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Love Affair (11–25) Chapter Three Sneek peek!

<a href="">I</a> paced around checking if i had everything. Keys. Check. Phone. Letter. Check. Check. Overnight bags. Check. Laith. "s***" I cursed aloud to myself. I forgot to grab my son out of his crib. I quickly ran upstairs to get <a href="">Him</a> he was still sleeping. "Everythings going to be alright sweetie" I said as I walked down the stairs. I placed him into his car seat and checked the clock. 6:00. It was only a matter of time before he walked through the door. I quickly picked up Laith's car seat and the rest of our things and head to the door, but the door knob turning stoped my actions completly. It was <strong>Him.</strong>

Froze in my place he walked in and smiled. "Hey baby. Where you going" He asked throwing his keys into the dish sitting on the table in the hallway. I couldn't tell him what I was doing or he might would have flipped out. "I was about to go to the store. But nevermind it can wait" I said giving a fake smile, and walking back to the living room. I sat my son down and silently prayed to my self. I should have just listen to my mother and I wouldn't be in this place right now.

"Bre'Na. What is this" I turned to see the letter i wrote in his hands. Anger in his eyes. Right then and there I knew what this night was going to turn into. <a href="">"Sean.</a> Wait let me explain" I spoke rising from the couch put he held his hand up tell me to stop."You b****. You was gona leave me. And take my son" He said the last word with his fist connecting to my nose. I flew to the floor instantly, tears in my eyes. I tried to stand to my feet but he pushed me back down and repeatedly hit me until i blacked out. The last thing I heard was my son crying.

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