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Dominate King


The chains around my arms had gotten tighter; as I hung from the ceiling in the position as if I was on a cross left arm and right as far apart from each other as they could possible go. Legs able to dangle under me but if I dared to kick them I would be greeted by a sharp pain to my back side. The dark black room only had a few candle lights as its way of letting me see but in the middle of the room the biggest light over head was shooting dead into my bare body for the dominator to see me perfectly.

My forehead began to sweat as I held my lower half with as much body strength as I could, I didn’t want to feel the cold hard metal pole again, they gave no mercy with their lashing they just kept going and going until I screamed out in agony.

As the side door opened I noticed the masked man walk in with his chest bare and oiled he only wore pants but they were unbuttoned at the top enough for me to see the Calvin Klein sign at the brim. He walked slow and menacing, I didn’t want him to approach me fast but just the sight of his walk let you know he would take his sweet time with me tonight. Letting my head fall back and my body go I felt another powerful hit on the back of my thigh sending me to the moon. I had to bit my bottom lip to stop from screaming out, over and over they swung toward me not waiting for the after sting to ward off before they brought along another strong hit.


I couldn’t say a word other then please as I faced the masked man who never took his eyes off of me while whoever was delivering pain to my back kept swinging, as I my eyes began to wail up with tears the masked man lifted his right arm and halted the hits.

“Please what”

His deep dark voice could hardly be heard in this vast room but it was still powerful and had so much pain behind it as if it was him feeling my hurt but only he enjoyed it, like he was upset the lashing had stopped.

“Please King I can’t…I just can’t”

I tried my hardest to get the words to come out of my mouth but they wouldn’t with a drop of a hand a hard slap came to my back side making me yelp out in pain, I didn’t want them to hear me cry but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I released the tears that quickly streamed down my face onto my bare skin. The masked man watched every tear that fell as if it was foreign to him as he stepped closer the hits stopped, placing his cold hand onto my bare skin sent shivers down my spine leaving goose bumps to appear. Taking his left hand he traced a small tear trail from my neck to the top of my breast then twisted the nipple hard. I bit onto my bottom lip as he watched my facially expression intensely.

“Why don’t you scream like the others”

I never opened my mouth I wasn’t like the other girls I didn’t want this they did I was here under my will they were brought tamed and in love with him. Letting my nipple go his hand traveled further south onto my pussy, slowly he parted my lips and let his cold finger warm up to my hot juices, why was I wet from this.

Stepping closer to my face he was eye to eye with me staring into my soul as if he was looking for something, I just wasn’t sure all I knew was the intensity was killing me making me squirm. I guess the person behind me was about to swing one me again for moving but the masked guy gave them a side eye then met my gaze again. Taking his left arm he wrapped it around my soar behind and held my bare body close to his upper half the pain of his arm touching my wounds that scattered around my thighs and lower back made me hold onto my breath for dear life trying to mask out the external pain.

With his eyes never leaving my face his right hand began to move faster on my clit in a circular motion making the juice from my open hole to travel to my clit and back lubricating his finger as he continued to make O’s. I wanted to close my eyes and feel the high but his dark brown eyes behind the mask pulled me more and more into him as if I was being hypnotized. As I felt my body reaching a peak I parted my lips but let nothing come out, this drove him crazy grabbing me tighter he let his hand slip from my clit and into my pussy two fingers the middle and the ring tearing at my insides as his thumb met my swollen clit again

“Say it now”

His groan confused me it was angry but almost in a moan as if he was feeling the same pleasure I was feeling, not taking my eyes from him my chest began to beat harder up and down as I felt a small vein pop out of my forehead I was feeling more pleasure then my body could explain, his hand soon met my ass and slapped it hard that is when I screamed out at the top of my lungs

“Again do it again”

He demanded as he slapped me again and again trying to break me in

“KING…. I AM YOURS…I am yours”

That took the remainder of the breath out of me, all the energy I was holding in was now gone as I came on his fingers hard letting the liquid slide down his hands as if I was a natural water faucet.
Taking his fingers out of me he let my drained body go and stared me down

“Please don’t make it harder on yourself, speak when spoken to”

Giving the person behind me a head nod he then gave me a side glance and made his way out of the door. A slight tear came to my face as I felt oil being placed to my back. now the real punishment was to begin as the crack of the whip echoed through the room I held my bottom lip between my teeth as tight as I could while never taking my eyes off of the door hoping the masked man would come back, please come back I promise to speak up.