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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


Run it

Aww...they are FINALLY a couple. Run it!!!

Yay they are official now I'm excited.... ARE YOU STILL WRITING Catch me...????

WHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA! Get'r Julian!!! My dude got that killer head game. Good for the both of them! Hell, even I twitched a few times reading this post! Well written ma! RUN IT!!!!

julian is a FREAK! zaira gon be begging for it now lol RUN IT

Oh s*** zaria got some of that good head lol
Run it!!!

Www for real tho. Travis bit h as work for Antonio and been spying on Just and Zaira really tho. b**** at what Julian put them paws on his as. Tryna mess up what he and Zaira have uh not happening. Im glad they vowed to make it work even with they situation. Travis better stay away from Zaira or Julian gone have at ass.
Now who knew Julian was such a freak. Important gone start calling him the Pussy monster lol. He gave Zaria the business she ain't know what was happening with her body lol. Get it Ju bear.Yeah Zarias ready for the D now thanks to him. Travis wasn't s*** lol. I can't wait till they pay off Antonio so the can move on with they lives. Run It

Run it


Four days pass and it’s Friday and I am spending the day with Zaira. We both get out of class at around 1 pm on Fridays, so I will be spending my day with her, until I have to go to work. Right now, Zaira and I are at her apartment, just chilling in her bed. I wish I could lay with her forever. I feel so content and at peace when she is wrapped in my arms and me in hers. There is no place I rather be. I am lying down on my back and Zaira is lying on her side with her head on my chest.

“I love laying here with you Zaira,” I said.

“I love it too....I wish we could do it forever,” Zaira said.

“I feel the same way....give me a kiss.” Zaira turns her head and pecks my lips. She tries to turn her head to focus back to the television, but I grab her head to stop her. I kiss her deeply and she moans as I slide my tongue inside of her mouth. I love it when she does that s***, turns me on so much. I run my left hand down the side of her face and neck and arm. I then rest it on her waist as she turns on her back. I run my hand across her stomach and I feel her breath deeply. I slowly slide my left hand up her shirt and run it gently across her toned stomach. Damn her skin is soft. It feels so good. I want to touch every part of her body! I run my hand across her hip and she shakes a bit. We are kissing passionately as I slowly sneak my fingertips inside of Zaira’s shorts and panties. I can already feel the heat coming from her pussy. s***. She moans in my mouth and I feel her move. I open my eyes slightly and look down at her body and I notice she opened her legs. Is she giving me access? Because I will gladly accept this invitation! I pull out of the kiss and stare at Zaira and she stares at me.

“.....I want to feel you baby, can I do that?,” I asked softly. Zaira just looks at me and nods her head and I smile a bit.

“I won’t hurt you. I promise. I want you to look at me. See me. Know that I won’t hurt you. If you want me to stop you tell me,” I said. Zaira just swallows and nods her head. I gently bite my bottom lip as I slide my hand further into Zaira’s panties. I smile to myself when I feel her bald womanhood. Zaira moaned lowly in pleasure. Damn I want to see it though, not just feel it.

“Can I please take these off of you?,” I asked. Zaira nods her head and she lifts up her hips and I slide down her shorts and panties and I throw them to the side. Zaira spreads her legs wide and my eyes travel straight to her womanhood and I lick my lips. Damn it’s beautiful.

“This looks good baby,” I said softly. Zaira is just staring at me panting a bit. I change my position so I am in between her legs. I push her legs back and I feel her tense up.

“It’s ok baby. Relax for me,” I said softly. She just looks me in her eyes and I see her take a deep breath and I feel her relax into the bed. I kiss every inch of her legs and then I put my face right to her pussy. I look up at her and I can tell she looks nervous. By the time I am done with her, she will be begging me to stop. I can’t wait to hear her beg ;). When we really get down to business, I am going to tear her sexy ass up, she doesn’t even know!! I lick my lips and I gently peck Zaira’s pussy and she jumped back. I just laugh a bit and she gives me a worried look. Oh my gosh she has never had this done before, I can tell!!

“You’ve never had this done before have you?,” I asked. She just shakes her head in shame and I smirk to myself. I don’t mind at all being the first.

“That’s ok Zaira I don’t mind being the first.....I’ll take my time. I have to get you ready first, you’re still a little tense,” I said. I take my right hand and I gently caress her pussy lips. She closes her eyes and bites her bottom lip. I can already feel her getting wet. Damn I’m getting hard just looking at her. I gently rub her clit with my thumb and Zaira moans loudly. Her moans are sexy as f***. I then gently slide my index finger inside of her and she squirms. f*** she is tight as s***!! Even just around my finger she is so tight; I cannot even imagine how tight she would feel around my d***. Damn I’m hard as a rock right now. I want Zaira so damn bad, but I have to keep it cool. I can’t go for it all right now. I gently move my finger in and out and Zaira squirms as she moans a bit.

“Julian.....mmm,” Zaira moaned in pleasure.

“Does this feel good baby?,” I asked. Zaira just nods her head and I smile to myself. I lean down and flick my tongue across Zaira’s clit and she jumped back.

“Don’t run from me,” I said softly. Zaira opens her eyes to look at me and I take my index finger out of her and I lick it while staring at her. She is just staring back at me with the most eager look at her face.

“Damn you’re sweet......can I really taste you though Zaira?,” I said sensually. She just nods her head and I smirk.

“I want you to say exactly what you want me to do,” I said. She swallows hard and I smile a bit.

“I...I...I want you to taste me,” Zaira said softly.

“Oh I would be glad to....and don’t be so nervous,” I said. Zaira takes a deep breath and nods her head. I lick my lips and I sit up and I take one of her pillows. I lift up her hips and slide it under her back. I then get back in position and I lean in and I gently lick her clit and she jumps back.

“Oh I’m going to have to hold you down huh?,” I said. She just looks at me as she bites her lip. I pin her legs back into bed and hold them there. She is not getting away from me. I lean down again and I lick every inch of her pussy with long, strong strokes.

“Ahhh Julian,” Zaira moaned. Her moans turn me on so much. I then kiss every inch of Zaira’s pussy and I can hear her breathing speed up. I hope she’s ready for this tongue ;) I’m about to eat like I’m malnourished! I then start to suck on Zaira’s pussy lips and she moans out load.

“Julian!! Ohh!,” Zaira moaned loudly. I then suck on her clit while flicking my tongue and Zaira squirmed all over the place, trying to escape me!

“Julian!!!!!,” Zaira practically yelled. She has no idea how much she is turning me on. I think I really need to show her what I can do though. I lick down a bit and then I slide the tip of my tongue inside of her. Zaira sat up quickly on her elbows and screamed! She scoots her hips back away from me and just stares at me and I stare at her while smirking.

“ god,” Zaira said while panting hard.

“Surprised you huh?,” I asked. Zaira just nods her head and I laugh a bit.

“You want to stop?,” I asked. She just looks at me and I can already tell the answer is no.

“....I know you don’t want me to you have two choices. You are either going to lie back and enjoy this, or you are going to ride my face. The choice is yours,” I said. She just bites her bottom lip and lies back down.

“Interesting choice....if you rode my face, you could control how much tongue you can take, but now I get to decide,” I said.

“Wait,” Zaira said while sitting up.

“No it’s too late now,” I said while pushing her gently to lie back down. She takes a deep breath and I get back into position and I suck on Zaira’s clit a good few times as she moans in pleasure. I then stiffen my tongue and I move it in and out of her wet pussy slowly.

“Ju-Julian.....oh my god,” Zaira said lowly. I love the way she says my name through moans. I grip her hips tight and I pick up my pace. Zaira is moaning, while squirming as she tries to get away from me.

“Julian!!! Ahhh.....f***!,” Zaira yelled out in pleasure. Damn I got her swearing?! I’ve never heard Zaira swear before, so I know I must be doing something right. I’m taking her out of her element just how I wanted to. I continue to move my tongue back and forth inside of Zaira’s pussy as deep and as fast I can. I can tell she is loving it, she cannot keep still!!

“Ohhhhhh! Ju-ahhh!,” Zaira screamed in pleasure. She puts her left hand on my head to try to stop me, but I’m not stopping. She then puts her hands on my shoulders to try to push me away, but I don’t budge. She tries to get her legs from under my grip, but I don’t stop. I can’t stop, she tastes too good. I can’t stop until she climaxes.

“Julian! I can’t....stop!,” Zaira yelled. She is enjoying this, so I won’t stop. I continue at my fast pace for a about ten minutes, while flicking my tongue across her clit every now and then, until I feel her tense up around my tongue.

“Julian.....stop....I feel something weird,” Zaira begged through moans. I continue moving my tongue, and I take my right hand and rub Zaira’s clit.

“Ohhhh!!! Julian!!!! Wait....I,” Zaira just opens her mouth wide bulges her eyes in shock and I stare at her. I feel pressure pushing my tongue outward and I pull my tongue out of her, sit up a bit, and I rub her clit while also moving my right index finger in and out of her and I am shocked by what happens next.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!,” Zaira screamed as liquid comes shooting out of her pussy. She can squirt?!? Damn!!! That s*** is sexy!! Zaira closes her eyes and her body shakes and contorts uncontrollably as she squirts all over her sheets and me. Once her climax passes from her body, Zaira breaths heavily and opens her eyes. She looks down at me and notices my shirt is somewhat wet and so are a good portion of her sheets. She puts her hand over her mouth in shock and she looks at me embarrassed. I just smile at her and she quickly looks away from me. I get from in between her legs and she quickly closes her legs.

“Zaira are you embarrassed?,” I asked. She just looks at me and nods her head.

“Why?,” I asked.

“.....I’ve never done that before. It’s not....normal,” she said shamefully.

“Some woman can squirt Zaira that’s a fact......that s*** is sexy too!”

“....Really?,” she asked eagerly. I just bite my lip and nod my head and she looks down at her body and tries to cover herself up.

“Awww you’re getting shy on me,” I said while laughing a bit.

“....I’m so embarrassed. I got your shirt wet and look at my sheets,” Zaira said while turning on her side to face me.

“Don’t be embarrassed.....did you like what we did?,” I asked.

“Yes,” Zaira said while smiling a bit.

“How did my tongue feel?”

“I....I have no words.....your tongue is a weapon.”

“You haven’t met my real weapon baby,” I said while looking down at my manhood. She looks down that way too and her eyes bulged a bit. I have on jeans, but she can see the somewhat large bulge in my pants.

“....You’re going to kill me with that weapon,” she said while laughing.

“Well....I am going to tear your ass up, that’s for sure,” I said while smirking. Zaira smacks her lips and I laugh at her.

“I’m only joking.....when you’re ready, I will make it perfect for you. I will take my time and be gentle,” I said. Zaira smiles and I turn her on her back. I open up her legs quickly and I lean down and suck her wet pussy dry. I then lick my lips as I look back at her.

“You taste so damn sweet.....I knew you would be, you eat all that damn fruit,” I said while laughing a bit. Zaira blushes a bit and I smile at her. Her shyness turns me on so much. I get out of the bed and I take off my shirt and beater, both of which Zaira got wet with her juices.

“Looks like you’re going to have to change your sheets every time I come over huh?,” I teased. Zaira just looks down and I go over to her and I hold my hand out to her. She looks at me and then takes my hand and I help her out of the bed. She pulls her shirt down with an attempt to hide her pussy, but she fails.

“Don’t hide now Zaira. I’ve already seen her.....and she’s beautiful,” I complimented. She just looks at me and I can tell she is worried about something.

“What’s wrong?,” I asked.

“.....I feel weird about all of this....I mean....we’re not even a couple,” Zaira said softly.

“Do you feel promiscuous or something?” Zaira puts her head down and nods it slowly.

“Ok you’re joking right?,” I said while laughing a bit. Zaira just looks up at me confused and I grab her hand I pull her closer to me. I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her close. She wraps her arms around me and looks up at me.

“I just....I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me,” Zaira said.

“How could I get the wrong idea about you Zaira? I know you are not promiscuous. You wouldn’t even do this with Travis and he was your boyfriend, but you weren’t ready then,” I said.

“I know.....but...everything is different with just turn me on so much, I can’ make me want to give into all of my urges,” Zaira said while looking me in my eyes.

“It feels good to hear you say that.....I know that sex is a very sensitive topic with you Zaira and I can’t and I won’t rush this, so what we did is enough for me right now....I had to give into a few of my urges though. I couldn’t help it. I know I said at first I wanted to feel you, but I had to taste you. I just had to know how you taste....and I’m very happy with what I found out,” I said while smirking. Zaira laughs a bit and I lean down and kiss her lips. I then move my hands down to her ass and I rub my hands all over it as Zaira giggles. Her giggle is f***ing sexy. Everything about her is sexy! It’s so hard for me to just hold her like this, when I really want to lie her down and find out how deep she is. I can’t rush that just yet though. I gently slap her left ass cheek and she jumps in shock and looks at me.

“That hurt,” Zaira said while pouting a bit.

“Aww I’m sorry. Want me to kiss it to make it feel better?,” I said in a childish tone.

“Oh you would just love that!”

“Actually I would.” Zaira sticks out her tongue at me and I lean down and suck on it hard. Zaira slaps my chest and I laugh and pull away.

“Don’t stick your tongue out at me unless you want me to suck it,” I warned.

“You’re nasty,” Zaira said while giggling.

“Oh I know....and by the time I’m done with you, you are going to be the same way.” Zaira just bites her bottom lip and looks my naked torso up and down. She runs her hands up and down my arms and then up and down my chest and abs. I’m already hard as s***, so this is not helping! I watch her as she uses her fingertips to trace over a few of my chest tattoos.

“You’re so sexy,” Zaira said softly. She leans in and gently kisses my chest. Ahhh her lips! They feel so good against my body. I would love to get use to this. Zaira looks up at me and she puckers her lips. I smile and give her a gentle kiss.

“Let’s change your sheets,” I said. Zaira nods her head and she slips on a clean pair of panties and yoga pants and then we completely change her sheets. We then lie down back in the bed and cuddle close.

“Julian?,” Zaira asked.

“Yeah?,” I said.

“....Did you realize that you kept calling me baby?”

“...Yeah I did.”

“ you want me to be your baby?”

“You already are.” Zaira looks me in my eyes and I just smile at her. I kiss her forehead and she smiles big and she wraps her arms around me and holds me tight. We’re official now :)

Run it...!!!

Run it

Gonna get me a gun and introduce myself to Travis

thye need to DO IT!! LMAO..but why is travis being such a pest! like omg she dont want you..! u chose Lisa and now that she aint makin u happy no more u bothering zaira's happiness..julian need to hurry up and get this money im tired of this mess he it

I wish julian ccould hurry up and pay the rest of that money to antonio so him and zaira can be happy together.
Run itt!

Ugh Travis must go....

I know this may sound bad somebody needs to kill Travis ASAP!!! He need to let them be happy, he had his chance and messed up! Ok Zaira you a lil freak on the slick lol

Readers I just want you to know how much I love ya'll. New and old readers I appreciate you all so much!! <3


Two days pass and it’s Monday morning and I am sitting in the dining hall eating in a booth, waiting for Julian. He told me he would meet me this morning. I’m so happy he has forgiven me and he is back in my life. I have missed him and I don’t want to lose him the way I did. I want him in my life to stay. As I am eating, I feel a tap on my shoulder and I smile to myself, but I frown when I look up and see Travis. I just roll my eyes and look away and Travis sits across from me.

“Travis what is your problem?,” I asked frustrated.

“Zaira....ever since we broke up I have not been able to get you out of my mind. I realize I made the biggest mistake by cheating on you....especially with someone like Lisa,” Travis said sympathetically.

“Oh really? Isn’t that your girl now?”

“No she’s not....we just f*** no emotion on my part whatsoever.”

“Whatever Travis....I don’t know how you think I can forgive you after all you put me through. You cheated on me, you slapped me, and you tried to force yourself on me. How can I forgive you huh? Why would I want you in my life?”

“Because you love me.”

“I loved you. Not anymore Travis.”

“....So you love Julian huh?”

“I didn’t say that, but I do care about him if you must know.” Travis just studies me and he looks me up and down. He then focuses on my neck. I am sure he notices the hickey Julian left on my neck. I shift my weight uncomfortably in my seat and then I look at Travis and he looks at me.

“You f*** him?,” Travis asked angrily.

“That’s none of your business!,” I said defensively.

“He ain’t even your man! So you f***ed him and you wouldn’t even give me a chance? Huh?,” Travis said angrily.

“Travis stop! Are you crazy? What Julian and I do is none of your business!” Just then Julian comes up to the table and looks at Travis then at me.

“Zaira is he bothering you?,” Julian asked.

“Not anymore, he was just leaving,” I said while looking at Travis. Travis just sighs and he gets up and walks away. Julian sits next to me and kisses my lips multiple times.

“What was he doing here?,” Julian asked.

“Just saying the same old lies like how he missed me. I don’t get him....we saw my hickey and he asked if know. Then he got mad saying how me and you could have sex when I wouldn’t with him and I was actually in a relationship with him.....he’s just crazy,” I said while shaking my head.

“Forget him....and he would know for sure if you and I had sex. You would be glowing, smiling non-stop, probably be walking funny, and that hickey on your neck, would not be the only visible one,” Julian said while smirking. I just raise my eyebrows in shock and I hit his chest playfully.

“You are so bad,” I said while laughing.

“You don’t even know half of it,” Julian said. He kisses my cheek and then leaves the table and gets his breakfast. He then comes back and sits next to me in the booth. He puts his arm around my waist and starts eating. I just smile at him and he looks at me and smiles. He puts a grape on his fork and puts it to my mouth. I eat the grape and start to chew it, until Julian grabs my face and kisses me deeply. He swipes his tongue once in my mouth then pulls away. I just look at him and then see him chewing the grape that was in my mouth!! o_0 I have no words right now. Why did he do that?!? Ugh what’s his problem? Not that I mind what he did but still.

“Why...why di-did you do that?,” I asked as I stuttered a bit.

“I like the way you taste that’s all. Your lips and your tongue,” Julian said sexily. Lord please help me! I just want him to lie me down on this table and do whatever he wants to me!

“I can’t help it baby, I mean-,” Julian stopped talking when he realized what he said to me. I just look at him in shock and he looks at me.

“I....uh I didn’t mean that,” Julian said.

“You didn’t?,” I asked.

“I mean I did but.....f*** I’m sorry.”

“It didn’t bother me Julian.”

“It’s just....we’re not together. And we can’t be until I finish this s*** with Antonio.”

“I know that.....I would like to be your baby though Julian,” I said honestly.

“I know and I want you to be mine....and I want to be yours.” I just smile and kiss his cheek.

“You’re so sweet Juju,” I said while grinning.

“Zaira....what did I tell you about calling me that?,” Julian said while narrowing his eyes.

“What are you going to do about it?,” I asked.

“Spank that nice round ass of yours,” Julian teased back. I just smack my lips and Julian busts out laughing.

“You’re a freak,” I said while laughing.

“I know that....are you?,” Julian asked.

“Boy eat your breakfast,” I said while shaking my head.

“First thing you should now, I’m not a boy. Want me to show you why not?” I just narrow my eyes at Julian and he laughs at me.

“I’m only joking Zaira alright?,” Julian said.

“I know Julian,” I said while smiling.

“Good....can I ask you something?”

“Sure Julian.”

“....How long has it been since know?”

“A long time.....I was a senior in high school.”

“Wow....that’s a long time.”

“Yeah it is.....I just haven’t felt ready since.....since I was raped.”

“I understand....did they catch who did it?”

“Yeah they did and he is in jail.”

“Well that’s were able to identify him?”

“Yeah....he....he made me look at him the whole time. If I closed my eyes he would become very forceful and I just wanted it all to stop so I did what he said.”

“....I’m so sorry that happened to you Zaira. You didn’t deserve that.”

“Thanks.....I just wish that it didn’t affect me the way it did. It’s been over two years since it happened and I’m just.....still so hurt by all of it.”

“And that’s understandable Zaira....rape is the worst thing you could do to a woman. I mean for him to take advantage of you in the most personal way it’s just not right. He hurt you in the deepest way possible.....was there any....physical damage?”

“Well.....he did punch me a few times and he cut I had bruises and cuts, but they healed quickly....there was more psychological damage done.....I blamed myself for the longest time.”

“What? How could you blame yourself for what he did?”

“I just think.....what if I didn’t wear what I was wearing that night, or what if I didn’t leave when I left and I asked why I left that party by myself....I question a lot of things.” Julian takes my face in his hands and looks at me intensely and I look back at him in his eyes.

“Zaira, you should not blame yourself for what he did. Who cares about what you wore or why you left the party by yourself that still gives no man a right to do what he did to you. It was his choice and he chose to do the wrong thing not you.” This man is amazing. He always knows just what to say. I’m falling so hard for him and so fast. I just wrap my arms around his neck and I hug him tight. Julian wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me back.

“....You’re so amazing,” I said softly.

“I wish,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“You always know what to say to make everything better.”

“You’re sweet.”

“Hey lovebirds!,” Angela called out. Julian and I pull out of the hug and look and see Angela and Cameron.

“Hey,” I said while smiling.

“Hey.....Zaira we need to tell you something,” Cameron said. I just nod my head and Angela and Cameron sit across from me and Julian. They look at each other and then they look at me. I notice they both seem a bit worried.

“What’s going on?,” I asked.

“Man that nigga Travis is up to no good,” Cameron said.

“What do you mean?,” I asked with concern.

“.....I’ve been hearing that he knows that nigga Antonio. Like he started making runs for him, like you do Julian,” Cameron said.

“What?!,” Julian and I said in unison.

“Yeah it’s true.....apparently Antonio asked him to keep an eye on you Julian....Travis is how Antonio found out about you spending time with Julian. Travis is how he find out about you and Julian at the concert that night at the club,” Angela said.

“What? He’s been watching us?,” I asked in shock.

“Yeah....and he really has it out for you Julian....he won’t hesitate one second to tell Antonio about anything he doesn’t feel you should be doing,” Angela said. I just look at Julian and I can tell he is pissed off right now. His fists are clenched and so is his jaw.

“Why the f*** is this nigga mad? Because Zaira is interested in me now and she doesn’t want his punk ass?,” Julian said angrily.

“Probably...he wants Zaira back and I guess he is willing to do anything to make that happen,” Angela said. I just sigh heavily and suddenly Julian gets up.

“Julian wait!,” I called out. I watch him and I see him walk right over to where Travis is sitting with Lisa of course. Julian picks Travis up out of his seat and they exchange some pretty heated words. Travis pushes Julian away from him and Julian swings one time, punching Travis hard in the face, causing Travis to fall down instantly. I just gasp in shock as Julian quickly leaves the dining hall mad as hell. I quickly get up from my seat and Angela and Cameron do the same and we all leave the dining hall in a hurry. We look around and see Julian quickly walking away.

“We’ll stay here, go talk to him,” Angela said. I nod my head and I run to Julian and in front of him and stand in front of him. He looks so mad and I have never seen him like this.

“...Talk to me Julian,” I said softly.

“No one wants me to be f***in’ happy Zaira! I don’t understand it! These niggas are running my life and I hate this s***! I can’t do anything without being watched by someone! I’m sick of this! These niggas can be happy and do whatever the f*** they want and I can’t! All because my brother was set up! This s*** isn’t right Zaira! It’s not f***in’ fair! When will I be able to be happy huh? When is it my turn? f***!,” Julian yelled in frustration.

“I want you to be happy Julian,” I said while looking Julian in his eyes. He just looks in my eyes and sighs.

“I’m so sorry Zaira. I brought you into this s***’s my entire fault,” Julian said.

“Don’t blame yourself because I don’t blame you,” I said honestly.

“.....You don’t deserve this s*** Zaira. Not at all.”

“But I deserve you....and you deserve me.” Julian just stares at me and I see tears form in his eyes. I can’t even imagine how frustrating all of this is for him. It drives me crazy sometimes and it’s not even my life. I move closer to him and I wrap my arms around him and I rest my head on his chest as I hold him close. He puts his head down so it’s resting on my left shoulder. I gently rub Julian’s back.

“It’s ok Julian. I am here for you and I’m not going anywhere,” I said.

“I need you so much don’t understand what you do for me,” Julian said softly.

“I think I have an idea,” I said while smiling a bit. I kiss his cheek multiple times and I pull out of the embrace and look up at him.

“Julian I’m sorry about Travis. He has it in his mind that we will get back together but that will never happen.....I don’t want him....I just want you Julian,” I said.

“....I want you too Zaira,” Julian said.

“....But I do now that for now, unless we are on campus....we should keep our distance.”

“....You’re right.”

“I know it will be worth it though once you get all of this settled.....I can stay at your place and you can stay at mine. We can spend every night together if you want to. We can go out together, like to the movies or dinner or bowling! I love bowling Julian....there’s so many things I want to do with you.”

“I would like all of that.....and I have some things I would like to do with you involving you completely naked in my bed, or in my shower, or on my table, or on my floor, whichever you prefer,” Julian said while smirking. I just hit Julian’s chest hard and he just laughs at me.

“I had no clue you were such a freak,” I said while laughing.

“Well it’s not something I advertise....but when I get really close to just comes out....especially with you. With your sexy ass,” Julian said sexily. I just giggle and Julian just stares at me in shock.

“What is it?,” I asked.

“Your giggle....damn! That s*** is sexy as f***!,” Julian exclaimed. I just smile and blush and Julian kisses my forehead.

“You’re so shy but I like’s a turn on to be honest.....makes me want to make you come out of your shell.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“I can do some things that will have you screaming and climbing walls. I can take you completely out of your natural self, turn you into a completely different person,” Julian said c**kily. Oh. My. Goodness. This man......ahhhhhh!! I can’t even deal right now. I feel like I don’t even want to wait when it comes to him. The minute we say we are together, I just want him to take complete control of my body! I don’t even know if I can wait that long! I am feeling this weird tingling sensation in my womanhood and I haven’t felt that in a long time.

“You need to stop,” I said.

“Why? You don’t like it when I make your pussy throb?,” Julian whispered in my left ear. How did he know?! Ugh I hate how well he can read me, especially sexually. I know that when Travis use to talk to me sexually, I wouldn’t feel very comfortable. Just because he was so explicit about things, not sensual the way Julian is. Julian brings out something in me that Travis or even my old boyfriend in high school never did. He makes this topic of conversation comfortable to talk about, even if it’s in a very flirtatious/sexual tone. I don’t mind it at all.

“...You’re nasty,” I said while smirking.

“I know are you?,” he asked. I just smirk to myself and I pull Julian’s head down to me. I lick my lips and then I trace Julian’s left ear with my tongue. I felt him jump a bit in shock, but I think he liked it since he cursed lowly.

“Does that answer your question?,” I whispered in Julian’s left ear. I kiss it softly then look at him and he looks at me.

“I knew it. You’re not fooling anyone with that shy act. You have an inner freak that wants to come out and play and I am more than willing to bring her out. I really want to meet her,” Julian said.

“You’re silly,” I said while laughing.

“But I’m right huh?”

“Maybe. You’ll have to find out.”

“Oh I will find out. I will.” I just smile at Julian and I kiss his lips and then I take his hand as we walk back to the dining hall. I really like the path our relationship is on and I can’t wait to see just where this path will lead us.

Yes yes yes. Thank you lord they made up. Im so glad they both let go of there stubbornness and were able to make up. f*** Antonio these two deserve happiness too. Glad he showed up to her house. I love those two. They talked they ate they worked it all out. Loved the add. Run it!!!

I cant wait till Julian can leave those streets alone!Im glad the made up and he starting to let his inner freak show with her lol Upz

they fixed it!!! im waiting on the day when she gives him some lol i know she wants to! but anyway so glad the situation is fixed and everyone julian go get the last of this money so yall can be free to live how yall want! cant wait til his debt is paid cuz antonio is really annoying me..RUN IT!!

I am in love with this story!

I love Julian

Aww yay they fixed it....,!!


Another two weeks have passed since my last encounter with Julian. I was just so hurt by what he said to me at his mom’s house. He basically said I wasn’t the one for him and that hurt me so bad for some reason. He hasn’t even given me a chance to really prove myself so he really doesn’t know what I can offer him. I could be really good for him and with him if he just gives me another chance. I have seen him on multiple occasions on campus and we just look at each other, but we don’t speak. I can tell he wants to say something to me, but he never does. I don’t want to say anything to him because I want him to come to me first. I miss Julian so much. He became a really close friend and my feelings for him grew every second I was with him. I just want him back. Even though we were just friends, I want him back. Well it’s Saturday evening and I am cooking dinner for myself. It’s around 5 pm. As soon as I am about to fix myself a plate of baked chicken with barbecue sauce, greens and rice, I hear a knock on my door. I go over to my door and I look through the peephole and I am shocked when I see <a href="">Julian</a> standing there. Damn this man is so fine! I take a deep breath and I open the door and I smile a bit at Julian and he smiles a bit.

“Hey,” Julian said softly.

“Hey,” I said.

“Can I come in? I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah come in.” I move to the side and Julian walks in and then I close the door behind him. I turn to look at him and he looks at me.

“Zaira....I was wrong. I was wrong for reacting the way I did when we talked at my mom’s house. You came to apologize to me and I appreciate that. I shouldn’t have been rude to you the way I was because I realized something. You made a mistake and you apologized for it. And I have made mistakes too and you forgave me. All those times when we first met and I was rude to you even when you were nothing but nice to me, you forgave me for all that s***. I didn’t even deserve that but you found it in your heart to forgive I can find place in my heart to forgive you for this one mistake that isn’t even all of your fault.....Zaira I know that when you were raped, that took a lot from you. I know that hurt you. So I know when Antonio had you almost naked and was feeling on you like you were his, I know that had to have brought back those memories so I understand how you could blame me. It just hurt me Zaira but I know it only happened that way because you were I’m sorry for not being more understanding about the situation,” Julian said sincerely. I just look at him as tears fill my eyes. What he said really touched me.

“...Can you ever forgive me Zaira?,” Julian asked. I just nod my head and I run into Julian’s arms and he catches me and hugs me tight.

“Julian I’ve missed you so much,” I said through tears.

“I’ve missed you too Zaira. I really have. I’ve needed you,” Julian said. I just smile to myself and Julian sets me down and rests his hands on my face.

“You are way too beautiful to cry,” Julian said softly while wiping away my tears.

“You’re so sweet Julian.....listen I promise I can do better this time. No matter how tough things get, I won’t abandon you like the way you did. I know you need me and I need you too Julian. We need each other,” I said while looking Julian in his eyes.

“You’re right......can I get a kiss?,” Julian asked sensually. Ahhhh this man! The way he said that....I have no words. Julian has no clue what he does to me sexually. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want him. I just nod my head and he leans down and presses his lips against mine. I’ve missed his lips! I instantly open my mouth and dart my tongue inside of his. He gladly accepts and uses his tongue to explore my mouth. He moves his hands from my face to my waist and pulls me closer to him. His hands gently caress my waist and they move down and I feel them rest on my ass. I just moaned out loud as he did that! His hands feel so good. I would not mind one bit if his hands explored my entire body. Julian sucks on my bottom lip then licks down my chin and starts sucking on my neck. Damn this man’s tongue is a weapon!

“Mmm Julian,” I moaned lowly. Julian finds a spot he likes and he sucks on my neck hard, leaving me a hickey for sure. I just close my eyes as Julian’s lips and tongue work their magic. After about a minute he pulls away and I open my eyes and look at him.

“You’re so damn sexy,” Julian said sexily. I just bite my bottom lip and then Julian leans down and bites my bottom lip.

“That’s my job,” Julian said softly. I just look at him in a daze. He just soaked my panties Lord why?!

“Uh....I’ll be right back. I ma-made dinner so you can fix plate,” I said while stuttering a bit. Julian lets go of my ass and looks me up and down.

“....Did I get your panties wet?,” Julian asked. I just bulge my eyes in shock and I feel my cheeks burn in embarrassment.

“ turn me on too....can I be honest?,” Julian said. I just nod my head and Julian smiles a bit and wraps his left arm around my waist.

“Well one has ever really turned you on the way you do. I mean I can’t describe what you do to me.....every time you touch me even just slightly, I get so turned on. But not in the typical’s deeper.....that scares me,” Julian said honeslty.

“I feel the same way about you scares me too.....but I think that we feel the way we do, is because....we have feelings for each other. Feelings that grow every time we are I right?,” I asked.

“Yes you’re right......but Zaira with your past I don’t want to rush that stage at’re not any other female I have dealt with because honestly...I’ve only f***ed females and that’s it. Never really had a real relationship since high school....but everything with you is if I ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable and you want me to stop, you let me know. Don’t hesitate at all because I know I have to prove to you I am nothing like Travis or that nigga that raped you and I have no problem doing that. I mean that.” This man can just take me right now I swear! What he said means everything to me. It’s so good to know that he just doesn’t want me for sex and he won’t rush it with me.

“Julian....hearing what you just said means everything to me....thank you,” I said.

“You’re welcome,” Julian said. He leans down and pecks my lips then releases my waist.

“Go make a plate,” I said. Julian smiles and nods his head and I go into my bedroom quickly closing the door behind me. I smile and do a little victory dance. I’m so happy right now! I’m so glad that Julian and I are on better terms. I quickly change my panties and then I look in my mirror. I look at the hickey Julian gave me on the left side of my neck and I just smile. I would let Julian leave me a hickey anywhere he wanted to ;). I go back out to the kitchen and I see Julian sitting down at the table eating. I smile a bit and I fix my plate and my drink and I start to sit down in the chair next to Julian, but he grabs my waist and pulls me into his lap instead. I just look at him and he smiles and kisses my cheek.

“What time you working tonight?,” I asked.

“Probably around 8. Mind if I chill with you until then? I want to lay with you and talk with you for a bit,” Julian said.

“I would love that Julian.”


“...How is work going?”

“Good actually....I’ve made a little over $2000 this month so I am getting very close to paying off my debt.”

“Oh Julian that’s great. I’m happy to hear that.”

“ I just need you to be patient with me for about another month or so. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Julian I can.” Julian smiles and kisses my cheek and we enjoy our dinner together. After dinner, Julian helps me put the food away and wash the dishes. Once we are done in the kitchen, we go into my bedroom. I lie down in the bed and Julian takes off his shoes and his sweatshirt and he lies down next to me. He cuddles close to me and wraps his arms around me as he rests his head on my chest.

“You got some nice cushions here,” Julian teased. I just gasp in shock and hit Julian playfully and he laughs.

“I hate these things,” I said while looking down at my size D breasts.

“Why? I like them....I like them a lot,” Julian said.

“It’s been a while since you got some huh? You’ve never been so....sexual with me before,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Does it bother you? Because I will stop,” Julian said while looking up at me.

“...No it’s ok.”

“Ok....well yeah it’s been a minute for me....but you’re just so gorgeous Zaira. Like you are so beautiful inside and amazes me,” Julian said while looking me in my eyes. I just look down and blush and Julian laughs a bit.

“You’re so shy.....don’t you know how beautiful you are Zaira?,” Julian said. I just shrug my shoulders and Julian pulls away from me and looks at me. He turns on his side facing me and I turn on my side to face him. Julian supports his head with his hand and studies my face.

“Let’s start with your face. Zaira when I first saw your face, my breath was literally taken away. Your face is so beautiful. You have the most inviting, beautiful eyes I have ever seen. A cute little nose. And your lips? Don’t even get me started. Your lips are so luscious and soft....I never get tired of kissing your body. Zaira, you have the body most girls would kill for. You have curves in all the right places, but you don’t show it off. You don’t flaunt anything and you don’t need to....everything about you is beautiful Zaira. I mean that,” Julian said while looking me in my eyes. WOW. He really thinks that about me? I am beyond flattered right now.

“ really think that about me?,” I asked in a bit of shock.

“I meant every word,” Julian said.

“You’re so sweet.” Julian just smiles and kisses my forehead and pushes me to lie down on my back and he rests his head on my chest and yawns a bit. I smile to myself and I gently run my hands over the top of his head.

“I’ve missed you,” Julian said softly.

“I’ve missed you too,” I said softly.

“...I don’t like being away from you Zaira.”

“I know and I don’t like being away from you either Julian...but I know I should keep my distance for a while.”

“Yeah you should....thank you for understanding.”

“Thank you for forgiving me.” I see Julian smile to himself and I smile as well. I kiss Julian’s forehead and we talk until a little before 8 pm. Julian gets out of the bed and he puts on his shoes and sweatshirt and I get out of the bed and watch him. Once he’s all dressed, he grabs my hand and we walk to the door. Once we are standing in front of the door, Julian turns to look at me. He grabs my waist and pulls me close to him and he leans down and gives me a gently kiss. After the kiss, he just rubs my cheek while looking at me and I wrap my arms around his neck and look up at him.

“Thank you for having me for dinner and letting me chill for a bit. It was nice to spend time with you like we used to,” Julian said.

“You’re welcome. Thank you Julian for coming to means a lot to me,” I said.

“No problem.....I’ll text you later to check on you.”

“I’ll be here Julian. I’ll be here.” Julian smiles at me and that gives me the conformation I need; he understood I meant that in more ways than one.

Ughh Julian is soo stubborn!! In a way Zaira kinda had to get over what happened to her that night, and she kinda had some right to blame him, but not all of it was his fault. I think he should've given her a chance. But I feel like him not forgiving her is gonna cause her to be hurt, so when he tries to make it right, she won't want to. smh They need to get it together.

Ugh Julian is being a d*** again.-_-

JJulian old stubborn ass. That was smart of his mom to invite Zaira over for lunch so they could talk. They both said some hurtful things to one another. Ju needs to quit being stubborn Zaira apologized and he needs to accept it. She truly cares for him like he said. Leave it to Alexis to get through to him. Man they better make up asap. Run It!!!

They just need to work it out..

Julian made me want to slap him!!! he is being very disrespectful to his mom...and plus he is acting horribly towards kaira..he betta make it right..smh RUN IT