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The Fast & Dangerous

'Dammit' <a href="">I</a> said outloud after getting my favorite shirt snagged on a gated fence; my bestie <a href="">V.V</a> had talked me into getting out of the house tonight with her. "This better be worth it this is a $12 dollar shirt" I said struggling to get it unhooked, she sighed before getting my shirt off the snag. "Trust me it all goes down in this area and no cop cars run through this area" she said confidently; "Why couldn't we have just taken the train and then walked down here? I ain't no damn cat!" I said upset; "(Sighs) Would you stop your b****ing and come on? We're gonna miss the first few seconds!"
"I am NOT b****ing I'm just simply stating the fact that you dragged me down to the Avenues against my will and had me climbing fences and gates like we about to rob somebody's house" I said. "Hence you're b****ing" V.V said. We walked for another 5 minutes until we came across this street racing event; "We're here" V.V said, "You took me to see...a car race?" I said unimpressed. "Not just any racing...street racing, my besties are in the race tonight and whoever wins..gets 15 gs" V.V. said. "This is illegal we shouldn't be here!" I said nervous but she was already walking ahead of me hugging other people that were there and saying 'hellos'.

"Would you relax Zee? You always said you wanted to experience spontaneous things and that you needed some excitement well I'm giving it to you" V.V. said. "Yeah but I was thinking more along the lines of something a like skydiving" I said. V.V looked at me and said, "Girl you seriously need to loosen up if you're gonna be able to handle this..follow me young grasshopper." I followed close behind when we came across our other friends <a href="">Icky</a> and <a href="">Kiko</a>; "I see you finally managed to get ole girl out the house" Icky said hugging V.V; "Yep and she's been giving me hell all the way over here" she said rolling her eyes. "Well you're right on time they're about to start" Kiko said, "Are they here yet?" V.V. asked; "Tsk girl you know they like to make a late appearance" "True lol" V.V and Icky dapped. "Who are you guys talking about?" I asked, "I told you that my besties were racing tonight and they're bad ass too."

Zee watched the other racers line up at the starting point, "Rules go is that each racer has a partner, 1st line goes down the lane and back while the 2nd line waits for the racer to cross the starting line; whoever wins gets the losers car keys. Kinda like a ranking system in the street racing world" V.V. said. "Ranking system?" Zee asked; "A racer with the most cars is crowned king street racer." "Here they come" Kiko said with a smile; Zee and V.V turned their heads to see a couple of street racers coming down the lane with engines revving loud. A couple of 'Oh sh*ts' were whispered amongst the crowd while other people rolled their eyes. The cars pulled into their designated positions; two of the drivers got out and dapped fists with the promoter.

"That's Tarantino and Wiz, they're the friends that I was talking about; they're apart of a bigger street racing group, you'll probably meet them later on." V.V. said. "You mean there's more of them?" "Yeah, they all cool with this guy named Chris but everyone calls him Cruze" she said. "Is he racing tonight?" Zee asked, "Nah, this is just an amateur street race why else would we have gone through climbing those fences?" she said. Kiko pulled V.V aside and whispered in her ear, "(Laughing) Don't tell me ya'll climbed fences to get here?" "Just wanted to spice up the excitement, she don't have to know that." V.V. laughed; "You going to hell for this lol" Kiko joked. "I know I'm so bad ain't I? lol"

Run iT! <3

I'll be introducing Wiz, Tarantino and the other guys later on in the next post or two just wanted to get you guys into the moment for a bit.