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Ms.YoungLuv Productions: CRAZY SUMMER PG13

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Chapter 1: Tae

<a href="">I</a> stretched my arms yawning loudly as I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. Summer had officially started and I'd planned to spend every bit of it partying; it was also going to be the most hottest summer ever! Yesterday on the news they said record temperatures would be in the high 90's and possibly get up to 100 as the summer goes on. Then again this is Cali; earthquakes, fires, mudslides so what else could you expect to happen? I threw the covers off my body and got out the bed to go into the bathroom but it was locked. Oh no..don't tell me that my sis is going through her beauty treatment again? She takes FOREVER in the bathroom! My nostrils flared before I began knocking on the bathroom door furiously. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!" I screamed. "Go away I'm trying to beautify myself; looking like perfection takes time" my sister Maegan said. "And looking like a hot mess without teeth doesn't! Come on Mae this is summer!" I said pouting..then something slick came to mind. "Okay Mae you win, I'll just go into your closet to find some clothes.." I said in a singsong; I heard her rummaging in the everytime.

She came out of the bathroom with a face mask and a robe on, "DON'T YOU DARE GO INTO MY CLOSET YOU LITTLE SNEAK!!" she screamed. I skipped merrily into her room down at the end of the hall and started going through her clothes when I felt Maegan tackle me down to the ground. My mom must've heard the commotion because she came into the room with a rolling pin in her hand. "What is going on?" She said bewildered. We sat on the floor looking up at her "Mom tell T.T. to stop going through my clothes!" Maegan snitched; "Tell Maegan to stop hogging up the bathroom the whole time!" I said back. She stuck her tongue out at me and I stuck my finger up her nose making her squeal..what a crybaby.

My mom scratched her head before sighing irritated, "When are you girls ever going to get along? Nights when you're home I can deal with that but for the entire summer? Eh eh..something's gotta give..Maegan stop following all those beauty tips in those Cosmopolitan Magazines you be reading" she said pointing the rolling pin at her. "And T.T. stop going through your sister's clothes..maybe if you stopped dressing like a boy you'd have nice clothes like your sister" she said pointing to me. "I keep telling you mom..T.T's a lesbian" Maegan joked; "Maegan stop teasing your sister" and that shut her up real quick. "Now..I hope that we won't have anymore of these discussions for the rest of the summer..will we?" she said. "No ma'm" Me and Maegan said; "Oh and by the way young lady," she said pointing to me, "Time for you to get a summer job"

My mouth dropped at her response while Maegan got up from the floor laughing hysterically. "A jj-job? Why??" I said whining; "Well I think it's time that you start learning some responsibilities and learning how to care for yourself..why not have a job? By the way..deadline is by the end of this month or you can start practicing morse code to contact your friends 'cause you won't be going anywhere if you don't have a job by then." she said warningly. "Yes mom" I said miserable. "Come down after you girls are ready breakfast will be on the table" their mom said before leaving out the room.

I turned to look at Maegan who had this smug look on her face, I balled my fist at her; "Say something smart" I threatened. "You gotta get a summer job" she said mockingly in a singsong voice. I chased her back out the room into the hallway but she managed to slam the bathroom door in my face. "OOooh I can't stand you sometimes Maegan!!" I said kicking the door. Great...just entire summer's already been shot to hell.

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<a href="">Kree</a>

"Summer Job? Forreal Forreal?" I asked over the phone, Tae had broken the news to me. "I know right? This puts a damper on my entire summer plans, Jae knows what's up too" she said. "Well damn homie sucks to be you, but hey it ain't like we not gon kick it when school starts back up again" I said. "Don't you say the 'S' word to me, I don't even wanna THINK about next year" "Pssh I know that's right..well.." I said, "Well what?" she asked. "A little birdie told me..that you have a secret crush on somebody, what's his name and how tall is he?" I smiled.
"Oh no not you too Kree" "What you mean 'not me too?' I thought we were homies Tae" "We are but you could never keep a secret if your life depended on it lol" she said honestly. "Oh that hurt T, that really hurt" I said pretending to be hurt by her comment. "LOL. Well if you MUST know Ms. F.B.I.'s Trell" "(Gasps) Trell?! You like Trell?!" I said in shock, Trell was the most hottest guy and was really good friends with Rico. He started school here in Cali about a month ago. "Now promise me you ain't gonna tell nobody, not even yo ole brother Rico's nosy ass" she said.

"Girl I promise you, cross my heart" I said, "On the bible?" she asked, "Yeah girl on the bible. Is moms gonna let you come to the kickback later tonight?" I asked. "I don't know I haven't even asked her yet but I hope she does." Tae said hopefully. "You said you talked to Jae earlier what she up to?" "Oh God (Laughs)" "What? What happened?" "She got in a fight with Jinsu's ex girl last night." "Eugghh! I never did like her slimy ass, she slimier than a gummy worm in baby oil" I said going downstairs into the kitchen. "From the way she said his name I can't help but get the feeling that she's diggin Jinsu a little" Tae assumed.
"Jae and Jinsu? Please that's a small possibility for that to happen; I mean not to bash my homegirl and all but she comes off a little..buff you know?" I said pouring myself some cereal. "You I know to be a tomboy Tae but Jae? Jae acts like a complete dude sometimes, a dude with tits lol" "That's just how she is Kree she don't need to put on the facade of being feminine. Yeah she dresses like a dude and talks like one, at least she's being real with herself" Tae added in.
"Maybe you're right" I said taking a spoonful of cereal into my mouth; "So when did yo moms say you needed to have a summer job?" I said in between bites. "At the end of this month" she said miserably.

"Oh so you'll have a LITTLE bit of time to kick it with me and Jae; speaking of which I was planning to go to the mall to pick up some fresh sh*t. Pink Dolphin just released some new stuff with Black Pyramid" "That sounds cool." "Wanna meet up say around 12? "Fine with me, deuces" Tae said. "Deuces."

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<a href="">Rico</a>

I'm not even supposed to be playing right now what with my knee in my brace but I can't slow down..not now. If you're wondering how I got it long story short I was heading down the court about to dunk when ole dude from the other team hit me with a foul; landed straight down and tore my ACL. We ended up losing that game so it's something personal that sticks with me because I felt like it was my fault. I dribbled the ball about to take the shot but I missed and it hit the rim. Out my side eye I saw Jinsu coming back with the ball in his hand dapping me once he got to where I was standing.

"Early morning for you ain't it?" I asked, "I should say the same for you" he answered. "How's the knee?" "Still hurts like sh*t when I try to bend it but other than that I'm coo" I said. Jinsu dribbled the ball a little bit and made the shot hitting only the net. "I know you didn't come from yo house so where were you?" I asked walking over to the bench; "Jae's house." he said; "That loud mouthed girl? Lol" I joked, "She ain't got a big mouth, Tae's the one with the big mouth lol" Jinsu joked back. "Believe what you want my dude but it's the truth. You swinging by for the kickback?" I asked. "Might" "You might? N*gga I know you TOO well and I know for damn sure yo ass ain't got no other plans lol" I laughed.
"Man you always tryna throw shade, I want some sun shine" he said; I scrunged up my face, "That sounded so gay" Jinsu punched me in the arm with a light smirk. "You know what I meant..anyways Chante's old thirsty ass came by my crib last night after the game" "Ewwgh, ain't that your old ex?" I asked playing with the ball; "It's been 5 months now and she won't leave me the hell alone, why would I wanna go back to that drama?"

"Shhh I told you that girl's on some stalkish ish, she did the same thing to me asking me about you; who you with and where you at and whatnot? I'm like, 'Chante I'm not his baby sitter or his mama, take that somewhere else." I said rolling my eyes. "Truth moment?" he said looking at me; "Truth." "I think I'm digging Jae Rico, on the real" I leaned back against the gate, "Forreal? I mean I know you and peeps tight as hell but I ain't know it was THAT deep..she know?" I asked. "Naw, but I think she does" "Why you say that?" "I accidently called her my baby this morning after I left her house"

"You said the 'b' word? And you ain't tell her how you feel?" I asked. "Hell naw, she might think I gone all soft and sh*t" Jinsu said crossing his arms; "I don't know why you waiting? 'Cus if you don't step up to the plate, TRUST ME another n*gga will"

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<a href="">Jae</a>

I laid in bed with my ear buds listening to some Chief Keef; something about his music always got me hyped. Hell yeah it was finally summer time and I get to spend it with my main b*tch Tae. As if on cue I felt my phone vibrate on my stomach to see Tae's number pop up on the screen. I took one ear bud out and answered the phone, "Konnichiwa b*tch" I said joyfully. "Hey Jay.." she said in monotone; "What's up with you? You sound like Mr. Rhiaz today" "My mom's making me get a summer job" she said on the other end. I pushed pause on my phone and shot straight up on the bed. "Forreal?" I said kinda upset; "I know, she said I should learn about some responsibility and stuff" Tae said. "What about our summer plans?" I said going to look at myself in the vanity mirror; "That's what I'm saying but hey there's always next summer" Tae said reassuringly. "(Sighs) Yeah I guess, so that means you won't be hittin up Rico's party then huh?" I asked. "Sh*t, now that really blows my mood, I forgot all about the party!" Tae said more disappointed. "Yeah and yo future boo's gonna be there from what I heard through the grapevine." I said. "Thanks, that makes me feel sooo much better Jae" she said sarcastically. "Damn b*tch I'm trying to brighten yo mood up and you nuttin up on me"

"My bad my bad. Anyways what's up with yo neck of the woods?" She asked. "Tae lemme tell you what happened yesterday. You know how I went up to Jinsu's after party after the game?" "You mean fine Jinsu with the cut glass abs?" Tae said in wonder. "Yep, tell me why this two faced ho decides to slide her itchy p*ssy looking ass in between me and Jinsu while we tryna dance together? You'll never guess who it was" I said. "Uggh don't tell me it was Chante's old thirsty ass Jae."

"Yep yep yep..this b*tch slides in between me and Jinsu and has the nerve to give me the side eye; I'm like, 'Ho you see me standing here?" I said hotly. "Ooh I know that's right girl what she do next?" Tae said. "I try to be all courteous and sh*t whatnot telling her to back off and THIS b****..had the mutha fckin audacity to shake her finger in my face." "I'm like 'Oh hell naw you don't know me from Adam and you ain't gettin ready to talk me down like I'm some kind of dog; next thing I know I see her head making a 360 degree angle. I socked that girl so hard I sent her straight to the moon." I said. Tae was laughing hard as hell on the other end of the line, "Girl no you didn't!" she said trying to contain her laughter, I couldn't help but laugh back. "Jae you crazy as hell" "PLUS..I got me a little souvenir for future laughs." "..Jae don't tell me you.." "I ripped out a handful of hair, sh*t wasn't even real though; looked like the back of a sheep's ass"." By then Tae was laughing extremely hard when I heard something thump, "Girl I just fell off the bed" I laughed at her goofy ass. "I'm planning to make a raccoon tail out of it and then clip it to my jeans" I said cunningly.

"Dang Jae that's so messed up but funny as hell..*beep* Oh snap girl that's my other line." "Iight hit me back up later, deuces" "Deuces."

I then heard pebbles being thrown at my bedroom window, alright now it's too early for me to be fcking up nobody's kids now. I sat up on my knees on the bed and opened the window to see <a href="">Jinsu</a>.

"What's up?" he said licking and biting his lip at me...dammmnn. "N*gga you better be lucky that I didn't throw no water balloon at yo ass lol." I said smiling. "I came by to see you but you moms might be still asleep and I didn't wanna wake her up with the doorbell." "Nah she awake, I'll meet you downstairs." I said closing the window. I hurried down the stairs and out the front door to see Jinsu sitting on the steps; "Last night was crazy huh? Sorry if I busted up the groove" I said sitting next to him. Jinsu smiled warmly at me, "That ish was crazy, but you too beautiful to be fightin a ho like Chante Jae." he said touching my chin. "Oh so you sayin since I'm beautiful I can't throw no bones? lol" I said getting into boxing mode; he laughed flashing his pearly white teeth and his dimple. "I like a girl that can throw down, but she's gotta learn when to step away from the situation like a real lady." he said looking at me. I blushed turning my gaze away from him; "But anyways J, what you want?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"(Scoffs) A n*gga can't visit his homie anymore without a reason? lol" he joked; I playfully pushed him on the arm. "I didn't mean that Jinsu, it's just kinda early for me though my head's still reeling" I said honestly. "Now that you mention it what the hell am I doing here as well? I'll swing by later lol" he said giving me dap. "I thought you wanted to talk some more or some sh*t? lol" I said laughing. "We will baby I promise" he smiled, "Baby?" I questioned.

"I mean Jae we'll talk some more, you hitting up Rico's party?" he asked. "Not if my girl Tae isn't, we tight like this n*gga" I said crossing my two fingers; he laughed before throwing up the deuces. "See you if you change you mind" and Jinsu took off down the block, I went back inside the house and up to my room."He called me 'baby'..I think that sounds nice" I said smiling to myself.

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