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welcome to Magic City (Rated M)

Working a Nine to Five wasn't for me. I was that girl that always wanted the money, the cars, the niggas, the house. That's the life I wanted, and needed, I finally got it ! Btw why way my name is <a href="">kira</a> but I'm mainly known as "BabyKakes" and im from Atlanta, NO im not a porn star i am a stripper, i have some standards now aha. I know a stripper life is kinda on the edge and some of you may be thinking what the hell but i was comfortable with this life and im glad to be where i am and i don't plan on going back to where i was...maybe


FLASH BACK (age Nine Years Old)

"KIRA BRING YOUR ASS HERE!". I put down my book and slowly made my way down the Smokey, loud and crowded hall way and made my way to the living room where my so called mom was. "KIRA BABY COME HERE", i made my way to here as niggas and her female friends stared at me. And guess what they were strippers, i finally made it to where sge was seated as she pulled me in her lap. "kira i want you to meet Travis", she said as she smirked and as looked up at him while he bit his lips,"hey lil mama". My heart vegan to beat fast as a tear ran down my eye. "Kira go give him a lap dance for mommy", "but mo-", "KIRA SHUTUP AND GO DO IT!!". He grabbed my hand tightly as he placed some drugs in her hand and threw me over his shoulders as he took me down the hall into the empty room. I screamed and kicked as he slammed me on the bed and slapped the hell out of me. He then climbed between my legs and as a shocking pain hit me down below. All i could do was gasp in pain. "Damn b**** you tight", he trusted even harder and harder. I laid there as he took my life away from me, how could someone do this to me, i didn't deserve this. He finally finishes as i laid lifeless , he stood up and pulled his pants back as he laughed and walked out. BANG BANG BANG, gun shoots rung in my ear, as i tried to gather my thoughts and hide, but i couldn't because the pain was getting worse. My door busy wide open and there he stood a man...dark skin, tall and built, "damn! Aye someone come help me".

I heard more footsteps come down the hall, as another guy came in he was brown skin and average height. "Damn boss she's bleeding, she's worthless to me", "man she was me get her up". They both wrapped a blanket around me and carried me down the hall, as i laid my head on his shoulder as they carried me through the shot up house i saw my mom...dead...i didn't care she deserved it. My eye began to close as they put me the car, i was knocked out.



"kira wake up", i slowly opened my eyes and saw my friend sitting in front of me eyes wide opened. "girl if you don't get out my face", she smacked her lips and got up, "Come on! We gotta go". "look i don't have to go no where plu-", "oh yeahh you gotta get a day so from Quincyyyy". If you didn't know, "<a href="">Quincy</a>" is the guy who saved my life and the person who i love....I know it sounds weird but i love him...ALOT. "Quincy has no say so of whatever...hes my boss" (lies). "A boss you loves his employee". Sge laughed and walked out of my room. I looked at my phone and saw 17 missed calls from him. "s***"..