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Always A HUGE Fan.

No matter what people have said I have never stopped loving Chris! He is my favorite artist and has been for as long as I remember. I loved him in the beginning of his career and had formed a crush on him as soon as i heard "Tell me fella's have you seen her?" I would look him up and learn about him more and more and become more of a fan every time....Now im not saying im his biggest fan and get into arguments like "If you are his biggest fan tell me this and this blah blah blah..." But i will say I am a HUGE Fan and always have been! I have everyone one of his Albums in regular version and if it had a deluxe edition or special one i got that too! People say im a bit obsessed...But Chris's voice is something amazing. About 90% of my IPod's song are Chris Brown and I have over 170 songs...He is so attractive and hot plus his voice is so sexy and perfect! I cried when he came to my town to perform...I had a chance to win tickets on the radio and because of my family talking I didn't hear the full number...That night, October 21, 2011, I cried my eyes out knowing how close he was and i couldn't do anything about it...i talked to no one that night and next day! As you see I love Breezy Bae a lot...And I really just wrote this to say he is outstanding and amazing! I will always be a fan, always have even when everyone thought he was the worst after the "Rihanna Scene"! I even wrote this listening to his song "Strip" (my favorite song of all time). Chris Brown is hard to describe in my opinion and he is an amazing dancer and one of the best singers alive. He has come so far and should and will go farther! No one will ever change my opinion. I will always love Christopher Maurice "Chris" "Breezy" Brown. I will Always Be A HUGE Fan.


Dang.. it's like we think just alike.! I love people who have a true passion for Chris and people who actually embrace talents and who he really is like you do.. This just made my day...!!

this is brilliant, exactly what im thinking and what i would say !!

you took the words right out of my mouth lol i feel you people think its strange but they dont understand how important he is to some peoples lives well ttyl and stay breezy :)