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Hood Love=Good Love ??? **Repost**

Being the wifey of a dope boy is never easy. dealing with the police scares, late night work,and not to mention the hoes tryna take yo place. but <a href="">i've</a> learned to deal with it. ya see i've been with my babe <a href="">Columbus</a> since i was 15 years-old and he was 20 so you know we done been through it all and three years later im still here. oh btw my name is Kween nd heres the story of my life.

Chapter1: Kween wants her King
Since the first day i saw Columbus i knew i was gonna make him mines no matter what. his milk chocolate skin was so sexy smooth and he stood 5'10" and had a body to die for. the only problem was he was my older brother <a href="">John's</a> bestfriend and i dont want that to be the reason he wont let me have him. everyday he comes over he always asks for a hug and a kiss the next time he comes imma give hime the best kiss ever.!
One hot summer day i was laying out on a towel in the grass with my two piece baby phat swimsuit on and columbus pulled up. i slapped on a quick coat of lipgloss and watched as he got out the car wearing his gucci everything(shirt,shorts,glasses,shoes,hat,belt,and the backpack) looking so sexy.
"hey kween what you doing out here with no clothes on.?" he asked with a smile. he was only saying that because i had the perfect frame for a 24 year old video girl. i wore a size 32C bra and a perfectly flat stomach and hips and ass like Beyonce
"columbus im hot that's why." i replied.
"yeah ok...wheres my hug and kiss.?" i took a deep breath,got up and gave him a hug and when he turned his head for me to kiss his cheek i turned it back and gave him the most passionate kiss on the lips then bite his bottom lip softly but seductively then i walked away and layed back on my towel smiling. for a few seconds he just stood there staring at me with a confused look but then he smiled and went in the house.
i watched as columbus went in the house and then hoped on the phone with my bestie <a href="">leasia</a> to tell her what just happened.
"kween i cant believe you really did that." she said cracking up laughing. leasia has been daring me to make my move ever since she got with her man <a href="">chris</a> who is 22 and she's 16. my bestie was very persistent when she went after chris and it didnt take long for her to get him either.
"leasia i told you imma get columbus by the end of the summer no matter what and this was just the step i needed to take to know if he was on what im on and i can tell he was."
"iight girl we'll see but shoot i dont think john is gonna like this at all."
"oh well this is what i want and its not abt him anymore."


Run It...

Run it

My doctor cleaned me off and left to go print out the ultersound pictures of today. im so happy im having a little girl. thats all i ever dream about ever since i found out i was pregnant.
"thanks for letting me stay and have this experience with you kween. you dont know how much this means to me." columbus spoke up saying while wiping the tears from his eyes.
"im glad you came to your senses and wanted to be apart of this."
"i never didnt wanna be in my child's life."
"oh so you just didnt want us in your house anymore. i get it."
"kween please dont do this right now. we just shared a very lovely moment dont turn this ugly."
"oh you mean like you did the day we confirmed i was pregnant at the doctor's office and you went to meagan the first chance you got. oh and not to mention the fact that you later told me i was a golddigger and made fun of my serious problem."
"what problem.?" i looked at him like he was crazy then showed him my arm where i cut myself that day.
"kween im so sorry baby you have to believe me. im trying to change for the sake of our family."
"its hard to believe anyhting you say anymore." right then the doctor came back in and handedme the pictures. i gave columbus one then i left without any other word.

just something quick since i haven't posted in a while

RUN IT.!!!

Aww Im Happy He Came....
Run It...

Happy he got his mind rite cuz if he didnt john prollie wudda killed him. Run it

Run it

~Four Months Later~
*Kween's POV*
these past few months have been hell for me. between tryna finish out this last year of schooling, the fuxking extreme heartburn, to me still missing the fuxk outta columbus i swear imm a crack eventually. its bad thouggh because columbus really hasnt came with me to any of the doctor visits or even attempted to call me to see how i was doing. i know we ended bad but damn i am carrying your child his child so i would think he would show some type of concern but once again i was wrong.
so today id the day i find out the sex of my baby. i was too nervous in the room all alone just then there was a knock at the door and i thought it was the doctor but surprisingly it was columbus. inside i was super excited that he came but i couldnt allow him to see that.
"what are you doing here.?" i asked looking away.
"i came to find out how our baby is doing."
"columbus its been four months and now you care."
"come on kween im tryna fix this."
"there's nothing to fix remember.? this over dramatic golddigger doesnt want to you here." i said recalling what he said to me the day we broke up.
"im sorry kween you know i didnt mean any of that shyt i said to you that day."
"coulda fooled me."
"look baby im really sorry and i wanna make this right between us. i miss you and i want yoou to come back home."
"its not that easy columbus."
"i know baby but im willing to work as hard as i need to so that i can get you back where you belong."
"and where is that exactly."
"next to me in my bed."
"i dont know columbus. you hurt me so deep and the fact that you've been ignoring me all this time just adds to it. i dont know if we can ever be together again."
"dont say that kween. i promise we can fix this."
"yea ok but for right now i just wanna focus on being a good parent for our baby."
"whatever you say baby."
columbus sat down and we waited for my OBGYN to come back in. he came in and within ten minutes he had my shirt up and the monitors on and we were looking at the baby. i turned towards columbus and he actually had tears forming in his eyes.
"whats wrong with you.?"
"im just so angry with myself that i was neglecting you and my child. look at the screen, thats my baby."
"just so you guys know its a girl." he announce and showing the little butterfly between her legs comforming the sex.
"oh my god." was all i said
"my little princess."
"it looks like she smiling at you two."
columbus was glued to the screen looking at our baby. its like for him to make the commitment he had to see the baby actually looking like a baby and now that he knows the sex as well i think we may have a chance of making this work and us being a happy family.

run it.!!!

Damn run it

Im happy she walking into reality


Run It...

i awoke to john, kelly, leasia, and lisha standing around and john placing a cold rag on my head. i felt like an idiot all over again.
"please dont say anything." i said to them sitting up.
"kween what were you thinking.?" leasia asked.
"the only thing i know. you guys dont get it so just drop it."
"the hell if we are kween. you know how dangeroous that is especially now that your pegnant." lisha spoke up saying.
"i really dont need a lecture right now ok. just leave me alone."
"yea we did that and now look at you. come on kween is columbus really worth losing yours or the baby's lives over.?" kelly asked.
"its not about him its about me.! i just want to forget this whole day happened. i wanna be able to wake up and be back to the way it was. i just wanna be happy again."
"we get that kween but this," john said lifting my arm, "this aint the way to go about it and from now on when you look at your arm your always going to remember this day and what happened that caused you to do this."
"i need to go." i said trying to get up."
"where.?" john asked.
"does it matter.?"
"actually it does kween."
"well not to me." and with that i left out the room and gathered my coat and keys and headed right to columbus' house. i needed to hear these things from his mouth and im not leaving until he tells me everything.

*Columbus's POV*
sitting in my room i just keep thinking about kween. i know what i did was foul but i just wish she would talk to me. i want to explain myself, tell her why i did what i did even though to be honest i really dont know the answer myself. i just wanna tell her how sorry i am about everything and just hold her in my arms. i know she probably hates me right now and with good reason but i wanna move past this and start fresh.
while still in my thoughts i hear the door open and i go downstairs and come face to face with kween. for a while no words are exchanged but i can see it in her eyes that she is in pain and it hurts me to know that i am the cause of it.
"you really dont want me to have your baby.?" she asked.
"its not that baby i swear."
"then what is it.? i thought you loved me."
"kween i do love you baby with all my heart and soul."
"then why did you go to meagan.?"
"i dont know. i was driving around and ended up at her place. i knew i shouldnt have been there but i just couldnt leave. what did you do to your arm.? have you been cutting yourself again.?"
"dont worry about that just tell me why.? of all the people in the world you went to meagan to get help forgeting im having your child. the one person that you know i hated the most. the one person you knew being with would hurt me the most. did you think that by me seeing you with her i would get and abortion.?"
"no kween please just sit down so we can talk and i can look at your arm."
"no i dont wanna sit down i want answers columbus so stop bullshytting around with that 'i love you' shyt and worrying about my cuts just tell me the truth."
"fine.! the truth is im not ready to be a father kween.! im not ready leave the game and settle down with you or anybody else. i have a lifestyle that im not ready to give up yet. i know i asked yhou to move in here with me and dont get me wrong you being here is the best decision i have ever made but a baby right now so soon is not what i want."
"well excuse me Mr. I Hate Condoms but this is what you get when you dont use them and you know what this so-called lifestyle you fighting so hard to keep aint all that."
"you dont be complaining when im cashing you out now do you.?"
"i cant believe you just went there with me. columbus i have NEVER asked you for a dime. and for for to stand there and try to throw that in my face is petty."
"no whats petty is you deciding to be extra and cutting your arm. what does it say.? liars or something."
"your are such an a**hole and no it actually says 'hurt' and you wanna know why."
"because out of all the people around me you were suppose to be the main person i can trust in. you promised me forever yet as soon as times got hard you were quick to walk away and try to tear me down. im keeping my baby rather your in his or her life is up to you. goodbye columbus." without another word i walked out. i never thought we would end this soon but hey, i gotta do whats best for me and my unborn child and if columbus wants to be a whinny bytch about it then oh well. there are plenty of single mothers out there and i dont mind becoming apart of that strong group of women.

RUN IT.!!!

Run It...

uh oh... this bad... this real bad!!!

She betta stp stressn him and realize its all about that baby now not her or him shyt just got real nd alot is about to change. She aint gona have no respect for him. I wouldnt even let him call himself a man around me cuz men do things they dnt wana cuz the have to. He better man up run it

Yea shyt getting real for her lol
Run it.!

That was stupid as hell and selfish she no longer has just her self to think about!!

*Columbus's POV*
as i sat in my house and smoked this L i tried to figure out how kween and i got here. we were so happy but now that she's pregnant i just dont know where this can go. yea i love her but a baby is just too much right now. she has so much going for her in life and now i caused her to be stuck. she thinks she can still do all the things she promised john but truth be told she cant. in the middle of my thoughts there was a bang at my door and when i opened it i was met by a left hook from john.
"damn man what the fuxk was that for.?" i said holding my jaw.
"like you dont know. you fuxked up C and you hurt my sis."
"what did i do.?"
"how do yall know.?"
"kween followed you dumb ass. she said ever since yall left the clinic earlier you were acting weird and when you drove passed the house she followed you all the way over there."
"come on john it wasn't like that man."
"oh it wasn't.? from what meagan said you wanted her to help you forget a problem you were going through. was kween that problem.?"
"no not kween, this baby. man i cant be no daddy right now." i said causing john to try and hit me again but ducked it and he stummbled a little.
"nigga fuxk if you ready you laid down with her and fuxked her raw. your a grown ass man you know the effects of doing that and this baby is one of them." john said clearly heated.
"i know man but kween has her whole life ahead of her and i dont want to be the reason she doesn't chase her dreams."
"you idiot you are her dreams." kelly said.
"what do you mean.?"
"kween loves you more than she loves herself. that should have been clear when yall first got together, hell even before that. kween use to break her back to please you and john and this is the thanks she gets, as soon as something doesnt go the way you want it you go out and try to cheat on her. wait, did you cheat.?" kelly responded.
"i didnt fuxk meagan. i wanted my dicc sucked and she lead me on but then she turned me down and kicked me out her crib." i confessed.
"nigga you have got to be the dumbbest muthafuxker there is. of all the bytched you use to fuxk with you go to the one bytch that kween had problems with." john said shaking his head in disgust.
"you dont understand. your not in my shoes."
"ofcourse im not because i would never do that to kelly. hell we're about to get married soon and even if she was to get pregnant now i still wouldnt have done that. i love her more than anything in this world and i know she feels the same way. now let me ask you something, do you want kween to keep the baby.?"
"thats not up to me its up to her."
"alright smart ass let me repharse it for you. if kween decides to keep this baby where does that leave yall relationship.?"
"honestly john, i dont know."
"wrong answer. lets go kel." with that they both left out and slammed the door behind them. i know i fuxked up and i feel horrible that kween saw me at meagan's house but as far as this baby shyt goes im just not ready yet and cant nobody change that, not even kween.

*Kween's POV*
ever since john left i have been in <a href="">my bedroom</a> crying my eyes out. how could columbus do me like this and why with her.? i just didnt know what to do at this point. were we officially over.? does he not want this baby.? i just dont know. after about an hour or so i finally got up the nerve to call leasia and lisha over. i needed them so badly right now. i was gonna call bre'lin but i didnt have time to be hearing 'i told you so' right now. it only took them twenty minutes to get here and as i met them at the door i collapsed in leasia's arms crying even harder than i was before.
"come on kween lets get inside." leasia said stroking my back and walking with my still on her. we walked up to my room and i began to tell them what happened. it took me longer than what it should have only because i was crying so much.
"so where is john now.?" lisha asked.
"probably still at columbus's house beating his ass."
"this is crazy. i never would have thought in a million years columbus would do something like this.! i thought everything was going so good for you two." leasia said.
"i thought so too but apparently columbus wasnt feeling the same way."
"you think its because of the whole pregnancy thing.?" lisha asked.
"god i hope not.! but even if it is he shoulda just told me. but no instead he ran to that bytches house and did god knows what with her." i said as tears began to flow from my eyes again. just the i heard the door open and i rushed down the stairs.
"john what happened.?" i asked as i seen it was him and kelly.
"kween come here." was all he said as he sat in our father's favorite chair.
"john what did you do.?"
"i didnt do anything horrible now come here." he responded. i walked over and sat by where kelly was standing.
"look there's no easy way of saying this so imma just give you to you straight." he said pausing for a moment. "you cant go back tocolumbus's house."
"he doesnt know if he wants to still be with you now that your pregnant."
"thats not true." i said standing up.
"it is kween i was there and john asked him straight up if you keep the baby then where would yall be as a couple and he said he didnt know." kelly explained.
"maybe he just needs sometime, i mean becoming a parent takes its toll on people." i said trying to justify his response but in all honesty that really hurt me dearly.
"come on now kween i know you dont really believe that shyt. look at you for example,, you just found out your a mom and not once did you decided in any way that you were gonna bail out of this." leasia spoke up saying.
"she right kween you even told bre'lin off about her abortions. columbus is just trying to find an easy out so he wont have to own up to the choices he made in this relationship especially with that girl today." lisha added.
"speaking of which, nothing happened between them." kelly spoke up saying.
"see he cares he probably went over there with those intentions and then realized he shouldnt go through with it because he loves me and left."
"actually kween she turned him down." john said.
"naw she through herself at him. i saw them."
"but did you hear what was said.?" he asked.
"columbus told her he needed her help forgeting a few things. but the truth was that heonly wanted to forget one thing, becoming a father. but she turned him down and made him leave."
"i dont believe that. and how could you believe a word that came out of her mouth."
"because the same words came out of columbus's mouth." i just couldnt believe it. columbus and i are officially over and idont know what to do. i ran back up to my room and locked myself in.
i ran to my spot on the other side of the bed and lifted the the cut piece of carpet that no one knew was there and pulled out my blade i use to use to cut when my parents first died. its crazt though because columbus was the one who helped me stop now look he's the reason im starting again. i lifted my shirt up a little past my elbow and i took the blade and cut one long slice in the middle of my arm. not satisfied with that i just decided to write the word hurt on my arm. i sat ther gazing at the blood tricking down onto the white carpet in my room. i didnt feel like cleaning up my arm, why should i no one really cares about what i do. i sat there playing with the blood for at least three more minutes then i crept out of the room to the bathroom and cleaned my self up. as i walked back out i was met face to face with john. and her looked right at my arm.
"what did you do kween."
"i helped my pain go away." i said walking ack to my room and cleaning my floor.
"kween this is alot of blood." john said obviously getting upset.
"john please not right now." i said feeling my body getting weak.
"fuxk that kween you just cut yoself and you expect me to chill out.?"
"john please i dont feel well." just then i fainted on to the bed.

run it.!!!

oh wow
it's bout to go down
that's all im saying
now missy
u need to run ittt


*Kween's POV*
columbus had been acting funny all day after we left the doctor's office. and when i seen him driveby i knew i had to follow him to see what was up. as soon as I seen that he went into that hoe megan's house I knew what we had was over. his decision to basically say fuxk our family shows me he doesnt really care and neither should i. I went home and packed all my shyt and went back home to john's house. I dont deserve to be treated so disrespected and when I told John what happened he felt the same way but with a little more animostity.
"see i knew i never should have let yall be together now look. your pregnant and heart broken. i should kill this nigga.!" john said throwing a chair.
"bubby please calm down. i just wanna forget about this all. i dont even care. i will raise my baby without him. if he wants to be with her then so be it."
"so be it.? kween this nigga was my boy and he swore to me he wouldn't hurt you. i dont give a fuxk if you forget but me, i can never do that."
"but john,"
"no kween fuxk that.! imma show this nigga what happens when you cross johnathon lee ford.!" without another word john was out the door. i really didnt even have the energy to run after him and truth be told even if i did i still wouldnt have. columbus played both of us and honestly i hope john beats the fuxk outta him.!!!

*John's POV*
i hopped in my car and raced off. first i went over and swooped up kel because i knew once i told her what happened that hoe was about to get that ass tapped.
i went in kel's house and explained what happened and without a word she threw on her basketball shorts, well my shorts, and i beater and pulled her hair into a messybun on her head and we rode on over to meagan's house.
"how do you know where she lives.?" kelly asked.
"i remember swooping columbus up from this girl house a couple times when she flattened his tires so he wouldnt leave.
"this bytch is crazy.!"
"yea but she aint gots no work.! kween tapped that ass already."
"welp she bout to get it handed to her this time." kelly said just as we pulled up to her house. we got out and kelly rushed to the door and knocked calmly. a few seconds later meagan came to the door.
"can i help you with something.?" she asked.
"yea are you meagan.?"
"naw babe that aint her."
"where she at.?"
"who are you.?"
"look baby girl i aint got no beef with you where is meagan.?"
"sharon who is it.?" i heard her say.
"babe let yoself in." i told her. with that kelly bum rushed that hoe and we walked in and there she was sitting on her couch smoking a blunt.
"i dont want to beat yo ass in yo house so can you step outside." kel said to her calmly.
"beat my ass.? baby girl you much be dreaming." meagan said flicking the ashes."
"look bytch i dont know who you are but you need to hit yo cut." sharon said getting in kelly's face."
"what.?" was all kelly said before knocking her out with one hit.
"yo who the fuxk do you think you are coming up in my crib starting shyt. i dont even know you." meagan said obviously getting scared now.
"naw but you know my sis kween and you fuxking with her and i dont like for her to be fuxked with especially while she pregnant."
"ohhh so thats what he wanted to forget." meagan said standing up.
"columbus came over here saying he needed to forget somethings and he made a pass at me."
"and we all know you gave it yo all to help."
"actually john i turned him down and made him leave."
"yea right." i responded.
"its the truth.! i wasnt about to fuxk him knowing he was with that girl. yea if it was a few weeks ago i probably would have but im over him."
"yea ok. imma find out for sure and if your lying im coming back and there wont be no type of talking period." with that we walked out and headed straight to columbus house.

run it.!!!!

Where did Kween go?
The hell is wrong with Columbus though? Get me mad.

I promise as long as I have readers I will
continue to write

Yo, this story is o sooo, gudd. Keep writting plz.


"yo kween what's going on.? we aint had a conference call in ages." leasia asked.
"well I just needed to be able to tell all yall something at once." i responded
"aw shyt what columbus do now.?" bre'lin asked.
"damn dont be so negative let the girl talk." lisha spoke up saying.
"well excuse me but its just me. you know me so deal with it." she responeded back.
"can I please talk.?" i asked trying to avoid an argument.
"yes go ahead." bre'lin said.
"thanks you. ok so I called you all to tell yall that im having a baby."
"I told yo hard headed ass you was pregnant.!" lisha said laughing.
"shut up." i told her.
"so are you gonna keep it.?" leasia asked.
"ofcourse she's not. her and columbus can not handle no baby right now especially since he not ready to give that street life up yet." bre'lin answered for me.
"who are you to tell me im not ready for no baby.?"
"well are you.?" lisha asked.
"no but that's not the point! bre'lin, you dont make decisions for me."
"obviously because if I did we wouldnt be having this conversation right now." she shot back.
"bre you aint got no room to talk." leasia said.
"what you mean.?"
"how many abortions have you had.?" she asked.
"and so what.! me and michael know we not ready for kids so yes i've done what's best."
"but come on, three abortions is too much. get on fuxking birth control and call it a day." i said.
"dont be preaching to me about birth ." i responded.
"yea whatever." was all she could say.
We sat on the phone another twenty minutes basically just in silence then finally hung up. in a way i knew they weren't gonna be that happy for me but i dont care i love columbus and i know we will love this baby too. then next day we went to the clinic and learned that i was exactly four weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby. i later called John with the news.
he let me have it for a good three hours straight about how i'm ruining my life and how now its going to be hard for me to finish schoool and go to college. i tried to tell him it wasnt like that because no matter what i will finish and i will find a school that will allow me to be able to take my baby with me. after that all he simply said for me to take care of myself and this baby the right way and that he'll be there when I need him and that was all I needed to reassure myself that I was making the right choice by keeping this baby. it will have all the love it will ever need and thats all that matters. nothing and nobody was gonna take this away from me.
i walked around the house then i noticed columbus drive by. there is something wrong with him i just know it.

*Columbus's POV*
im just in a state of shock forreal. im really about to be a dad and i dont know if imma be able to deal fully. i know i put on the front to kween that im overjoyed but in all honesty im scared shytless. im bout to be responsible for another life and im worried.
after i took kween back to the house i been out driving all day and i randomly ended up at meagan's house. i didnt know why im here but i just cant leave. as if by clock work meagan walks out the door and immediately notice me.
"what are you doing here. im pretty sure your precious kween doesnt know your here so what do you want.?" she said walking towards me.
"your right she doesnt know so shut your mouth and lets go inside." i told her getting out my car.
"for what.?" she asked.
"let me in and find out."
i led her back to her door so she could open it and we went inside. my mind was completely blank. i knew i shouldn't be here right now but i needed to get my mind clear about this baby and meagan was the right person to help me forget. it was what she did best.!
walking around in megan's house i knew i was making a huge mistake but at the same time i just wanted to forget the fact that my life is about to be changed forever. its crazy though because i love Kween with all my heart but im just not ready to be a dad.
"columbus are you alright.?" meagan asked.
"yea im good. why.?" i responded
"because i just cant understand why your here."
"i need to forget a few things and you know you can help me with that."
"oh ofcourse.! come here honey."
i walked over to her and she sat me on the couch and climbed on top of me and she started kissing me and rubbing on my dicc. i was so into the moment and glad. just then she got up and looked at me.
"whats going on meg.?" i asked confused.
"im not about to go there with you. get out my house."
"oh why it gotta be like that.?" i said walking towards her and rubbing her back.
"cuz I said so now bye."
"come on meg please."
"naw brah you good. go tell kween to help you <cite>forget</cite> nigga."
"you know what fine.! dueces."
i cant believe she turned me down like that. oh well fuxk her too then. i walked to my car and got in and drove on home only to find am empty house. i tried calling kween but it went straight to voicemail. What The Fuxk Is Going On.?

run it.!!!

Kween just don't know to think before she speaks huh?

no more runs.?


lol i love being right about OTHER people being pregnant
and what their pregnant with lol