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Game Of The Exs

<em>sunny California full of life and the home to 5 former couples and a 3 exs.can they all survive all the drama and gameds to be the last standing and win 1,000,000,000 or will they bow out once everything starts getting to be too much.<em>

<em><a href="">She </a>entered the house.<em>

Noone answers.
Makayla:*to noone specfic*Guess I'm the first to arrive.<strong>

<strong>"Hi I'm Makayla <a href="">Daniels</a>.I was formly engaged to Christopher Brown but things just didn't seem to work out.So here i am now on a show....with him....and others competing for this money....*starts playing with her nail* God I'm bored where is everyone...."<strong>

<em>Another enters.<em>

<strong>F/V:"hello hello"
M/V:"I dont think anyone is here"
F/V:*rolls her eyes and walks off*<strong>

<strong>"yeah its yeah boy <a href="">tremaine</a> better know as trey songz also known as mr.steal yo girl.I'm on this show with my ex thing <a href="">Julissa</a>...and between me and you i miss her bad maybe after this is done and we win this money we can get back together*grins*"<strong>

<strong>"i will never and i mean never get back with tremaine neverson...every time he asks me i say NEVER SON! *laughs and slaps her knee* i'm funny *cracks a smile*no really thought he broke my heart and just too much a damn flirt and player for me to ever take him seriously we're better off friends if that*shrugs and pinks lint off her <a href="">clothes</a>*"<strong>

<em>They had downstairs where they met up with Makayla<em>

<strong>Julissa:Kayla! *they run into eachother arms jumpin and squealing*
Trey:*stands there looking akward*
Makayla:oh my gosh i've missed you so much lissa
Julissa:i've missed you too.
Trey:Guess noone miss me *pouts*
Makayla:Awww of course i missed you trey pooh *reaches over and gives me a hug*
Trey:*hugs her back and licks his lips while staring at her butt*
Julissa:*rolls her eyes hard*<strong>

<strong>Trey-"what...what i do *laughs* i can't help it either love me or leave me alone *chuckles*<strong>

<em>Another female walks in<em>

<strong>Julissa & Makayla:Haert!!! *run and hug her*<strong>

<strong>"Hi Im <a href="">Haert</a>.I was linked to Bluey Robinson.We had a good connecton and reall vibed well together.I guess justmy need to help everyone else but us drove us apart....if that makes any sense.anyways i'm ready to win this money "<strong>

<strong>Haert:hey my baby loves *hugs em back*Hey trey
Trey:*waves* kno
<a href="">Haert</a>:*rolls her eyes slighty*Bluey?
Haert:*shrugs*I dunno i guess he finding his own way out here
Julissa:Anyways girl what chu been up to kno me little travel here and there and little paint now and later yadda yadda *smiles*<strong>

<em>Three more people walk in<em>

<strong>F/v:would you grab the bags and stop complaing ...sheesh Naila dont even complain as much as you do *rolls her eyes*
M/v:maybe i wouldn't complain as much if you'd help me
M/v2:i'll help you bruh *chuckles*<strong>

<strong>"I swear he act like theres brick and stones in my luggage ugghhh god anyways *flips her hair*My name is <a href="">Isis Cole</a>.Soon to be former wife of Jermaine Cole.Naila is our 5 year old daughter that Mr.Cole doesnt seem to want to care of or claim so f*** it and f*** him.i just want this money and then he can kiss my lovely round ass."<strong>

<strong>Jermaine:why you gotta pack so much anyways
<a href="">Isis</a>:*raises her eyebrow* dont worry about it
Makayla:*clears her throat*
Makayla:*gives the "if looks could kill you'd be dead"look*christopher<strong>

<strong>"yeah its me <a href="">Christopher Brown</a> or Chris Brown which ever you perfer.I'm here with my ex Makayla tryna win this money.Not going to get into it too much on why we went our seperate was...what i will say is the past always has its way of finding you when you least expect it"<strong>

<strong>"sup its ya boy <a href="">jermaine cole</a>.i'm here with my soon to be ex wife i dont know what she one told ya'll but i love that child its just ....theres been rumors and the fact naila looks little to nothing like me doesnt help ya know....yeah yu know"<strong>

<strong>Jermaine:anyways wheres does these bags go...
Trey:follow me bruh they g...*gets cut off my two people coming inside fist fighting*m/v:*blocking and ducking* would you stop and chill the f*** out
F/v:no f*** that f*** you talking to that b**** for*punches him in the face
M/v:*grabs her by the throat*i told you to chill out *slams her against a wall*<strong>

<strong>Julissa:oh hell *runs over followed by makayla,chris,trey,isis,and jermaine*
Chris:mike let go **tries to pull him off her*
Mike:*tightens his grip around her neck*
F/v:*scratches at his face while being pulled away*
Makayla:Stop! cant you guys just give it a rest
Mike:ask her that *finally lets go*
F/v:*trying to catch her breath*f***<strong>

<strong>"name <a href="">Terry Kennedy</a>.Former girlfriend of the rapper Tyga and trust you aint s*** s*** yet *grabs a vase and walks out the confesson booth*"<strong>

<strong>"whats good its ya boy <a href="">tyga</a> tyga or mike as my friends call me.i apologize for how i just acted but my ex Terry is crazy and for some reason always want to get physical no matter how little the arguement*rolls his eyes*"<strong>

<strong>Julissa:what the hell was all that about anyways
<a href="">Terry</a>:man he just gets on my nerves
Makayla:*makes the -_- face*
Terry:*laughs* what
Isis:nothin just crazy<strong>

<em>*the finally three walk through the door*<em>

<strong>F/v:where the f*** is she where is she
Terry:over here b**** *throws the vase*
F/v:*ducks and charges her*
Trey:*scoops her up by her boobs*
Jermaine:what the f*** is going on here
F/v:whats goin is on is bout to beat that b**** ass *tries to get away and charge terry again*
Terry:well come b**** nobody scared of you
M/v:Samantha just calm down
Samantha:*spits in his face* f*** you mitch ass nigga
Chris:blue kno wats going on
Bluey:*raises his hands in defeat* i'm just as clueless as you guys<strong>

<strong>"hey i'm singer/sing writer <a href="">Bluey Robinson</a>.I'm here with my ex Haert and for once i gotta say i glad we werent as dysfunctional as terry & mike or kirk &*shakes his head*"<strong>

<strong>Isis:can someone explain wtf is going on
Samantha:this b**** gonna write this niggah all types of explict s*** on facebook about what she want to do with hm just because me and mike had a heart to heart.
Terry:b**** i dnt kno wat ya'll had yall both some liars
Samantha:FB messages dnt lie boo
Terry:well someone deleted theirs * gives mike the side eye*
Samantha:I still got mines!!
Terry:...sorry *smiles*
Samantha:*rolls her eyes* whatever water under the bridge but you!*points to kirk*
Kirk:*looks around confused
Samantha:*looks up at trey*you can let go of my boobs now
Trey:*blushes and clears his throat*sorry*lets her go*
Julissa:*glares at trey*
<a href="">Samantha</a>:but you .....*runs and two pieces him in the face*
Kirk:f*** *hold his eye with one hand and put her in a head lock with his other arm*f*** !!<strong>

<strong>"yeah damn right i two piece that nigga s*** gonna keep leaving me home with th kids so he can go out do what he want and f*** who he want i dont f***ing think so.....<a href="">Samantha Randal</a> is the name and im the soon to be former wife of rapper Kirko Bangz"<strong>

<strong>"f***!*holds a ice pacx on his eye*sup ya'll my name is <a href="">kirk randal</a> known as kirko here with my psycho ex samantha the mother of my kids.mannn im starting to regret this s*** already..f***!"

<em><strong>Next Up Someone's Exs Join Everyone For A Day<strong><em>


This is too funny!

man f*** trey he a bisshhhh
with his f***ed up ass
i slap the dog spit out of him
you fizzniiieeee mee lol
and they fighting already its the
first day...
an ex is coming.. oh lord


This s*** is wild af!
Everyone is arguing and fighting besides Chris and I.
We just giving eachother that damn silent treatment.
Terry and Mike are something else.
So are Samantha and Kirk.
Cole man the f*** up and accept that not all kids look like
both parents, they can look like both.
Trey is on some other s***.
Julissa tryna be funny with her joke. Haha, it was funny tho.

Run this.

lol they all crazy...I believe some people gone end up rekindling that flame tho lol

Run It!!!

Damn ummm none of us are happily married

Aint this about a b****
Terry . . . Lmao MYYY NIGGA lol

Tf this nigga think our child aint his
Aight f*** tht nigga too then humph
. . . . I love him tho lol

Trey . . . . Poor trey it's bad but I do feel bad for his asx