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All My Life {Chap 1}


<a href="">Bre'Na</a>

I felt as if I was being watched. I looked up to see <a href="">Eric</a> staring at me intentionally. I huffed and pulled the covers over my head. He laughed. "I can't look at you now" He said poking at my side. "Not when im trying to sleep. Damn" I said throwing the covers from my body and rising from the bed. I walked to the bathroom as he continued to laugh. Wasn't s*** funny, I was still sleepy as hell. When I got in the bathroom I stood in the mirror for a moment before I cut on the shower. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Bre. Can I take a shower with you" I laughed to myself. Less than a minute later he came in. I looked at him and quickly stripped from my clothes and got in. I stood under the water for a while just letting it relax my body, but the the shower door opened. "You didn't answer. So I take that as a yes" Eric said stepping in and pulling me into him. "Yeah whatever" I said pushing away from him.

I wasn't in the mood for this s***. This wasn't what the f*** I wanted. This was just my job. To please. To make him feel happy. To feel important. I sold my body for sex. To pay for everything I needed to keep up with this life I had. I wasn't proud but this was what I did.


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I'm sorry for bing late. Yay!! My boo bout to start stackin paper!! Take that Eric! Hey Mr. Marcus, you lookin good enough to eat! Lol
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Chapter One: Getting to know me

<a href="">Bre'Na</a>

I sat in the car as my 'fiance' I use the words rather loosely, Eric went into the store. I was waiting for him to take me to a job interview. I didn't want the job nor did I care about it, but it was a part of our arrangement so I have to do this. As he walked back to the car with a bag in his hand I sent my sister Rissa a quick text.

"Are you ready" He asked upon shutting the door. I put on my signature fake smile and looked his way. "Yeah. Today's the day" I said letting out a breath, he grabbed my hand a kissed it softly. "You'll be fine" After thoes words lefy his mouth we pulled off.

"Well Mrs. Graham your resume is. Well amazing, you have all the qualities we need. If you don't mind I would like for you to come back next week to meet the Owner of this record lable" Jaqlin the manager of Right records said to me instantly making a smile appear on my face. "Thank you" I said rising and shaking her hand. I may not have really wanted this job, but hell its money. "See you next week Bre'Na" She said as I stepped onto the elevator.

I looked down at my phone and noticed 3 missed calls from my sister, I called her back. "b****...What was you doing" She asked sounding as if her mouth was stuffed with food. "Hoe..I had a job interview" I said laughing, she did to. See <a href="">Rissa</a> wasn't really my sister, she was my bestfriend but I consider her fam. "Okay. Call when you get home" After she said that, I said ok and hung up.

The doors opened and I walked out to bump into someone dropping my cell phone. "s***" I said hoping the screen wouldn't be cracked. I looked up to see a tall guy reaching for my phone. "My bad. I didn't see you there" He said handing me my phone. When it reached the palm of my hand I looked at his face, and he was staring at me. His eyes had me in complete awe. They were amazing.

"It's okay. And thank you" I said grabbing my phone and preparing to walk away. "Im <a href="">Marcus</a>. Marcus Arrington" He said extending his hand. "Bre'Na Graham" I said shaking his hand. Something seemed different about this Marcus character. He had my mind wondering. "Nice meeting you Bre'Na" He said before walking away. I smiled and continued out the building. Eric was sitting in the same parking space I left him in thirty minutes ago.



Damn, Bre boo why you swerve on Eric like that? Ahhhhh!!!!! I see my Junior!! Damn! He's so big!! Sure Eric, you just wanted to take a hot long shower, nigga no!!
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