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OPEN ! .. My Heart Controls My Mind.

Hey everyone ! Alright so cutting straight to the chase. I have a confession.. I have been a silent reader for a VERY long time. Partly because I read from my phone most of the time. But blahh, whatever. I had a story on here a long ass time ago. It did numbers on so I brought it over here. but ChrisBrownWorld had been tripping so I never got to upload the whole thing. I'm trying to get more involved now, because all of us basically have ONE thing in common. CHRISTOPHER MAURICE. Im going to start reviewing more now and Im going to start my story over.

Introducing .... My Heart Controls My Mind.

My Knees Start To Shake When Your In Sight, My Mind's Filled With Wonder, My Heart With Fright. When Will This Feeling STOP, When Did It Start ? How Can I Listen To My Mind Without Breaking My Heart. I Am So Confused What Should I Do. I Cant Think Of Anything Except For You. Should I Ignore You Or Just Give It Time, I Cant Think Straight My Heart Controls My Mind.

The context of the word itself defines me. Alone in the hard streets of Harlem with nowhere to turn. Yes. I was Definitely Alone.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kimiko Harris. My mom was Japanese and Dominican and my father was African American. I guess its safe to say Im a pure bread mutt. 18 years old and currently standing in the cold rain waiting for the next bus to come and take me as far away as possible .

I wasnt always this unfortunate. Just a few days ago I was your typical college girl, experiencing all the college frat parties and stuggling to stay awake in my classes. I had an amazing boyfriend who would buy me the world if I asked for it. His name was Dre', he was my bestfriend as well as my man and after my parents died in that car accident he was helping me pay for my college tuition. The only problem was that Dre' was a drug dealer. At the time it didnt bother me because we were still well off, and he would always be right there next to me when I woke up the next day.

But, over the last few days he would stop coming home and would only send me text messages , which was weird because we always talked on the phone. Until, a couple of weeks ago when he just never showed up. No calls. No texts. Nothing. What made it even worse is that I didnt have a dime, no tuition money or rent. You might think that it was stupid of me to not save the money as time went on. But, I would have never expected some s*** like this to happen. He told me it was US together, Forever and Always.
A few days ago, the school's financial aid denied me, and I found the eviction notice on the apartment door.

So I did the only thing I knew how, I ran from my problems.

Which is why Im sitting on this bench, at 1:00 im the morning, in the cold rain waiting on this bus to take me far away from here.
With my head in the palms of my hand as I ponder on the possible places I can go this late at night, a clean black on black 2011 Chrysler 300 pulls up to the curb.

"Ayo" A deep authoritive voice calls out to me. From the bench I looked up to see a Light Skinned man with a Chicago Bulls Snapback on with curly blond hair peeking through the side. In the Passenger seat was what seemed to be a woman also.

" Who M- Me?" Oh f*** Kimiko . How can this nigga possibly make you stutter already.

"Yo Ma, the buses stopped running a while ago. You need a ride?" he asked.
I didnt know this dude from Jack s***, and I sure as hell wasnt about to get in the car with him. But, it was raining hard as f*** tonight.

"Come on now b****, I dont have all night." You could hear the agitation in his voice boom out as he spoke.


"Drive off then, you f*** Ass Nigga."

He flipped his middle finger at me, as the tires of his car screeched off.
Figures, just like all the rest of these inconsiderate ass boys in the hood wannabes.

As the rain continued to pour down on my head full of curls, I realized I was back to square ONE .

Kimiko's name is pronounced ( Kuh - Me - Ko )

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