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Chris Brown VIP ticket scam :(

zMy love for Chris Brown, the music, the dancing, the swag, can only be described in one word as – maddening- I’ve irritated some of my friends by this obsession. It is so bad that if I had a dog, I would have sold him for a ticket to see, and talk to and maybe take a photo with my idol. But it was not to be, very sad face.

From the first moment I heard your song Excuse Me Miss, I was hooked on Breezy and you have never disappointed me. Everyone I know can attest to the fact that I am your number 1 fan. When I heard your coming to South Africa I was ecstatic! the only thing I spoke of was your concert and how I could not wait to see you live in Jo’burg. As soon as ticket sales opened I bought the ticket for R 800, then I heard about the VIP golden circle tickets that were being sold for R3000, where I would have the opportunity to meet you, I was beyond excited. Some of the items promised on the VIP promotion was:
1. VIP Standing Golden Circle
2. Chris Brown backpack
3. Chris Brown photo book
4. Chris Brown lanyard
5. And an opportunity to meet Mr Breezy himself!

I immediately went and bought the VIP ticket, as a trainee Auditor and part time student the sacrifice was great, but so worth it, considering I used grocery money and even used some of my textbook money just so I could get the VIP as it was an opportunity of a life time, something I definitely could not let slip through my fingers.

The concert day finally arrived and I was so excited I was bouncing off the walls, I could not keep my heart still. I arrived at the venue only to have my dreams shattered. NO VIP GOLDEN CIRCLE and none of the items promised for the price of the ticket! In fact, one of the ushers was very rude to me (and a few other fans that have spend their hard earned money to treat themselves to this special event) No one knew about the promotion, and could not tell us who to speak to.

I cannot put into words how crushed I am.

Breezy’s performance was off the chains as he never disappoints but in the end I paid so much and sacrificed so much for the nothing as the organisers did not deliver on their promises. I’m just putting it out there so that they don’t scam any other Breezy fans out of their money.

It has been days are I am STILL trying to get hold of someone responsible for this sham.
It is very sad, as South Africa has so many young Breezy fans, and this was a dream come true for so many of us.

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