then Serenity rests her head against Terrence’s chest and Terrence smiles to himself and kisses her forehead. Terrence holds Serenity tightly as they watch tv together. Serenity and Terrence could both get use to this.

Fianlly, Thank God.... I didn't think these two would ever get something poppin. Thank goodness Serenity came to here senses and that the thing with Jasmin and Terrence didnt work out either. Aww so Sonia came to Terrence in his dreams too. Aww and she told him she sent Serenity to him too. So both there loves were trying to send them someone special to there lives.
That kiss that kiss that kiss, GTFU Serenity and Terrence, yall needed that and was not playing with that kiss, both of yalls asses were stunned fo'real. Could barely function afterwards lol.
Yay the love connection is moving along finally.
And seeing Darius looking at his son was so beautiful and kinda heart breaking too. These two will forever be linked thru DJ and that'll never change. Im so happy tho really. Things are looking up. RUN IT!!!

Omg thank god!!!! They finally got it together!! Aww they kissed. I'm glad terrance finally broke through and got her to tell him the truth. Darius is the sweetest guy for always being there. Run it!!!