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Salute that s*** ♥

Grrr. f***ing Grrr. f***ing s*** Goddamn Dammit RAWR.
Im a dinosaur who gets high off microwave smoke.
My flipphone is my hoe & my dream job is to dance on poles.
Just got kicked out of my moms house, I really don't give a f***.

Might hit up the liquor store & dry hump a drunk.
My life sucks, cause I don't have friends.

The only time I get close to sex is when I use my hand.
Might rob a store, & take them for all that got.
Ah yes, the mexican corner store, they ALWAYS have alot.

Anyways, this prove im forever alone & can't even get love from a whore.
Simply, because Im a f***ing s*** Goddamn Dammit Dinosaur.


Anyways.. wassup everyone? :3