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Chain Gang

this more than likely will be a short story but here you go based off of the survey you guys gave me.

“Behind these doors you are no longer what you were outside of them, once you are in here you will now belong to another person as a material item. Your name does not matter, you will be called what they feel the need to call you and 9 times out of 10 it will be disrespectful and very belittling. You eat, sleep, and drink when you are told to. Any back talk or failure to comply with the rules will now result in brutal punishment. You will share one room with the group you came with unless you are told otherwise. Clothes and personal products will be provided to you by request. Hygiene is a must, all hair must be properly done, no strays and private areas must be shaven cleaned and tested for clearance every 3 months. Failure to comply with this rule can result in brutal punishment or death. Now if no other questions are in order please gather with the group you were placed with on the journey here and proceed to the room at which has your personal group number. Thank you”

<a href="">Lexi</a>

Gray cement blocks formed in a square the size of a high school gymnasium was now my home. There was a trail of lights down the middle of the room, but they all had a murky yellow glow that could eventually cause eye damage. No windows were in hand reach of me in fact the only three windows in the entire room sat an inch away from the ceiling I guess to ensure that no one escaped.

Girls of many colors and shapes soon began to ramble around trying to find their roommates but I took my time, I was in no rush to become one of the chosen. The only reason that I am here was because they called my mother’s number but I knew she would be too old to handle this, so me being the only other female in the household I took her place. “Excuse me but I think you are rooming with me” A girl spoke while standing directly in front of me. That is when I finally took a look at my number than back at her. “Number 45” I asked hesitant at first unsure of what her demeanor would be like being that I just met her. “Yup and we are right this way” her chipper personality would soon be an annoyance to me but I guess it sure beats the hell out of everyone else’s dry faces. “<a href=" ">Ana</a> by the way” “Lexi” “nice to meet you lexi… picked or volunteered” “Volunteered” her face met mine then held a sorrowful smirk. “I’m sure whomever you did the favor for is highly grateful” “I know”. Looking at my card once more I noticed the small numbers above the cell doors until we stopped in front of door number 45. “Alright I guess this is us” ana said while stepping inside with me closely behind her.

Three other girls were already in the room, one was in the far corner crying softly to herself and the others sat on their beds not saying a word to each other but the silence spoke loud enough, no one wanted to be here. As I took my seat on a bed closer to the wall that I guess was no mine I sat completely back and faced the ceiling. “Ever wonder what it will feel like to be used as an item” ana spoke as she took a bed close by mine but before I could speak the girl in the corner crying spoke up. “Like complete hell… they will take away what I can never get back” “You’re a virgin” I asked as she just continued to cry which gave us all the answer we already knew. “Is this room 45” another girl asked as she walked in with a hateful glare on her face. “Yea it is you rooming with us” ana spoke up. “Unfortunately” the girl answered back before taking a seat on a bed and staring at us before speaking again “What is she crying about” “She is an innocent” one of the other girls spoke “Oh word me too, I’m <a href="">bree</a> by the way nothing more nothing less” “Hey I’m ana” “Lexi” “<a href=" ">Nani</a>” “<a href="">Soso</a>” as the whole room went around all eyes went to the girl who was formally crying “I’m <a href=" ">da--dany</a>” “Well dany you mines well put those tears away cause it won’t get you out of here and damn sure won’t stop them from taking what they want” bree spoke, in some way I knew she was right but in another I knew the tough exterior was only a cover up for the rest of the girls. I knew this would be hard on her and dany being that they still had their v-card and could be possibly giving it away to a complete and otter stranger who has no sympathy in anything he does. “Well I know about lexi but how many of yall volunteered” bree and soso rose their hands “they called my little sisters number and I couldn’t have that if anything happened to her I would go crazy, so I took her place” soso spoke without given any eye contact I’m guessing to make sure no tears would brink. “It was between me and my sister as well she got picked but didn’t have to go” bree spoke with more hate in her voice then before “why not” dany asked now getting off of the floor and sitting on the bed with nani “ the b**** claimed to be pregnant” “Is she not” I asked out of curiosity “yea she pregnant but the ironic nature of it all was she is 3 weeks in, they posted that they would do recruiting earlier that month” “So you think she purposely had the baby” “yup and now I’m here” bree finished with a smile that wasn’t truly happy. “I took my mom’s place, they called her, to be honest I don’t know why her number was still in the drawing anyways but I’m the only other female relative in the family so that was that” I said giving my half on the story.

“Well whatever or whoever brought us here together obviously had a plan in mind… so you b****es have my back and I will have yall” nani said while giving us all a serious look. “LIGHTS ARE NOW GOING OFF WHICH MEANS IT IS NOW TIME FOR SLEEP A 20 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD IS IN ORDER AFTER THAT A GUARD WILL WALK BY TO SEE IF YOU ARE STILL UP, IF SO PUNISHMENT WILL BE IN ORDER. THANK YOU” “I wish I knew what time it was” ana said while trying to fluff the thin ass pillow we were given. “Who knows but I aint trying to f*** around with no punishments so this will be the last yall hear of me…good night” soso said before climbing under her covers. “Good night” we all said back and followed suit. As I closed my eyes I felt them began to water up as I remember my mother fighting me to stay and allow her to go, but I couldn’t see her like that so me being me I hoped on the back of the van and left her.


Man, im about to cry.
I cant be all up in this place.
Im too damn young.
Damn, they did poor girl like that huh?
I felt bad for her.
Like, are you so serious right now.
They do the damn most.
I wonder whats going to happen.
Who the f*** are these disgusting people anyway?


Gah damn
Shorty had already given up and s***
They doing too much like damn she's a female
And them niggas was ways bigger than her
Smdh they taking that s*** a little too serious

I wonder where tf they took her tho

s*** means Ana got the right idea tho
Lmao look ima be screaming for them to stop
But ummmm look if they don't give a fck about your face
Ik they really don't give a fck about mine


oh hellllllll naw this some ole bullsht man
lmaooo i can't believe this sht them big ass
mafckas for a little girl?! they could've at
least just dragged her ass away. damn they
aint have to do her like that smh but um im
liking this story though i wonder who the fck
they gone pick first i hope the men not some old
ass ugly mafckas tryna steal our goods
real talk *claps hands* sht just got real lol


<a href=" ">Soso</a>

“Soso wake up they have food for us” I heard bree say from across the room, to be honest I had no idea what time it was but I knew I didn’t sleep that long. “I really aint in the mood to eat” I said trying to pull the covers over my head. “To be honest with you g I really don’t think you have a choice” ana said from under her covers just waking up. “ATTENTION LADIES GREETINGS AND GOOD MORNING, BREAKFAST WILL BE SERVED FOR YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM, PLEASE SIT WITH YOUR ROOMMATES ANYONE SEEN SITTING WITH A SEPARATE GROUP WILL BE PUNISHED. YOU ARE NOT BE FORCED TO EAT BUT LET ME FOR WARN YOU THAT THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME TODAY THAT YOU EAT. REMEMBER LADIES TODAY SOME OF YOU WILL BECOME LADIES”. “What the f*** does that mean today some of you will become ladies” nani said while fixing her bed. “I don’t want to know” I said finally getting out of my bed and slipping my shoes back on.

I was beyond the feeling of dirty, we hadn’t heard anything about taking a shower or having the ability to brush our teeth. I swear you never appreciate small luxuries until they are taking away from you. “Whatever yall do please do not breath on me” lexi spoke causing me to laugh at the fact she blurted out the exact subject I was thinking. As we walked out of our cell small glances were passed between us and the other girls. No one spoke to each other, either out of fear or the pure fact that a silent patch of sympathy hung over us. “This s*** is depressing as hell” bree said while making her way to our table. “Well at least it looks <a href=" ">edible</a>” “Yea right dany and watch the s*** be drugged up and tainted in order for us all to be submissive” Right when ana said that like clockwork everyone’s head shot down to their plate in fear that she might be right. “Thanks ana now my ass definitely aint eating this s***” nani said pushing her plate to the side and crossing her arms. “Man f*** that I rather eat now and be drugged up then be hungry later you heard them say this could be the last time some of us eat today” lexi said while picking up her fork. “True and aint no telling if any of us will be picked today so we need food in our stomachs” as bree spoke the rest of the table waited for her and lexi to take the first bite and see if the s*** really was doped up. “So” I asked impatiently as my stomach began to hit back flips “I aint dead b**** so eat” bree said shoving more pancakes in her mouth. “What do yall think he meant when they said today some of you will become ladies” dany’s meek voice was heard from the end of the table. All we could do was look at each other it was a touchy subject for her and bree, I know since they both held a precious item but in the back of our heads we all knew what that meant no one had the courage to say anything though. “It means…” right before ana could finish the sound of a tray hitting the floor loudly caused all of our attention to shoot towards a young girl trying to rush to an exit door. A few of her cell mates called after her but she refused to come back to the table, pulling at the door with all of her might you could tell she was trying to become free.

“CODE 1432 AGAIN 1432, SECURITY MOVE OUT” not even minutes later huge men in armor came rushing through doors I hadn’t even seen before due to the fact that they were once camouflaged by the tacky wall paper or some item of statue or huge vase. As the young girl realized she was now in trouble she kneeled down to her knees and held her head in her hands. But it wasn’t enough for the security team. Grabbing the girl by her hair they took turns punching and kicking at her while she was already down. Small whimpers could be heard throughout the room but no one dared to move on a whim that they could be next. Continuously brutally beating her, a whistle was finally blown and they froze as if to be a military toy soldiers they all stopped mid-air then stood completely straight facing the far wall. “THAT IS ENOUGH GENTLE MEN, FOR NOW PLEASE TAKE THE YOUNG LADY TO THE DARK ROOM AND MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE BEAUTIFUL CHILD COMPANY” pulling her off of the ground and having her face us a room full of gasps echoed throughout. She looked beyond horrible her bruised face was becoming darker by the second and the random blood droplets from either her nose or mouth dragged a thin stream across the floor. They carried her through one the secret doors they entered in then the doors shut tight. That was when silence broke out. This was no longer a game to any of us.

“I don’t think I’m hungry anymore” dany said pushing her plate to the side but I pulled it back to her. “Eat you may need all the strength you can get” I spoke while diving into my own plate trying to fight off the tears that were fighting to fall. “We only have each other now yall” bree said picking around her plate. “So promise no matter what to have my back” she continued. “We promise” lexi was the first to speak while wiping her mouth with her napkin. Silence again broke out around the table until ana began to laugh, which caused nani to laugh then dany. “What the f*** is so funny” bree asked as me her and lexi all looked at each other in confusion. “You saw how big them f***ers was yea right, lexi said we promise. f*** that I will have your back wayyyyy back” ana said which made nani laugh harder. “Man f*** you” bree said trying to fight a smile. “Naw but on some serious s*** I’ll support yall as much as I can but to be honest I have to do what’s best for me as well” ana finished off. “True s***” nani blurted out. As we continued to eat and small talk I couldn’t help but to drift off back to the girl getting beat half to death right after she surrendered. If they choose to continue to attack even when you weren’t fighting anymore what could happen to us if we try and take a stand. Or better yet where did they take her off too.

Run it!

This is like Hunger Games but like sex kind of
Dany better man tf up.
Soso && Lexi was some troopers taking one for the team
Bree Pssh I would've hurt my sister smh


Man, all of us are in a damn struggle right now.
Look at me being a little baby and s***.
Bree would be the tough one. Her sister shady for that though.
Ana why are you always so happy.
Lexi girl you are a superhero doing that for your mom.
This is kinda like going into the army except for the fact that
we're going to be used for inappropriate use.

Run this.

awww s*** wat kinda s*** did i get my self into
and dany need to suck up them tears we got yo back

run it

Omg this is horrible I hope they will all be okay run this